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Introducing TEQNOCO


eqnoco Net Ltd. is a telecommunications company based in the west of Ireland and has been in business for almost three years. It provides companies with a telecommunications channel to connect with their customers on any mobile phone anywhere in the world. Some of their major blue-chip clients include E-Transactions and Badoo, with Teqnoco involved in markets all over the globe. Every business has problems to solve, whether it’s revenue, or customer service. Teqnoco provides a single cloud-based platform, branded as Messaging365, that enables the creation of simple text based but very effective mobile applications allowing worldwide interaction with customers or employees on any GSM phone free of charge to the end-user. “We provide a platform for the business that contains a technology supported by almost all mobile phones worldwide. We offer a web-based interface or API to develop services using that technology whilst providing accessibility to majority mobile networks worldwide,” explains founder Stan Kuznetsov. “The potential for use is huge, for example, in banking, mobile commerce, customer surveys, voting and mobile alerts for account activity or one time passwords.” Stan, who holds degrees in economics and business administration and has over 20

years experience in business management, moved to Ireland in 2002 from Belarus, with ambitions to start his own company. After working in various sectors he started his first venture MiTAG in 2008, a predecessor of TEQNOCO. In 2010 he completed an enterprise course through the Innovation in Business Centre in Castlebar, County Mayo, where his business is now based. His expertise is backed up by two of his other colleagues, who have extensive experience as senior IT engineers in the Telecom industry. They are responsible for core telecom and the Platform development side. The company has also lined up Channel Partners in the UK, Singapore and Ivory Coast who act as a sales channel within those markets. In recent months Stan has launched a new venture,, a personal alarm service using your mobile to instantly alert family, friends and neighbors to get their help when in danger or needing assistance. Instant help is summoned by pressing the speed dial on your phone so help can be summoned quickly by voice and text alerts for a faster response. It has a wider impact when used in communities, “by using our mobile phone technology we can assist whole communities to feel safer especially those who live on their own or in remote areas. At the push of a button, we can send a pre-set text and voice

message to your support network, whether friends or family, asking for immediate assistance. If you have had a fall and need help you can use speed dial to send a message for help to your neighbor. Instead of waiting at least 20-30 minutes for emergency services to arrive, your friends and neighbors could be at the scene to assist you within minutes. Given the recent closures of local Police stations I realized there was a real need to give people peace of mind and to feel safe and secure in their own home. It’s very affordable, easy to use and gives you and your family members’ peace of mind.” Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny gave his approval to Dial4Help’s innovative Personal Alarm Service and said “It is a great service and I would recommend it to anyone as a must have utility, as I can see the benefits in it”. Stan plans to add additional features to the product, such as video surveillance from a web-cam on your PC or laptop along with geo-location of your mobile phone. Plans are already afoot to expand the telecoms business internationally, with a new HQ projected to be opened in Silicon Valley in the near future. This office will offer an extended range of services. More @, and

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