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Things to do before you die

The things you can do before die is: • Launched with parachute.

It’s an adventure experience and you can see the beautiful landscape. And it’s so funny!

• Travel around the world.

You can see a lot of difference traditions, cultures, foods and landscapes. You can meet different people over the world. It’s so interesting!

• Climb the Everest.

Is a different and cold experience, you have to walk for a lot of hours and when you arrive in the top of the mountain is a satisfaction. It’s wonderful!

• Drive a small plane.

Is a dangerous and expensive activity, but you can see the landscapes. It will be so funny!

• Do Bungee jumping.

It is an extreme and dangerous activity, but when you jump you feel free. It’s extremely!

• Get into a taxi and tell the driver to follow another car.

You feel like you are in an American film, because when you are into the car you feel very fast. It’s American!

Things to do before you die  
Things to do before you die  

things to do before you die