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Investment in Ireland John Mention, Arthur Cox outlines some of the “Non Tax” Drivers which encourage inward investment in Ireland.


reland’s success in attracting US investment has traditionally been associated with the low headline rate of Irish corporation tax, generous R&D incentives and the general open business environment, which is similar in approach to the US business environment. A number of new “Non Tax” drivers have emerged which are attracting US investment into Ireland – mainly around sector specific benefits that have developed in a number of areas including medical device/medtech, Internet, managing intellectual property and corporate migrations. In this article we will highlight some examples of sectors where

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there are significant business/regulatory/legal advantages for US corporations to establish operations in Ireland (under-pinned by the prevailing low corporate tax environment).

Data Privacy (Internet) US Internet businesses establishing European operations have to navigate the European Data Privacy (Data Protection) laws that can apply when data about living individuals is processed. There are significant differences in the practical implementation/enforcement of these European Data Protection laws across the 27 countries of the European Union.

The prevailing Data Protection regulatory and operating environment is a key factor for “internationalizing” social media/internet/ cloud/medical data corporations to consider when determining a location for an operation outside the USA. If the wrong jurisdiction is chosen then it can greatly add to the cost, bureaucracy, the time and effort required to establish and maintain the operation and may ultimately paralyze the business model. The Irish data protection environment is widely seen as being a balanced regulatory environment where the rights of individuals (whose data is being processed) are protected while at the same time balancing them against

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