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President’s Welcome



Archbishop Riordan

Midway through my second year as president of

High School

Archbishop Riordan—the pride of the Archdiocese of

San Francisco, CA 94112

San Francisco—I can’t express how pleased I am with our

school’s progress. My vision is to educate young men in

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175 Phelan Avenue (415)586-9190

2010 - 2011 Annual Report ............................................................... 16 Development News .......................................................................... 35 Alumni News ....................................................................................... 40

the Marianist charisms and to foster and develop their

President Patrick W. Daly

work ethic, intellect, faith and moral judgement. Every

Principal Kevin Asbra

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day I see examples of their transformation. I am very

Dean of Academics Colleen Eagleson

In Memoriam ...................................................................................... 50

proud of the young men of Archbishop Riordan, and the

Dean of Admission Derek Tate

incredible community dedicated to educating them.

Director of External Advancement Stephen Dini

Thanks to the diligent efforts of our new Dean of Admission, Derek Tate, and other members of our staff, we’ve seen our student body increase by about 11% from the previous school year. Enrollment is up, and interest in our school is at an all-time high. Our ‘Crusader for a Day’ program, which hosts 8th grade students on campus, was incredibly popular during the fall recruiting season, and currently boasts a waiting list for visits. I sincerely look forward to meeting the Class of 2016.

Inside this issue:

ARHS Board of Trustees Mr. Joseph Conti - Chair Mr. Roger Ritter - Vice Chair Mr. Daniel Donovan ’70 - Secretary Mr. Kevin Asbra Mr. William Best Mr. M. Kingsley Brown

This past fall we opened a residential boarding program (see story on page 2) and welcomed 17 boys from China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Northern California who live full-time on the Archbishop Riordan campus. Representatives from our school have attended fairs locally and globally to recruit students, and at press time we will welcome seven students for the spring semester. We are pleased to be able to offer Archbishop Riordan as a destination for those seeking a Marianist education in San Francisco. For our local students, it is an incredible opportunity to experience classmates from different places, to better prepare them for the challenges of our world. On the following pages, you will see a new direction for Archbishop Riordan that reflects our Marianist and Catholic identities while responding to the ever-changing education landscape in the Bay Area. Take a moment to read about the new members of our faculty and staff (page 4), and the new programs on campus. There is a great energy here among students and off campus among our distinguished alumni who are doing so many incredible things after leaving Phelan Avenue. Of course, we couldn’t achieve as much success without you, our generous community of alumni, parents, and friends. Thank you for your support and your prayers. If you haven’t been to campus in a while, please come by for a visit soon. Best regards,

Mr. Chris Cunnie ’72 Mr. Patrick W. Daly Mrs. Janice Donovan Mr. Denis Fama ’64 Ms. Kathleen Grogan Mr. Steven Herrera ’76 Hon. Jeffrey Holl ’72 Ms. Maureen Huntington Mr. Michael Mayer ’71 Ms. Loretta Penning Mr. Tony Sanchez-Corea, III ’80 Mr. Eric Temple Editor: Director of Communications Victoria Terheyden Contributors: Diana Assereto Vittorio Anastasio ’84 Mary Dalton Stephen Dini Colleen Eagleson Danielle Elu Valerie O’Riordan

Patrick W. Daly President

A New Day For Riordan . . . page 2

Paleo Pursuits . . . page 10

Ron Isola ’61 Retires . . . page 12

Anthony Payne Valerie Schmalz

On the cover: Patrick W. Daly, Bishop Thomas A. Daly, and Principal Kevin Asbra at the October 14, 2011 dedication of the new Residence Hall. See story on page 36.

and listened to the story of Riordan’s history and mission by Religious Studies department chair Dan Baer.

School News



It was a typically foggy, late July day in San Francisco and Tina Sheng, Director of Academic Services for Archbishop Riordan High School’s new Boarding Program, was making sure she had everything she needed. She had a couple bottles of water, a small box of caramel lollipops and, most importantly, a foamboard sign reading “Archbishop Riordan High School Welcomes You to San Francisco.” Sheng was on her way to the International Terminal at SFO to greet Riordan’s first boarding student in its 106-year history.

At the airport, she displayed the sign and her smile which awaited Simon Wang ’13 after his 14-hour flight from Beijing and an interminable wait in customs. Sheng, herself a one-time Beijing resident, welcomed Simon in his native Mandarin, offered him a water and took one of his bags. On the ride toward his new home, Simon was reserved, and he hesitated in using his English, anxious that he might make a mistake. That anxiety didn’t last long.


“Riordan is an ideal school to support a boarding program,” says President Patrick Daly. “Riordan’s facilities, community, location and Marianist Catholic identity are perfectly suited for what we’ve begun here.” He should know, too. Before coming to Archbishop Riordan, Daly was President of St. Bernard’s Catholic School in Eureka. There he oversaw the start of a boarding program. “At St. Bernard’s, enrollment had been down, revenue had been down. Taking on boarders made sense as a means to help with those issues. I had the freedom to see what made for a successful program. Almost immediately, the school and the community started seeing the benefits.”


When Daly became Riordan’s president, his goal was to get the school on sure footing in both the short- and long-term. “I saw that a boarding program is a great way to help a school grow and improve. You’re going to add more life to the student body and add revenue that will help finance improvements to the the campus and fund scholarships for local students.” Daly sees Riordan’s inherent strengths as key factors that will ensure the boarding program’s success. “No other boarding school that I’ve seen can offer anything close to our great Resource Specialist Program, strong athletic department, and location in an international city like San Francisco. Add the fact that our recent alumni have gone to some of the best universities in the country, and you can see why Riordan will become a destination for students from across the US and around the world.”


Over the first few days of August, more than a dozen boys, reserved and nervous like Simon, deboarded long flights at SFO. They were welcomed there by Sheng and Anthony Payne, Director of Residence. It wasn’t long before the boys’ fellow Crusaders gave them a reception worthy of brothers.


During their Orientation Week, Scott Souza, director of Riordan’s renowned music program, invited the boarding students to meet the musicians, who were hard at work preparing in advance of the school year. The boarders filed along the wall of the Music Room, already packed to the gills with 105 boys and their instruments. The newest Crusaders introduced themselves, one by one, to the assembled woodwinds, brass, and percussion who gave each of them roof-raising ovations. The LIFE Team, a Campus Ministry leadership group, toured the boarders around Riordan’s campus. The Crusader Brothers, a school mentor program, played their first rounds of miniature golf with them. “The family atmosphere at Riordan is one of the school’s greatest assets, and it definitely helped the boarding students feel like a part of the community from day one,” Payne said. “As we took the boys to the Prep Shop to pick up their Riordan gear, we passed a group of Riordan moms. Before I knew what was happening, they were all giving the boys big hugs.” Prior to the start of the school year, the boarding students shared breakfast with the faculty and staff, learned the alma mater on a bus ride with upper-classmen,

“The teachers are so nice,” boarding student Joe Zhang ’14 says with more than a little surprise in his voice.


Alex Datoc, Director of Campus Ministry, explains, “Welcoming the boys like that is part of what’s unique to a Marianist school. One of the Characteristics of Marianist Education is that we educate in the family spirit.” Posters bearing the five Characteristics of Marianist Education hang from the wall in every classroom, and one such poster is now pinned to the corkboard the boarding students pass as they return home from class each day. It is here in McCluskey Hall, named in honor of Riordan’s first principal, that a new family is being formed. As much time as the boarders spent during Orientation Week getting to know their new school and their new home, they spent just as much time getting to know each other. The faculty, staff and students at Riordan created that figurative home, the welcoming community, but part of what made starting a boarding program here an attractive proposition was that a literal home already existed here too.

could not possibly be stronger, but to get the third floor up to code and comfortable for the 44 students we will eventually house took significant work,” Daly said. “This is where these boys live now, so our goal was to create a true home for them.” Starting just before graduation day in 2011, construction crews went to work. “From the new carpeting, to the modern dorm furniture and the state-of-the art wireless connectivity, everything in the hall was built specifically for our residential students,” said Tony Payne. The restrooms were given a stylish, modern remodel and what used to be the Marianists’ personal chapel is now the boarders’ common room furnished with couches and chairs, a refrigerator and television.

dreaming big, but he’s got the skills to make the Junior Varsity. His American teammates make inevitable comparisons to Yao Ming, China’s most famous professional basketball player and a national hero in his native land, but Liu shrugs them off. “My favorite player is Dwyane Wade,” he says. Simon Wang, the program’s first arrival, is playing Junior Varsity soccer. He’s no longer the quiet, reserved boy Tina Sheng picked up in late July. Like any other Crusader, he’s focused and intense on the field of play. Like the other boarding students, he’s now part of the Riordan brotherhood.

When asked to describe the dormitory he now calls home, sophomore Tony Wang says with a smile on his face, “It’s awesome.” “In order for this to be a successful program, it will have to grow not only by reaching out to more international markets, but by raising Riordan’s profile among American families looking at boarding schools,” President Daly says. His goal is for the boarders to be split 50-50 between domestic and international students. “When we reach capacity on the third floor, it’ll be time to remodel the first and second as well. That whole wing will comfortably house seventy boys and five to eight residential staff. We will continue to grow well into the future.”



When the numbers of priests and religious peaked in the 1960s and ’70s, Marianists occupied every room on the second and third floor of the Riordan’s southernmost wing. As the years passed, fewer fathers and brothers resided at 175 Phelan Avenue and the school converted the second floor into the counseling wing we know today. After the 2010-2011 school year, the Society of Mary reassigned Riordan’s remaining Marianists to new positions. President Daly knew he had the optimal space to house boarding students, but not without significant renovations. “Riordan’s foundation is built into the bedrock and the plaster walls

Now after a typical school day, you can find the boarders in any of the places you’d find any other Riordan student. Joe Zhang might be found in the gymnasium, playing on one of the school’s three ping-pong tables against both other boarders and day students. Young Lin ’14 could be getting or giving Spanish help at a study session. Tony Wang ’14, Steven Zhu ’14 and Milo Lewis ’15 are probably on the football field helping the athletic trainer tend to the team. Henry Liu ’14 represents the boarders on Riordan’s Student Council. Many of the boys worked hard to prepare for the winter sports season. “My dream is to play in the NBA,” says Mike Liu ’14, one of those boys. He may be ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE



School News


In order to build upon the excellence of Archbishop Riordan High School, Antho Matt Ga

ny Pa

many new members have joined the faculty and staff, who uphold tradition


while simultaneously bringing forth refreshing and exciting perspectives in


the areas of teaching, athletics, development, and technology.

Mary Da


James D

Sara Ole umlao


y Micke


The new Dean of Admission, Derek Tate, is proof that baseball is the thinking man’s game. As a graduate of USF with a degree in Political Science and a former Toronto Blue Jay, Mr. Tate began his career as a baseball coach and recruiter. Mr. Tate now applies this ability to identify strong candidates to attend ARHS, and plays a crucial role in the growth of our school.


Terheyd e


e Micha Armand

o Castill

l O’Br



Pete Russell

Dan Ste




We kick off our introduction of new faces with Stephanie Lundin in the math department. Ms. Lundin has an impressive background as a secondary school mathematics instructor, academic advisor and former lead teacher. With a Master of Education from UC Davis, Ms. Lundin knows how to develop and implement curriculum, and provide additional support to those students that need it. In a move from math to music, we introduce James Dumlao who is a welcomed addition to the Music Department and band program. Mr. Dumlao is an active musician and has performed at venues such as the The Great American Music Hall, the RCA Dome, and Carnegie Hall. In addition to teaching several classes, he also moderates the Chorale and Guitar Clubs. 4

Pete Russell is the new Director of Athletics and represents a force that will steer all divisions of ARHS athletics to success. Between his coaching days at the University of Arizona and James Madison University and his scouting days for the Cleveland Browns, L.A. Rams, St. Louis Rams, Houston Texans, and Carolina Panthers, Mr. Russell knows how to identify and develop a successful organization. He was with the St. Louis Rams when they won Super Bowl XXX IV January 2000.


Steve Johnston


Danny Arias joins the ARHS counseling department and helps the freshmen division acclimate to a high school environment. Mr. Arias has most notably spent time in Zambia assisting children and young adults in need, from academics to overall social adjustment. In addition to counseling, Mr. Arias has experience as a basketball coach at the high school and junior college levels.


Steve Baccari


Steve Baccari is new to the Theology Department. A native of San Francisco, he is a graduate of Saint Mary’s College and later received a Master of Arts in Pastoral Ministry from Santa Clara University. Prior to a career in education, Mr. Baccari worked in the airline industry for more than two decades. Along with teaching Freshmen and Sophomore Theology, Mr. Baccari will be coaching the Freshmen Baseball Team this spring.




As we travel over to the science wing, we see that Michael O’Brien has returned to ARHS after teaching for 10 years in Eureka. He is a devoted Catholic educator as well as dedicated family man. Mr. O’Brien is teaching AP Environmental Science, carrying with him his experiences as an administrator and life-long instructor. With degrees in both English and Botany, Mr. O’Brien approaches teaching in a holistic manner and translates his depth of knowledge to the students. Armando Castillo is new to the Modern Language Department as a valued Spanish Language instructor. Mr. Castillo holds a Master of Urban Education and Social Justice from USF. As a former Marine, Mr. Castillo knows how to get the job done. He also provides invaluable support to the Resource Specialist Program.


John Wu



Tat e

Compassion and inclusion are key areas of focus for Sara Oletti, another member of the Resource Specialist Program team. Ms. Oletti teaches Reading and Study Skills to RSP Freshmen and assists RSP students from all levels. She is currently pursuing a post-graduate degree in Special Education with a focus on Behavioral Analysis. Mary Dalton has joined the faculty along side her father, Robert Dalton, a graduate of ARHS and long-time English instructor. Ms. Dalton teaches English and provides support in the Resource Specialist Program. She also teaches Reading and Study Skills to the Freshmen in the FOCUS Reading Program. After graduating from Saint Mary’s College with a degree in English, Ms. Dalton went on to obtain a Master of Fine Arts in English Literature and Creative Writing from Mills College.

Tina Sheng


nie Lund


Everyone is rooting for Richard Sweeney as Head Coach of ARHS’s football team. A native San Franciscan and graduate of Santa Clara University, Coach Sweeney brings years of talent and experience as both a teacher and a coach. He played defensive back for the Santa Clara Broncos for three years and went on to lead many successful teams. During Coach Sweeney’s 23-year collegiate coaching career, his teams won nine conference championships and made eight national playoff appearances. Matt Gallegos not only runs ARHS’s library, but also provides leadership as the Head Varsity baseball coach. Mr. Gallegos was drafted by the New York Yankees, played five years of minor league baseball, and taught and coached for many years at Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory. He was the founder and head coach of the Peninsula Diamonds Fast Pitch Softball Organization. He also has extensive knowledge of the social sciences and can locate information almost as fast as the internet.

Mickey Modena is new to the Finance Office, but her knowledge of Riordan runs deep—her husband is a graduate of the Class of 1955. Her varied experience working for a bank, for a sign company and later for a neurosurgery practice helps her navigate busy days in the ARHS Finance Office. Vicki Terheyden is the new Director of Communications and resident marketing guru. Prior to Riordan, Ms. Terheyden was a communications and marketing consultant in San Francisco where she worked on behalf of education, health care, professional services, hospitality and non-profit clients. A native San Franciscan, she attended Catholic schools from age five to 21, and is excited to be part of the Riordan team. New Director of External Advancement Stephen Dini has a background in sports, business and education that is a winning combination for Riordan. Previously, he served as Assistant Director of Athletic Fundraising and was the Head Men’s Lacrosse Coach at Notre Dame de Namur University, and was a Regional Development Officer and Head Lacrosse Coach at UC Berkeley. He has also held several corporate bank positions. Mr. Dini is a graduate of Chico State University and the Dunn School, a boarding school near Santa Barbara. He has been instrumental in helping to launch the program here at ARHS.

Part teacher, part parent and part mentor, Tina Sheng has taken the first boarding students under her wing as Director of Academic Services for the program. Ms. Sheng graduated from Stanford University’s STEP program with a Master of Arts in Secondary Education. Originally from Nanjing, China, she attended Beijing Teacher’s College before moving to the U.S. Ms. Sheng will also teach Riordan’s first mandarin class next semester. Tony Payne is also a core member of the boarding program team as the Director of Residence, where he manages all aspects of boarding school life. Prior to Riordan, Mr. Payne served as Resident Ministry Intern at the University of San Francisco, and also as a Resident Assistant at his alma mater, Boston College. Mr. Payne also holds a teaching credential in English from Notre Dame de Namur University. Riordan alumnus Tom Martinez ’84 rounds out the boarding program team as Director of Security and Weekend Activities. A former officer with the LAPD, Mr. Martinez is a seasoned athlete and has coached a range of sports, from mixed martial arts to football. He also currently serves at the Varsity Quarterback Coach for the Crusaders. We finish our tour of new faces with the invaluable members of the IT Department. As head of Academic Technology at ARHS, Dr. Steve Johnston has forged a fascinating career path that has crossed the realms both of psychology and technology. Dr. Johnston earned a Masters and Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, and has since worked to merge computer applications and academic technology. His experience in online design, marketing, and web design, in conjunction with his knowledge of how people interact with technology, has led him to explore to new technological approaches to education. John Wu provides additional technology support and can trouble-shoot in an instant. A graduate of UC Davis, Mr. Wu not only studied Biology and Chinese, but also gleaned incomparable computer skills that contribute to ARHS’s technological advancement. The many new additions to the ARHS staff and faculty reveal a wealth of of talent and achievement, and will enrich the existing outstanding body of professionals. Together, we will propel a great school into the future.



School News

Class of 2011 Bids Farewell to ARHS Archbishop Riordan High School presented diplomas to 108 seniors on Saturday, May 28, 2011 in the James Lindland Theatre. President Patrick Daly and Principal Kevin Asbra handed out the diplomas. Samson Fong, Cameron Mau, David Capistrano and Alejandro Sanchez were valedictorians. David Capistrano served as Valedictorian speaker. The Salutatorian speaker was Student Body President Jordan Dougherty.

An excerpt from David Capistrano’s valedictorian address:

Congratulations to the Class of 2011!

Each of us has our own memories that we hold close to our hearts and that make us grin when we think of them. We all have our stories to tell. Many of us shared our hearts during Kairos; we had the opportunity to lay everything down – all our guards and defenses – and realize the very special pervading love that thrives in our school community and in our families. We had the opportunity to reflect not only on our relationships with others, but also our relationships with ourselves and with God – what they truly meant. We recognized that when all else is lost, love remains. Fear may fill the world, but it doesn’t have to fill our hearts, especially when we know we are loved. At Riordan, we’ve met many great people who are ready to be our friends, to teach and mentor, and to support us. We’ve all been touched in one way or another by the Crusader spirit and the brotherly love that permeates throughout this school.


Valedictorians from the Class of 2011 from L to R: Samson Fong (Northwestern), Cameron Mau (UCLA), David Capistrano (UC Berkeley), and Alejandro Sanchez (CalTech).


Class of 2011 College Acceptances The Class of 2011 earned more than $3 million in scholarship awards, and was accepted to more then 310 colleges and universities around the country. Below is a partial list: Academy of  Art  University Adelphi  University American  Jewish  University American  University Arizona  State  University Benedictine  College Bethune-­Cookman  University Boise  State  University Boston  College Boston  University Bowie  State  University Brown  University Butte  College California  College  of  the  Arts California  Institute  of  Technology California  Lutheran  University California  Maritime  Academy California  University,  San  Luis  Obispo California  University,  Pomona CSU,  Channel  Islands CSU,  Chico CSU,  Dominguez  Hills CSU,  East  Bay CSU,  Fresno CSU,  Fullerton CSU,  Long  Beach CSU,  Los  Angeles CSU,  Monterey  Bay CSU,  Northridge CSU,  Sacramento CSU,  San  Bernardino CSU,  San  Marcos CSU,  Stanislaus Carroll  College  (Montana) Case  Western  Reserve  University Central  Connecticut  State  University Central  Washington  University Chaminade  University  of  Honolulu Chapman  University Claremont  McKenna  College Clark  Atlanta  University Clark  University Colgate  University College  of  the  Holy  Cross Colorado  College Colorado  Mesa  University Colorado  School  of  Mines Colorado  State  University Colorado  State  University  Pueblo Columbia  University Concordia  University  (Irvine) Cornell  University Dartmouth  College Dominican  University Drew  University Drexel  University Duke  University Emory  University Finlandia  University Fisk  University Florida  A&M  University Florida  International  University Fordham  University Georgetown  University Georgia  Institute  of  Technology Gonzaga  University Goucher  College

Grambling State  University Hampton  University Hartwick  College Harvard  University Harvey  Mudd  College Hawaii  Pacific  University Hofstra  University Holy  Names  University Hope  College Howard  University Humboldt  State  University Idaho  State  University Illinois  Institute  of  Technology Iowa  State  University Johns  Hopkins  University Kentucky  State  University La  Salle  University Landmark  College Lewis  &  Clark  College Linfield  College Loyola  Marymount  University Loyola  University  Chicago Lynchburg  College Macalester  College Manhattanville  College Marietta  College Marquette  University Marymount  College Marymount  Manhattan  College Massachusetts  Institute  of  Technology Menlo  College Merrimack  College Montana  State  University,  Bozeman Morehouse  College Morgan  State  University Mount  Saint  Mary’s  University Mount  St.  Mary’s  College  (Chalon) Mount  St.  Mary’s  College  (Doheny) New  York  University Norfolk  State  University North  Carolina  Central  University Northeastern  University Northern  Arizona  University Northern  Michigan  University Northwestern  University Notre  Dame  de  Namur  University Occidental  College Ohio  Wesleyan  University Old  Dominion  University Oregon  State  University Pacific  Lutheran  University Pennsylvania  State  University Pepperdine  University Pitzer  College Polytechnic  Institute  of  NYU Pomona  College Portland  State  University Princeton  University Providence  College Purdue  University Randolph  College Regis  University Rensselaer  Polytechnic  Institute Rochester  Institute  of  Technology Rose-­Hulman  Institute  of  Technology Rutgers  University Saint  John’s  University

Saint Leo  University Saint  Louis  University Saint  Mary’s  College  of  California Saint  Vincent  College Salem  International  University Salve  Regina  University San  Diego  State  University San  Francisco  Art  Institute San  Francisco  State  University San  Jose  State  University Santa  Clara  University Santa  Fe  University  of  Art  and  Design Savannah  State  University Seattle  University Seton  Hall  University Sonoma  State  University South  Dakota  State  University Southern  Oregon  University Southern  University  and  A&M  College Southern  University  at  New  Orleans Southern  Utah  University St.  Edwards  University St.  John’s  College St.  John’s  University  -­  Manhattan St.  John’s  University  -­  Queens St.  Mary’s  University  of  San  Antonio Stanford  University State  University  of  New  York Swarthmore  College Syracuse  University Texas  Christian  University Texas  Southern  University The  American  University  of  Paris The  Catholic  University  of  America The  College  of  Wooster The  George  Washington  University The  University  of  Arizona Thomas  Aquinas  College Trinity  University Tufts  University Tulane  University Tuskegee  University United  States  Air  Force  Academy United  States  Military  Academy United  States  Naval  Academy University  of  New  York University  of  British  Columbia University  of  California  at  Berkeley University  of  California  at  Davis University  of  California  at  Davis   University  of  California  at  Irvine University  of  California  at  Los  Angeles University  of  California  at  Merced University  of  California  at  Riverside University  of  California  at  San  Diego University  of  California  at  Santa  Barbara University  of  California  at  Santa  Cruz University  of  California,  San  Francisco University  of  Chicago University  of  Colorado  at  Boulder University  of  Dayton University  of  Florida University  of  Hawaii  at  Manoa University  of  Idaho University  of  Illinois  at  Chicago University  of  Illinois  at  Champaign University  of  Maryland,  College  Park

University of  Massachusetts,  Boston University  of  Miami University  of  Michigan University  of  Nebraska  at  Omaha University  of  Nevada,  Las  Vegas University  of  Nevada,  Reno University  of  New  Mexico University  of  Notre  Dame University  of  Oklahoma University  of  Oregon University  of  Pennsylvania University  of  Pittsburgh University  of  Portland University  of  Puget  Sound University  of  Redlands University  of  Rochester University  of  San  Diego University  of  San  Francisco University  of  South  Florida,  Tampa University  of  Southern  California University  of  St.  Thomas University  of  the  Pacific University  of  Utah University  of  Vermont University  of  Virginia University  of  Washington University  of  Wisconsin,  Madison Vanderbilt  University Villanova  University Virginia  State  University Washington  and  Lee  University Washington  State  University Washington  University  in  St.  Louis Wentworth  Institute  of  Technology Western  Washington  University Westmont  College Wheeling  Jesuit  University Whitman  College Whittier  College Whitworth  University Willamette  University Williams  College Xavier  University  of  Louisiana Yale  University York  College  of  Pennsylvania



School News


PRIDE AND PERFORMANCE AT A HIGHER LEVEL The Band continued to display their immense ability winning the Most Outstanding Award at The Pistahan Parade, a celebration of Filipino arts and culture, on August 13th, 2011. Concluding August was the Fiesta Del Mar Band Review, which show-cased The Band’s extreme aptitude as musicians by receiving 1st Place in 4A Bands. Only a few weeks later, on September 9th, they performed at a home-game against Sacred

In July of 2011, The Crusader Marching Band was chosen by U.S. Representative Jackie Speier (CA-12th District) to perform at the Independence Day Parade in our nation’s capital. Riordan was one of two California high schools picked to participate in the festivities, and delivered a high-caliber performance in intense Washington, D.C. humidity during a fast-paced parade. As a result, The Band captured the attention of a national audience and received much acclaim. With the school year barely in motion, The Crusader Marching Band again showcased excellence by participating in a number of public events, winning awards and earning top placements. The journey across the country was followed by a short trip across The Bay, to Oakland, where The Band performed at the half-time show for the Raiders’ pre-season opener on August 11th. The Crusader Band marched on the football field and played four songs in front of thousands of Raiders’ fans. And it wasn’t their first show for a professional audience, having played in last year’s Giants World Series Championship Parade.



By Mary  Dalton 2011 marks yet another year that The Crusader Marching Band proves its superior talent. Backed by natural music leaders and dedicated parent-boosters, The Band is comprised of boys who work together as a gifted team. Many of the members of the marching band did not pick up an instrument until their freshmen year at ARHS, and it was under the instruction of Scott Souza, Director of Bands, that the students developed their abilities as musicians.


Heart Preparatory Atherton, then moved on to the Antioch Review of Champions, where they were awarded 2nd Place in Class B Bands. In October, the Band played in a series of non-stop events during Columbus Day weekend. On October 8th, for the first time in full uniform, The Band gave a half-time performance at a crucial, homecoming football game against Sacred Heart. The next day, they marched in the Italian Heritage Parade in San Francisco. On Monday, October 10th, The Band then went on to compete in the Fleet Week Band Challenge, which was sponsored by the


United States Marine Corps Band. The Riordan Band placed third in this competition and was awarded a prize of $3,000. Band Director and music mentor, Scott Souza, is beyond thrilled with the music prowess and maturity of this year’s ensemble. “The Crusader Marching Band is amazing this year. I throw things at them, and they step up each time with incredible results,” said Souza. I am so proud of them, their accomplishments, their terrific work ethic and their continued growth. I’ve said it before, but I have the best job on campus: I get to come to work each day to make music. It doesn’t get any better than that. The Band students at Riordan are fine young musicians, and they allow me to have fun in my job.” As the school year marches on, the entire Riordan community looks forward to what The Crusader Marching Band will bring in 2012 and beyond.


Watch band  performances  online  by  visiting

Last spring I was awarded a fellowship from the San Francisco Branch of the English Speaking Union, and over the summer I became a student again, eventually performing at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre. Indeed, three weeks of collaboration at The Globe inspired my own Shakespearean journey at Archbishop Riordan, and I look forward to sharing what I learned with my classes and our audience.

styles, costumes, sets, props, musicians) are created as close to what was done in Shakespeare’s day as possible. Once inspired, I envisioned the transformation of our ARHS proscenium stage into Shakespeare’s Globe, complete with columns, trap doors, an “inner above” for the Renaissance musicians, and an area for our own standing audience section. I am now in conversation with my technical director, toward that goal.

My journey started and ended in London, with three weeks in between for a jaunt through Europe with my family, followed by five solo days in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the quaint town where William Shakespeare was born and is buried.

I must express my thanks to the English Speaking Union and the ARHS administration for supporting me in this amazing professional development opportunity. As a follow up, I plan to attend a three-day conference in January at UC Davis entitled “Shakespeare Works When Shakespeare Plays,” although nothing compares to the joy of studying at Shakespeare’s Globe in London. It was a dream come true.

“Teaching Shakespeare Through Performance” was an intensive three-week program, in which 18 theatre and English teachers from around the country became happily ensconced in all that is Shakespeare. Each day we took acting class, studied voice and movement, improvised, learned about Renaissance influences and Globe history, and reveled in Shakespeare’s magical world of words and emotion. We lived in the dorms of the London School of Economics, a five-minute walk to The Globe. The 18 of us did nearly everything together: meals, rehearsals, free time, field trips, and watching theatre. Many of us even became “groundling” audience members (the cheap, standing tickets at The Globe), positioned at the very edge of the stage and looking up at actors performing just inches away. It was unforgettable. In the midst of this profound professional development experience, I decided that next fall I will direct and produce an “original practice” production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Original practice is a production concept that Shakespeare’s Globe embraces, wherein all approaches to the work (acting

“... nothing compares to the joy of studying at Shakespeare’s Globe in London.” — Valerie O’Riordan

Valerie O’Riordan on The Globe stage after a performance of Much Ado About Nothing. ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE


School News

PALEO PURSUITS ANCIENT LIFE, MODERN SCIENCE By Victoria  Terheyden Geology and math teacher Ben LeFebvre discovered his passion for all things ancient when he was nine years old after reading a book about fossil hunting in the Gobi Desert. “From that day on I was hooked,” said LeFebvre. “Geology was made for me.” After earning his master’s in geology, which required him to complete thesis research in central Nevada, 40 miles from the nearest paved road, he became a seismic and geological consultant to the public and private sectors.

“It doesn’t  feel  like  a  job  to  come   to  Riordan  each  day  and  share  my   passion  for  Geology  with  our  students,   while  at  the  same  time  getting  them  to   think  about  current  environmental  and   land  use  issues.”

After a few summers at the WDC, he is already on this path. First up is the newly-established Paleontology Club on campus where he serves as moderator. Students will be trained in basic vertebrate fossil preparation techniques, and contribute to furthering research at the WDC. In the future, you might even find Riordan students in the trenches, working side by side to discover the make-up of the ancient world.

However, LeFebvre couldn’t ignore a calling to teach and began his academic career at City College in San Francisco. Now in his 12th year teaching at Archbishop Riordan, he relishes the opportunity to bring fossils to Phelan Avenue. “It doesn’t feel like a job to come to Riordan each day and share my passion for Geology with our students, while at the same time getting them to think about current environmental and land use issues. We may be looking at things that are hundreds of millions of years old, but there is always a connection to today’s ecology.” Bridging old and new is exactly what LeFebvre has done for the past three summers at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center (WDC), site of a working fossil quarry site and modern museum in Two horns from a triceratops, part of the skull Thermopolis, assembly in the lab. Wyoming. He spends about three weeks there every summer preparing fossils and molds in the lab, and working in the field excavating new dinosaur material. “The museum also has a program where kids can do a ‘dig for a day,’ and it is incredible to see youngsters finding their first dinosaur bone,” said LeFebvre. “My entire experience in Thermopolis, it’s too much fun, actually. But the most important thing is how my work there relates to what I do in the classroom. If I can give students a sense of how science works, and the methods and processes to studying ancient earth, then I’ve done my job.”




-RXLITVITPEF0I*IFVZIVIQSZIWQEXVM\QEXIVMEPJVSQE8VMGIVEXSTW carapace. At right, LeFebrve poses with a mold of a Triceratops skull. Molds such as this are sold to museums for display. The original fossil material remains at the WDC.



School News


Reprinted with permission from Catholic San Francisco

As Ron Isola tells it, he almost didn’t go to Archbishop Riordan High School. It came down to a misdelivered acceptance letter, says the man who coached varsity basketball during a decade of dominance and whose name is synonymous among generations of parents for the grade-school summer camp, Camp Crusader.

“The letter for Riordan had gone to the lady next door. In those days, you didn’t call the school,” said Isola, recalling those anxious days in 1957. “Finally the lady came over, and my mom said, ‘Here’s your letter. You’re going to Riordan.’ ” For more than five decades, Isola has been associated with the boys’ Catholic high school on Phelan Avenue: First as a student, graduating in 1961; then returning to teach and coach from 1967 until today. He retired in June as athletic director, a job he had held since 1979 as well as for a four-year stint in the early ’70s. “The whole family grew up here,” said Isola, whose only son Jeff for the past few years has coached and taught history alongside his father.” I remember when I was coaching basketball and Jeff was 3 or 4 years old, out there, throwing up shots at half time. You don’t get a family deal like that and not appreciate it.” From 1979 to 1994, Isola coached Riordan’s varsity basketball teams as they won 368 games and lost just 110. The Crusaders had a league-record 44-game win streak in the West Catholic Athletic League and did not lose a home game from 1983 to 1989. Riordan’s basketball team won the Central Coast


Section title in 1994. From 1995 to 2010, Isola coached varsity baseball, and this summer he ran baseball training at Riordan. “I never feel like I go to work,” said Isola, sitting in his office near the school gym as coaches and students came and went without knocking. No one knocks, Isola said, in response to a question – “It’s a tradition.” Another tradition is Camp Crusader, a grade-school-age summer camp started by Isola and fellow coaches in 1973. About 12,000 kids have attended the four-week camp, whose ubiquitous plastic yellow, white and purple stadium cups are awarded for pee-wee golf and bowling in the cafeteria, street hockey, soccer and basketball. The cups turn up everywhere, including at Holy Cross Cemetery holding flowers, Isola said. When his wife had to call an ambulance for him late at night after he finally admitted a baseball injury to his spleen was too painful to bear a few years back, the first thing the paramedic said coming in the door was, “Hey coach, remember me, from Camp Crusader?”


“I call it the anti-camp,” said Isola. Twenty-five years ago Isola’s father built the electricpowered windmill for miniature golf. Isola cribbed ideas for the wooden props that make up the course during a trip to Lake Tahoe. The owner almost threw Isola off the course afraid he was competition, Isola recalls. The first week of camp with 200 plus kids in 1973, Isola and his fellow coaches had laid out drills for each of the sports. “After two days, we said, ’this is awful. The kids are bored to death.’ Then we came up with this idea — why don’t we just organize them and let them play and let them have fun and be kids? We’ve been doing that for 38 years.” “We used to be fifth through the eighth grade. Then when my son was going into second grade my wife said you’re getting him out of the house, you’re moving it down to second grade,” Isola said. “Parents always say it’s such a wonderful camp. I always say, well it’s pretty hard to screw up recess.” Looking back, Isola said, “I think Riordan’s always been a fun place to coach at

A celebration of Ron’s retirement and commitment to Archbishop Riordan will take place Saturday, May 19. More details to come.

Photo by Jose Luis Aguirre.

“I WOULD LIKE TO BE REMEMBERED AS SOMEONE WHO WAS COMPETITIVE BUT HOPEFULLY THE KIDS HAD A GOOD TIME PLAYING FOR US.” — Ron Isola ’61 because I’ve been really fortunate to work with some very wonderful people.” In 2005, in an article about Isola’s induction into the San Francisco Preps Hall of Fame, San Francisco Chronicle sports writer Mitch Stephens described him as the “coach who helped Riordan dominate (the West Catholic Athletic League) like no other school.” Today, Isola sees youth and high school sports as veering out of control, turning something that should be fun into a business. In terms of high school sports, Isola said he would like to be remembered as “somebody that enjoyed athletics and kept them in perspective. Ron Isola ’61 received his Golden Diploma on October 29, 2011.

“We had some really good basketball teams in the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s. We had some very talented kids who played for us,” said Isola. “I would like to be thought of as someone who realized when you have great players, you become a brilliant coach.” “One guy said to me, ’With all these championships, how do you handle the pressure? You are one step away from college.’ I said, ’Well, no, now, I’m one step up from CYO.’ ” “I think we tend to take ourselves much too serious,” said Isola. “I would like to be remembered as someone who was competitive but hopefully the kids had a good time playing for us.”



MAKE IT A GREAT SUMMER Archbishop @ Riordan


School News

LAX Arrives at Riordan

Crusader Lacrosse Team to Enter WCAL Play

The oldest sport in North America is Riordan’s newest sports venture. Launching this spring, the inaugural 2012 lacrosse season will boast a junior varsity squad, with plans to add a varsity team in 2013. Riordan will compete in the WCAL, in addition to playing against other schools in the Bay Counties League (BCL) such as University, Lick Wilmerding, and the Urban School. Because this is the first year Riordan has offered lacrosse, the WCAL will allow seniors to play at the junior varsity level. Lacrosse is the fasting growing team sport in the country. Only 116 high school teams existed in California in 2004 when lacrosse was sanctioned by the California Interscholastic Federation. Entering the 2012 season, the number of teams has more than doubled to 230. Massachusetts native Mike Sheridan will take the helm as the first head coach of the LAX Crusaders. Sheridan graduated from Brown University in 2000 where he played lacrosse all four years and served as Varsity Captain his senior year. He has coached and led lacrosse camps at high schools in the Bay Area for more than a decade, and served as Head Coach at Marin Academy when they won the BCL league title in 2003. When not on the field, Sheridan operates Sling It!, a lacrosse equipment and apparel company, which he founded in 2003. Sheridan expects 20-40 young men will try out for the Riordan team this year. “The first few years of the program will obviously be a time for our players to develop fundamental lacrosse skills in a highly competitive environment,” said Sheridan. “From what I have observed from other sports on campus, the work ethic of Crusader athletes is solid, and I am confident that the lacrosse program will grow quickly.”



2012 WCAL Lacrosse Schedule


Visit the Archbishop Riordan Athletics website,, for complete game details and information. 03/05/2012

3:30 PM


3:30 PM

Junipero Serra H S Saint Ignatius College Prep

03/14/2012 3:30 PM

Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep

03/16/2012 3:30 PM

Archbishop Mitty H S


Saint Francis H S

3:30 PM

03/23/2012 3:30 PM

Bellarmine Prep

03/26/2012 3:30 PM

Saint Francis H S

04/02/2012 3:30 PM

Saint Ignatius College Prep


3:30 PM

Bellarmine Prep


3:30 PM

Sacred Heart Cathedral Prep


3:30 PM

Archbishop Mitty H S

04/27/2012 3:30 PM

Junipero Serra H S



For information on all 2012 Summer Program offerings go to:

A Message From the

Director of External Advancement Dear Friends of ARHS, Thank you to all who have so generously supported Archbishop Riordan High School this past year and in previous years. Your financial support allows Archbishop Riordan to continue in its mission to offer a Catholic Marianist education to young men in the Bay Area. We are blessed to have you as part of the Archbishop Riordan community. All gifts support students and faculty, and the future of our school. Every dollar counts, and the majority of every dollar raised goes to financial assistance for students and families in need. With more than 50% of Archbishop Riordan students receiving financial assistance and an additional 10% of students receiving sponsorships from outside agencies, we truly spend almost every dollar to ensure that ARHS remains accessible to all young men in San Francisco. For the 2011-2012 school year Archbishop Riordan awarded $1,400,000 in financial aid to 50% of the student body. Each year, help is needed to bridge the gap between tuition and financial aid. This year the gap between school revenue and expenses amounts to $2,450 per student. We need your help to bridge the gap to meet the needs of every student at Riordan.

Ways to Support Archbishop Riordan High School Unrestricted Gifts Unrestricted gifts provide school leadership with the flexibility to address the highest priorities as those needs occur. Unrestricted giving is the heart of the ARHS Annual Fund each year as these gifts signal donors’ broad support of ARHS.

Gifts of Securities Donations of Stocks or Securities are tax deductible based on market value, and donors can avoid capital gains taxes on appreciated stock. Gifts of Real Estate Real property, either in entirety or in part, can be deeded to ARHS. It is even possible to arrange a sizable tax deduction by deeding a home or farm to the school now, while continuing to occupy the property for life. All real estate transactions are subject to inspection and final approval by the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

FY 2009/2010

Tuition and Fees



Other Income



Student Activities

$ 299,085.00

$ 316,190.00

Gifts and Grants



Special Events

$ 528,433.00

$ 690,527.00

Interest/Investment Income

$ (24,990.00)


Donations Released to Operations

$ 732,225.00





Salaries and Wages



Payroll Taxes

$ 367,656.00

$ 363,366.00

Fringe Benefits



Professional Services

$ 109,477.00

$ 114,555.00

Property (Plant)

$ 486,443.00

$ 491,630.00

Administrative and General

$ 881,338.00


Academic Instruction

$ 108,834.00

$ 129,835.00

Student Activities

$ 437,120.00

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$ 397,010.00

$ 398,613.00




Operating Revenue

Outright Gifts Outright gifts include funds from cash, checks or credit cards. Gifts can be made online or mailed to the school. All outright gifts of cash are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law, up to the maximum of 50 percent of your adjusted gross income. Any excess can be carried over and deducted over as many as five subsequent years. Matching Gifts Many employers offer corporate matching gift programs. This is a tremendous benefit that can double or sometimes even triple an employee’s gift to ARHS. Please check with your Human Resources Department for matching gift forms and programs.

FY 2010/2011


2010 - 2011 Annual Report Information listed in the Annual Report reflects the fiscal year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011.

As you know Archbishop Riordan relies on the Annual Fund to manage expenses that tuition alone cannot cover. This past fiscal year of 2010/2011 our supporters helped raise more than $900,000 on behalf of Archbishop Riordan. I sat down with a Riordan alum a few months ago, and asked him candidly why he gives to Riordan. He said, “I give because I want other boys to have the same incredible experience that I did at Riordan. You get to a certain level, and you have to send the elevator down for someone else.”

Endowment Gifts Donor contributions to an endowment fund become a long-term and predictable source of operating income for ARHS. As such, endowment gifts provide invaluable strength and support for the ARHS mission.


Capital Projects Donor gifts to capital projects may be designated for a specific area such as athletic facilities, dorms, classrooms or campus infrastructure.

Thank you again for your generous support. God Bless You,

The Archbishop Riordan Heritage Society Members of this society have thoughtfully included ARHS in their estate plans or wills. These gifts of forethought and generosity take many forms: bequests, living trusts, or life income plans, which name Archbishop Riordan High School as a beneficiary in an estate plan or will. If you would like more information about gifts of any size or form, please contact Stephen Dini at (415)586-8200 ext. 264 or

Stephen L. Dini Director of External Advancement (415)586-8200 ext. 264




62,771.00 91,398.00 19,456.00

Operating Expenses

Memorial and Honorary Tribute Gifts A gift to the Memorial Fund can help perpetuate the values and ideals that guided a loved one’s life. Gifts provide a tribute in memory of a loved one’s passing or may honor a person during his/ her lifetime. All contributions to the memorial program help fund financial aid for deserving families, assuring the continuance of ARHS’s legacy of inclusiveness and diversity.

If you are interested in supporting or learning more about Archbishop Riordan’s Annual Fund, endowment funds, or capital projects, please feel free to contact me, and I would be pleased to discuss all the wonderful ways that you can support our school.


Operating Expenditures and Capital Additions in Excess of Operating Revenue

$ (119,900.00)


Temporarily Restricted Gifts

$ 699,112.00

$ 781,636.00

Endowment Gifts





Unrestricted Gifts







Operating Revenue For Fiscal For Year Ending June 2011 Operating Revenue Year End June 30,30, 2011 and 2010 Special Events Event and Organizations 6% 6%

Interst/Investment Income Interest/Investment Income 0%


Operating Expenses End June 30, 2011 and30, 2010 Operating ExpensesFor ForYear Fiscal Year Ending June 2011 Student Student Activities Expense Activities 5% 5%

Donations Released to Operations Temp Restricted released to 9% Operations 9%

Gifts and Grants GiftsOperations and Grants 1% 1%


Fundraising Fundraising Expense 5% 5%

Academic Instruction 1% Administrative and General 10%

Student Activities 3%

Property Expenses (Plant) Property (Plant) 6% 6% Professional Services 1%

Other Income 1%

Fringe Benefits 12% Tuition and Fees 80%

Payroll Taxes


Salaries and Wages 56%


FATHER CHAMINADE  CIRCLE $50,000  &  Above  

GOLD RIBBON  SOCIETY $2,500  -­  $4,999  

PRINCIPAL’S CIRCLE   $1,200  -­  $1,799  

PURPLE &  GOLD  CLUB   $500  -­  $1,199  

The Herbst  Foundation Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Mayer  ’71 Robert  S.  Odell  &  Helen  P.  Odell  Fund The  May  &  Stanley  Smith  Charitable  Trust Students  &  Faculty  of  ARHS

Mr. Kevin  Asbra  and  Dr.  Karen  Seratti Mr.  Michael  Ashton Bayside  Printed  Products Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  C.  Bollier  ’57 Phyllis  and  David  Cook  Philanthropic  Fund Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  De  Martini  ’76 Mr.  Kevin  Domecus  ’72 Escrip,  Inc. Ms.  Kathleen  Grogan Hon.  Jeffrey  Holl  ’72 Kerner  Cancer  Research  and  Education  Fund Mr.  Noel  MacDonald  ’59 Mr.  Brendan  McDevitt  and  Ms.  Avis  Casimir Mr.  and  Mrs.  Neal  McGettigan Mount  Zion  Health  Fund Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  Nasser  ’70 Mr.  John  Nelson  and  Mr.  Jeffrey  Friant The  Olympic  Club  Foundation Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Riley Riordan  Class  of  1970 Mr.  William  Roache Mr.  Bob  Roper  ’56 Mr.  Guido  Salomone  ’57 San  Francisco  Police  Officers  Association Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Tortorelli  ’57 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Al  Trigueiro Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Woo Mrs.  Ann  Ybarreta

Anonymous Ms. Jocelyn  Aquino Mrs.  Guadalupe  Barajas Mr.  and  Mrs.  Larry  Barsetti  ’67 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  E.  Best Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  Bruno Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  J.  Buckley Mr.  John  Calonico  ’79 ChevronTexaco  Employees’  Campaign Mr.  Nick  Cicibrk  ’77  and  Ms.  Maureen  Flynn   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Cutone  ’58 Dr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Daly  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Matthew  Dusanic Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Fernandez Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Forbes  ’75 Mr.  Luis  Gaerlan  and     Mrs.  Nanette  Treyes-­Gaerlan Mr.  Reimel  Galang  ’85 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Luis  Galindo  ’88 Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  B.  Galliani Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Hanley  ’83 Mrs.  Ann  Hirsch Mr.  Kevin  J.  Howard  ’52 Mr.  Jack  Jensen  and  Mrs.  Cathleen  O’Brien Ms.  Im  Leng  Kwong Ms.  Judy  Lau Mr.  and  Mrs.  Herbert  Li Mr.  Ronald  Macaluso  ’58 Mrs.  Doris  Murphy Mr.  Peter  Niland  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Nowlin  ’76 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Nurisso  ’79 Msgr.  John  O’Connor  ’52 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  O’Donnell  ’64 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ernesto  Patino Ms.  Loretta  Penning Mr.  Calvin  Ragusin  and  Ms.  Mary  Connolly Rogers  Benefit  Group Rev.  Thomas  Seagrave  ’60 Mr.  Roderick  Shao  and  Mrs.  Lucy  W.  Zhang Mr.  and  Mrs.  Suresh  Solanky Dr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Spinelli  ’56 Mr.  William  Taylor  ’67 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Lawrence  Warlen

Mr. Chester  M.  Ajero   Mr.  Joseph  A.  Alioto  ’68  and     Mrs.  Mary  Bell  Norris   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ramiro  Alvarez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  J.  Alvarez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Phillip  Ampola   Mr.  Gregory  Analla  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joel  Andrade   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Arnott   Mr.  Clifford  Banayat  ’87 Bank  of  America  Foundation     Matching  Gift  Program   Bank  Of  The  West  Matching  Gift  Program   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56 Cdr.  and  Mrs.  Mario  A.  Baratta  ’60 Mr.  Kenneth  Barbieri  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Todd  Barrett   Barrick  Gold  USA  Employee’s  PAC   Gerry  B.  Belling  Philanthropic  Fund   Mr.  Alfredo  Bello  and     Ms.  Elsa  Melero-­Andrade   Beronio  Lumber   Dr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Bianchi  ’68 Ms.  Mary  Biermann   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Filomeno  Billote   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Clifford  Bossier   Mr.  Curtis  Branom  and  Ms.  Leslie  Sorci   Mr.  Gregory  Breslin  ’82 Mr.  William  Breslin  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mario  Busalacchi   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roberto  Calabio   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Pedro  Calvo  y  Perez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ariel  Capistrano   Capital  and  Counties  U.S.A.,  Inc.   Ms.  Marie  Caramat   Carey  Limousine,  SF,  Inc.   Mr.  Richard  Carpeneti  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Casassa   Mr.  Patrick  Casserly  ’44 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Leo  Cassidy   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Cataldo  ’78 Mr.  Philip  Cazahous  ’70 Mr.  David  Chan  and  Ms.  Morena  Andrade   Mr.  Bill  Chang  and  Ms.  Shirley  Sayavong   Mr.  Nelson  Chen  and  Ms.  Elizabeth  Yata   Mr.  Yi  X.  Chen  and  Ms.  Su  Xing  Liao   Chevron  Humankind     Matching  Gift  Program   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Tony  Chow   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Chinedu  Chuku   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jim  Colbert  ’64 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Conway   Dana  Corvin  and  Harris     Weinberg  Philanthropic  Fund  

ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN  CIRCLE $25,000  -­  $49,999   Dr.  Frank  Castro  ’79 Bro.  Thomas  Jalbert,  S.M. The  Carl  Gellert  &  Celia  Berta  Gellert  Foundation Marianist  Province  of  the  U.S. The  Michael  and  Sally  Mayer  Family  Foundation Schwab  Charitable  Fund

BROTHER JOHN   MCCLUSKEY,  S.M.  CIRCLE $10,000  -­  $24,999   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mike  Boschetto   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Albert  Ceresa  ’54 Crescent  Porter  Hale  Foundation Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Donovan  ’70 Friedenrich  Family  Philanthropic  Fund Ira  &  Leonore  Gershwin  Designated  Philanthropic  Fund The  Joseph  R.  McMicking  Foundation Moldaw  Family  Supporting  Foundation  2 Mr.  John  D.  Moriarty Trinity  Building  Services Trust  Funds,  Inc. V  &  C  Foods

CRUSADER CIRCLE $5,000  -­  $9,999 Gerson  and  Barbara  Bakar  Philanthropic  Fund Mr.  John  Donovan Robert  and  Michelle  Friend  Philanthropic  Fund Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steven  Herrera  ’76 Robert  S.  Limited  Charitable  Fund Connie  and  Bob  Lurie  Foundation  Inc. Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stephen  Mayer  ’72 The  Steve  and  Patty  Mayer  Foundation Mr.  James  Petersohn  ’64 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  Rea   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roger  Ritter Mr.  Lou  Segale  ’61 Silicon  Valley  Community  Foundation Mr.  Donald  Strickland  ’98 Wells  Fargo  Educational  Matching  Gift  Program

CHAMINADE SOCIETY   $1,800  -­  $2,499   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gerald  Bachecki  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Armando  Calderon  ’76 Mr.  Dao  Chung Mr.  William  Courtright The  East  Bay  Community  Foundation Fidelity  Charitable  Gift  Fund Jewish  Community  Endowment  Fund Barbara  &  Ron  Kaufman  Philanthropic  Fund Kotas/Pantaleoni Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gerald  Lucey  ’61 The  Gerald  &  Belinda  Lucey  Family  Fund Mr.  James  McCourt Morgan  Stanley  Matching  Gift  Program Mr.  and  Mrs.  Tom  Repetto  ’85 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Benjamin  Santana Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  F.  Stasko  ’69 Mr.  Stephen  Tannas  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Laurence  Wuerstle

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr. Christopher  Cunnie  ’72 Mr.  Rodney  D’Acquisto  ’67   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Carlos  David   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  B.  Davis   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ron  Davis   Mr.  Ramon  De  La  Cruz  and     Mrs.  Maria  Garrido-­De  La  Cruz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alfred  Dela  Cruz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rafael  Diaz   Mr.  Greg  Disse   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Owen  Doherty   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steve  Domingo   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  F.  Dominguez  ’76 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Duggan  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Egan  ’54 Empire  Elevator   Ms.  Lisa  L.  Ergut   Mr.  Joseph  Fanucci  ’67  and     Ms.  Kathy  Desinger   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Farrah  ’57 Mr.  John  C.  Farrell  ’45 Mr.  Richard  Fisher  ’59 Mr.  Francisco  Flores  ’75 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joel  C.  Fontaine   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  V.  Fox   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Fry   Fundamentals  First,  Inc.   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Florante  Gabon   Gap  Foundation  Gift  Matching  Program   Ms.  Carol  Gee   Genentech  Giving  Station   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mike  Germano   Mr.  Michael  Ghiglieri  ’98 Ghilotti  Construction   Mr.  Alan  Ghirardelli  ’53 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Giosso  ’59

Mr. and  Mrs.  Steve  Giusto   Mr.  Marvin  Gochez  and  Ms.  Jennifer  Tagle   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Colin  Gomez   Mr.  John  Gonzales  and     Mrs.  Danielle  Garcia-­Gonzales   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Shu  Pei  Guan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Hanley  ’74 Ms.  Mareah  Hickey   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Danny  Ho   Mrs.  Claire  Holl   Mr.  Kevin  Holl  ’75 Mr.  Donald  W.  Holsten   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Clayton  Holstine   I.B.M.  Employee  Services  Center   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ronald  Isola  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ian  Jackson   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Jolley   Mr.  Eugene  Keegan  and     Ms.  Miriam  McGuinness   Mr.  Leroy  Kees  and  Mrs.  Tammy  Lee   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  Kelly  ’57 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Kelly   Ms.  Sandy  Koepf   Ms.  Ingrid  Konopaski   Ms.  Gilda  La  Pena   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Marleon  G.  Labonete   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edmund  Lai   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Wai  Lam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Lee   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jamiel  H.  Lemley   Mr.  Ronald  Lenatti  and     Mrs.  Angela  Hu-­Lenatti   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Vincent  Leveroni  ’65 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bruce  Lloyd   Ms.  Maritza  Lopez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Lynch   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  E.  Lyon   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  Lysenko   Ms.  Carmen  Maldonado   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Romeo  S.  Manuel   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Marcus  Marcic   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Marroquin  

Mr. and  Mrs.  Ronnie  Martin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gerard  P.  Martins   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Raymond  Mauberret   Mrs.  Lynda  McCarthy   Mr.  Warren  McCausland  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  E.  McGough  ’56 Mr.  Vic  Melikian  and  Ms.  Sandra  Tucker   Ms.  Mary  Kate  Miller-­Fitzsimon   Mr.  Michael  Mingao  and     Mrs.  Denise  Dimaoala   Mr.  Ken  Mitsuda  and     Mrs.  Jane  Lee-­Mitsuda   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Emmanuel  Montoya   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bruce  Moore  ’67 Mr.  James  Mourgos  ’74 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  J.  Mulcahy  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ruairi  Murphy   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alexander  Naklowycz   National  Connect   Mr.  Dennis  Nerney  ’60 Mr.  Luc  Nguyen  and  Mrs.  Tricia  Lam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Andrew  Noma   Mr.  Brian  O’Connell  ’74 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frank  O’Connor   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  F.  O’Donnell  ’60 O’Kane  &  Tegay  Insurance  Brokers   Rev.  John  O’Neill  ’58 Ms.  Alicia  On   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Juan  Oropeza  ’82 Mr.  Ismael  Orozco  and     Mrs.  Maria  Cervantes  Orozco   Ms.  Bernadette  Ortiz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Enrique  Ovando   PG  &  E  (Matching  Gift  Program)   Pacific  Heights  Chevron   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ricardo  G.  Padilla   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Pak   Ms.  Melinda  Paragan  and  Mr.  Jenkin  Chu   Mr.  Carlos  Perez-­Abascal  and     Mrs.  Sue  Ellen  Perez-­Shea   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ronald  Perotti  ’61 Joseph  &  Bonnie  Phair  Fund   Mr.  Joseph  Phair   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Profaca  ’71 Mr.  Talab  Karajah  and  Mrs.  Maria  Ramos   Mr.  Michael  Quinn  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Fernando  Ramirez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Viggen  F.  Rassam  ’87 Mr.  James  Ray  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Reilly   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Norman  Reimers  ’57 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rizalino  Ricasa   Riordan  Class  Of  1960   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  S.  Rizzo   Ms.  Thenia  S.  Roberts  

Mr. and  Mrs.  John  Rossovich   Roxie  Food  Center   Mr.  William  Rueda  and     Mrs.  Dinorah  Robleto-­Rueda   Ms.  Jeannette  Saccheri   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Sahagun  ’70 San  Francisco  Firefighters  Local  798   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Tony  Sanchez-­Corea  ’80 Mr.  David  T.  Sanchez  and  Ms.  Julie  Garcia  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Francisco  Sanchez   Mr.  Robert  Sanchez  and     Mrs.  Hermelinda  Renteria  ’75 Ms.  Marianne  Santana   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Eduardo  Santos   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bernard  Schneider  ’55 Mr.  Vincent  Scotto  ’69 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Andres  Serafica   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Shea  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  J.  Smith   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Emmanuel  Soria   Mr.  John  Patrick  Spiers  ’77 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jim  Sprinkles   Ms.  Roseann  Stanfel   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kevin  M.  Sullivan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Antonio  Sunga   Ms.  Jeanette  Taheny   Ms.  Virginia  Tam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Khanh  Than   Mr.  James  Thorpe  ’79 Mr.  Robert  E.  Thorstad  and     Mrs.  Elizabeth  Donohoe-­Thorstad   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dominic  Tiscornia  ’69 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Antonio  Triunfante   Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Pedro  F.  Urrutia   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  Van  Raam   Mr.  Michael  Vezzali  ’88 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Wasley   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dale  Weideman   Weinberg,  Roger  &  Rosenfeld   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  White  ’64 Mrs.  Diane  Wilsey   Ms.  Bonita  Wong   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Yu   Mr.  Muhammad  Zughaiyir  and     Ms.  Muna  Azzghayer  

FRIENDS $100  -­  $499   Ms.  Alicia  Acevedo Ms.  Annabelle  Acido-­Padrones Mr.  Thomas  J.  Ahern  Jr.  ’46 Mr.  John  T.  Ahlbach  and  Mrs.  Peggy   O’Grady  Ahlbach Mr.  Andrew  Alcantar  ’71 Alexander  &  Baldwin  Foundation Mr.  and  Mrs.  Albert  Alioto  ’71 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rafael  Alvarado Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gabriel  Alvarez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ricardo  Alvarez  ’83 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mikhail  Ankirsky Anonymous Dr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Antonini Mr.  and  Mrs.  Florante  V.  Apellanes Mr.  David  Arrigale  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  H.  Arrigotti Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edwin  Arriola Mr.  Thomas  Aspell  ’60 Ms.  Diana  Assereto AT&T  Services,  Inc. Mr.  and  Mrs.  Carlos  Ausejo Dr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Azalde  ’50 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Bachecki  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Salvatore  M.  Balestrieri Ballesteros  Landscaping Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steven  Balma  ’78 Ms.  Latricia  Baltodano Mr.  Mark  Bauer Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alexander  Beltrami Mr.  and  Mrs.  Napoleon  Benitez Mrs.  Virginia  Benninghoff Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mark  Bensi Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bert  Bergstrom Mr.  and  Mrs.  Danilo  C.  Bernal Mr.  Scott  D.  Blalock  and  Ms.  Yukie  Kato Mr.  John  Blea Mr.  and  Mrs.  Aldrey  Bonifacio Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  Bonzani Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Borella  ’71 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Amelito  F.  Borja Ms.  Barbara  C.  Bottarini Mr.  and  Mrs.  Philip  G.  Bowers  ’66 Mrs.  Cheryl  Bracco Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Bracco  ’80 Mr.  Jack  Bradley  ’66 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Branch Mr.  David  Breslin  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Louis  Brizzolara  ’70 Mr.  Greg  Broome Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  Brownlee Mr.  Joseph  Bruno  and  Mrs.  Joan  Batey  ’58

Mr. and  Mrs.  Anthony  Bryant Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Bryant  ’81 Mr.  Robert  Bucci  ’65 Mr.  R.  Thomas  Burke  ’55 Mr.  Robert  Burke  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Burket  ’69 Mrs.  Eileen  Burns Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Byrne  ’54 C&L  Sporting  Goods Mr.  and  Mrs.  Amadeo  M.  Cabanela Mr.  and  Mrs.  Emer  Cabardo Ms.  Coeliflor  C.  Calalang-­Guerrero Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ray  Calegari  ’60 Mr.  Kevin  Callaghan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Calvello Mr.  Victor  Campero  ’93 Mr.  Joseph  Campobello Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  L.  Canicosa Mr.  Marco  Capitelli  ’82 Mr.  Thomas  J.  Carberry Mr.  Robert  Cardenas Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gary  Cardiel Mr.  Dennis  M.  Carlin Mr.  James  Carlin  ’80 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Carlin  ’66 Mr.  Robert  Carrasquilla  ’82 Mr.  Carlos  Carrillo Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  J.  Casey  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Carlos  W.  Castillo Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Castillo Mr.  and  Mrs.  Graziano  Cerchiai Mr.  Johnny  T.  Chan  and     Ms.  Jingwen  Wang Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Chan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Vincent  Chang Charles  Schwab  Corporation  Foundation Charles  Schwab  Foundation Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alfredo  Chavez Mr.  Bruno  Chavez  and  Ms.  Alma  Guevara Ms.  Winnie  Chen Mr.  Joseph  W.  Cline Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynaldo  Co Mr.  Patrick  Coghlan  ’81 Mr.  William  Collins  ’67 Ms.  Gail  Coney Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stanley  F.  Cordes Mrs.  Edida  Cortez Mr.  Edwin  John  P.  Cortez Mr.  Henry  Cortez Ms.  V.  J.  Cortez Costello  and  Sons  Insurance  Brokers,  Inc. Mr.  Bill  Cotter Mr.  Daniel  M.  Cotter  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Cotter  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Cotton  ’53

Mr. James  M.  Crisolo Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Cronin Mr.  Donald  Crosby  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Philip  Crosby  ’59 Mr.  Bernard  Crotty Dr.  Tony  Cucalon  III,D.D.S. Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Cunnie  ’78 Mr.  and  Mr.  John  L.  Cunnie Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Cunnie  ’69 Mr.  Gregory  Currivan  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Cutone  ’56 Mr.  Frederick  Dal  Bello  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Daly Mr.  William  Daniels Ms.  Sarah  C.  Davis Mr.  James  M.  Deignan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  Del  Carlo  ’81 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Brian  Delahunty  ’77 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stephen  J.  Delahunty  ’65 Fr.  Rodney  J.  DeMartini  ’65 Mr.  Dennis  Dermody  ’76 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Desmond  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Devine  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rino  Di  Pasqua Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jesus  Diaz Mrs.  Maggie  Diffley Mr.  Anthony  A.  Digiovanni  ’54 Mr.  Mike  Dillon Mr.  and  Mrs.  Raymond  Doherty  ’51 Mr.  Daniel  Dolan  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Dominguez Mr.  John  Donohoe  ’71 Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Doran  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Dorantes  ’88 Mr.  William  Dowling  ’60 Mr.  Frank  Dugan Mr.  James  Duggan  ’63 Ms.  Margaret  R.  Duggan Dr.  and  Mrs.  Art  Dugoni  ’43 Mr.  Kenya  Dumetz Mr.  Timothy  Duncan  ’66 Capt.  Monte  Eagle,  Jr.  ’54 Ms.  Colleen  Eagleson  and  Mr.  Scott  Tebo Mr.  and  Mrs.  Felix  Eglan Mr.  Robert  Ellingson Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Elu Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin  Ernster Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Espanol Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sid  Espineda Mr.  Joseph  Espinueva  and     Mrs.  Evangeline  Tan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Severino  D.  Etorma Mr.  Walter  J.  Farrell  ’43 Mr.  Timothy  Farrelly  ’93 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Ferguson  ’64

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr. Gerard  Fernandez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mario  Ferretti Mr.  James  Ferry  ’57 Mr.  William  V.  Figari Mr.  and  Mrs.  Leo  Filereto Mr.  Edward  Finn  ’58 First  National  Bank  of  Northern  California Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Fitzpatrick  ’56 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Flaharty  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Stephen  Flaherty  ’70 Mr.  Don  D.  Flickinger Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Fogarty  ’65 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Douglas  Foglesong Franzella  Produce  Inc. Mrs.  Juliet  Galang Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reimel  A.  Galang Mr.  and  Mrs.  E  H.  Gallarate Mr.  David  Galli  ’64 Mr.  John  Galten  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  M.  Gannon  ’55 Geneva-­Mission  Lions Mrs.  Carolyn  Gerst Mr.  Mike  Gilleran  and     Ms.  Virginia  Griswold Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roderick  Gittens Ms.  Patricia  A.  Glenn Mr.  and  Mrs.  Nelson  Gomez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roland  Gonzales Ms.  Blanca  Gonzalez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edin  Gonzalez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Salvador  Gonzalez Mr.  Thomas  A.  Gordon  ’42 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Gould Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Granucci  ’65 Mr.  Lawrence  Gremillion  Jr.  ’71 Dr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  M.  Griffin  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Christopher  D.  Guerrero Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gumina Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edwin  Gutierrez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gustavo  Gutierrez Mr.  Robert  Haag  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Hallisy  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Hallisy Mr.  Martin  Halloran Mr.  and  Mrs.  Suahair  Hanhan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Raymond  Hanley  ’50 Ms.  Priscilla  F.  Harley Mr.  Vincent  A.  Harrington Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edmond  Hartnett  ’62 Mr.  Thomas  Harvey  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Wilson  Hathaway Mr.  Dennis  Haugh  ’82 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  J.  Hayes  ’71 Mr.  James  Hemmenway Ms.  Vicki  L.  Hennessy

Mr. Alexander  Hernandez  and     Ms.  Edna  Guzman Fr.  Enrico  Hernandez  ’77 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Miguel  Hernandez Mr.  Pablo  E.  Herrera Mr.  John  Hickey Mr.  John  J.  Hickey  ’59 Mr.  Richard  Hidalgo  and  Ms.  Linda  Calica Mr.  Marc  Hinchman  ’66 Mr.  Kevin  Hines  ’00 Ms.  Maria  C.  Hipolito Ms.  Rufina  B.  Hipolito Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ken  Hoegger  ’64 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dennis  Holl  ’69 Mr.  Michael  Holland  ’53 Mr.  Fredrick  Holtzer  and     Mrs.  Jeanne  Schlotz Holy  Cross  Cemetery Ms.  Audra  Hooten Mr.  Allen  Horton  ’76 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sam  Howell Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Imperial Mr.  Terrance  Irwin  ’62 Italian  Cemetery Mr.  and  Mrs.  Slawomir  Janiczek Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rodel  Jardeleza Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  A.  Joyce  ’59 Mr.  Melecio  A.  Juarez  and  Ms.  Ester  Diaz Mr.  James  P.  Keenan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Kelechava  ’65 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Kelly Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Kemmitt Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Kenny  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  L.  Kiley Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kurt  Kilgore Mr.  James  Kirby  ’57 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alan  Klingen  ’65 Knights  of  Columbus Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dennis  Koehler  ’74 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kevin  Kosewic  ’76 Mr.  Clyde  Krusinski  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  Kuebrich  ’61 Ms.  Elizabeth  A.  Kwai  Ben Mr.  John  Lacayo  and  Ms.  Nilza  Monroy Mr.  Lawrence  P.  LaRocco  ’63 Mr.  James  A.  Lassart Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Lee Mr.  Frank  Leonetti  ’84 Mr.  Vincent  Leonetti  ’56 Lettieri  and  Co. Mr.  Kenny  Leveroni  ’89 Mrs.  Dorothy  Levy Mr.  Michael  Li  ’96 Mr.  Nicholas  Li  ’98 Mr.  Robert  Lind

Mr. Jeremiah  Linehan Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  D.  Link Mr.  William  Lombardini  ’58 Ms.  Eileen  M.  Long Mr.  Daniel  Lopez  ’81 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynaldo  Lopez Mr.  Noli  Macasaet  and     Mrs.  Josie  Pastor-­Macasaet Mr.  Anthony  Macchiano Mr.  Dave  Mackin  ’53 Ms.  Rochelle  Magdangal Mr.  Ying  B.  Mai  and  Ms.  Lisa  Zhu Mr.  Warren  Maloney Mr.  and  Mrs.  Danilo  Manalang Ms.  Jeanne  Mannion Mr.  and  Mrs.  Giuseppe  Marchini Mr.  and  Mrs.  Giovanni  Marconcini Mr.  Stephen  Marlowe Mr.  Michael  J.  Marovich Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Marriscolo  ’65 Mr.  Hector  Mau  and  Mrs.  Patricia  Wu-­Mau Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Mayer Mr.  and  Mrs.  Najeeb  Mazbar Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  McAuliffe Ms.  Kristy  McClure Mr.  Daniel  McDonald  and     Ms.  Martha  Ryan Ms.  Marta  McDowell Ms.  Cherie  McGee Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  McGloin Ms.  Monica  McGuire Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  McHugh  ’68 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Terrence  McHugh  ’72 Ms.  Valerie  Meehan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jose  Melara Metro  Cab,  LLC Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Miguel Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mike  Mihalek  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Barry  Milanese Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jeffrey  Milla  ’73 Mrs.  Jeanne  Miller Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Miller Ms.  Lillian  Miranda Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Mohr  ’59 Mr.  Robert  J.  Molinaro Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin  Monfredini Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Montague  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mark  Montobbio  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Montoya Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Mooney  ’63 Mr.  Curtis  Moore  III  ’93 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mark  Moreno  ’87 Ms.  Freda  Motak Ms.  Nancie  Mullen Mr.  and  Mrs.  Eugene  Mullin  ’55

Mr. Eugene  Murphy Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Murphy  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Murphy  ’51 Mrs.  Laleh  Muscat Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jusuf  Natahusada Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Nelson Mr.  Steve  Nguyen  and  Ms.  Thu  Le Mr.  Mark  Nicco Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Novello  ’64 Ms.  Jeannette  O’Brien Mr.  Joseph  O’Brien  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  F.  O’Brien  ’60 Mr.  Gregg  O’Connell  Sass Mr.  Dennis  O’Connor Mr.  James  E.  O’Donnell Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  P.  O’Flaherty  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bernard  O’Hara Mrs.  Rose  O’Leary Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  O’Looney  ’65 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Hector  Olano Mr.  Ralph  Olcese  ’62 The  Olympic  Club Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Omran  ’75 Mr.  Frank  Oross  ’69 Mr.  Otis  T.  Osborne Mr.  Sam  Palmer  and  Dr.  Suzanne  Palmer Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Pascucci Ms.  Esther  A.  Pastor Dr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Patzakis Mr.  Benjamin  Pedranzini Mr.  Thomas  Pendergast  ’59 Ms.  Brenda  Peralta Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sergio  E.  Perez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Perotti  ’63 Mr.  Dennis  Pierotti  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  P.  Pigott  ’65 Mr.  Derrick  Pressley Mr.  Victor  Pulido  ’78 Mr.  Bart  Quigley  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jose  Quilatan Mr.  Thomas  J.  Quinlan Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  F.  Quinn  ’55 Rains  Lucia  Stern,  P.C. Mr.  Jose  Ramirez  ’00 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Scott  Rea  ’87 Mr.  Curley  Reed  ’73 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Donald  Regalia Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  A.  Regalia  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Douglas  C.  Rennie  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Repetto Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Restani  ’67 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Pasquale  Riccetti Mr.  Gerald  Richardson  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Riley  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Riley  ’50

Mr. and  Mrs.  Jack  Risso  ’55 Mr.  John  Robinette  ’64 Mr.  James  Roddy Mr.  Peter  Romios  ’83 Mr.  Robert  Rossi  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Ryan  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ibrahim  Saba Capt.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Saber  ’56 Mr.  Jose  Sainz  and  Mrs.  Dulce  Garcia Mr.  Francisco  Salguero  ’77 San  Francisco  District  Attorney     Investigators  Association Mr.  and  Ms.  Larry  Santa  Maria  ’55 Mr.  Benjamin  Santana  ’98 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Philip  Satti  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  T.  Scannell  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Schmalz Mr.  William  Selmi  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Shea  ’50 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  F.  Sheehan  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Shepard Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Shiels  ’64 Mr.  David  Shrieve  ’59 Mr.  Denis  Silva  ’00 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gene  Simpson Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  Simpson  ’70 Mrs.  Alice  Siri Mr.  Norman  Siri Mr.  Frank  Smyth  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rick  E.  Solorio Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Solorzano South  End  Rowing  Club Mr.  Daniel  Spiers  ’84 St.  Brendan  Elementary  School St.  Gabriel  School Ms.  Bonnie  J.  Stensler Mr.  and  Mrs.  Donald  Stoesser  ’51 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gary  Stroth  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Neill  Stroth Mr.  and  Mrs.  Armando  S.  Suangco Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mauricio  Suarez Ms.  Theresa  H.  Suhr Mr.  Frank  Sullivan  ’57 Ms.  Wenjing  Sun Mr.  and  Mrs.  Junius  Tamayo Target Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  L.  Tatum Fr.  John  Thompson  S.M. Dr.  and  Mrs.  Ronald  Thompson  ’56 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin  Tierney  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Chuong  Tieu Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alejandro  Tinio Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynaldo  Trani Mr.  John  Twomey  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Octavio  M.  Ugarte

Mr. Michael  Uland  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jose  Umanzor United  Assoc  of  Jouurneymen  &  Appren-­ tices  of  the  Plumbing Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jorge  Urroz Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Vejmola Mr.  and  Mrs.  Donaldo  Velasco Ms.  Vanessa  B.  Vincent Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  P.  Vlautin  ’72 Mr.  Thomas  Wallace  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Wallis Mr.  Kevin  Walsh  ’62 Ms.  Gina  M.  Walters-­Rangel Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jeffrey  Ward Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  Washburn  ’64 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Webb  ’55 Mr.  Michael  White  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  G.  White  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bruce  Wicklund Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  Wielen  ’55 Ms.  Emma  Wijayapala Mr.  Jere  Williams  ’73 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edwin  Winter  ’59 Dr.  and  Mrs.  William  Winter  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Vern  Wittman  ’64 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Im  Wong Mr.  Pui  King  Wong Ms.  Colleen  Wood Mr.  John  Woods Col.  and  Mrs.  John  W.  Zurcher  ’67  

SUPPORTER to $99   Mr.  Tod  Abernathy Mr.  Larry  Ahern  ’63 Mr.  Stephen  Ahlquist  ’67 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Don  Amuzie Mr.  Robert  C.  Anthony Mr.  Arturo  Arenas  and  Ms.  Joy  Cuevo Ms.  Katherine  E.  Atkinson Ms.  Elaine  Aymard Mr.  Roger  Aymard  ’69 Mrs.  Denise  Balestrieri Mr.  Paul  Ballestrasse  ’74 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Barchuk Mr.  Gary  Barisone  ’67 Ms.  Jackie  Barnes Mr.  Robert  Barnes Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ralph  Barsi  ’65 Ms.  Maria  Bastianon Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rafael  Bautista Mr.  Vincent  Bautista  and     Ms.  Stephanie  Chan Mr.  Gregory  M.  Bayol

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr. Douglas  Bergman Mr.  and  Mrs.  Diego  Bermudez Mr.  Lawrence  Boll  ’59 Mrs.  Anita  Boragno Ms.  Deborah  Border Mr.  Charles  Borg Mr.  Joseph  Borges  ’69 Mr.  Jack  J.  Bottarini Mr.  Steve  Bowerman Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  L.  Bracco  ’52 Mrs.  Georgia  Bregante Mr.  Jerry  Briesach Mr.  Jeffrey  P.  Brogan Ms.  Joan  Brosnan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  C.  Bruschera Mr.  and  Mrs.  Albert  Bucci Ms.  Nancy  Buckley Ms.  Ellen  T.  Burke Mrs.  Lucille  Busalacchi Mr.  William  T.  Byrnes  ’60 John  M.  Cahill  Associates California  District  Attorney     Investigators’  Association Mr.  Denis  Callaghan Ms.  Gerthamaria  Callaghan Hon.  Mary  Callanan Ms.  Catherine  Calleja Mr.  John  Campus Ms.  Barbara  Canevari Mr.  William  M.  Carle Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kirby  Carmichael Mr.  Robert  Carroll  ’62 Ms.  Jacqueline  Carvajal Mr.  Josue  Castellanos  ’01 Mr.  Donald  Castle  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gil  R.  Castro  ’63 Central  Drug  Company,  Inc. Mr.  Anthony  K.  Chan  ’08 Ms.  Caroline  Chan Mr.  Stanford  Chandler Chapel  of  the  Highlands Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Charles Mr.  Claiborne  Childs  ’98 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Geoffrey  Cirullo  ’81 Mr.  James  F.  Collins Mr.  Mark  Collison Mrs.  Ida  Conlon Mr.  John  Consiglieri  ’67 Mr.  John  Cooney  ’58 Mr.  Paul  V.  Cooney Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Cordes  ’72 Mr.  Frank  Cox  ’59 Ms.  Mary  H.  Cox Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  A.  Cresci Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kevin  Cronin Mr.  Alberto  Dela  Cruz Ms.  Diane  Cruz

Mr. John  Curran  ’72 Mrs.  Marian  Daly  ’47 Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  L.  Datzman  ’56 Mr.  Jeffrey  Dela  Cruz  ’02 Mr.  Robert  Delpippo  ’54 Mr.  Frank  DePinto  ’65 Mr.  Edward  J.  DeSaulnier Mr.  Luc  Deschaumes  and     Ms.  Katherine  Loh Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Desilva Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Doherty  ’86 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Laird  Doherty  ’56 Mr.  Lawrence  Dolan Mr.  William  Donohoe  ’69 Mr.  Dennis  Dorn  ’71 Mr.  Jack  Driscoll Ms.  Christina  C.  Drobisch Ms.  Carmel  B.  Dufault Mr.  Ronald  Durand  ’56 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Edwards Mr.  Thomas  C.  Ellerhorst Mr.  Thomas  Ellis Mrs.  Christina  Enos-­Royster Ms.  Linda  Ercoli Ms.  Alexandra  Fahey Mr.  and  Mrs.  Matthew  Faliano  ’79 Mr.  Phil  C.  Farrelly Mr.  Patrick  Favale  and  Mrs.  Barbara   O’Leary  Favale Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Ferrigno  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Vincent  Filippello  ’55 Mr.  John  K.  Finnegan  ’78 Mr.  Frank  Forencich  ’70 Mr.  Philip  Fraher  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Freund  ’60 Ms.  Rosalie  Frumenti Mr.  Ronald  Gaddini  ’68 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Nazareno  Galea Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Gallagher  ’57 Ms.  Ann  Marie  Gazzano Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Giannini  ’74 Mr.  Thomas  P.  Gibson Ms.  Rita  Gleason Ms.  Carol  Gonzalez Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Gradwohl  ’53 Mr.  Dennis  Graves Mr.  David  Greenbaum  ’91 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Al  Gughemetti Ms.  Patricia  Guntren Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  Hackett  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Hall  ’68 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Hallisy  ’62 Mrs.  Diana  Hallisy Mr.  James  Hallisy  ’07 Mr.  Jeremiah  Hallisy  ’07 M.  W.  Hallock Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Hance  ’65

Mr. John  Hannon Mr.  Michael  Hardeman Ms.  Anne  Harrington Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Harrington Mr.  William  Healey Mr.  William  E.  Healey Ms.  Margaret  Healy Ms.  Dianne  F.  Hession Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dale  Hoffman Ms.  Freya  A.  Horne Hospira  Employee  Giving  Program Ms.  Frances  A.  Hughes Mr.  Bernard  R.  Hyman Ms.  Jo  Anne  Imperial Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jeff  Isola  ’98 Mr.  MacAllister  Jeffrey  ’07 Michael  Johnston  DDS Mr.  Mitchell  J.  Juricich Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  Karlstrand  ’92 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Keane  ’58 Ms.  Kerry  Kelleher Mr.  Michael  Kelly  ’83 Mr.  Shawn  P.  Kelly Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Kennealy  ’59 Mr.  James  Kerrigan Mr.  Jawad  Khalaf  ’81 Mr.  Nicolas  King Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steven  King Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  W.  Kirby  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Koman Ms.  Mary  C.  La  Briola Mr.  Michael  Laconsay  ’77 Mr.  Richard  J.  Lang Mr.  Frank  Lavin Ms.  Diane  Lawrence Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Lazzarini  ’61 Mr.  Michael  Lee  ’69 Ms.  Mildred  K.  Lee Mr.  Ben  LeFebvre  and  Mrs.  Carla  Madrigal Ms.  Victoria  R.  Leff Mr.  Joseph  V.  Leveroni Ms.  Karen  Levine Mrs.  Rose  Linehan Ms.  Claudia  Lippi Ms.  Jenny  Lopez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Tony  Lopez Mr.  Edward  Lovrin  ’57 Ms.  Katherine  Lucchio Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ramiro  Lule Ms.  Olga  Luna Ms.  Joan  Lurati Mr.  John  Lusardi  ’68 Mrs.  Yolanda  Machi Macy’s  Foundation Ms.  Audrey  Magnusen Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ed  Mahoney  ’65 Mr.  John  Mahoney

Mr. Michael  Mann  ’93 Mr.  James  A.  Martin Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roberto  Martinez Ms.  Barbra  Mathewson Mr.  Richard  Max  ’55 Ms.  Margaret  Mc  Mackin Ms.  Bernice  McCabe Ms.  Kathleen  McCarthy-­Boyce Mr.  Joseph  McDevitt  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  McGuire  ’54 Mr.  Gilbert  McLaughlin Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jack  McLean Msgr.  Edward  McTaggart Mr.  Bernardo  Menconi Mr.  David  Merrill  ’68 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Donald  Mibach Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Mifsud  ’56 Mr.  David  Mills  ’59 Ms.  Lucrecia  A.  Mistretti Mr.  John  C.  Monfredini Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Monger Mr.  James  Moore  ’68 Ms.  Mary  H.  Moore Mr.  Carlos  Morales  and  Ms.  Leticia  Luna Mr.  Michael  Moran  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Louis  Moreno Mr.  Joseph  P.  Moriarty Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jon  Mosier Mr.  Richard  Mulkerrins Mr.  Kevin  Mullaney  ’54 Mr.  Edward  Murtha  ’67 Mr.  Joseph  Nannery  ’78 Mr.  Hector  Navarro  ’88 Ms.  Theresa  M.  Nelson Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Nevin Mr.  John  T.  Nevin Mr.  and  Mrs.  Larry  Nibbi  ’63 Mr.  Leonard  Norack Mr.  Ed  Norman  ’50 Mr.  John  V.  O’Brien Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  O’Connor  ’69 Mr.  Michael  O’Dwyer  ’57 Ms.  Kathleen  O’Leary Mr.  Kevin  O’Malley  ’75 Ms.  Terry  O’Neill Mr.  Matthew  O’Shea Mr.  Carl  Olsen Mr.  Timothy  Ong Ms.  Maggie  M.  Ortelle Mr.  William  Parenti  ’48 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Parodi  ’67 Mrs.  Margaret  Pedersen Ms.  Frances  Penna Mr.  Mario  Peregrino  ’85 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Perez Mr.  Robert  Phipps  ’42 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Homer  Potter  ’53

Ms. Patricia  Rames Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  R.  Ramirez  ’46 Ms.  Mary  Lou  Ramirez Ms.  Maria  Ramos Mr.  James  Reber  ’78 Ms.  Juana  Reyes Mr.  and  Mrs.  Nestor  Reyes Mr.  Preston  Richard  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Raymond  Rinaldi  ’72 Mrs.  Leora  Rist Mrs.  Jane  Ritchie Mr.  Edmund  Rogers  ’62 Ms.  Lori  Rolovich Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dennis  Ronlund Ms.  Lisa  Rooney-­Zarri Mrs.  Margie  Rosario Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Rose  ’50 Mrs.  Mary  Ruggiero Mr.  Robert  A.  Ruh Mr.  James  P.  Ryan  Jr.  ’76 Mrs.  Kathleen  Ryan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ronald  Rynhard Mr.  John  Sanchez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynalda  Sanchez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Francisco  Santana Mrs.  Arlene  Sawyer Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Schembri Mr.  Timothy  J.  Scott Ms.  Kim  Semien Mr.  William  Shore Ms.  Rosemary  Silverman Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  Silvia Mr.  Carl  R.  Spirz  ’78 Ms.  Angela  Stanfel Mr.  James  Stark Mr.  Robert  Sudano  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Sullivan Mr.  Thomas  J.  Sweeney Ms.  Virginia  L.  Sweeney Ms.  Jeannette  M.  Taheny Mr.  Frank  C.  Tarantino Mr.  Jude  Tassone Ms.  Judith  A.  Terracina Mr.  Rich  Thelen  ’58 Ms.  Sharon  Tobin Mr.  Randall  Tonelli  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ronald  Tortorelli  ’64 Mr.  Timothy  Trzeciak  ’80 Mr.  Jerry  Turner United  Way  Mile  High Mr.  Rey  Valdes  ’75 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Chris  Valdez  ’86 Mr.  Joseph  J.  Valerga Mr.  Paul  S.  Varni Mr.  Jose  Vega  and  Ms.  Sandra  Martinez Ms.  Paula  Velez Ms.  Lori  Vidali

Mr. and  Mrs.  Abel  Virgen Mr.  Abel  Virgen  ’00 Mrs.  Lorrayne  Vittori Ms.  Shirley  Vollhardt Mr.  Philip  Waggoner  ’65 Mr.  Edward  Wallace Mr.  Michael  Walsh  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mike  Walsh Mr.  Jack  Watson  ’59 Mr.  Paul  J.  Watters Mr.  John  Webb  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  White Mr.  Barry  Widener  ’61 Mr.  Michael  Wiese  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Willemsen  ’65 Mr.  Don  Wilson Yellow  Cab  Company Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rudy  Zannini

IN KIND  GIFTS   231  Ellsworth A.C.T. AcroSports Amici’s  Pizza Aquarium  of  the  Bay Armstrong  Carpet  &  Linoleum  Co. Arrowood  Vineyards  &  Winery Mr.  Kevin  Asbra  and  Dr.  Karen  Seratti Asian  Art  Museum Atlantis  Casino  Resort  &  Spa BATS  Improv Bayside  Printed  Products Beach  Blanket  Babylon Mr.  Willie  Berlanga  and     Ms.  Adela  Martinez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  E.  Best Bill’s  Place Bimbo’s  365  Club Black  Oak  Casino Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  C.  Bollier Boudin  Bakery Boulevard  Restaurant Broadway  By  the  Bay Caesar’s  Italian  Restaurant California  Shakespeare  Theatre Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alexander  Calles Roberto  Calvo  y  Perez Mr.  and  Mrs.  Pedro  Calvo  y  Perez Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Cataldo Cline  Winery Francis  Ford  Coppola  Winery Costco Remo  Del  Tredietio Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jesus  Diaz Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Donovan Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Edwards

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr. and  Mrs.  Vadim  Eristavi Euro  Nail  Spa Fine  Arts  Museums  of  San  Francisco The  Fish  Market Mrs.  Lorraine  Ghilardi Gilroy  Gardens  Family  Theme  Park GoKart  Racer Ms.  Kathleen  Grogan The  Gymboree  Corporation Harry  Denton’s  Starlight  Room Hiller  Aviation  Museum Paul  Hobbs  Winery Holy  Cross  Cemetery Hyatt  Regency  Burlingame IFLYSFBAY Infineon  Raceway Joe’s  of  Westlake Kenwood  Vineyards Korbel  Champagne  Cellars La  Petite  Baleen Magic  Theatre John  Mathewson Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  McGloin Mel’s  Drive  In Mitchell’s  Ice  Cream Moonstar  Buffet  Restaurant Morton  &  Bassett  Spices Mozzarella  di  Bufala Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  Nasser Mr.  Kirk  Negrete  and     Mrs.  Kelly  Doyle-­Negrete Neiman  Marcus Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Nelson New  Century  Chamber  Orchestra Oakland  A’s The  Oakland  Zoo OPI  Products,  Inc. Mr.  Frank  Oross Penman  Photograph  Artists Planet  Granite Precita  Eyes  Mural  Arts  Center Ripley’s  Believe  It  Or  Not  Museum Riverside  Hotel  &  Casino Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Sahagun Sally  Spicer San  Francisco  Fire  Department San  Francisco  Giants San  Francisco  Museum  Of  Modern  Art San  Francisco  Wax  Museum San  Jose  Giants Scoma’s  Restaurant Sloat  Garden  Center Sugar  Bowl  Ski  Resort Timex  Group  USA,  Inc. Mr.  and  Mrs.  Al  Trigueiro

Ultimate Cookie Vin  Debut  Wine  Shop Walt  Disney  Family  Museum Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bruce  Wicklund Mr.  and  Mrs.  Laurence  Wuerstle Yerba  Buena  Ice  Skating  Center Young  Performers  Theatre

FACULTY AND  STAFF   GIVING Mr.  John  T.  Ahlbach Mrs.  Virginia  Alvarado Mr.  Kevin  Asbra Ms.  Diana  Assereto Ms.  Maria  Bastianon Mr.  Patrick  W.  Daly Mr.  Edward  J.  DeSaulnier Ms.  Colleen  Eagleson Mr.  David  Elu Mr.  Ronald  Isola  ’61 Mr.  Ben  LeFebvre Ms.  Terry  O’Neill Mr.  Frank  Oross  ’69 Mr.  Michael  Parodi  ’67 Mr.  Viggen  F.  Rassam  ’87 Mr.  Scott  Rea  ’87 Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich Mr.  Michael  Vezzali  ’88 Ms.  Vanessa  B.  Vincent Mr.  Bruce  Wicklund Ms.  Colleen  Wood

FOUNDATIONS Academic Assistance  Fund Gerson  and  Barbara  Bakar     Philanthropic  Fund   Phyllis  and  David  Cook     Philanthropic  Fund Crescent  Porter  Hale  Foundation The  East  Bay  Community  Foundation The  Carl  Gellert  &  Celia  Berta     Gellert  Foundation The  Herbst  Foundation Connie  and  Bob  Lurie  Foundation  Inc. The  Michael  and  Sally  Mayer     Family  Foundation The  Joseph  R.  McMicking  Foundation Robert  S.  Odell  &  Helen  P.  Odell  Fund The  Olympic  Club  Foundation The  May  &  Stanley  Smith     Charitable  Trust Trust  Funds  Inc.

ENDOWMENTS Bachecki/Isola Scholarship Best  Family  Endowed  Scholarship Tom  Bolts/M  Ryan  Scholarship Callero  Family  Endowment Class  of  ’55  Memorial  Scholarship Class  of  ’64  Endowment Class  of  ’65  Scholarship Class  of  ’52  Endowment  Fund Class  of  ’53  Endowment  Fund Class  of  ’56  Endowment  Fund Class  of  ’70  Endowment  Fund Class  of  ’72  Endowed  Scholarship  Fund Class  of  ’76  Scholarship  Fund Class  of  ’87  Scholarship  Fund Crummey/Corey  Memorial  Scholarship Cutone  Brothers  Endowed  Scholarship Bud  Duggan  Family  Scholarship Marcos  Gutierrez  Scholarship  Fund Holl  Family  Endowed  Scholarship Hurley  Endowed  Scholarship Lucey/Doyle  Endowed  Scholarship Rose  and  Bob  McArthur  Endowed  Scholarship Lois  and  Eli  Miller  Endowment Minehan  Family  Scholarship Paul  Moreno  Memorial  Scholarship Hannah  &  Catherine  Moriarty  Endowment Daniel  J.  &  Mary  Moriarty,     St.  Charles  Borromeo  School  Scholarship PAAC  Endowed  Scholarship Michael  Roache  Endowed  Scholarship John  Rubia  Endowed  Scholarship Fr.  Tom  Seagrave  ’60  Endowed  Scholarship Segale  Family  Scholarship St.  James  High  School  Endowment Nick  Stanfel  Memorial  Scholarship Reno  Taini  Endowed  Scholarship John  L.  Wheeler  Endowment

MATCHING GIFT  COMPANIES Alexander  &  Baldwin  Foundation AT&T  Services,  Inc. Bank  of  America  Foundation  Matching     Gift  Program Bank  Of  The  West  Matching  Gift  Program Charles  Schwab  Foundation Chevron  Humankind  Matching  Gift  Program ChevronTexaco  Employees’  Campaign Gap  Foundation  Gift  Matching  Program Genentech  Giving  Station Hospira  Employee  Giving  Program Macy’s  Foundation Morgan  Stanley  Matching  Gift  Program PG  &  E  (Matching  Gift  Program) Wells  Fargo  Educational  Matching  Gift  Program

PARENT GIVING By  Class   Thank  you  to  all  our  parents  who   maintained  the  pledge  they  made   to  Archbishop  Riordan  High  School   when  their  sons  entered  the  school.

Class of  2011   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ramiro  Alvarez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joel  Andrade   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mario  Busalacchi   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ariel  Capistrano   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gary  Cardiel   Mr.  Nelson  Chen  and     Ms.  Elizabeth  Yata   Mr.  Nicholas  Cicibrk  ’77  and     Ms.  Maureen  Flynn Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alfred  Dela  Cruz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rafael  Diaz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Matthew  Faliano  ’79   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Fernandez   Mrs.  Juliet  Galang   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mike  Germano   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Colin  Gomez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edin  Gonzalez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Danny  Ho   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ian  Jackson   Mr.  Jack  Jensen  and     Mrs.  Cathleen  O’Brien   Mr.  Leroy  Kees  and     Mrs.  Tammy  Lee   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Kelly   Ms.  Im  Leng  Kwong   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Wai  Lam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Lee   Mr.  Ronald  Lenatti  and  Mrs.   Angela  Hu-­Lenatti   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bruce  Lloyd   Ms.  Joan  Lurati   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Lynch   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Danilo  Manalang   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roberto  Martinez   Mr.  Hector  Mau  and     Mrs.  Patricia  Wu-­Mau   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Raymond  Mauberret   Mr.  Brendan  McDevitt  and     Ms.  Avis  Casimir   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Miguel   Ms.  Mary  Kate  Miller-­Fitzsimon   Mr.  Michael  Mingao  and     Mrs.  Denise  Dimaoala   Ms.  Lillian  Miranda   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Emmanuel  Montoya  

Mr. and  Mrs.  Alexander  Naklowycz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frank  O’Connor   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Pak   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ernesto  Patino   Mr.  Calvin  Ragusin  and     Ms.  Mary  Connolly Mr.  and  Mrs.  Tom  Repetto  ’85 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ronald  Rynhard   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Francisco  Sanchez   Mr.  Roderick  Shao  and     Mrs.  Lucy  W.  Zhang   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Suresh  Solanky   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jim  Sprinkles   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Antonio  Triunfante   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  Van  Raam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Lawrence  Warlen   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dale  Weideman   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Im  Wong    

Class of  2012   Mr.  Chester  M.  Ajero   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Phillip  Ampola   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mikhail  Ankirsky   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edwin  Arriola   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rafael  Bautista   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Filomeno  Billote   Mr.  John  Blea   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Aldrey  Bonifacio   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Clifford  Bossier   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  Brownlee   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  L.  Canicosa   Mr.  Robert  Carrasquilla  ’82 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Castillo   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Cataldo  ’78

Mr. Bill  Chang  and     Ms.  Shirley  Sayavong   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Vincent  Chang   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alfredo  Chavez   Mr.  Bruno  Chavez  and     Ms.  Alma  Guevara   Ms.  Winnie  Chen   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Tony  Chow   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Chinedu  Chuku   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Carlos  David   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  B.  Davis   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ron  Davis   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Felix  Eglan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Espanol   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sid  Espineda  

Mr. Joseph  Espinueva  and     Mrs.  Evangeline  Tan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Florante  Gabon   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Luis  Galindo  ’88 Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  B.  Galliani   Mr.  Mike  Gilleran  and     Ms.  Virginia  Griswold   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roderick  Gittens   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Nelson  Gomez   Mr.  John  Gonzales  and     Mrs.  Danielle  Garcia-­Gonzales   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Gould   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Shu  Pei  Guan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Christopher  D.       Guerrero   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gustavo  Gutierrez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Suahair  Hanhan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Wilson  Hathaway   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Miguel  Hernandez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steven  Herrera  ’76 Ms.  Rufina  B.  Hipolito   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Clayton  Holstine   Mr.  Fredrick  Holtzer  and     Mrs.  Jeanne  Schlotz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rodel  Jardeleza   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kurt  Kilgore   Ms.  Gilda  La  Pena   Mr.  John  Lacayo  and     Ms.  Nilza  Monroy   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Lee   Ms.  Jenny  Lopez   Ms.  Maritza  Lopez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynaldo  Lopez   Ms.  Olga  Luna   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Giuseppe  Marchini   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Giovanni  Marconcini   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gerard  P.  Martins   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Najeeb  Mazbar  

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Ms.  Marta  McDowell   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jose  Melara   Mr.  Vic  Melikian  and     Ms.  Sandra  Tucker   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Monger   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Emmanuel  Montoya   Ms.  Freda  Motak   Mr.  Steve  Nguyen  and  Ms.  Thu  Le   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Andrew  Noma   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Hector  Olano   Ms.  Alicia  On   Mr.  Ismael  Orozco  and     Mrs.  Maria  Cervantes  Orozco   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Enrique  Ovando   Mr.  Talab  Karajah  and     Mrs.  Maria  Ramos   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Reilly   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Restani  ’67 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  S.  Rizzo   Mr.  Jose  Sainz  and     Mrs.  Dulce  Garcia   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Eduardo  Santos   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Schmalz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Antonio  Sunga   Ms.  Virginia  Tam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Khanh  Than   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Chuong  Tieu   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynaldo  Trani   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Al  Trigueiro   Mr.  Michael  Uland  ’63 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jose  Umanzor   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jeffrey  Ward   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Wasley   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Yu   Mr.  Muhammad  Zughaiyir  and     Ms.  Muna  Azzghayer    

Class  of  2013   Ms.  Annabelle  Acido-­Padrones   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gabriel  Alvarez   Ms.  Jocelyn  Aquino   Ms.  Latricia  Baltodano   Mr.  Alfredo  Bello  and  Ms.  Elsa  Melero-­Andrade   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Napoleon  Benitez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mark  Bensi  

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Diego  Bermudez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Bryant   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  J.  Buckley   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roberto  Calabio   Mr.  John  Calonico  ’79 Mr.  Joseph  Campobello   Ms.  Marie  Caramat   Mr.  Robert  Cardenas   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Leo  Cassidy   Mr.  Yi  X.  Chen  and     Ms.  Su  Xing  Liao   Mr.  Dao  Chung   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynaldo  Co   Mr.  Luc  Deschaumes  and  Ms.  Katherine  Loh   Mr.  Greg  Disse   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steve  Domingo   Mr.  Gerard  Fernandez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mario  Ferretti   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Leo  Filereto   Ms.  Ann  Marie  Gazzano   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Roland  Gonzales   Ms.  Blanca  Gonzalez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edwin  Gutierrez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Hanley  ’83

Ms.  Mareah  Hickey   Mr.  Richard  Hidalgo  and     Ms.  Linda  Calica   Ms.  Maria  C.  Hipolito   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Slawomir  Janiczek   Ms.  Sandy  Koepf   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edmund  Lai   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jamiel  H.  Lemley   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  Lysenko   Mr.  Noli  Macasaet  and     Mrs.  Josie  Pastor-­Macasaet   Ms.  Rochelle  Magdangal   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  McGloin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Miller   Mr.  Ken  Mitsuda  and     Mrs.  Jane  Lee-­Mitsuda   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Richard  Montoya   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Louis  Moreno   Mr.  Hector  Navarro  ’88 Mr.  John  Nelson  and  Mr.  Jeffrey  Friant  

Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ricardo  G.  Padilla   Ms.  Melinda  Paragan  and  Mr.  Jenkin  Chu   Ms.  Brenda  Peralta   Mr.  Carlos  Perez-­Abascal  and     Mrs.  Sue  Ellen  Perez-­Shea   Mr.  Jose  Ramirez Mr.  William  Rueda  and     Mrs.  Dinorah  Robleto-­Rueda   Mr.  David  T.  Sanchez  and  Ms.  Julie  Garcia  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Reynalda  Sanchez   Ms.  Kim  Semien   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Andres  Serafica   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Solorzano   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  F.  Stasko  ’69 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Junius  Tamayo   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Alejandro  Tinio   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Pedro  F.  Urrutia   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dale  Weideman   Ms.  Emma  Wijayapala   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Woo  

Class  of  2014   Ms.  Alicia  Acevedo   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  J.  Alvarez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Florante  V.  Apellanes   Ms.  Mary  Biermann   Mr.  Scott  D.  Blalock  and  Ms.  Yukie  Kato   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Amelito  F.  Borja   Mr.  Curtis  Branom  and  Ms.  Leslie  Sorci   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Amadeo  M.  Cabanela   Ms.  Coeliflor  C.  Calalang-­Guerrero   Mr.  Carlos  Carrillo   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Carlos  W.  Castillo   Mr.  David  Chan  and  Ms.  Morena  Andrade   Mr.  Johnny  T.  Chan  and  Ms.  Jingwen  Wang   Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Chan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Patrick  Conway   Ms.  Sarah  C.  Davis   Mr.  Ramon  De  La  Cruz  and     Mrs.  Maria  Garrido-­De  La  Cruz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jesus  Diaz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Owen  Doherty   Mr.  Kenya  Dumetz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Matthew  Dusanic   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Edwards   Ms.  Lisa  L.  Ergut   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Severino  D.  Etorma   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joel  C.  Fontaine   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  V.  Fox   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steve  Giusto   Ms.  Patricia  A.  Glenn   Mr.  Marvin  Gochez  and  Ms.  Jennifer  Tagle   Ms.  Priscilla  F.  Harley   Mr.  Alexander  Hernandez  and     Ms.  Edna  Guzman   Mr.  Pablo  E.  Herrera   Ms.  Audra  Hooten   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Sam  Howell   Mr.  Melecio  A.  Juarez  and  Ms.  Ester  Diaz  

Fiscal Year July 1, 2010 - June 30, 2011

Mr.  Eugene  Keegan  and     Ms.  Miriam  McGuinness   Ms.  Elizabeth  A.  Kwai  Ben   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Marleon  G.  Labonete   Ms.  Judy  Lau   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  E.  Lyon   Mr.  Ying  B.  Mai  and  Ms.  Lisa  Zhu   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Romeo  S.  Manuel   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Marcus  Marcic   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Marroquin   Mr.  Hector  Mau  and  Mrs.  Patricia  Wu-­Mau   Mr.  Daniel  McDonald  and  Ms.  Martha  Ryan   Mr.  Carlos  Morales  and  Ms.  Leticia  Luna   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ruairi  Murphy   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jusuf  Natahusada   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  J.  Nelson   Mr.  Luc  Nguyen  and  Mrs.  Tricia  Lam   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bernard  O’Hara   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Juan  Oropeza  ’82 Ms.  Bernadette  Ortiz   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Fernando  Ramirez   Ms.  Maria  Ramos   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rizalino  Ricasa   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ibrahim  Saba   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  J.  Smith   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rick  E.  Solorio   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Emmanuel  Soria   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Armando  S.  Suangco   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kevin  M.  Sullivan   Ms.  Wenjing  Sun   Ms.  Jeanette  Taheny   Ms.  Jeannette  M.  Taheny   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  L.  Tatum   Mr.  Robert  E.  Thorstad  and  Mrs.  Elizabeth  Donohoe-­Thorstad   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Octavio  M.  Ugarte   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jorge  Urroz   Mr.  Jose  Vega  and  Ms.  Sandra  Martinez   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Donaldo  Velasco   Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Wallis   Ms.  Gina  M.  Walters-­Rangel   Ms.  Bonita  Wong   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Laurence  Wuerstle    

Heritage  Society We thank the following friends who have made provisions in their estate plans - bequests, charitable trusts, gifts of life insurance or retirement funds - to support Archbishop Riordan High School. These gifts guarantee the longterm vitality of Archbishop Riordan High School while also providing donors with valuable tax DQGLQFRPHEHQHÀWVGXULQJWKHLUOLIHWLPH7KH generosity of the following is appreciated. Mrs.  Carmen  Aguilar   Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Ardizoia  ’62 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  E.  Best   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Loyd  Casteel   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Albert  Ceresa  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Cotter  ’55 Mr.  Joe  Eckberg  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frank  Jordan  ’74 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Vincent  M.  Leveroni  ’65 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gerald  Lucey  ’61 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edmund  Morrissey  ’55 Dr.  Charles  Murillo  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  Osborn  ’55 Mr.  Ronald  Rosa  ’60 Mrs.  Elizabeth  Ryan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Louis  Signer  ’55 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  Syme  ’53 Dr.  and  Mrs.  Louis  Tricerri  ’77 Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich   Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  Wielen  ’55

If you have remembered ARHS in your estate planning DQGDUHQRWOLVWHGSOHDVHFDOOWKH'HYHORSPHQW2IĂ€FHDW (415)586-9190, so that we may include you as a member of the Heritage Society.

ALUMNI GIVING By  Class   St.  James 1941 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bruno  Andreatta 1942 Thomas  A.  Gordon Robert  Phipps 1943 Arthur  Dugoni Walter  J.  Farrell 1944 Patrick  Casserly 1945 John  Farrell 1946 Thomas  J.  Ahern George  R.  Ramirez 1948 William  Parenti

Archbishop Riordan 1950 Joseph  Azalde Raymond  Hanley Ed  Norman Michael  Riley Robert  Rose Michael  Shea 1951 Raymond  Doherty Joseph  Murphy Donald  Stoesser 1952 John  L.  Bracco Kevin  J.  Howard John  O’Connor 1953 William  Cotton Alan  Ghirardelli William  Gradwohl Michael  Holland Dave  Mackin Homer  Potter

1954 Kenneth Barbieri Thomas  Byrne Albert  Ceresa Gregory  Currivan Robert  Delpippo Anthony  A.  Digiovanni James  Doran Monte  Eagle William  Egan Clyde  Krusinski John  McGuire Mike  Mihalek Kevin  Mullaney Philip  Satti John  Twomey Thomas  G.  White 1955 R.  Thomas  Burke Daniel  J.  Casey Thomas  Cotter Frederick  Dal  Bello Daniel  Dolan Vincent  Filippello John  M.  Gannon Edward  M.  Griffin Robert  Haag Richard  Max Eugene  Mullin James  P.  Murphy Michael  P.  O’Flaherty John  F.  Quinn Jack  Risso Larry  Santa  Maria Bernard  Schneider William  Webb George  Wielen

Edward Lovrin Michael  O’Dwyer Norman  Reimers Guido  Salomone Frank  Sullivan Daniel  Tortorelli 1958 Joseph  Bruno John  Cooney Robert  Cutone Edward  Finn John  Keane Richard  W.  Kirby William  Lombardini Ronald  Macaluso Warren  McCausland John  O’Neill James  Riley Paul  T.  Scannell Gary  Stroth Rich  Thelen John  Webb

1956 Walter Bankovitch Michael  Cutone James  L.  Datzman Laird  Doherty Ronald  Durand Joseph  T.  Fitzpatrick Vincent  Leonetti Richard  E.  McGough William  Mifsud Bob  Roper Richard  Saber Joseph  Spinelli Ronald  Thompson

1959 Gerald Bachecki Lawrence  Boll Robert  Burke Donald  Castle Frank  Cox Donald  Crosby Philip  Crosby Richard  Fisher Patrick  Flaharty John  Galten John  Giosso John  J.  Hickey Robert  A.  Joyce Richard  Kennealy John  Kenny Noel  MacDonald David  Mills John  Mohr Mark  Montobbio William  J.  Mulcahy Robert  Nurisso Thomas  Pendergast Bart  Quigley Michael  Quinn William  Selmi David  Shrieve Jack  Watson Edwin  Winter

1957 Kenneth C.  Bollier Michael  Farrah James  Ferry Daniel  Gallagher Edward  Kelly James  Kirby

1960 Thomas Aspell Mario  A.  Baratta William  T.  Byrnes Ray  Calegari Richard  Carpeneti Michael  Daly

William Dowling Kenneth  Freund Michael  Moran Dennis  Nerney Timothy  F.  O’Brien Thomas  F.  O’Donnell Robert  A.  Regalia Thomas  Seagrave Michael  F.  Sheehan Randall  Tonelli 1961 Gregory  Analla William  Breslin Ronald  Isola Edward  Kuebrich Michael  Lazzarini Gerald  Lucey Ronald  Perotti Dennis  Pierotti Preston  Richard Lou  Segale Frank  Smyth Michael  Walsh Barry  Widener 1962 Robert  Bachecki David  Breslin Robert  Carroll William  Duggan Daniel  Hallisy Edmond  Hartnett Thomas  D.  Harvey Terrance  Irwin Ralph  Olcese Edmund  Rogers Martin  Tierney Kevin  Walsh Michael  White Michael  Wiese 1963 Larry  Ahern David  Arrigale Gil  R.  Castro Daniel  Desmond James  Duggan Philip  Fraher Lawrence  P.  LaRocco Joseph  McDevitt Michael  Montague Kenneth  Mooney Larry  Nibbi Richard  Perotti Douglas  C.  Rennie Gerald  Richardson Robert  Rossi Michael  Uland Thomas  Wallace

1964 Jim Colbert William  Ferguson David  Galli Joseph  K.  Hoegger Thomas  P.  Novello Robert  O’Donnell James  Petersohn John  Robinette John  Shiels Ronald  Tortorelli George  Washburn Thomas  White Vern  Wittman 1965 Ralph  Barsi Robert  Bucci Stephen  J.  Delahunty Rodney  J.  DeMartini Frank  DePinto William  Fogarty Peter  Granucci Daniel  Hance Michael  Kelechava Alan  Klingen Vincent  M.  Leveroni Ed  Mahoney Tom  Marriscolo John  O’Looney David  P.  Pigott Philip  Waggoner Michael  Willemsen 1966 Philip  G.  Bowers Jack  Bradley John  T.  Carlin Timothy  Duncan Marc  Hinchman James  R.  McCourt 1967 Stephen  Ahlquist Gary  Barisone Larry  Barsetti William  Collins John  Consiglieri Rodney  D’Acquisto Joseph  Fanucci Bruce  Moore Edward  Murtha Michael  Parodi Thomas  Restani William  Taylor John  W.  Zurcher

1968 Joseph A.  Alioto Kenneth  Bianchi Ronald  A.  Gaddini Richard  Hall John  Lusardi James  McHugh David  Merrill James  Moore 1969 Roger  Aymard Joseph  Borges William  Burket Michael  Cunnie William  Donohoe Dennis  Holl Michael  D.  Lee David  O’Connor Frank  Oross Vincent  Scotto Michael  F.  Stasko Dominic  Tiscornia 1970 Louis  Brizzolara Philip  Cazahous Daniel  M.  Cotter Daniel  W.  Donovan Stephen  Flaherty Frank  Forencich Joseph  O’Brien David  Sahagun John  Shea Paul  Simpson Robert  Sudano Stephen  R.  Tannas William  Winter 1971 Andres  Alcantar Albert  Alioto Robert  Borella John  Donohoe Dennis  Dorn Lawrence  Gremillion Daniel  J.  Hayes Michael  Mayer Robert  Profaca 1972 Thomas  Cordes Christopher  Cunnie John  Curran Joseph  B.  Devine Kevin  Domecus Charles  Hackett John  Hallisy Jeffrey  Holl Stephen  Mayer Terrence  McHugh

Peter Niland Raymond  Rinaldi John  P.  Vlautin 1973 Jeffrey  Milla Curley  Reed Jere  Williams 1974 Paul  Ballestrasse Robert  Giannini Patrick  J.  Hanley Dennis  Koehler James  Mourgos Brian  O’Connell 1975 Francisco  Flores James  Forbes Kevin  Holl Kevin  O’Malley Joseph  Omran Robert  Sanchez Rey  Valdes 1976 Armando  Calderon Paul  De  Martini Dennis  Dermody Peter  F.  Dominguez Steven  Herrera Allen  P.  Horton Kevin  Kosewic William  Nowlin James  P.  Ryan 1977 Nicholas  Cicibrk Brian  Delahunty Enrico  Hernandez Michael  Laconsay Francisco  Salguero John  Patrick  Spiers 1978 Steven  Balma John  Cataldo Daniel  Cunnie Kenneth  Ferrigno John  K.  Finnegan Joseph  Nannery Victor  Pulido James  Ray James  Reber William  T.  Ryan David  T.  Sanchez Carl  R.  Spirz

1979 John Calonico Frank  Castro Matthew  Faliano James  Thorpe

1989 Kenny Leveroni

1980 James Bracco James  Carlin Tony  Sanchez-­Corea Timothy  P.  Trzeciak

1992 Timothy Karlstrand

1981 Anthony Bryant Geoffrey  Cirullo Patrick  Coghlan Edward  Del  Carlo Jawad  Khalaf Daniel  Lopez 1982 Gregory  Breslin Marco  Capitelli Roberto  Carrasquilla Dennis  Haugh Juan  Oropeza 1983 Ricardo  Alvarez Patrick  Hanley Michael  Kelly Peter  Romios 1984 Frank  Leonetti Daniel  Spiers 1985 Reimel  Galang Mario  Peregrino Tom  Repetto 1986 John  Doherty Chris  Valdez 1987 Clifford  Banayat Mark  Moreno Viggen  F.  Rassam Scott  Rea 1988 David  Dorantes Luis  Galindo Hector  Navarro Michael  Vezzali

1991 David Greenbaum

1993 Victor Campero Timothy  J.  Farrelly Michael  Mann Curtis  Moore 1996 Michael  Li 1998 Claiborne  Childs Michael  Ghiglieri Jeff  Isola Nicholas  Li Benjamin  Santana Donald  Strickland 2000 Kevin  Hines Jose  Ramirez Denis  Silva Abel  Virgen 2001 Josue  Castellanos 2002 Jeffrey  Dela  Cruz 2007 James  Hallisy Jeremiah  Hallisy MacAllister  Jeffrey 2008 Mr.  Anthony  K.  Chan

Gifts In  Memory  of  ... Cecelia  Andrews   Ms.  Linda  Ercoli   Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich

Beulah Asbra   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Donovan  ’70 Rita  Gleason  

Thomas Assereto   Ms.  Maria  Bastianon Central  Drug  Company,  Inc. Monica  McGuire

Buford Baird   Mr.  and  Mrs.  George  Bonzani Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Cataldo  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jack  McLean Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich Shirley  Vollhardt Edward  Wallace

Rosemary Barker Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich

Fay M.  Bohnert Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  C.  Bruschera   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  C.  Monfredini   Mr.  Randall  Tonelli  ’60

Alan Bottarini Mr.  and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56

Gus Bruneman Warren  Maloney

Daniel Burns   Mrs.  Eileen  Burns

Andrew Collopy Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Repetto

Patrick H.  Cunnie Dr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Antonini   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56 Mr.  Gary  Barisone  ’67 Mr.  Robert  Barnes   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gregory  M.  Bayol   Ms.  Deborah  Border   Mr.  Joseph  Borges  ’69 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jerry  Briesach   Mr.  Jeffrey  P.  Brogan   California  District  Attorney     Investigators’  Association  

Ms. Catherine  Calleja   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Calvello   Mrs.  Barbara  Canevari   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  J.  Carberry   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dennis  M.  Carlin  Jr.   Mr.  James  Carlin  ’80 Mr.  Anthony  K.  Chan  2008 Ms.  Caroline  Chan   Mr.  Stanford  Chandler   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  V.  Cooney   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Cordes  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  Cotter   Ms.  Mary  H.  Cox   Mr.  James  M.  Crisolo   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kevin  Cronin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Cunnie  ’78 Mr.  and  Mr.  John  L.  Cunnie   Mr.  William  Daniels   Mrs.  Maggie  Diffley   Mr.  John  Donohoe  ’71 Mr.  William  Donohoe  ’69 Ms.  Christina  C.  Drobisch   Mr.  Frank  Dugan   Mr.  Phil  C.  Farrelly   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Ferrigno  ’78 Mr.  Frank  Forencich  ’70 Mr.  Thomas  P.  Gibson   Ms.  Carol  Gonzalez   Ms.  Kathleen  Grogan   Ms.  Patricia  Guntren   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  Hackett  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Hallisy  ’62 Mrs.  Diana  Hallisy   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Hallisy  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  M.  W.  Hallock   Mr.  Martin  Halloran   Mr.  Michael  Hardeman   Ms.  Anne  Harrington   Mr.  Vincent  A.  Harrington  Jr.   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  J.  Hayes  ’71 Ms.  Vicki  L.  Hennessy   Mrs.  Dianne  F.  Hession   Mr.  John  Hickey  and   Mrs.  Mary  Anne  McGuire-­Hickey   Hon.  Jeffrey  Holl  ’72 Ms.  Freya  A.  Horne   Mr.  Bernard  R.  Hyman   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Shawn  P.  Kelly   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Kerrigan   Mr.  Nicolas  King   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Steven  King   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Dennis  Koehler  ’74 Mr.  James  A.  Lasart   Ms.  Victoria  R.  Leff   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  V.  Leveroni   Ms.  Karen  Levine   Ms.  Rose  Linehan   Ms.  Kathleen  McCarthy-­Boyce   Ms.  Monica  McGuire   Mr.  James  Moore  ’68

Mr. Joseph  P.  Moriarty   Mr.  Joseph  Nannery  ’78 Ms.  Theresa  M.  Nelson   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  T.  Nevin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Gregg  O’Connell  Sass   Mrs.  Rose  O’Leary   Mrs.  Rose  O’Leary   Mr.  Matthew  O’Shea   Mr.  Benjamin  Pedranzini   Mr.  Derrick  Pressley   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  J.  Quinlan   Rains  Lucia  Stern,  P.C.   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  Roddy   Ms.  Lori  Rolovich   Mrs.  Kathleen  Ryan   San  Francisco  District  Attorney     Investigators  Association   San  Francisco  Police  Officers  Association   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Carl  R.  Spirz  ’78 Ms.  Theresa  H.  Suhr   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  J.  Sweeney   Ms.  Sharon  Tobin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jerry  Turner   Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich   United  Assoc  of  Journeymen  &     Apprentices  of  the  Plumbing   Ms.  Paula  Velez   Weinberg,  Roger  &  Rosenfeld  

Dorothy Donovan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bill  Best

Madeline P.  Duggan Mr.  Thomas  Aspell  ’60 Ms.  Katherine  E.  Atkinson   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56 Ms.  Jackie  Barnes   Mrs.  Nancy  Buckley   Ms.  Ellen  T.  Burke   John  M.  Cahill  Associates   Mr.  Kevin  Callaghan   Hon.  Mary  Callanan   Mr.  Robert  Carroll  ’62 Chapel  of  the  Highlands   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Cordes  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  A.  Cresci   Mr.  and  Mr.  John  L.  Cunnie   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Lawrence  Dolan   Ms.  Carmel  B.  Dufault   Ms.  Margaret  R.  Duggan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Ellis   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  Farley  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  V.  Figari   First  National  Bank  of  Northern  California   Ms.  Anne  Harrington   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Harrington   Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Healey   Mr.  William  E.  Healey  and    Ms.  Denise  M.  Moffett  

Mr. and  Mrs.  Michael  Farrah’57

Mr. and  Mrs.  Joseph  Hallisy   Mr.  James  Hemmenway   Dr.  Michael  Johnston  DDS   Ms.  Kerry  Kelleher   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Lawrence  P.  LaRocco  ’63 Mr.  John  Mahoney   Mrs.  Jeanne  Mannion   Mr.  Michael  J.  Marovich   Mr.  Joseph  McDevitt  ’63 Ms.  Mary  H.  Moore   Mr.  Joseph  P.  Moriarty   Mr.  Richard  Mulkerrins   Mr.  Eugene  Murphy   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Larry  Nibbi  ’63 Mr.  John  V.  O’Brien   Mr.  Michael  O’Dwyer  ’57 Ms.  Kathleen  O’Leary   Mrs.  Rose  O’Leary   The  Olympic  Club   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  Ong   Ms.  Maggie  Ortelle   Ms.  Frances  Penna   Ms.  Patricia  Rames   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  T.  Scannell  ’58 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Peter  Schembri   Mr.  William  Shore   Mr.  James  Stark   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin  Tierney  ’62 Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich   Mr.  Paul  S.  Varni  

Hildegard Gee  

Bettyann Hinchman    

Mr. John  Hickey  and     Mrs.  Mary  Anne  McGuire-­Hickey   Hon.  Jeffrey  Holl  ’72 Mrs.  Frances  A.  Hughes   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jeremiah  Linehan   Mr.  John  Lusardi  ’68 Mr.  and  Mrs.  David  Mayer   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Neal  McGettigan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Donald  Mibach   Mr.  Dennis  O’Connor   Msgr.  John  O’Connor  ’52 O’Kane  &  Tegay  Insurance  Brokers   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Otis  T.  Osborne   Mr.  William  Parenti  ’48 Mr.  Thomas  Pendergast  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Raymond  Rinaldi  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Frank  C.  Tarantino   Ms.  Judith  A.  Terracina   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin  Tierney  ’62 Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Walsh   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Woods   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rudy  Zannini    

Theodore Dykman   Mr.  John  Hannon  

Paul Farrah

Ms. Carol  Gee

Ed Giovannoni     Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Parodi  ’67 Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich

James Hallisy   Mr.  Robert  C.  Anthony   Ms.  Elaine  Aymard   Mr.  Roger  Aymard  ’69 Mrs.  Anita  Boragno   Ms.  Joan  Brosnan   Dr.  Denis  Callaghan   Ms.  Gerthamaria  Callaghan   Mr.  Kevin  Callaghan   Mr.  William  M.  Carle   Mr.  James  Carlin  ’80 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Cunnie  ’69 Mrs.  Maggie  Diffley   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Donovan  ’70 Mr.  Jack  Driscoll   Ms.  Alexandra  Fahey   Mr.  Patrick  Favale  and  Mrs.  Barbara  O’Leary   Favale   Mr.  James  Hallisy  2007 Mr.  Jeremiah  Hallisy  2007 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Hallisy  ’72

Mr. and  Mrs.  Daniel  Cronin

Mary Isola Mr.  John  T.  Ahlbach  and     Mrs.  Peggy  O’Grady  Ahlbach   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Albert  Alioto  ’71 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  H.  Arrigotti   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Bachecki  ’62 Mrs.  Denise  Balestrieri   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Salvatore  M.  Balestrieri   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Danilo  C.  Bernal   Dr.  and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Bianchi  ’68 Ms.  Barbara  C.  Bottarini   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jack  J.  Bottarini   Mrs.  Georgia  Bregante   Mrs.  Lucille  Busalacchi   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Calvello   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Campus   Mr.  Stanford  Chandler   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  Cordes  ’72 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  Donovan  ’70 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Thomas  C.  Ellerhorst   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Martin  Ernster   Mrs.  Rosalie  Frumenti   Ms.  Blanca  Gonzalez  

Mr. Dennis  Graves  and     Mrs.  Rosemary  J.  Lucier   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  J.  Hayes  ’71 Mr.  Mitchell  J.  Juricich   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  P.  Keenan   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Koman   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Edward  Kuebrich  ’61 Ms.  Claudia  Lippi   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Anthony  Macchiano   Mrs.  Yolanda  Machi   Mr.  and  Mrs.  James  A.  Martin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Daniel  McAuliffe   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Neal  McGettigan   Mr.  Gilbert  McLaughlin   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Bernardo  Menconi   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Barry  Milanese   Mrs.  Jeanne  Miller   Mrs.  Lucrecia  A.  Mistretti   Mr.  Ken  Mitsuda  and  Mrs.  Jane  Lee-­Mitsuda   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  J.  Molinaro   Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  D.  Moriarty   Mr.  Leonard  Norack   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Pascucci   Mrs.  Mary  Ruggiero   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  A.  Ruh   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  J.  Scott   Mr.  Lou  Segale  ’61 Ms.  Rosemary  Silverman   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Norman  Siri   Ms.  Bonnie  J.  Stensler   Mrs.  Virginia  L.  Sweeney   Trinity  Building  Services   Mr.  Joseph  J.  Valerga   Ms.  Lori  Vidali   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Paul  J.  Watters   Mr.  Don  Wilson   Ms.  Colleen  Wood   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rudy  Zannini  

Bob Jensen   Mrs.  Ann  Hirsch Ms.  Angela  Stanfel Ms.  Roseann  Stanfel

John Krol Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich

Thomas Leach Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich  

Joe Lourenco   Mrs.  Barbara  Mathewson

Joe Marchetti Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Parodi  ’67

Steve McLaughlin Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Parodi  ’67

Alice McNamee  

Dino Polizziani  

Mr. and  Mrs.  Kenneth  Bollier  ’57

Mr. Paul  Ballestrasse  ’74 Central  Drug  Co.,  Inc.

Gerald Meisenbach Ms.  Colleen  Wood

Fr. James  Mifsud,  S.M.  ’52 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  L.  Bracco  ’52

Dolores Mullane

George Railton Mr.  and  Mrs.  Laird  Doherty  ’56 Lisa  Rooney-­Zarri

Robin Robinson Mr.  and  Mrs.  Albert  Alioto  ’71

Chelita Salanti

Mr. and  Mrs.  Dennis  Ronlund

Ms. Maria  Bastianon

Eugene Muscat  ’62  

Sam Savoca

Mr. and  Mrs.  Daniel  Cronin Hon.  Jeffrey  Holl  ’72

Mr. and  Mrs.  Michael  Parodi  ’67

Norman Nurisso  ’56    

Ms. Maria  Bastianon

Mr. and  Mrs.  Walter  Bankovitch  ’56

James O’Malley Mr.  Jack  Driscoll

Meliza Orantes   Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich  

Christopher Papale Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Farrah  ’57

Barbara Parodi   Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich Mr.  and  Mrs.  Rudy  Zannini

Lt. Vincent  Perez  ’81 Mr.  Greg  Broome   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Geoffrey  Cirullo  ’81 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  K.  Finnegan  ’78 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Robert  Giannini  ’74 Ms.  Kathleen  Grogan   Fr.  Enrico  Hernandez  ’77 Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Kenny  ’59 Mr.  Jawad  Khalaf  ’81 Ms.  Eileen  M.  Long   Mr.  and  Mrs.  Ed  Mahoney  ’65 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Mike  Mihalek  ’54 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Jeffrey  Milla  ’73 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  J.  Mulcahy  ’59 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Timothy  F.  O’Brien  ’60 Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Omran  ’75 Mr.  and  Mrs.  William  Ryan  ’78 Mr.  Rey  Valdes  ’75

Ray Pisciotta Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Farrah  ’57


Development News

Weight Room Dedication Supporters of Crusader physical fitness gathered on July 15, 2011 to celebrate the dedication of the Michael Joseph Callero ’68 Power Center, Richard Clarke ’56 Weight Center, and Frank Oross ’69 Training Facility. These state-of-the-art facilities were designed to help our student athletes stay fit and ready for competition, and promote athletic excellence at Riordan. Fr. Mike Quinn ’70 led blessings of these new centers.

Irene Scoma   Fred  Spencer Mr.  and  Mrs.  Al  Trigueiro

Theodore R.  Taheny   Ms.  Jeannette  M.  Taheny

Stan Tong Mr.  and  Mrs.  John  Repetto

Olivio Toninelli Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich

Richard Trueb Knights  of  Columbus

Greg Wyman

Long-time trainer Mike Galvan (center) in the newly IUYMTTIHXVEMRMRKVSSQ[MXLWIRMSVJSSXFEPPTPE]IVW Joe Gilleran and Joe Holl.

Richard Clarke ’56 (third from left) with his family as they prepared to cut the ribbon for the Weight Center, named in his honor.

Frank Oross ’69 was touched not only by the generosity SJ(V*VERO'EWXVS´WHSREXMSRFYXF]'EWXVS´WVIUYIWXXS have the training facility named after him. Dr. Castro ’79 stated, “Coach Frank Oross has done more for the men of Riordan then this Frank ever will.”

The Callero Family was proud to honor the late Michael J. Callero ’68 at the dedication.

Jude Tassone

Leif Ybe Mr.  and  Mrs.  Michael  Parodi  ’67

Gifts In  Honor  of  ... Ann  Hirsch   Mrs.  Sharon  Udovich

Eileen McHugh Mr.  and  Mrs.  Charles  White

William Roache Mr.  and  Mrs.  Joseph  Koman

To make a gift in honor or in memory of a loved one in please call Stephen Dini at (415)586-8200 ext. 264.




Development News

Dedication of Bro. John McCluskey, S.M. Residence Hall and Chapel in Honor of Fr. Thomas Seagrave ’60 Alumni, students, faculty, administration, and friends of Riordan welcomed Bishop William J. Justice, Bishop Thomas A. Daly, and Monsignor James T. Tarantino to campus on October 14 to dedicate the newly renovated Bro. John McCluskey, S.M. Residence Hall and Chapel of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Honored for his dedication to Riordan and service as first principal of the school, Bro. McCluskey was one of the “original” boarders, having lived on campus in classrooms 101 and 102 prior to the completion of the Marianist residence. Like the new boarding students, he took meals in the cafeteria and often explored San Francisco. “My uncle would have been so proud to see this boarding program open, and to see Riordan offer a Marianist education to students from around the world in San Francisco,” said Pat McCluskey, Bro. McCluskey’s nephew and retired Riordan English and Religious Studies teacher. The Chapel of the Assumption has always been a special place for reflection and prayer on campus. A group of alumni from the Class of 1960 sponsored the gift of renovations—new flooring, refinished pews, fresh paint, and new windows over the altar—in honor of a distinguished member of their class, Fr. Thomas Seagrave, who every day lives out the Marianist mission to serve others.

The day began with mass celebrated in the Lindland Theatre. Pictured above (l-r) are Deacon John Norris, Monsignor Tarantino, Bishop Justice, Bishop Daly, and Fr. Thomas Seagrave ’60.

Members from the American Leprosy Mission presented ARHS Drama Director :EPIVMI3´6MSVHERERH(VEQE'PYF4VIWMHIRX%PI\6YM^ EXPIJX [MXLERE[EVH for Riordan’s efforts to raise more than $1500 for ALM. 36


The ARHS Marching Band greeted guests on their way to the blessing of the Chapel and Residence Hall.

Bishop Justice blesses the newly remodeled Chapel of the Assumption in honor of Fr. Thomas Seagrave ’60.

ARHS Board of Trustees Chairman Joe Conti, Bruce Thompson ’61, Larry Nibbi ’63, and ARHS English teacher Mike Vezzali ’88.

Marianists from across the country joined the celebration, including (from l-r) Fr. Raymond Malley, Bro. William Bolts, Bro. Thomas Deasy, and two former ARHS principals, Fr. John McEnhill and Bro. John Haster ’57.

ARHS modern language teacher Kerry Oshita with Jack Fitzpatrick, Mal Visbal, and Development team member Danielle Elu.

Queena Maggiore, Nora Romero, John Moriarty, ARHS biology teacher Lauren Upadhyaya, and Desiree Miles.

Sr. Eileen William Dunn with honoree Fr. Thomas Seagrave ’60 and ARHS Director of Special Events Sharon Ghilardi-Udovich. ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE


Thank you to the generous sponsors of the 2011 Family & Friends Golf Invitational:

Development News

Crusader Circle Team Worldwide

2011 Family & Friends Golf Invitational On November 11, 2011, 110 golfers teed off to support Riordan athletics at the 2011 Family & Friends Golf Invitational held at Presidio Golf Course. Despite a touch of rain, in true Crusader spirit it was a great day of sports and sportsmanship. John Hallisy ’72, Steve Landi, Marco Innocenti ’02, and Tom O’Connor took first place with a team score of 62. This year’s tournament also had the first all-women foursome since 2006, with ARHS Trustee Kathy Grogan, Karen Seratti, Annemarie Conroy, and Jerry Sullivan.


Eagle Circle Bayside Printed Products - Bill Nasser ’70 Dan Donovan ’70 and Family Elwell Trucking Fence Pro Bruce Lloyd General Contractor Makras Realty SFPOA


A special thanks to tournament chair, Dan Donovan ’70, the golf committee, and all volunteers who worked tirelessly to ensure the tournament’s success. More than $30, 000 was raised for the Kevin Restani Sports Arena campaign. For more information on how you can support this campaign visit See you at the 2012 Family & Friends Golf Invitational. Scenes from the greens: 1. Al Ceresa ’54, Bernie Schneider ’55, and Mike Mihalek ’54 2. Steve Menconi, Steve True, Tom Toomey ’74, and Kevin Kretsch 3. Pat Hanley ’74, Mike Reyna ’74, Raul Pena ’73, and Al Tenbruggencate ’72



4. Greg Bradley, Greg Holl ’79, ARHS Trustee Jeff Holl ’72, and Dennis Holl ’69 5. Jeff Isola ’98, Ron Isola ’61, Leo Vezzali ’61, and Mike Vezzali ’88

7. First place foursome: John Hallisy ’72, Steve Landi, Marco Innocenti ’02, and Tom O’Connor 8. Second place foursome: Carl Spiers, ARHS Trustee Tony Sanchez-Corea ’80, Mike Chaplin ’80, and Tom McGee ’81 9. Class of 1986 golfers, Demetrius Dintcho, Pat Ryan, Paul Barbagelata, and Randy Bickel




Par Circle Jerry Bachecki ’59 Beronio Lumber '(7(MWXVMFYXMRK-RG6SHRI](´%UYMWXS´ C & L Sporting Goods - Kenny ’89 & Vince ’65 Leveroni Empire Elevators - Bruce Moore ’67 Ghilotti Construction Will Mulcahy ’59 4EGM½G,IMKLXW'LIZVSR(EZI7ELEKYR´ PIA Insurance - Lou Colzani ’73 San Francisco Fire Fighters - Local 798 John Spiers ’77 Mulligan Circle Deirdre Burke, DDS Carpenters Local 22 Costello and Sons Insurance Brokerage Franzella Produce Inc. Geneva Mission Lions Club Lettieri and Company Joe O’Brien ’70 O’Kane & Tegay Insurance Brokers Paul Simpson ’70

6. Players from the class of 1970, Roger Smith, Fred Walsh, Bill Nasser, Dave Kranci, Dave Wiedinger, and Steve Flaherty


Birdie Circle Carey International - Luis Galindo ’88, Vice-President Littler Mendelson National Bank Scotto Law - Vince Scotto ’69 Terheyden Family V and C Foods - Steve Herrera ’76


6EJžI-R/MRH-XIQW Bayonet Black Horse Jorge Bermudez Bill Best C & L Sporting Goods Dan Donovan ’70 East Bay Construction Hagan Chiropractic Pat Hanley ’83 Jim Herger ’89 Vico Piccinini ’74 Viggen Rassam ’87 Dave Sahagun ’70 John Spiers ’77 Paul Simpson ’70 Dave Weidinger ’70 Dario Zucconi ’89

What are your next steps? Where can we see you?

Alumni News

FROM LINDLAND TO THE LIGHTS OF BROADWAY The Life of a Riordan Theatre Alumnus By Victoria  Terheyden Dominic Nolfi ’96 knows a thing or two about the Four Seasons. During a recent trip out west to visit his family, Nolfi sat down to talk about Riordan Drama, his career on Broadway, and multiple roles in the Tony award-winning musical Jersey Boys. Your mom Janine Nolfi is the Dance Instructor at Mercy High School. Does performance run in the family? DN: It does. We’ve got quite a history in fact. My grandfather, Adrian Nolfi, was a singer at the Onyx Club on 52nd Street in New York City, which was also known as “Swing Street USA.” This club was actually located on the same street as the August Wilson Theatre, where Jersey Boys premiered on Broadway. I guess it was providential that I would eventually perform there. My brother Dario Nolfi ’97 is also an actor. He and I both starred in the European tour of Grease and got to travel together which was really fun. I met my wife Sonia, who is a choreographer, during that tour. Then there is my mom who taught dance and theater at Mercy High School for years.

“... shoot for the stars and keep pushing yourself. Work hard and embrace your talents.” — Dominic Nolfi ’96 I understand that both you and Dario worked with your mom during Riordan theatre collaborations with Mercy. What was it like to work with her? DN: She is really high energy, and I was having as much fun as everyone else was having. We worked well together, and she would preview some of the choreography workouts at home.

What are you fondest memories from Riordan Drama?

I had always had an interest in drama, and wanted to come to Riordan because it had one of the strongest programs of any high school in San Francisco. In elementary school I was part of the Young People’s Teen Musical Theatre Company and met the Greenbaums who were students here at the time. They got me interested in Riordan, and I thank them for that.

DN: I was the original understudy they hired, and because of that I covered every male role in the show. After three years of playing seven roles, it was wonderful to concentrate on Tommy DeVito and get to own it. I played that role for three years. It was a rich character too, which is rare in musical theatre. Tommy is a very colorful and generous guy, and we have become friends through my work.


d To

I heard you have a new baby. Is she musical?

How did you decide to pursue a career in acting?

Tell me about starring in Jersey Boys.

ou is y

There is actually so much more I want to accomplish, and I am always setting higher goals for myself. I learned this from my time at Riordan—shoot for the stars and keep pushing yourself. Work hard and embrace your talents. Wrestling taught me a lot, too. I was a wrestler under Coach Anastasio, and learned the importance of working with a team, but also how to perform on your own. I carry that with me every time I go into an audition; it is you and only you who can make it work. I couldn’t have asked for better training.

DN: There are too many to count, because we did so many great shows such as Guys and Dolls, Flowers for Algernon and My Fair Lady. Bro. Gary Morris, S.M. directed me, and he is still a great friend of the family.

DN: Though I wasn’t positive this was my path, I knew that if I was going to give professional acting a shot, I needed to train for it. That is where Riordan came into play— they teach you how to work hard. I received a scholarship to Boston Conservatory and later received a BFA in Theatre there. It was a fantastic experience, but really pushed me as a performer and made me a better actor.

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DN: Well, I just wrapped up Jersey Boys, and I’m actually workshopping a new musical about the 1960’s songwriter named Bert Burns. We are just getting started but hope to debut the show in the near future. I will keep you posted.

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Senior Devin Ampola, who played the lead role in the Fall ’11 production of Dracula,[MXL2SP½

DN: She only just turned 1, but we think so. My wife and I are pushing her towards math and science.

to see the show: Tom Hanks, Tom Cruise, Martin Scorsese, Ron Howard, Kevin Costner and Jack Nicholson to name a few. Many have come back stage after the show to meet the cast. That was pretty fun. What do you think about the Lucky ’13 Alumni Show (set for Labor Day Weekend, 2013)? DN: The potential of bringing together a very talented group of actors who all got their start on stage in the Lindland Theatre sounds like a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it. There is a huge tradition of Riordan Drama in San Francisco, and I know it is something the entire city will be excited about.

I’ve also gotten to perform for a number of well-known actors and directors who came %6,7WXYHIRXWERH&ERH(MVIGXSV7GSXX7SY^E[MXL2SP½HYVMRKE[SVOWLSTEX1IVG],MKL7GLSSP7*





Class Notes

1953 From Riordan’s first graduating class that spent all four year on Phelan Avenue, Bill Cotton writes that the Class of 1953 still gets together about every other month Pictured (l-r): Bill Gradwohl, Ed Slevin, Alan Ghirardelli, Paul Crowley, to share memories Mike Holland, Bob Branick, Gerry Doherty, Garry Graham, George of their school days. Schnapps and Bill Cotton (kneeling) They celebrated their 55th reunion three years ago with 32 graduates in attendance, and are looking forward to their 60th. The regulars attending the bi-monthly lunches include Ray Arata, Bob Branick, Alan Ghirardelli, Bill Gardwohl, Gary Graham, Mike Holland, Dave Mackin, Larry Nolan, Homer Potter, George Schnapp, Ed Slevin, and John Warren. Said Bill, “We miss those that can’t always make it and those that have passed away.” 1954 John (Jack) Twomey is a member of the 2011-12 San Francisco Civil Grand Jury. After owning and managing several liquor stores, sandwich shops and pizza parlors in San Francisco and the Peninsula for 20 years, Mike Vigo is currently with Vigo Properties in Belmont. He plays softball and has seven World Series rings (Senior Softball 50+), and earned All-American honors in 1996.

Jack McCloskey and his wife, Janice, recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary. Two of their fives sons are ARHS alumni, John ’80 and Joe ’81. Jack is a retired Captain in the San Francisco Fire Department and served for many years on Riordan’s Board of Trustees.

1955 Rich Caselli, D.D.S. and Charles Corsiglia are two very active alums supporting the Hanna Boys Center in Sonoma. Rich has been on the Board of Directors for 27-plus years and is currently Secretary of the Trustees and Chairman of the Facilities Committee. Charles has been on the Board of Directors for 14 years and currently serves as Chairman of the Youth Services Committee. The two also collaborate each year on a gourmet dinner auction item for Hanna’s annual gala. 42


After a 55-year hiatus, Paul Osborn returned to the Track and Field arena and is now a Senior Olympian. In his first year back, Paul took first place in the long jump at the Bay Area Senior Games at Stanford, and second place in the same event at the California State Senior Games in Pasadena. This qualified him for the National Senior Games in Houston in 2011. He was a member of the 1955 Riordan Track and Field Team that was inducted into Riordan’s Sports Hall of Fame on the same day as the State Senior Games were held. After competing, Paul was able to fly back to the Bay Area in time to join his Riordan teammates for the ceremony.

After retiring in 1998, Rick Saber ’56 became Commodore of a local yacht club, Chairman (NGH) of Yerba Buena 1 in E Clampus Vitus, then joined the USCG Auxiliary. There he racked up close to 8,700 hours of volunteer service as an Auxiliarist, including two years as Flotilla Commander. This past fall Rick completed a week as supervisor to 93 fellow members responsible for crowd control during San Francisco’s Fleet Week. Currently, he is the Director for the Corinthian Yacht Club in Tiburon and Vice-Chair of the Northern California Explorers. Reflecting on his adventures, he writes: “Riordan, of course, prepares us all for a full life, thus I am proud to be an alumnus.”

1956 The newly-formed Bankovitch Team at Portsmouth Financial Services in San Francisco is made up of Walt Bankovich and his sons, John and Chris. Walt has been in the brokerage business since 1963 and was a partner for many years with the firm of Holt + Collins. The three will work collaboratively to service Walt’s book of clients from his last 50 years in the business.

Tom and his wife Fran have seven children and 18 grand children, and have lived in the Natomas Park area of Sacramento for 11-plus years. Not long ago, and by coincidence, Ejimo Bealum ’86 and his family moved in next door to the Dekkers. Although they graduated from Riordan 28 years apart, Tom and Ejimo enjoy sharing memories of growing up in San Francisco and attending Riordan.

1961 Lon Spero and his wife Nancy live in Elk Grove and retired to the area 10 years ago. Lon enjoyed a career in education in the San Francisco Unified School District and Lodi School District, where he spent the last 23 years as an administrator. His son still lives in Lodi with his family. He writes: “Our vocation has kept us on the road

During the 2011 season Paul took second place in the long jump at the Palm Desert International Senior Games, and second in the triple jump at the Southern California Senior Games in Pasadena. In early October he finished the season by participating in the International Senior Games in St. George, Utah competing in the 50-meter sprint, long jump, triple jump, and standing long jump. Paul is looking forward to the 2012 season and wants to let our alumni know that it’s never too late to get back in shape and challenge yourself at any level you choose.

Stanford Settlement Neighborhood Center, which provides critical community services for children, teens, and senior citizens. Tom is also past President of the Bank of America Sacramento-Sierra Retiree Network and is currently a Board Member of that organization.

during school vacations and especially since we retired. We have traveled to 145 countries from Antarctica to Zimbabwe. It was an adventure that God allowed us as He kept our legs up to the trek!”

1962 Czeslaw “Chet” Jan Grycz is currently producing a television series for PBS TV called “Great Libraries of the World.” Chet lives in El Cerrito and has four wonderful children. Despite a recent cancer diagnosis, he has started a blog to document his experience and inspire others: 1964 Denis Fama is teaching at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont and is working on a number of community projects in Millbrae. He was inducted into the Peninsula Basketball Officials Association Hall of Fame and also received the Mayor of Millbrae’s Diversity Award this year.

Send your news and updates to

Rick Saber on one of his climbs towards Pumo-Ri, Eastern Himalayas in 1982 with Sherpa Nima N.

1957 Mike Farrah is still working full time as both a residential and commercial real estate broker. Recently, he celebrated the birth of his third grandchild, Julian George Driscoll Farrah. He writes that changing diapers hasn’t changed over the last 40 years, except from cloth to disposable. 1958 Tom Dekker retired in October 2000 as a Vice President at Bank of America after a 38-year career. Tom remains active as President of the Board of Trustees of a Sacramento non-profit,

Gerald Fleming ’64 has a new book out this year, Night of Pure Breathing: Prose Poems, from the Hanging Loose literary press in New York. Hailed as part fairy tale and part dream, these poems explore a region where the ordinary and the fantastic overlap, and where identities are fluid and interchangeable. ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE


1964 Joe Ramos was selected to be District Governor of Rotary International District 5330 for 2013-2014. This District includes more than 2300 community leaders in 61 clubs in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. He currently is Executive Assistant Governor overseeing 13 Assistant Governors. Joe retired from NASA senior leadership in 2001.

recent purchase ’Magico’ will be running later this year at Golden Gate Fields.

1971 Steve Apana is pleased to share news about his children: Allison is a UC Berkeley grad and was a member of the Cal Dance Team; Daniel recently hiked 240 miles on the John Muir trail; and Nikki is in the 8th grade and plays club soccer.

1967 George Noceti and his sons Tony, Dan and Paul, aka “Team Noceti,” recently climbed Yosemite’s Half Dome. George writes: “If one element of the Riordan Crusader spirit can be described as a symbol of making the challenge possible, then my recent ascent of Half Dome should be considered one of the finest manifestations of this spirit.

1969 After 26 years with PacBell/ SBC and a few years as a Porsche mechanic at a small independent shop, Sergio Meza is now enjoying retirement making specialized Porsche parts, enjoying shotgun sports, and kicking back with a nice zinfandel. 1970 After retiring from the grocery industry, Kevin Sullivan is now a thoroughbred race horse owner. His horses run out of Blinker’s On Racing Stable, and his 44

Greg Mahoric wrote in with messages about two of his passions—his family and golf. He has been married to his wife Stephanie for 37 years and they have three daughters, Angie, Cathy and Pam, and one granddaughter, Valerie, 15 months. Two years ago he retired from Caltrans where he spent 37 years based in Santa Cruz County in Road Maintenance and as an Encroachment Permit Inspector. Besides being a grandpa, his hobbies include golf, golf vacations, testing golf equipment, and weather watching in relation to golf. If there are any ’71 Crusader golfers out there, e-mail Greg at bblock361@ to connect for a round. 1972 Gerald D’Arcy was honored as “Officer of the Year” by the San Francisco Bay Area Law Enforcement Emerald Society. He attended University of Arizona on a football scholarship and joined the SFPD in 1981. An accomplished singer, Jerry sang the Star Spangled Banner at AT&T Park for law enforcement night on July 22, 2010.


Aloha Crusaders! Ed Friedrichs writes that he and his wife, Connie, moved to Kailua Kona, Hawaii in 2003. They have enjoyed many sunsets and barbecues, and joke that they didn’t barbecue much while living in the Bay Area because they couldn’t tell the difference between the smoke and fog. This year will mark Ed’s 40th year in retail management for Safeway. He also operates a vacation rental, Plumeria House, which received Lonely Planets “pick for Kona.” Ed and Connie return to the Bay Area each year, including for the World Series in October 2010.

John Sinclair has been an attorney in private practice in Washington State since 1980, and is currently with Sinclair & Strophy P.S. He is licensed in both Washington and California, and lives in Washington State three weeks per month and in San Francisco near Riordan one week per month. 1973 David Tonello and his wife Pamela relocated to Western Massachusetts from Florida two years ago so that their son Jack, age 10, could attend the Clarke School for Hearing and Speech. Jack was born hearing impaired but has had bilateral cochlear implants and is thriving at his new school.

1987 Robert David works for Cox Communications in Las Vegas as a Field RF Technician II.

1974 Ernest Long and his family recently returned from living abroad in Singapore for two years. They are now residing in Kannapolis, North Carolina. After 37 years with the San Francisco Unified School District, Bob Maloney retired this year. He taught Elementary School for 22 years.

1975 Carlos R. Hernandez left a 28-year corporate career in his rear view mirror as a technical sales engineer and project manager. Today, he is an in-person Concierge and Social Media Marketer for Nordstrom’s San Francisco store. He also has a consulting practice, “Social Media for the Uncomfortable,” which helps individuals and businesses utilize social media marketing. 1979 Charles “Tom” Castro just celebrated his 10th anniversary with wife Christy. He is currently working for Emerson as a project manager in Enterprise Architecture Integration.

Tom Repetto is happy to report that he and his son, Nicholas ’11, are now both Riordan alumni. Nicholas is attending San Jose State University. Ronaldo Vezzali is the lead vocalist and drummer for an 80’s rock cover band called Rock On Broadway ( They have performed all around the Bay Area and are available for private parties and events. Ron still sells merchandise for the Giants and 49ers, and is a certified optician in San Francisco.

1997 Lou Delzompo recently began working as Chief Technology Officer for the Scottsdale, AZ-based Parchment. com. This company delivers the most high school and college transcripts in the United States and recently launched a free service that allows students to determine their chances of getting into college. Lou also became a grandfather for the first time this year when Benjamin Louis Griggs entered the world on February 27, 2011. 2003 Eric Wright is a defensive back with the Detroit Lions. Eric attended USC and UNLV before being drafted in the second round by Cleveland in 2007.

1980 Fr. Jeffrey J. Finley, C.P.P.S., was elected Provincial for the Atlantic Province of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood on May 18, 2011. He took his vows on October 20, 1990 at St. Mary’s Cathedral in San Francisco. This past August, Fr. Finley moved to the headquarters of his Province in Toronto, Canada. Patrick Kelly married Susan Maloney of Novato on October 1, 2011. 1985 Author Matthew O’Malley launched a website,, to promote his latest book, Coastside Detectives: The Grand View. This book is a modern noir detective novel set in the Bay Area.

On September 17, 2011 David Camacho ’98 and two of his Crusader brother classmates, Roberto Guerrero and Mario Dahdah, completed the Tough Mudder event in Squaw Valley. This event is known as one of the most challenging athletic events around, consisting of an 11-mile race straight up a 2300-foot mountain and 24 grueling obstacle courses. Tough Mudder raises money for the Wounded Warrior Project. ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE


Claiborne Childs ’98 earned his M.D. from the Georgetown University School of Medicine in May 2011. Prior to graduation, he received the Jesuit Leadership and Service Award and the Heinz Bauer Humanitarian Award. Claiborne was also selected by his classmates to give the student address at the annual Warwick Evans Awards Ceremony. He is currently working as a resident physician in Internal Medicine at the NYPH-Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

2011 Homecoming Archbishop Riordan welcomed more than 75 alumni to campus on October 8, 2011 for a barbecue prior to the varsity football game against Sacred Heart Cathedral. Before and after the game, alumni toured the new boarding school dormitory on campus, and networked with Crusader friends old and new.

Alumni Gatherings

Homecoming and Class Reunions Bring Crusaders Together This past Fall, the classes of 1971 and 1986 celebrated their 40 and 25-year reunions, respectively, and the classes of 1954, 1956, and 1958 gathered for their annual class luncheons. Two recipients of the Class of ’58 scholarship, set up during the class’s golden diploma year in 2008, also attended the event. In December, the Class of 1981 headed to Caesar’s in downtown San Francisco for their 30-year reunion on December 22, and Bart Cornell welcomed the Class of 1996 at his restaurant The Blarney Stone for their 15-year reunion on December 30. Attention members of the Class of 1966, 1976, 1991, and 2001! We need your help to reach out to fellow alumni for upcoming reunion celebrations. If you are interested in helping to plan an event for your class, please contact Alumni Director Viggen Rassam,

As a side note, a fellow Crusader alum, Richard Forslund ’07, also graduated this past year from Georgetown University, magna cum laude, with a BA in Regional and Comparative Studies. Claiborne and Richard ran into each other on the Georgetown campus last year and have kept in touch.

2005 Claudio Innocenti married Katrina Hall Innocenti on September 17, 2011.

Arts, working with franchises such as Madden, FIFA, and Battlefield. He plans to pursue an MBA in the future.

Tom Osbourne recently returned to the San Francisco Bay Area stage with his current appearance as “Wes” in Lanford Wilson’s Fifth of July, now playing at The Pear Avenue Theatre in Mountain View. He previously spent six years in Philadelphia and is glad to be back in town.

2007 Michael Conti works as a staff photographer for The Courier, of Houma, Louisiana. The Courier has a weekly circulation of about 20,000, and is the primary daily newspaper for Terrebonne Parish. Though he has only been on the job a short time, Michael has covered everything from the lingering effects of the BP oil spill, to wetlands restoration, to New Orleans Saints football.

2006 Michael Fong graduated from the University of San Francisco in 2010 with a BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Administration and Accounting. He is currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Sports Management at the University of San Francisco, and is the Graduate Assistant for the University of San Francisco’s Men’s Basketball Team under Head Coach Rex Walters. Grant Lee graduated from UC Davis in 2010 with a major in economics and minor in statistics. Currently he is a Market Research Analyst at Electronic 46

John Tsang graduated from UC Davis this past spring, and is currently working as a business analyst at Oracle in the finance department. He fondly remembers wrestling for coach Vic Anastasio. He writes: “Wrestling has taught me how to approach the myriad of challenges that life presents, and has developed my character and work ethic, transforming me into a stronger and more capable individual.”


Bob Cutone ’58 and Dave Mackin ’53 enjoyed a great day of fraternity and football.

Class of 1971 reunion on October 15 at Archbishop Riordan

Michael O’Leary ’69 listened to Hon. Ray Arata ’53 talk EFSYXXLIHE]WLITPE]IHUYEVXIVFEGOJSVXLI'VYWEHIV football team.

Class of 1954 annual luncheon on September 29 at Caesar’s Restaurant

Class of 1986 reunion on October 15 at the San Mateo Elks Club


Class of 1958 annual luncheon on October 27 at Caesar’s Restaurant

Former Faculty News Pat McCluskey welcomed his first grandchild, Darcy Alice Wheeler, this past August. Pat and his family initially traveled to New York, but the baby was born 10 days after her due date and they returned to the Bay Area. On the second trip back to New York Pat had to travel through Hurricane Irene to the meet Darcy, but she was worth it!

Alumni News

Class of 1961 Is Golden

Twelfth Annual Downtown Luncheon

The Class of 1961 celebrated their Golden Diploma year over two days October 28-29, 2011. For a few members, this was the

More than 150 alumni gathered at the Sir Francis Drake Hotel in San Francisco on November 18, 2011 for the 12th Annual Downtown

first reunion they had attended and their first time back on the Riordan campus since their graduation in June 1961. More than

Luncheon. Featured guest, former 49er great Eric Wright, spoke about a range of topics including the challenges of professional sports,

90 men attended a weekend of memorable events, including a luncheon on Friday, October 28 at Lake Merced Golf Club, and

Heisman Trophy nominees, and the benefits of Catholic education. We hope to see even more alumni at next year’s luncheon.

then a mass, diploma ceremony, and family brunch at Riordan the next day. The highlight of the weekend was a spontaneous rendition of the alma mater while standing on the front steps of the school. After 50 years, the guys did not miss a beat. Congratulations to the Class of ’61—you are truly Crusaders for life!

Class of 1972 (l to r): Manny Flores, John Flaherty, Terry McHugh, Norb Feyling, Dan Duggan, Tom Cordes, ARHS Trustee Jeff Holl, and John Hallisy

Nearly 90 classmates gathered for a great afternoon at Lake Merced Golf Club.

Great memories were shared as the class enjoyed the afternoon together.

Pat Quinn ’70, Michaek Cooney ’61, Fr. Mike Quinn ’70, and Dave Billeci ’64

Class of 1975: Floyd Jasinski, Dave Murphy, and Tom Palmer

The Class of 1961 showed their Crusader pride on Phelan Avenue. Class of 1971: Dan McCarthy, Tony Abramo, and Bob Borella

The ARHS Jazz band put all in a festive mood.

The Cutone Brothers Mike ’56, Tony ’54 and Bob ’58, far right, with Steve Murillo ’79, second from right

Memories of the past and those classmates lost were on display. Greg Collaco ’86, Paul Ferroggiaro ’83, and Mike Mihalek ’54

Jerry Stynes and Tom Sweeny from the class of 1976 Vico Piccinini ’74, Bruce Moore ’67, Frank Clima, Bob Galluchi ’60, and Tom Leonard ’67

Classmate Fr. Robert Maguire celebrated the mass in the Chapel of the Assumption. 48

President Patrick W. Daly presented Manny Medina, Ron Mifsud, and Tom Redmond their golden diplomas.


The Feyling Brothers, Bill ’77, Norb ’72, and Walter ’63 ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE


In Memoriam Archbishop Riordan High School extends our deepest sympathies to families of departed members of our community.

Judge Robert Ahern ’56 William Benninghoff ’56 Fay Bohnert Mother of Edward Bohnert’65

Donald Castle, ’59 Donald Colclough ’55 Bro. James Dods, S.M. William Flatlen ’88 John Fleming ’59 John Froehle ’68 Michael Gallagher ’67 Eugene Gannon ’41 Christian Hary ’55 Margaret Hogan Sister of Ken Bollier ’57

Winona Joyce Mother of Chuck Joyce ’63

John Leipelt ’55 Michael Light ’62 Jose Maldonado ’86 Ron McGee ’58 John Murphy ’64

San Francisco Mourns Death of Firefighter Vincent Perez ’81 Lt. Vincent Perez ’81 and fellow Engine Company 26 firefighter Anthony Valerio died valiantly last summer while battling a blaze in the Diamond Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. The death of both men is a heartbreaking loss to their families, the SFFD and to the City of San Francisco. Born and raised in the Mission District and Bernal Heights, Lt. Perez entered the SFFD in 1990 after serving as a Deputy Sheriff in Alameda County. He previously served his Country as a member of the U.S. Marine Corp. In one of the many eulogies given at Lt. Perez’s funeral on June 10th at St. Mary’s Cathedral, Tom O'Connor, president of the San Francisco firefighters union, spoke about Lt. Perez’s passion for working with the community, and dedication to the job. “He had a big heart and unbounded capacity to help the downtrodden," said O’Connor, like “Mother Teresa with a siren.” Lt. Perez will be dearly missed by his family and a close network of friends from all stages of his life. In memory of this fallen hero and his ultimate sacrifice on behalf of the safety of the people of San Francisco, Archbishop Riordan has established the Vincent Perez ’81 Memorial Scholarship. For more information or if you would like to make a donation, please contact Steve Dini, Director of Development, (415) 586-8200 ext. 264. or ŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒ

Frederic Nerney ’58

Bro. James Dods, S.M. and Fr. Jack Russi, S.M. ’57 Enter Eternal Rest The Archbishop Riordan Community is saddened by the passing of two Marianists, Bro. James Dods and Fr. John “Jack” Russi ’57, who served our school at multiple points throughout their lives.

A Firm, Fair and Friendly Leader James “Jim” Dods met the Marianists at his alma mater Saint Louis School in Honolulu, Hawaii and decided to enter the novitiate after attending a Marianist retreat. After graduating from Chaminade University in 1962 he went on to work in a number of Catholic schools, including Saint Louis School, St. Anthony’s in Wailuku, Maui, Serra High School in Gardena, California, a school in Yokohama, Japan, and Archbishop Riordan. During his 15 years at Archbishop Riordan, Bro. Jim served as a teacher, guidance director and academic dean, and later as an interim principal from 2001 until 2004. After stints in Hawaii, he had to trade in his aloha shirts for a crisp white dress shirt, a black tie and his famous black coat sweater with a zipper for work on Phelan Avenue. Fr. Tim Eden ’63 remembers him as someone who gave 100 percent to everything he did and took his community responsibilities seriously. If Bro. Jim was in charge of cleaning a guest room, “you could eat food off the floor,” Fr. Tim said. “He was very devoted to the Society of Mary.” “Bro. Dods truly embodied the spirit of the Brotherhood,” said Director of Campus Ministry Alex Datoc ’87. “When I was a student he was there to guide you and make sure you were doing the right things but also let you know—in his own kind and gentle way—who was in charge.” ŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒŒ

Steward of the Community Following his graduation from Chaminade University, Fr. Jack Russi ’57 began a long career as a Catholic educator, first as a teacher at his alma mater, Archbishop Riordan. Fr. Jack spent years as a teacher, counselor, chaplain and president at Archbishop Mitty High School, and as Principal of Saint Louis School. He would later retuned to Riordan in 2002 and spend five years as a teacher and chaplain. Riordan Counselor Sr. Joy Giovannoni, csj credits Fr. Jack for guiding her to Riordan. Having known each other from their days at St. Cecilia’s grammar school, Fr. Jack reached out to her when she was back in San Francisco and encouraged her to come to Riordan. “That was so much like Jack. He always was trying to take care of his friends,” recalls Sr. Joy. Fr. Jack’s colleagues and friends at Riordan fondly remember his devotion to building community by attending retreats, helping students and families, serving on boards, as well as conducting weddings, baptisms and funerals for all the people that he knew. His generosity earned him friends in high places, too. Co-Founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, once pulled up in front of the school in a Hummer to take Fr. Jack out to lunch.

Michael Nolan ’60 Brother of Gerry ’65

Michael O’Connor ’55 Rudy Partida ’63

It surprised no one when Fr. Jack was appointed provincial of the former Marianist Province of the Pacific in 1997, a role in which he would serve until the four American provinces merged in 2002 to form the new Marianist Province of the United States. Fr. Jack’s leadership was vital during the transition.

Vincent Perez ’81 Barbara Roache Mother of the late Michael ’76

Renato Roverso ’91 Fr. Jack Russi, S.M. ’57 Lorraine and Steve Shubunka Grandmother and Uncle of Sean ’10 & Beau ’12 Cadigan 50


Eugene Gannon ’41 (seated) at the annual Golden Graduate Luncehon held on June 2, 2011, passed away on October 30, 2011. Eugene is pictured with fellow St. James graduates, (l to r) James Grealish ’38, Bruno Andreatta ’41, George Brooks ’41 and ARHS President Patrick W. Daly (holding a St. James block).

For we know, if our earthly house of this habitation be dissolved, that we have a building of God, a house not made with hands, eternal in heaven. II Corinthians 5:1 – 1 ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI MAGAZINE - FUTURE


Archbishop Riordan High School



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Saturday, April 21, 2012 On The Campus of Archbishop Riordan High School 175 Phelan Avenue San Francisco, CA 94112


SAVE THE DATE ALUMNI MOMS ANNUAL BRUNCH SUNDAY, MAY 6, 2012 LAKE MERCED GOLF COURSE A great time to renew old friendships, share family updates and meet new friends. This event supports the Campus Ministry Student Retreat Fund to help students in need attend ARHS retreats.

Silent Auction Dinner Live Auction Dancing For additional information please call Sharon Ghilardi-Udovich, Director of Special Events at 415-586-8200, ext *217 or

For more information, contact Sharon Ghilardi-Udovich, Director of Special Events and Alumni Mom ’93, (415) 586-2800 *217 or 52




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