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3) Pending framework to link mobile payment transactions to open online and Facebook marketing tools; and 4) A cloud based end to end platform designed for online distribution partner integration.

egnyte, Inc


egnyte provides enterprise file sharing solutions. Launched in 2008, the company serves over 30,000 customers ranging from SMB to enterprises located around the globe. egnyte’s solution allows businesses to deliver anytime/anywhere file access, easy file sharing and mobility while enforcing the highest degree of security and control. egnyte also is the only solution to provide a hybrid deployment option combining the power of the cloud with the benefits of on-premises file access in the LAN. egnyte integrates with a range of storage platforms so businesses can integrate cloud into their existing storage infrastructure.

Backed by over 80 patents and pending patent applications, ItsOn created the Smart Services revolution over four years ago. Comprised of pioneers in the wireless, cloud and security industries that have a track record of delivering SaaS client-cloud services to over 70 million consumers and invented the core technology behind LTE and WiFi 802.11N, the ItsOn team is well positioned to deliver the next wave of mobile wireless services innovation. ItsOn is the first company to apply the flexibility of the cloud to core operator services, making it as easy to buy and manage your mobile access as it is to buy a song on iTunes or download an app from the Play Store. Everything can be done from your device without ever having to go to a store or talk to someone on the phone. The ItsOn cloud, in conjunction with an intelligent client enables users to self-discover services as they need them, allowing them to modify their plans, share plans with multiple devices, add mobile hot spot or roaming upgrades, create curfews and countless other tasks in seconds from their device.

flint Mobile flint Mobile Inc. is the mobile payments company that makes it easy for on-the-go businesses to accept credit card payments through a simple mobile app without card reader hardware and to maximize customer engagement through open online tools without reliance on a proprietary digital wallet. flint’s mission is to empower tens of millions of small “non-countertop” businesses and individual entrepreneurs who operate outside of typical storefront environments and have fundamentally different needs. The company’s differentiation stems from four primary factors: 1) Patented technology to use standard mobile devices to securely scan just the main number off the card instead of using a physical card reader or capturing a full image of the card; 2) End-to-end payment service provider platform to enable easy online merchant on-boarding in minutes; and

Funambol Funambol is the leading provider of white-label personal cloud solutions for mobile operators and other service providers. Funambol solutions have been deployed worldwide for millions of people to secure, sync and share rich media (pictures, videos, music) files and PIM data (contacts and calendar) via the cloud. Its core product OneMediaHub is the leading white-label personal cloud solution and the company claims that it is superior to other personal cloud solutions such as Apple iCloud and Dropbox because A) As a white-label solution, it enables mobile providers to go to market with their own branded personal cloud solution that captures subscriber data and content in their own cloud, generating revenue and increasing customer loyalty. B) It supports most types of devices (e.g. not just iOS or Android) and content (i.e. more than just files). C) It is highly flexible, enabling customers to go to market with a differentiated service. D) It offers deployment flexibility, i.e. it can be hosted for customers by Funambol or a third party to enable customers to go to market quickly with minimum capex, or it can be deployed on customer premises.

Lookout Lookout started with founders John Hering, Kevin Mahaffey and James Burgess, right out of school and passionate about mobile devices and security. The trio’s early research led them to an approach to mobile security that was completely different from the start – big data harnessed to protect against every size of mobile threats. Today Lookout is a rapidly growing company based in San Francisco, California. Lookout is funded by leading investors including Khosla Ventures, Trilogy Equity Partners, Accel Partners, Index Ventures and Silicon Valley Global | 65

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