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As task to give idea solution for international competition AC-CA for design of architectural University tower in Dubai I had much more than to give only design it was more about the story that object should reveals in contact with people. That’s reason why I asked myself some questions on the beginning‌

What is architecture today and what are future directions? Architecture is vital and enduring because it contain us, it describe space we move through, exist in and use. The design of Architecture Tower is concerned with the making of space, not abstract space, not scale less space but space whose order and definition is related to light, to human scale and to the culture of architecture. Every component has been carefully designed taking in consideration the public areas, the city and natural light. The vertically accented façade will be constructed from glass with different transparency level and opaque aluminum elements. As the building rises in the height, the shape reduces in size, responding to the program while controlling the amount of direct sunlight that reaches the interior of the tower. The goal is to provide maximum interior daylight while allowing students to enjoy panorama of the city.

Also in order to compensate the lack of water at the location the building is equipped with channels along the edge for the maximum contribution to collection the atmospheric water which could be applied for technical use. This 400m high Tower would certainly become a new visual landmark of the city and building a recognizable throughout the world.

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