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Spring 2012


Interior Trends

Installing a carbon monoxide alarm could save your life Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless and poisonous gas that can be produced by any appliance that burns a fossil fuel such as oil, coal or gas. Regular inspection and maintenance of appliances, vents, flues and chimneys are the best ways to protect you and your family from this hidden danger. For added protection install an audible carbon monoxide alarm. Make sure the alarm:

• • • •

Complies with European Standard EN 50291 Carries the CE mark Has an ‘end of life’ indicator Carries an independent certification mark

More than one alarm may be required to give full coverage. Alarms should be installed as per manufacturers’ instruction. Alternatively get a qualified installer to fit them for you.

For more information, see or call 1850 79 79 79

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Moving in to inspire



Fashion forward and fabulous are just

The smallest room but one of the most

the tip of the iceberg when trying to

used. Check out some colourful ideas

describe Garry Cohn Design. A design

and the fabulous Moo Loo.

sensation will be experienced by all who visit the Cohn designed VAL House


at the Spring Ideal Homes show.

Italian design is always a winner when it comes to style and we have some great


ideas for the ultimate cool appliances in

It’s that time of the year again so we

the kitchen.

look at ways to give the garden a cheap and cheerful makeover.

FIT OUT & DESIGN Fit out, design and architectural experts


tell us what they can do to make best

The current trend for up-cycling has

use of your space.

opened up a whole area of design that interior companies and designers alike


are having fun with. You too can have

Carbon Monoxide poisoning is a

fun re-using and recycling.

real threat to health and often called the silent killer. On the other end of


the scale noise pollution is a regular

Adrian Interiors in Newry, Co Down are

everyday nuisance. What can you do to

a design house with an eye for dazzling

fix the problem?

design. We look at an apartment makeover in the heart of the city that is sure to set hearts racing. movingin to inspire 5

For your nearest stockist visit

Moving in to inspire



am taking my lead for this issue from the Spring Ideal Homes show. Chief designer for the show house and furniture area is Garry Cohn, one of the most influential and inspirational designers I have ever met. Garry has designed everything from

private jets to international commercial and retail outlets not to mention our own jaw-dropping Peter Marks Style Club. If there is one thing you can be sure of with Garry, it is that your jaw will drop when you see his designs so visitors to the Ideal Homes show are in for a real treat. Colour is the theme for the Ideal Homes extension and since we are all fed up with doom and gloom this issue is our most colourful

yet. Much as we might like to inject a little colour to our homes however the budget isn’t always there to do it, so we show you how to get the designer look and great bang for your buck at the same time. The recent trend towards recycling or ‘upcycling’ as it is called is a new take on buying from car boot and antique sales. Upcycling has opened up a whole new world of possibilities and there are now great and inexpensive options in recyclable and beautiful products. We look at several of these options in our features on kitchens, bathrooms and funky furniture. We have great ideas too from top of the range interior outlets north and south of the country where design boundaries are stretched to their limits to wonderful effect. Last but not least we head down to beautiful Skibbereen to see interiors, outdoors and sumptuous luxury come together in the perfect marriage at the beautiful Liss Ard Estate. I hope you find some great inspiration throughout these pages, and keep your emails coming in as we always love to hear from you. Enjoy!


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Contributing Writers Garry Cohn

Devlin Media

Aoife Rattigan

Tel: 01 8053944

without the editor’s consent in writing.

Cover image: An upcycled chair in Anticipate fabric from Green Gorgeous. Photography by Christine Burns.

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Luxaflex® Beautiful Energy Savers

Fashion Forward

Designed by Luxaflex®, Inspired by you. Luxaflex® Architella Duette® Shades can save on Home Energy Bills. Duette® Shades can achieve energy-ratings up to AAA, making them an excellent energysaving choice for any window. The cellular construction of the fabric gives excellent insulating properties, keeping the heat in during the winter months, and keeping your home nice and cool in the summer. Duette® Shades come in fabrics of different opacities to match your style: block light and offer privacy or allow soft, diffused light to enter your room.

8 movingin to inspire For more information on Luxaflex® products and to find your nearest showroom, visit

Fashion Forward


Design Team

Garry Cohn & Aoife Rhattigan

Fashion Forward E verybody needs a little extra space but

the Ideal Homes extension and furniture area where

what to do with it? The spring Ideal Home

they worked their magic on a home extension with a

show takes a typical extension space and


shows you how to make the most of it. You

Most modern families need extra space but it can

might be surprised to see what can be achieved with

be cost prohibitive not to mention time consuming

a quick lick of paint!

and messy. Enter VAL House, part of Morris

Spring Forward, Fall Back is a great way to

McCauley Construction and all of these problems

remember the change from winter to summer time. It

disappear. You can add a 40 sq. meter extension

is also a great mantra for how to look at life. Design

to your home without planning permission and

gurus Garry Cohn and Aoife Rhattigan are masters of

with VAL House the unit comes ready assembled

their craft with a zest for life that positively oozes out

so it can be installed onsite with the minimum of

of every aspect of their design. Always ready to spring

fuss and in less than two days. The Ideal Homes

forward Garry and Aoife’s insatiable appetite for fun

extension is a VAL House with fit out and design by

and cutting edge design will be plain for all to see at

Garry Cohn Design. movingin to inspire 9

Special Show Offer!

2.5m X 2.5m Corner Sofa in your choice of style and colour worth €2500, only €1950 with this AD

No matter what type of sofa you want we can do it.

We make indoor sofas, and outdoor sofas,


SofaWORKS You design it - we build it!

Grass Sofa Show Special €599

Whatever you want, no problem! Visit our showrooms for a range of ready-made styles or have your sofa made to order. For a great recession revamp why not reinvent your furniture by reupholstering?

Unit B1, Glasnevin Business Park, Dublin 11 Tel - (01) 8309658 Fax - (01) 8302318 Email: .

Fashion Forward

Extension Interior With the basic shell in place all sorts of possibilities open up and for many that is the fun part. Garry Cohn and his partner Aoife Rhattigan showed what can be done with a blank canvass to make it a stylish space. Garry explains, “Our design for the extension is very fashion forward. Not everybody will love every aspect of it but just like in fashion, you look, you see and you take pieces away with you as inspiration. We concentrated on using bold colour which is effective yet inexpensive and we peppered the space with signature pieces to deliver a drop dead gorgeous space.” Garry says that you should “imagine and go towards objects that you would love to have surrounding you”. Investment pieces he says will stand the test of time

attached to external walls as an architectural element

and you will really enjoy living with them. If you buy the

and to create additional planting space. A visual

cheaper option you will always wish you had the original

contrast to the circles is a huge rectangular sculpture

item that inspired you. Colour on the other hand can be

painted in a yellow-green with a square arch painted

easily changed with a simple coat of paint.

blue to invite the visitor in towards the house. A

Certainly colour plays its part in Garry’s design.

fabulous focal point in the garden is an outdoor sofa

With paint provided by show sponsor Dulux there was

and table covered in grass fabric. From upholstery

an unlimited choice of colours to choose from and

specialists Custom Made Sofas/Jaybee Sofaworks

Garry and Aoife used colour in every aspect of the

this is a simple trick that provides a novel seating

design including externally.

area while also delivering on wow factor. “The grass sofa and table are a fantastic visual and a real talking

The Modern Garden

point” says Garry.

Gardens by Lush Landscapes use lots of green to compliment the internal and external colorways.

The Foyer

To reflect today’s smaller garden and the need for

Visitors to the show home walk through the garden

practicality, a vegetable and herb garden is integrated

underneath the rectangular sculpture in colours

into a modern circular trellis with disk shapes

that are mirrored within the home. As you come movingin to inspire 11

KARL’S Furniture

Quality Furniture at prices that cannot be beaten

Contact details | Karls Furniture, Kylemore Road, Dublin 10 ph 01-6260600 | email | Opening hours Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 5.30pm Sunday 2pm-5.30pm

Fashion Forward

occasion and style.” Garry added a modern touch

Olympic Seating

into the foyer, mustard gold walls give the effect of a continuous space from outdoors to inside. Clever

with a side chair by Bo Concept and an oversized

rectangular cut outs in the wall create spy holes

floor lamp from Minima.

This example of a recycled sofa is not the actual sofa used in the show house but is a classic chesterfield created for this years Olympic games with vintage olympian fabric, www.

looking into the garden. Furniture is kept simple with an antique coat rack and retro mirror from Christy Bird

Kitchen Classic

Antiques and interest is added with a modern chair

For the kitchen area sleek units are kissed with

from Minima. “This foyer is simple yet dramatic” says

vibrant red in the most perfect marriage of colour and

Garry, “yet it is inexpensive to recreate.”

texture. Vibrant red walls may seem risky but red is the colour of energy. In China red is the colour of luck

Room for Living

and happiness; it is the marriage colour in India and

The colour sensation continues into the living room

in feng shui it is a colour that signifies richness and

which is a kitchen/diner combined. The living area is

luxury. “I went with floor to ceiling red in the kitchen

kept muted with a simple feature wall dry brushed in

because it is hot, passionate, rich and celebratory

charcoal gray in a random pattern that is covered in

so ideal for a busy work space” says Garry. He

unevenly shaped ‘mix and match’ artwork arranged in

continues, “With the sleek black glass cabinets

a geometric pattern. “Again this is easily achieved at

and stainless steel appliances the effect of

home at minimal expense” says Garry.

‘dripping red’ makes the room glow and it

Garry continues, “Where we spent some money was

softens the effect of glass and steel. Quirky

on the room’s focal point, a fantastic sofa which is a

and mismatched accessories on shelves

real head-turner. This is where people should make an

soften the look even further and give a ‘mix

investment because you can easily change wall colour

and match’ effect.”

but the sofa you sit on should be built to last”. The

A lacquered white 1950’s table from Kee

sofa Garry chose is a genuine 1970’s Milo Baughman

Interiors almost glows against the black and

sofa from Mid Century Online. This oversized semi-

red kitchen backdrop. Chairs in retro black,

circular seat sensation is hugely comfortable and

orange and white from Bo Concept complete the

a great reinvention of something old made into

bo-ho look. A fun element in the kitchen is a blackboard

of every colour and the sofa sits on a red and cerise

wall which again is achieved with blackboard paint.

circular carpet from Andrew Weadick Carpets.

Flooring is a laminate Renaissance Oak with a light

Additional living room furniture by Moroso.

oak wash from Floor Design “very effective and very

The sumptuous look continues with curtains by

something new. It is piled high with colourful cushions

Yummy Yellow

Race Yellow Chair

practical” says Garry, he continues, “I particularly

Faulkner Interiors in soft grey with a mid century

like the long plank effect which delivers the feeling

modern print. “Fabrics add glamour and definition”

of being real pieces of wood yet it has all of the

explains Garry “and Faulkner Interiors have an

practicality of laminate.”

extensive range of the most beautiful fabrics for every movingin to inspire 13

Fashion Forward

Sleep Easy The bedroom opens doors to a dreamy surreal world of velvety lush violets and dusty shady purples evoking moods of fantasy versus reality. The room is designed with monochromatic base colours in deep purple and contrasted by multicoloured patterns and prints on the bed dressing, furniture and accessories throughout the room. The room opens up to a space of tranquillity towards the head of the bed where there is a clear break in the room like night to day. An optical illusion transforms the room into a clean white space void of colour or patters as you approach the bed. “I would describe this room as a cultural clash between Marie Antoinette and Lady Ga Ga” says Garry. The bedroom is certainly creative eye candy and very inviting. warehouse Karls Furniture has furniture for every

bedroom with a retro chic look” says Garry, “the

room at fantastic prices. Garry choose a Hollywood

colour we choose is deep aubergine because it is

glamour mirror for the bedroom wall from Karls

very luxurious and it acts as a great canvass for crisp

which has a great regency 1940’s feel with its silver

white linen and the retro look of the furniture”.

intricate pattern on the oval frame. Fun and fabulous,

Garry sourced the great bedroom furniture

this mirror looks way more expensive than it is. Also

from Christy Bird Antiques and Karls Furniture

from Karls Furniture are a mirrored dresser and a

on Kylemore Road in Dublin. A massive furniture

fantastic oversized floor lamp. “The lamp looks like

14 movingin to inspire

Living/Dining Sketch for the living/dining area by Cohn Design

“I wanted to create a Lady Gaga effect in the

Fashion Forward

explains Garry. “The cool stainless steel and giant

Garry concludes, “You spend so much of your lifetime in the bedroom, you may as well have fun with it!”

proportions of this lamp give the effect of a huge reading lamp over the bed.” He concludes, “Every

The ‘Kee’ to Success

home should have one!”

Showhouse contributors Kee Interiors is an interior

A 1970’s headboard from Christy Bird antiques

design company with a nice difference. Specialising

sits beneath the massive reading light and the bed is

in creating spaces using Irish handmade furniture

dressed in crisp white linen from new Irish Interiors

and home accessories the company support local

sensation, Green Gorgeous. A beautiful white panel

cottage industries and promote traditional crafts

blind sits behind the bed from Luxaflex.

such as wood turning, upholstery and weaving with

Aubergine carpet is from AW Carpet and a textured aubergine wall covering with black etched leaves

Ravishing Rug Circular rug in the style of show home available from Aoki Interiors

a guest or reading lamp but on a massive scale”

contemporary designs. Managing Director Lorna Kee started in the furniture

from Green Gorgeous creates a dramatic effect. The

manufacturing business and decided to study design

drama continues with fabulous bed linen from Ryle

in the evenings while working full time. Having

and Company and curtains by Faulkner Interiors in

qualified as a designer Lorna saw an opportunity to

a Persian pattern, a sumptuous fabric yet with pop

promote Irish craft and furnishings where there was

colours for that Lady Gaga effect.

an abundance of talent and creativity at reasonable movingin to inspire 15

Fashion Forward ‹


Pebble Leaf Nightshade Wallcovering by Green Gorgeous

prices. The strategy has paid off with Lorna winning the Most Stylish Designer award for a room set created using locally sourced materials as well as local trades people like upholsterers, curtain makers, furniture makers, ceramic artists, candle makers, quilt and cushion makers. Lorna works tirelessly at developing her brand. The online shop is worth a visit just for inspiration and after the Ideal Homes show Lorna is launching an exhibition called ‘Make a Space a home’. Irish Designers and Artists will exhibit their work collectively showcasing a room set complimented by the best of Kee Interiors. The idea of is to let each Irish Artist feature their designs together to Make a Space a 16 movingin to inspire

Fashion Forward


Minima Naan Table Eve Chair Radar Sideboard By Cassina

home. The key to getting ahead according to Lorna is breaking things down into small tasks and ticking them off one by one. This is a ‘one to watch’. This lady will definitely get wherever she wants to go. www. movingin to inspire 17

Fashion Forward

Lovely linen

By Green Gorgeous

Show Directory AW Carpets

Galerie Lisette


B&Q Liffey Valley (HQ)

Garry Cohn Design

Mid Century Online

Bo Concept

Green Gorgeous


Christy Bird Ltd

Hedge Roe

Morris McCauley Construction

Custom Made Sofas

Jaybee Sofaworks Munster Joinery

Dulux Paints

Karls Furniture Ryle And Company

Eboutique Ie

Kaymed World

Faulkner Interiors

Kee Interiors


Finline Furniture

Liam Grant Wood Design

The White Door

Floor Design Ltd

Lush Landscapes

VELUX Company Ltd

Siemens BSH Home

Anima Mundy

By Philip Taffe as inspiration for the showhouse 18 movingin to inspire

Since 1950 the Faulkner name has been the benchmark of quality and excellence in soft furnishings.

From the simple lines of contemporary styling to the elegance of the State Room curtains in Aras an Uachtarain we have over sixty years of skill and expertise to satisfy the most challenging situations.

Faulkner Interiors are delighted to be suppliers of curtains in the Ideal Home Extension

Fabrics featured Bedroom Manuel Canovas Dara

Living Room Prestigious Maple

Faulkner Interiors. Unit 2 Crumlin Business Centre, Stannaway Drive, Dublin 12. Telephone: 00-353-1- 4650000. Fax: 00-353-1- 4650004. Email: Vat No. IE 9801276M

Fashion Forward

Faulkner Interiors


name synonymous with quality we ask

through in fabric designs with teal; vibrant reds and

David Faulkner, of Faulkner Interiors,

re-establishing blues with notes of purple and red

what he sees as the current trends for

underscoring them. “These blues are a particular

colour and interior design.

favourite of mine,” says David “as they are a far cry

Vibrant – Romantic - Colourful - Nostalgic –

“welcome but not surprising trends in the world of interiors” says David Faulkner, director of one

from the cold blues of the past and are superb as accents in many schemes.” Pattern both vibrant and more muted, as seen in

of Ireland’s longest established Interior Design

the Garry Cohn Home Extension, is very much the


flavour of the moment and always gives a great lift

A family owned business established in 1950 the Faulkner Interiors name has become synonymous

to our predominantly grey weather. Textures in linens and silks and patterned or

with excellence and attention to detail. That

striped velvets remain as popular as ever but

standard and tradition was recently recognised by

the increasing introduction of man-made fibres

the OPW (Office of Public Works) in the presentation

in replicating silk and linen has enabled their

of an award for 34 years of service to the State. The

luxurious textures to be used without the fear of

State Rooms in Áras an Uachtaráin, Farmleigh and

deterioration from sunlight. The mixes of linen with

most recently Fota house in Co. Cork all feature

viscose or outright replicas in polyester overcome

classic drapery treatments – supplied, manufactured

the problem of creasing traditionally associated with

and installed by Faulkner Interiors.

linen and you can now enjoy the look of linen with

“In these less economically favourable times, Review reassess-reinvent: anything but recession is my philosophy” says David.

the most modest budget. Wallpapers continue to be popular, both textured and large feature patterns, with a retro look

Greenhills Road Dublin 12 E: W: Phone : (01) 456 9549 Fax: (01) 4599534

influenced by Art Deco through to the seventies and

Top image: Farmleigh

clashing patterns, a ‘look’ at which the Victorians

eighties. From the glorious opulence of the Louis

Side image: private homes.

were past masters. The popularity of the minimalist

XIV style to the more modernist Art Deco, Faulkner

For interiors that are

look has waned considerably as we seek to find

Interiors are expert at all styles and types of interior

pure elegance and the

comfort, warmth and something of tradition in our

designs and whilst they are best-known for curtains,

reassurance of a quality

own personal space.

they also design and install soft furnishings, window

finish. Contact

dressings, upholstery and fabric walling.

The current mood is for colour and pattern, even

Purples, aubergines and limes continue to show 20 movingin to inspire

Fashion Forward

Absolutely Gorgeous


ased in Dundalk, this new startup

the Interior Design and Graphic Design fields. Our

company are everything and more

common interest in care for the environment coupled

that their name suggests. We chatted

with our passion for good design sparked the idea

with the dynamic duo behind this new

for the business – a one-stop shop bringing together

venture about everything green and gorgeous.

contemporary design and environmental awareness.

You are a new startup company in difficult times.

a growth industry with the market growing 10%

What is your background; how did it happen?

year on year. Eco-friendly products are no longer

We are a two-person team, Linda Sheridan and

‘beige and boring.’ They are green and gorgeous

Paula Stapleton, both from business backgrounds in

and target a much wider audience. Our research in

Globally, green interior and lifestyle products are

movingin to inspire 21

Fashion Forward

Ireland shows that there is a growing interest in and

All products have been chosen for their eco

awareness of products that are sustainably sourced

credentials: either because they are made from

with green credentials that are also stylish, healthy,

sustainable, organic, or recycled/recyclable materials or

excellent quality and price competitive.

they have been produced using low-impact technology. In keeping with our ethos, we wish to support

What do you do?

environmentally aware designers and source products

Green Gorgeous, shortlisted for the Green Retailer

locally where possible to both support local businesses

Award 2012 in the upcoming Green Awards, is a

and reduce the environmental impact of transport.

one-stop online shop for eco-friendly interiors and

Products include organic fabrics suitable for

gifts, bringing together a collection of design-led

upholstery, soft furnishings, craft and fashion; eco

eco conscious living and gift items and offering

wallpapers in a range of funky colours; toxin-free paints

environmentally aware consumers an exciting

which are especially great for nurseries and allergy

alternative to conventional products, an alternative

sufferers; luxurious organic cotton bed linen; homewares

that is both green and gorgeous.

and a range of eco chic gifts for all occasions – for her,

22 movingin to inspire

Fashion Forward

for him, for kids, for baby, for home and weddings. We

for a business like this. We would love to work with

also up-cycle old upholstery pieces, recovering them in

Irish designers using locally sourced materials. We

funky, organic cotton fabrics.

believe there is huge potential in promoting ecofriendly Irish made products around the world.

What have you provided for Ideal Homes? It was a pleasure to work with Garry and Aoife for

Any special items of interest to our readers?

the Ideal Home Show. Their design for the feature

To celebrate our official launch at the Ideal Home

extension is very exciting and we are delighted to

Show, our ‘Anticipate’ and ‘Clara Cream’ fabrics

have some pieces in the house. Our ‘Pebble Leaf’

are at the outstanding price of €33.50 per metre!

wallpaper in ‘Nightshade’ is put to dramatic use in

These fabrics, limited edition and exclusive to Green

the bedroom along with our luxurious 400 thread

Gorgeous are ideal for upholstery and soft furnishings

count ‘Elsa’ organic cotton bed linen. Both of these

and are available from our website while stocks last!

products are available to purchase from our website

Additionally, we are offering readers of Inspire

Interiors 10% off purchases at our stand M79 at the

What are your future plans as a company?

Ideal Home Show and on the website. Just mention

Tel: 01 5547818

We believe that Ireland with its green and clean

the magazine or use the coupon code ‘Inspire’ on

All photography by

image (yes we still have this!) is a fantastic place

the website. This offer is valid till May 20th.

Christine Burns movingin to inspire 23

Fashion Forward

Val House


ALHouse are delighted to be a part of the Spring Ideal Homes show. The company’s involvement and collaboration with noted interior designer Garry Cohn is a testament

to how much the company has developed since its start up in June, 2010. The company was originally set up by Mark Morris and Brendan McCauley during a downturn in the construction sector. VALHouse specialise in closed panel timber frame construction offering very high insulation properties coupled with increased levels of air tightness. Typical projects range from complete one-off houses to home extensions. All projects are built using pre-manufactured wall, floor and roof panels which are constructed at the company’s factory in Valleymount Co Wicklow. Manufacturing of the panels in a factory setting results in protection from elements such as wind and rain and greater levels of workmanship and accuracy. VALHouse have carried out a number of home

potential problems during assembly, the extension

extensions, these extensions are typically between 15

has been fully erected in the VALHouse factory prior

to 40 M Sq and manufactured and installed in closed

to going to site. Erecting the extension indoors has

panel format. Currently the company has an extension

allowed for the majority of building work to be carried

in development which is first for both VALHouse

out before arrival on site. This includes electrical,

and associate architectural company, Lawrence and

plumbing, wall finishes, window/door installation,

Long Architects. The project is a rear extension for

ceiling finish and even kitchen layout. A further

a mid-terraced house located in Ringsend, Dublin.

bonus to this system is the client’s opportunity to

Due to the fact that there is no access to the rear

inspect the extension before it is put in place at their

of the house, the extension is required to be craned

home. The client can also easily specify the location

over the house into position. In order to eliminate any

of light switches, TV points and sockets when

24 movingin to inspire

Fashion Forward

standing in their extension rather than on a drawing.

associated with the manufacturing process also

The entire process not only allows the client to see

results in excellent airtight capabilities of every

exactly what they are getting but also results in less

structure as airtight tapes and sealants can be easily

time spent on site as the majority of works are already

applied. In terms of saving the client money, high


insulation and air tightness result in lower energy

To showcase the VALHouse extension system this year’s Ideal Homes show house will incorporate

bills and this can lead to a significant saving over the lifetime of the building.

a VALHouse extension. The extension will be manufactured in a standard closed panel format

Less disruption onsite:

with internal and external render complete prior to

Typically floor panels are constructed using

erection in the RDS. After the show the extension

lightweight steel members. This requires a series of

will be dismantled and re-erected as an actual home

concrete pad foundations which can be dug out by

extension for a client.

hand rather than a strip foundation requiring a digger.

Following from a recent report in the Irish

With ValHouse there is no requirement for blocks,

Independent that home extensions are on the rise

mortar, concrete or plaster to be brought through

across the country, this method of construction can

a client’s house as all wet works are carried out in

save consumers money in the following ways;

our factory. Electric and plumbing services are also installed in the factory further reducing disruption

Better quality:

and numbers on-site. An entire extension can be

Because the entire building is manufactured inside

craned into position in one day and completely

in a factory setting, each wall or floor element

finished in no more than 2 weeks.

is constructed to a much higher standard when compared to on-site construction. Quality control is

Quicker program:

also much more stringent and easier to apply. Entire

Because the majority of works associated with each

wall and floor panels can be traced through the

project are carried out in the ValHouse factory, time

manufacturing process from inception to completion

on-site is spent completing the interior works and

allowing both ourselves and the client to see exactly

finishing touches such as painting and skirting. This

Morris McCauley

what each panel contains and how it was constructed.

reduces the amount of time at the client’s home and

Construction Ltd.

in turn reduces the amount of time a client suffers

Valleymount Business Park

Higher insulation and air tightness:

any disruption. This negates renting costs associated

Co. Wicklow

Due to the factory setting, the insulation properties

with brick builds and allows clients to return to the

T: 01-2542373

of every structure are much better when compared to

comfort of their newly extended home with ease and

traditional on-site construction. The high precision

minimum disruption. movingin to inspire 25

Fashion Forward Call: 087 2446464

26 movingin to inspire

Fashion Forward

Shabby Chic


V3’s Lisa Cannon worked with Arlene

For Lisa Cannon’s Shabby Chic bedroom Arlene

McIntyre to create a beautiful bedroom

sourced Avignon furniture from Italy in distressed grey

for the Ideal Homes show. The theme for

oak. On the wall she used a Venetian crystal cut Italian

the make-over is Shabby Chic which is

mirror and crystal chandeliers all handmade in Florence.

a favourite with lots of the rock stars that Lisa has

A deep buttoned white velvet headboard is stunning

interviewed over the years. Lisa’s experience in the

and sumptuous and this is softened with curtains in

world of show biz combined with the design talents of

ballerina pink silk. A trick Arlene often employs is use

Arlene McIntyre combine to deliver a beautiful room

of fabulous fabric and dropping it right to the floor, she

that you too can recreate at home.

explains “By keeping curtains full and folding onto the

Arlene McIntyre explains the look, “Shabby Chic never went out of fashion and it can be put together

floors, windows literally drip with glamour.” Arlene chose a distressed, ribbed curtain pole to

on any budget. For Ideal Homes we created a room

continue the shabby theme with crystal beaded tie

scheme bejewelled with Italian crystal vintage

backs for added glamour. Privacy is important in

chandeliers, Italian crystal wall sconces, soft ballerina

a bedroom so a practical roman blind is important

pink silks, white velvets, old soft greys and distressed

however by using soft white linen for the fabric, soft

floors and furnishings.”

light can still flow through creating a romantic effect.

As a major design company Ventura can source

Accessories finish the look and Arlene recommends

classic Italian designs directly from Italy where

the simplicity of beautiful white porcelain china and

the company has a large network of suppliers.

luxurious bedding, throws and scatter cushions which

Arlene explains “We can source the most beautiful

Arlene sourced here in Ireland from Bottom Drawer.

products and have bespoke pieces made to our exact

Arlene concludes “The Shabby Chic look I created

specifications yet at very competitive prices.” Arlene

for Lisa’s bedroom is a mixture of vintage and rock

continues, “Because there is no middle man, we pass

n’ roll yet with a sumptuous, relaxed feel. You spend

on the price savings to the client thereby saving a

such a huge amount of your lifetime in the bedroom,

fortune and delivering a very unique look.”

so make it a place you will love to be in!” movingin to inspire 27

Spring into Action ›

Garden Heaven

28 movingin to inspire

...whether you’re relaxing, dining or entertaining, Blooma has everything you need to live life outdoors. New & exclusive to B&Q, Blooma brings you innovative, stylish designs at great value. Making your outdoor space a beautiful part of your home.

Liffey Valley | Swords | Tallaght | Naas | Galway | Waterford | Limerick | Cork | Athlone Job No: 45676-2

Publication: Radio Times

Size: 300x225

Ins Date: April 12

Proof no: 1

Free phone 1800 818950 or visit for your nearest store


Tel: 020 7291 4700

Spring into Action

Spring into Action


ot everybody is green fingered but the spring weather does tend to make us head for the garden centre in the hope of creating a haven of tranquillity in our

garden. For most busy working couples however the want for a garden doesn’t necessarily balance with family life and the need for maintenance, so are there any easy ways to makeover the garden?

30 movingin to inspire

Spring into Action › In a Flux Garden seating can be pretty boring so make a statement with this bold pink chair and guess what, it’s 100% recyclable and fully portable! Made from a single piece of completely recyclable polypropylene, this unique chair turns itself into a flat package with a handle for ease of transport or storage. Cleverly in a matter of seconds it can then be folded out and transformed into a stunning piece of designer furniture, to be used inside or out. Priced at less than €150

The first thing to do is to use the services of your local garden and hardware store. People here are trained to know the products and if you wander haplessly into the plant section, find a member of staff and simply ask! Be careful to make the right investment though since the pretty spring plants you see don’t usually last more than a few weeks and often don’t flower again so while nice, not necessarily a good investment. Resident Inspire Landscape gardener Garry of Gardens by Garry gives a few tips on a quick makeover for a small budget:

› The most durable plant that most people forget about is grass. This is a ground cover plant and it needs water and a bit of feeding to keep its lush green look so if you have grass in your garden give it a treatment once a year to clear moss and to bring up the rich green colour. A nice lawn with a few potted plants

garden centres and they produce flowers for most of

in colourful planters (you can buy these cheaply and

the summer and come back year after year. Fushias

paint yourself) will do the trick nicely.

are also great, inexpensive and they come in lots

› You can create a lovely Zen like feel with a simple

of colours. Grasses also look lovely, they come in

water feature that can be purchased at most garden

various shades of red, browns and greens and they

stores for as little as €50.

can take a lot of abuse including the odd football or

A bag of nice stones around it in the centre of a lawn or a little corner will look great, make a lovely trickling

little person’s foot. The biggest piece of advice is that unless you are

sound and attract birds. Again this is very easy to

a dab hand in the garden, keep it simple, keep it

install and will last for years at a very low cost.

tidy and make the most of what you have.

› Railway sleepers are popular and they are fairly cheap at €15-€20 each. Used mostly to section off planting from grassy areas they are usually arranged horizontally however if you cut them in variable sizes and place them vertically you can create a great column effect and put some planting in between them. Or if you are a dab hand with a drill, bore a few holes to fit some outdoor led lights along the edge of each column and you have a great and cheap night time effect.

› If you go for plants buy hardy shrubs that will take no maintainance.

the frost and harsh weather and that require little or

Love seat

Sia Lounge Sunny Chair

Simple Hebe plants are usually great value in movingin to inspire 31

Funky Furniture ‹

Funky Furniture

This Mardi Gras sofa is seriously gorgeous. Create the carnival look in your living space with this striking corner piece that is an explosion of comfort and style. Contrasting scatter cushions change the look and colour palate with ease. Available from www.

Funky 32 movingin to inspire

Funky FurnitureÂ

Furniture movingin to inspire 33

Funky Furniture

Metro Cubes

These funky metro cubes are a great retro storage solution.

Pantone Storage Tins

Pantone color tin boxes are the perfect storage idea to brighten up an office. www. 34 movingin to inspire

Funky Furniture

‹ Stylish Sitting Cassina Utrecht from Minima

Colorful Storage

This fantastic metal storage range is one of the most versatile systems ever and with prices starting at only €55 a great bargain too. Stack and store with ease. Available from www.

movingin to inspire 35

Funky Furniture

“Dear is the new cheap”


o says Kathtrina Furlong, Interior Designer and owner of Yours Personally.

up a design or adapt a floor model to suit your room. With a Yours Personally sofa, customers have all

Kathtrina continues “Disposable climates

the benefits of a bespoke piece at very affordable

where items of furniture are bought

prices. Through superior craftsmanship Yours Per-

to last a couple of years then changed again on a

sonally sofas are built for life and come with a life

whim are truly gone. We have returned to looking for

time guarantee on their frames. This is evident by

quality. Remember your Grans’s old brown draylon

the return of their furniture in time for remodelling

couch that lasted forever and when recovered looked

and reupholstery, making a Yours Personally piece

like new? This is what we now strive for, not only is

very cost affective.

it cheaper in the long run but it’s also kinder to the environment”. Yours Personally interior business is the only interior design showrooms in Dublin with their own factory on site. Specialising in the design and manu-

Needless to say a full range of complimentary hardwood furniture, fabrics for supply, mirrors and accessories as well as a curtain and reupholstery service are available. Kathtrina concludes “We find our clients, with the

Your Personally have a very active Facebook

facture of custom built sofas, corner units, chairs,

help of our design team, are spending more time

page with weekly and

etc. each piece is uniquely made to the exact size,

considering all aspects of their new bespoke piece.

monthly deals. For the

style, colour and budget to suit each client.

This includes design, size, comfort and of course

month of April they have

durability. This does not mean that the piece will

25% of all fabrics for

high level of personal assistance and customer

have to be expensive to tick all the boxes, with our

supply only or for use

service. This can be seen by the high level of repeat

own workshop we cut out the middle man and some

within their workshop.

business. The qualified interior design team are

of our most hardwearing fabrics are also the most

happy to work with your magazine clippings, draw



The company pride themselves on providing a

movingin to inspire 37

Funky Furniture

Upscale & Upcycle


here was a time when going upmarket meant going for the best. These days it’s all about making the most of what you already have or being clever at buy sales

and classic looks and

and antique stores or checking out regular auctions.

upscaled furniture fits

You can salvage some little gems at these outlets and

perfectly into this canvass

with a bit of elbow grease, a dab of paint and maybe

however it also looks

some new upholstery, a whole new product is born.

fantastic in a modern

Reviving furniture is not only something that

interior as a signature

can become quite addictive, it can save you a

piece, drawing the eye to

fortune and in the end you have your very own

the item that seems oddly

piece of bespoke furniture. Often older piece are

out of place.

more hardwearing and well made so recreating an

Upcycled furniture is

old classic means that you are doing your bit for

eco-friendly and gives

the environment as well as for your pocket not to

you an alternative to

mention a sense of satisfaction.

mundane, mass produced

The process of turning something used and

high-street furniture while

unwanted into a new treasure is called upcycling.

adding a character piece

Designers have been seeing the potential in this for

to your interior. Originality

years and many arts and crafts pieces will often be

and uniqueness are something that we all strive

created from discarded pieces of any manner of thing

for but perhaps can’t afford to buy any more so get

from old boats to reupholstered cinema chairs.

rummaging at car boot sales, check out local auctions

Together with this trend is a revival of the old retro

and begin the process of reanimation.


Mobo Toys. Merry-go-Round, 1960’s in good working order, now very hard to find. Manufactured by D. Sebel & Co. England and USA (1947-1972) movingin to inspire 39

Funky Furniture

‹ Between two Stools Is it a chair, a stool or a coffee table? The Dutch Design Chair is all three. Made from high-quality, corrugated cardboard it is extremely strong and can support up to 200 kilos of weight. An eco friendly and beautiful piece, at less than €50 this is a fantastic buy.


Ice white

No Fixed Abode Glacier Unit and Rock floor white lamp for a funky minimalist look


Court House

Sally Longs

Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin (beside Harvey Nichols) Ph: 01 296 3514

Newtownsmith, Galway Ph: 091 895228 | Kilrush Road, Ennis Ph: 065 6797040


Funky Furniture

Trending For Decades


arl‘s Furniture has been in business on

“People get a nice surprise when they come in be-

the Kylemore Road in Dublin for over

cause the products we offer are great quality at low

twenty years. In that time the company

prices. They‘re surprised by the massive selection of

has built up a wealth of knowledge and

fabric and leather suites on offer. We have a great

experience in the industry – the company‘s website

selection for the dining room and bedroom – almost

describes Karl‘s Furniture as a place that has

all of it tends to be from designer labels. For quality

become a byword for quality and elegance.

and price we cannot and will not be beaten,” he

Karl and his sister Mary learned the trade from

asserts. “We have unbelievable value for people who

their father who owned McIntyre Brothers on the

are shopping around for a brand name and a quality

South Circular Road from 1969 until his retire-

product.” Karl also says that he recognises the fact

ment after 29 years in business. The company then

that recession can affect customers spending habits

moved to James’s Street near the Guinness Store-

and his business takes that into account.

house in Dublin. The pair are extremely proud of the furniture they

Aside from stocking a large selection of competitively priced, quality furniture, this establishment

sell and speak highly of the products on offer. Karl,

also sells a large range of orthopedic beds and

the proprietor, says, “We have a fantastic range of

sitting room suites, catering specifically for people

upholstery and fabrics and we deal with top brand

with back problems. “We do big names like King

names. We sell quality brands such as Natuzzi,

Koil, Respa and Odearest beds,” Karl explains.

Incanto in leather, Fama from Spain and Rom from

Karl says that because this is a family-owned busi-

Belgium as well as other top sources.” Karl believes

ness, he and the staff put time and effort into assisting

that customers who shop at Karl‘s Furniture get all

customers and helping them chose wisely. The com-

the quality found at the larger stores but without

pany also sells a wide range of Irish-made stock and

the inflated price tag due to lower costs that his

although it’s nice to be patriotic, Karl notes the real

company can offer.

reason he supplies them is because they‘re the best. movingin to inspire 41

Blindingly Good Design

42 movingin to inspire

Funky Furniture

Blindingly Good Design


ach year Luxaflex® introduces new and innovative products, colours and design options with a collection that is both timeless and fashion-forward. As a

regular contributor to the Ideal Homes show Luxaflex again showcase their fantastic range of window dressings in the Furnishings and Décor Village. The Luxaflex® range includes the popular Home Collection products which include roller blinds, INTU® blinds, vertical blinds, roman shades, wooden blinds, metal venetian blinds, skylight blinds and also the recently launched innovative panel blinds. The Home Collection offers an amazing choice of design possibilities. Unique to Luxaflex® are the beautiful Silhouette® Shade range, Facette™ Shades, Japanese Design Collection and the innovative Duette® and Plissé Shades. Luxaflex® Ireland is a Guaranteed Irish Company and proud to contribute to supporting Irish Jobs and the Irish economy.

43 movingin to inspire movingin to inspire 43

Blindingly Good Design

PHONE: 01-254-2373

44 movingin to inspire


FAX: 01-507-8376

Adrian Interiors

Adrian Interiors


ased in Newry, Co Down, Adrian Interiors

to view unique interior settings presenting a fusion

offers a full interior design service

of classic and contemporary furniture, bespoke

including home consultations, bespoke

upholstery, lighting and furnishings. A massive design

curtain making and fitting and upholstery

directory evolves every season with new interiors from

services. Founded by Adrian Bailie in 2005, Adrian

international design houses and covering every style in

trained in interior and textile design and has worked

the design spectrum.

with international designers including Valentino,

With such a successful business and an impressive

Bill Blass and Bruce Oldfield. Adrian was joined in

portfolio of clients, we asked Adrian to take us through

2006 by Peter McCaughey and together the duo has

one of his recent products with a focus on a modern

established an exclusive clientele throughout Ireland

day apartment for a busy working life.

A 7000 sq ft design studio in Newry allows clients

movingin to inspire 45

Adrian Interiors

Adrian Bailie , Apartment at The Mac

The most important

When my client explained that she had purchased

time we spend with

a penthouse apartment next to Belfast’s brand new

the client is usually the

arts venue in The Cathedral Quarter, our design brief

first chat over a coffee

was written!

when we discuss the use

The MAC Metropolitan Art Centre is the new iconic

of space, the styling,

world class destination for the Arts in Ireland, creating

the client’s tastes and

and mixing up music, theatre, dance and art.

generally have a great

We knew that we needed to create a radical

two way brain storm. The

statement with an interior that would reflect this

biggest thrill for us is to

unique location. The client brief was for a luxury

create lasting solutions

bolt hole in the city to escape to at the weekend

that can empower the

where she could soak up the cafe culture and enjoy

person and define their

the bohemian art capital.

lifestyle statement. The

46 movingin to inspire

Adrian Interiors

more challenging the brief, the better! For this apartment we had already sourced an amazing Graffiti digital laminate floor at Salon Internazionale Del Mobile in Milan and we had fallen

We wanted a visual effect that would draw the eye to the top of the ceiling and up to the dramatic Missoni string chandelier. We used leather for the upholstery but this was

in love with it. We felt this was the perfect urban

kept simple yet graphic in chalk tones and a feature

statement for this project but we weren’t sure whether

statement chair in silver pearlised metallic rubber adds

it was too radical for the client. To our delight the

effect. We hung another Gillian Lonsdale painting on

client loved it and this was the visual building block

the angled wall above the sofa, this time establishing

for the entire interior. The Graffiti floor begins in the

the dominant , bold colours in the floor.

hallway and leads through to the large open-plan living, dining, kitchen. The hallway has little natural light as so often is the

When it came to selecting hard finishes, we continued following the monochromatic pallet and added a plasma screen unit in glossy black streaked

case in many homes, so we felt it was important to

lacquer and a dining table in glossy white lacquer.

create optical impact by selecting the strongest ‘bright

Perspex dining chairs in bold magenta carried the

block colour’ from the graffiti floor. Magenta is strong

colour blocking from the hallway into the living room.

and beautiful so a magenta digital wall treatment is

The client specifically stated that she wanted to get

covered with pearlised twisting scarlet ribbons for

out of bed and feel a luxurious carpet at her feet and

funky and fun effect. We selected a piece of original

we worked this with coordinated bold graphic digital

art from the Irish artist Gillian Lonsdale to hang on

wall covering behind the bed in each bedroom. The

the opposite white wall. The result is an abstract floral

master bedroom is framed with red leather bed images

Adrian Interior Furnishings

image that looks as if it has been cut from the floor

of glossy lips climbing the walls and this beautifully

Unit 3, Campbells

and framed.

offsets red and white lacquer furniture. We supplied

75 Belfast Road

and accessorized with a wide selection of Missoni bed

Newry BT34 1QH

linen and towels throughout.

tel: 00 44 2830 268333

The Living space of the apartment is the antithesis of the dark hallway. Flooded with natural light and with a dramatic double height vaulted ceiling and angled walls we had lots to work with here. We selected a bold monochromatic textured wall covering with a digital image of a nighttime cityscape.

Our client believes that together we have created

mobile: 00 44 7921 450411

an abstract art installation, inspired by a graffiti floor,


to compliment the surrounding galleries of The Mac.

Success! movingin to inspire 47

Beautiful Bathrooms › MooTastic The ‘Moo Loo’ by Garry Cohn is a fantastic way to make the smallest room look pretty outstanding. This Moo Loo is used to great effect in Peter Marks Style Club but you can easily steal the idea and instead of going high colour, go deep and dusky with an unexpected and quirky focal point to put a smile on the face of visitors to your ‘Moo Loo’.

48 movingin to inspire

Beautiful Bathrooms

Bathing Glory

Traditional Altesino Bath

Roman Baths T he bath as we know it has roots dating

public baths for commoners. The Romans were

back to pre-Christian times. Originally

responsible for regular private bathing following the

used as part of religious rites to purify

building of the Roman aqueducts which provided

the spirit it was believed that water could

water and solved the problem of having enough

wash away sins and that submersion in water could bring about rejuvenation. The ancient Egyptians had special bathing

water for a bath.

Gauis Maecenas (70 bc–8bc), a Roman diplomat and counsellor to Roman emperor Augustus, was

rooms and enjoyed the bath for both personal and

credited with bringing the warm water bath to Rome

religious reasons, however, it wasn’t until the Greek

and so the bathing tradition began. Like many

civilization that bathing for cleanliness became

modern conveniences, the Romans brought us the

commonplace. Hot water baths are attributed to

tradition of regular bathing and a love of baths

Heracles hence Greek hot baths were called “Baths

for health and for pleasure. Modern habits and

of Heracles.”

requirements have changed but we can still hark

The popularity of hot water bathing in Greece

back to the past with a classic freestanding bath

led to private baths in wealthy homes and then to

such as the traditional Altesino Bath shown here. movingin to inspire 49 Davies South Glencormac Business Park, Beside Avoca Handweavers, Kilmacanogue, Co. Wicklow. Phone 01 2765689 Fax: 01 2765709

Davies North: 150 Harmonstown Road, Raheny, Dublin 5. Phone 01 8511700 Fax: 01 8511701 Email

Beautiful Bathrooms

‹ FreshFeel Add a fresh feel to the bathroom with this Living City washbasin from Laufen which has a handy ceramic shelf that can be customised in a number of designs to suit your mood. The shelf can be sited on either the left or right-hand side, with designs ranging from monochrome colourways to ornaments and images from nature. Meanwhile the basin itself, with its rectangular shape features strong, angular lines that are the perfect additional touch to the modern bathroom setting. Laufen – 01530 510007

‹ Smart Storage These simple cabinets will add a decorative and focal element to the bathroom without breaking the bank. Croydex’s Colored steel cabinets come in la mode purple, zesty lime green, bright blue or fuchsia pink. The compact cabinet is easy to fit to the wall and is ideal for small spaces with a fixed internal colored steel shelf for handy storage of smaller bathroom essentials and medicines. A range of colored bathroom accessories including shower curtains, bath mats, toilet seats, light pulls and shower handsets are available to match the same fashion colourways so you can add to the effect easily and cheaply.

movingin to inspire 51

Cool Kitchens › Seriously Cool Like Fashion it is always worth investing in key pieces that will last a lifetime and dazzle every time they are seen. This Meneghini Fridge Freezer in wood finish is a show stopper and the ultimate in kitchen cool.

52 movingin to inspire

Cool Kitchens

Seriously Cool W

e are tactile creatures by nature with touch being one of the most responsive of our senses. Little wonder therefore that smooth surfaces continue to dominate across all kitchen design spectrums. Color is also something that triggers a response with warm colors

making us feel cozy and comfortable in a space. Here we take a look at some kitchen options that will make the busiest room in the house be the most beautiful. movingin to inspire 53

New Kitchens Ireland Est. 20 years

20 years in the business Suppliers to the Trade Specialist in custom-made free standing wardrobes, dressers, lockers, chest of drawers Bespoke furniture Made to measure Rossleighan Furniture Ltd., Clonminam Industrial Estate, Portlaoise, Co. Laois Tel: 00353 (0) 5786 61056, Fax: 00353 (0) 5786 61131 Email:

Cool Kitchens

Smooth Surfaces

High gloss and high tech Parapan® is a durable solid, acrylic increasingly specified by designers for doors, drawers, cabinet fronts, splash backs and even wall cladding. Cut from solid sheets Parapan® can be thermoformed into curves and cut to any size and in-keeping with the trend for clean lines and sleek surfaces this product can be fitted with invisible finger pulls or almost any style of handle.

‹ Pantone Chairs Funky pantone color chairs will brighten up the kitchen or office. For a great retro look these chairs are in the style of the widely recognised pantone color scheme. Select from a massive range of colors and the chairs fold away for ease of use and storage. Available at only €65 from www.theholdingcompany. movingin to inspire 55

Cool Kitchens

› Lime & Cream The juxtaposition of the flawless reflections of Parapan in Lime and Cream and the texture of burr oak gives a look that is contemporary but warm and in total harmony with the warm wood floors and white walls.

› Terra Pine Always at the forefront of design and innovation, Poggenpohl are set to release a laminate door front that exactly replicates the look and feel of the ever popular real wood veneer door, Marsh Oak. Marsh Oak has lead to a complimentary design to be more affordable and therefore available to a wider selection of clientele. Customers choosing Marsh Oak veneer in their kitchen could utilise the new design of Terra Pine laminate for a utility area, offering unity of aesthetic but at a more affordable price for a less visible area. The new door is available to order from April 2012. movingin to inspire 57

Cool Kitchens


Cool Customer For the ultimate in cool choose a drop dead gorgeous Fridge Freezer. There are beautiful retro units available from top names that come in fantastic colours but for the ultimate in cool Meneghini freezers from UK company Robeys are absolutely stunning. Units can be customised to your exact specification and come in a range of styles and colours, almost three hundred colours to be exact. Robeys was established in 1982 by Mark Robey who was then but 24 years old. Today this is a thriving business and an iconic style savvy source of beautiful products.

58 movingin to inspire

Cool Kitchens

Kitchen World in business and during this period it has

is not complete until the customer is 100% satisfied.” Borrowing a phrase from his grandmother, Noel

established itself as one of the leading

describes the kitchen as the “new good room” –

kitchen companies in the country. Located in

frequently the centre point of the house and no

the Longmile Road Business Park, Kitchen World is a

longer simply a space for cooking. “The kitchen

family run business and prides itself on maintaining the

has evolved considerably and is now a space for

high level of customer service and personal touch which

living and socialising and often the centre of activity

characterises family run enterprises.

in the home,” says Noel. “The design needs to

The company provides a complete bespoke service

awareness and ensuring sufficient natural light and

installation and can cater for all conceivable tastes and

storage space as well as accounting for a flat screen

requirements whether the preference is for a modern

tv or other entertainment features are all important

and contemporary kitchen or a more classic and

factors to consider when designing a kitchen for the

traditional style in natural oak or other wood finish.

modern family.” Kitchen World employs the latest 3D design

with unrivalled experience and a passion for design and

systems which provides customers with a complete

craftsmanship which is the hallmark of the kitchens

visual perspective of their kitchen as it progresses

provided by Kitchen World. The consistent delivery

through the design stages and ensures that

of customer satisfaction has been the key factor in

modification and alterations can be carried out right

establishing Kitchen World as a leading company

up to the manufacturing stage. A full on-site surveys

in its field and according to Managing Director Noel

is provided for clients and detailed measurements

Quigley, this ethos has been critical to ensuring that the

are taken before the design commences. The facility

company continues to perform strongly and maintain a

to view detailed 3D images of the kitchen virtually

dominant share of the market, despite the downturn.

guarantees satisfaction as any aspect of the design

“If you’ve a dream, we will make it a reality and

which a client is unhappy with can be altered. While

whatever our customers want, we will deliver it,” he

providing an exceptional level of customer care

says. “We engage extensively with customers and it’s a

and attention Kitchen World also offers extremely

consultative lead process rather than a selling process.

competitive prices and operates largely in the €3500

This approach has been fundamental to gaining the

to €10,000 price bracket. With the degree of expert

trust and respect of customers and establishing our

craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail

reputation for quality and reliability. The values we have

which is provided for within those price parameters,

as a long established, family run company inform our

it is not surprising that Kitchen World has captured a

approach to our customers and our view is that our job

dominant share of the kitchen market in Ireland.

59 movingin to inspire


Kitchen from the Chicago High Gloss Range

take account of this and factors such as spatial

encompassing kitchen design, manufacturing and

The company employs a team of skilled professionals


his year Kitchen World celebrates 35 years movingin to inspire 59

Cool Kitchens



imbercraft was established by Martin

Many local Noblessa

O’Connor in 1979 and has been based in

kitchen agents have

Newbridge, Co. Kildare, since 1982. In

since been established

the early years the company concentrated

around Ireland, giving

on manufacturing solid wood kitchen doors for the

the brand nationwide

Irish and UK market and established itself as the

coverage and ensuring

manufacturer of the finest quality products in the

steady growth of the


product in this country.

Gradually the business developed into a bespoke

Some agency options still

manufacturing facility, supplying high-end kitchens

exist, so if you think your

to the trade and the company became one of the

showroom fits the bill,

first in Ireland to develop and manufacture quality

contact Timbercraft to

in-frame solid wood kitchens.

discuss the possibilities

A new direction was taken in 2001 by entering into the retail kitchen and bedroom market

for your area. Timbercraft’s

and this has proved a great success to this day.

Newbridge showroom

Timbercraft’s unique and innovative kitchens are

is fitted out with a

renowned countrywide and the manufacturing

wide range of both its own bespoke product and a

process has been perfected over time; every project

selection of Noblessa German kitchens. Eighteen

Timbercraft Painted Kitchen

is undertaken with the finest of detail to deliver the

months ago the company added an impressive

desired superb end result for every client.

showroom at Deansgrange, Co. Dublin to further

In 2005 a further string was added to the bow

enhance and display the Noblessa product. Both

with the company becoming the main Irish agent for

showrooms are open six days a week and offer a

Noblessa German Kitchens made by the giant Nobilia

comfortable environment in which to discuss your

International in Verl, Germany. This fantastic range

ideas and establish the best design solutions for

of beautiful kitchens with a blend of traditional and

your ideal kitchen. Timbercraft offer a totally free

contemporary styling superbly complements its own

consultation, design and home survey service,

manufacturing business and helps to provide clients

as this ensures that each client gets the best

with a multitude of options from which to choose.

service possible. With its professional, experienced

Noblessa kitchen designs are smart, ergonomical and

installation service also included in the package,

technologically advanced, displaying the most up to

you can rest assured that your kitchen project is in

date features in the worldwide kitchen industry.

the best hands from start to finish.

61 movingin to inspire

Beautiful Kitchens movingin to inspire 61

Designed in a variety of styles that are both classic and timeless...

Designer of the Year 2010 Finalist - Ireland’s Kitchen Trade Awards Designer of the Year 2011 Finalist - Kitchen Retailer Ireland Awards Meath Style Awards Finalist for Best Interiors 2012

Hogan’s Bespoke Furniture Beechmount Home Park Navan, Co. Meath Tel: 046-9022374/9072418 Fax: 046-9022374 Web: Come visit us in our showrooms

Cool Kitchens

Hogan Kitchens


ohn Hogan established Hogan Kitchens in 1983 as a one-man-show employing up to seventeen people in the height of trading. Since then John has been providing quality

custom made kitchens and furniture for homes throughout Ireland. John explains, “All our furniture is true bespoke work and is custom-made at our Navan workshop. Using traditional skills our kitchens are individually designed and crafted to our client’s requirements. We are one of the very few remaining Irish companies manufacturing our own doors and frames. Utilising handpicked timber our kitchens are made by some of the finest cabinet makers in the business.” A unique selling point of Hogan Kitchens is that all of the furniture is completely crafted by hand so the company can incorporate a flexibility of design and styles absent in ready made kitchens. Hogan Kitchens are top quality, well made and personally designed furniture can be hard to source. “We are joiners first and foremost” explains John, “so we have the ability and the know-how to design and manufacture each bespoke piece and unlike cheap and cheerful off the shelf products, our kitchens will stand the test of time.”  Standing out from the crowd is important to John, as he points out “Our designers work one to one with clients to create a kitchen that reflects their needs and lifestyle but we are also mindful of price, so we are extremely competitive.” Hogan Kitchens designer Carol has been a finalist two years running as young designer of the year - a great honour and the company are thrilled that their kitchen designer stands alongside Ireland‘s top designers. To make it to the top three in Ireland is a huge achievement for Carol and the company. Hogan Kitchens take genuine pride in every kitchen they design, with a lifetime guarantee on all their hand-made cabinets and doors. The company

John concludes, “We market our business through

are committed to the highest standards of quality

our website which showcases our kitchens and also

craftsmanship and dedicated to using their skills

through magazines but perhaps the best testimonial

and experience to create a kitchen that every family

we have is that most of our work comes from

will love to live and work in.

personal recommendation”. movingin to inspire 63


InTerIOr Fit-out 02

Turnkey solutions 03

Small Works

oryx is committed to understanding client needs and expectations. With a client centric methodology, we are delivery focused and pride ourselves on our ability to adapt to the demands of every fit-out project. We deliver exceptional results whilst remaining focused on safety, quality and value for money.

OryX Ventures ltd. T: +353 (0)1 871 2678 e: W: G:

unit 8, Block 5, Port tunnel Business Park, Clonshaugh, Dublin 17, ireland


fi t- out

Fit Out & Design

Fit Out & Design From the design and planning stage through to construction, it is important to work with the right people to get the job done

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Fit Out & Design


tarting a business, especially one that is

itself to a work culture of building efficiencies within

closely linked to an ailing construction

the team because, generally, it is the same guys who

sector, takes a lot of confidence in yourself,

work on all the projects that we deliver. Through that,

your contacts and the all important idea.

we have managed to achieve a high level of qual-

For Andrew Neill, managing director of Oryx, a com-

ity and at the same time, we have put ourselves in

mercial interiors fit-out company based in Dublin, it

a position where we can offer our clients extremely

was a no-brainer. “I was bound for emigration from

good value because of the efficiencies that we have

Ireland three years ago,” he remembers. “I had a

created within the business.”

good job offer overseas, however Peter Reilly (Neill’s

A student of interior design and interior architecture

business partner) convinced me to stay. Peter had seen

before his professional life in business, Neill points

recessions before and believed that it was the perfect

to three years of streamlining procurement processes

opportunity to set up and capitalise on the shake-up in

as the company’s unique proposition. “Since the

our industry. It was always on my agenda to have my

company was established, we have spent a lot of time

own company someday and when the opportunity pre-

ensuring that we are delivering a level of value that

sented itself, I knew that chances like this don’t come

puts us ahead of our competitors,” he says. “We have

around too often, so I stayed and got involved.”

looked very closely at how we source and procure our materials, we always work very closely with our

Growth Agenda

preferred subcontractors and suppliers. As a result,

In the three years since the company was founded,

natural efficiencies have occurred to a point where we

Neill and Reilly have been focused on growing a com-

can offer a delivered product that others find hard to

pany that stands out as best in class in its sector. The

match – that is what we pride ourselves on.”

key to achieving this, says Neill, is creating a work culture within the business where the emphasis is

Required Margin

very much on team effort and delivering for our cus-

Finding cost savings for clients is always a signifi-

tomers. “Our processes and procedures as a business

cant boon for any company, yet despite an extremely

are geared towards fast-track fit-out,” he explains.

competitive market, Neill says there are lines that his

“All of our staff are directly employed, which lends

company simply won’t cross. “Right now we are work-

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Built To Last


We have spent a long time ensuring that we are delivering a level of value that puts us ahead of our competitors.

Fit Out & Design

not have spoken to in the past because they were so

High Standards

ing for a number of blue chip clients and naturally, they accept only the highest standard of service and

busy handling multiple projects at once. We found that

finish,” he notes. “We have won this type of business

clients like this were now prepared to listen to new ap-

despite being up against other contractors who price

proaches, innovative ideas and offers. That is what we

below cost – we simply don’t entertain that; we stick

brought to the market.”

We are working for a number of blue chip clients and naturally, they accept only the highest standard of service and finish.

to a required margin that we need from every project

“Perhaps the biggest contract we have won to date

so we can invest in building our team and our busi-

is the fit out of the AOL offices in Heuston South

ness. When we do this, it allows us to deliver projects

Quarter in Dublin. A very aggressive programme of

on time and on budget whilst always ensuring atten-

activity saw us deliver the 23,000 sq ft project in 12

tion to detail. This, I feel, will be of particular interest

weeks, which included furniture delivery. It was a fan-

to the public sector. Not only do we manage expec-

tastic project for us to work on and it gave us the op-

tations, we also ensure that expectations are met

portunity to showcase our work. From there we have

consistently and to a very high standard.”

very carefully pushed our name in the various sectors where we wish to be known and it is now beginning to

Opportunity Despite a difficult business environment, Oryx wasn’t

pay dividends for us.” Oryx is a young company with big ambitions and

built from a standing start – Neill, along with fellow

one that is constantly looking to the future. “One of

founder, Peter Reilly, had built a significant network

our plans is to put in place an apprenticeship pro-

of contacts from previous roles in the industry and

gramme so we can start to reintroduce a level of qual-

won contracts based on their individual reputations as

ity into the industry which we feel is not quite there

reliable and honest business people. However, to grow

at the moment,” Neill explains. “The programme will

the business required a further reach and as Neill ex-

ensure that we continuously have highly qualified and

plains, the downturn presented an opportunity for the

skilled craftsmen coming through for years to come,

company. “Over the years working within this industry,

which will also ensure that the company remains

we had built up solid networks – we had contacts that

consistent in the level of service that we offer our

we could approach regarding our business strategy and

clients today.”

targets, and what we wanted to achieve. Through that

For Oryx and its founding partners, building the

and our previous experience, we secured some very

company to a position of strength within the industry

good wins but we realised we would have to do more

has proved a worthwhile experience and with a com-

to build a sustainable business – the slowdown in the

mitment to exceptional standards at the heart of

economy helped here because suddenly we found

the offering, the outlook for the company stands on

ourselves in front of influential people who we might

strong foundations. movingin to inspire 67


Irelands leading Shutter Supplier. 10 years experience providing the most Comprehensive range of custom made wooden shutters at the best prices. For windows and doors in a diversity of shapes, styles and finishes

Designed to enhance any interior space Shutters of Ireland 35 York Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6. Phone 01 497 0422 / 087 2517 847 Email: Web:

Fit Out & Design

An Open and Shut Case


rish company Shutters of Ireland run by husband and wife team Brendan and Blaithin Hederman have been busy bringing shutters to the forefront of interior design in the Irish

marketplace. With over ten years experience in the shutter business, Shutters of Ireland have done it all, from small one-off openings to full hotel projects at home and abroad. Blaithin explains the appeal of shutters, “curtains and blinds are very high maintenance and much less practical than something as beautiful and low maintenance as shutters. We supply a full range of custom-made shutters with styles and finishes to suit any environment, including shaped shutters to compliment the growing demand for arched and tapered windows. Shutters introduce the ‘wow’ factor into your living spaces, complementing the privacy and insulation benefits that real wood brings. Blaithin continues, “We can work with custom designs, colours and woods. Shutters of Ireland are the only shutters supplier in Ireland with the coveted FSC accreditation which guarantees the customer that the timbers used in their shutters come from sustainable harvesting. Poplar and Basswood which are real hardwoods are both modestly priced so we can offer the most comprehensive range of shutters at the most competitive prices. We offer a standard range of paints and stained finishes but we can also offer custom colours and stains to meet exact requirements.” These days value and customer service are paramount and this is something that Blaithin and Brendan take very seriously. Brendan explains, “Our dedication to customer service starts the minute you contact us. We offer flexible consultations working around your availability, offering evening and weekend appointments. When we visit you, we listen to what you want to achieve with your shutters and we use all our experience and expertise to ensure we deliver on your expectations. We also ensure

of Ireland have won several awards including

that the person who surveys your openings is the

Best Interior Design Product at Plan EXPO and

person we send out to install and complete the job.

the Public Sector Journal Award for Excellence in

Shutters of Ireland,

Finally, we offer a five year warranty on our shutters

Business 2010. The company offers a nationwide

35 York Road, Rathmines,

and installation and we are fully insured for all the

service combining a complimentary survey with

Dublin 6. T(01) 4970422

services we provide.

full demonstration of shutter configuration, styles,

finishes, measuring and installation.

Testament to the quality of their product, Shutters

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Fit Out & Design

1 Glenwood Abbey, Tinure, Monasterboice, Co. Louth P: 041 686 2725 Mob: 087 285 4678 E: W: 70 movingin to inspire

Image taken from ‘The Royal Fabrics & Wallpapers’ produced and manufactured by Designers Guild @2008

Fit Out & Design

The Inside Story


nne Marie Hamill explains how Hamilton

product and tradespeople not just because of the

Interiors developed unique selling

high standard it ensures but also because it helps

points to compete in a growing market.

to support the community: “We try to buy local as

Meticulous attention to detail, great

much as possible, we promote craftspeople and

value for money and a high level of customer care

work alongside them. We also recommend them

is a combination that can be hard to come by these

for a lot of jobs. Usually when the client sees

days. But that’s exactly what Anne Marie Hamill

the quality of the work, they tend to get those

provides at her interior design business, Hamilton

tradespeople back.”

Interiors. The Louth-based company has been

One of the main reasons behind Hamilton

satisfying clients for over ten years now and has

Interiors’ popularity is the manner in which they

won many accolades along the way.

treat their clients. A lot of their contracts stem

With a team of three designers, three

from referrals and a large portion of their new

curtainmakers and a fitter, Hamilton Interiors has

customers become repeat clients. “It’s not just

become an established name in both residential

about doing the project, it’s about how you do it

and commercial projects. Over the last twelve

and how you treat people as you work with them.

years they’ve put their interior designing expertise

Our communication skills builds relationships, we

to many different projects; from one-off room

always listen to our customers’ needs to ensure

makeovers, to large builds and extensions. They

we can create an environment that reflects their

are currently working their magic on a local

tastes and personality. Each project is unique so all

hotel, while past projects include beauty salons,

clients have my full dedication.”

hairdressers, clothes shops, and leisureplexes. Hamill and her team believe in working with their

Despite this high attention to detail, Hamilton Interiors continues to offer their services at very

clients from the planning stage right through to

competitive rates. “We’ve always offered value for

completion. “We would actually take a look at the

money. I think that’s something our clients really

plans before a house is even built,” she explains. “I

appreciate during these tough times.”

look at projects not just from a designer perspective

So has Hamilton Interiors managed to keep

but also from the point of view of a mother and a

business prospering during these tough times? “Yes

family living in the house. Engineers have their own

– with the recession, people are renovating their

job, architects have theirs too, but the advantage of

homes or adding extensions rather than changing

hiring someone like me is that I can envisage how

houses. They’re staying in more too, so they tend to

it’s going to be lived in at the end.”

take more pride in their homes. That’s why people

Hamill places great importance in sourcing

are looking to us.” movingin to inspire 71

‚ Quirky Interiors Missoni Girandole Available from Adrian Interiors

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Fit Out & Design

Alternative Services


n architectural technician can be a cost effective and rewarding alternative to hiring the service of an architect. Many homeowners will be unaware that

instead of hiring an architect to undertake an extension or carry out modifications to their home, there is also the option of using an architectural technician or draughtsman who will generally provide the equivalent level of service for a fraction of the cost. Architectural technicians complain that they are the subject of a persistent and venomous media campaign by the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland, the powerful representative body for architects in Ireland which has sought to denigrate and undermine the service provided by technicians. Many technicians hold the view that the RIAI has taken such a strong stand against their profession because they feel the competitive fee structure offered by technicians may draw unfavourable attention to the exorbitant fees frequently charged by architects. According to architectural technician Joe Fallon, RISIA members will usually charge clients a percentage of the cost of the project being undertaken and it is generally in the region of 15%. “So, for arguments sake, if you are building an extension costing

and they outline doomsday scenarios in relation to the

€100,000 the architectural fees arising from that

problems which they claim can arise if homeowners

project will be around €15,000 which is a very

hire a technician to carry out the work on their home.

substantial sum for the hard strapped homeowner. By

This is grossly disrespectful to our profession and

contrast an architectural technician or draughtsman

those among us who work very hard to provide the best

will generally charge around €1,500 for the same

service possible to our clients,” says Joe.

project, €150 per site visit and perhaps €350 for fi-

However, the argument advanced by the RIAI is

nal certification. It is all completely above board and

undermined by the portfolio of projects completed

there is no difference in the quality of the service pro-

by architectural technicians such as Joe Fallon. Last

vided. “We deliver an honest days work for an honest

year his firm came in the final four top architectural

days pay and we don’t sit waiting for the phone to

practices of the year in a competition which included

ring and get maybe two jobs a year to keep ourselves

RIAI members, all the architects in Ireland and

in business” explains Joe. He continues, “I undertake

draughtsmen and technicians. His company’s work

around 30 or 40 jobs a year and I’m always busy

is featured in the best of Irish architecture in Plan

because people recommend me and they’re generally

magazine while last month one of his projects was

very appreciate of the prices I charge and the quality

featured in the Belfast Telegraph.

of work I deliver,” he says. The RIAI try to convey the view that architectural

Joe is quick to dispel the notion that he has a vendetta against architects and he has considerable

technicians are unable to provide the equivalent level

respect for individual RIAI members. However, he

of service as that provided by its members and that

is scathing about the RIAI’s efforts to undermine

the competitive fees charged are a reflection of a sub-

his profession and eager to promote his professional

standard service. “The RIAI has launched a persistent

colleagues and the quality, commitment and high

campaign to undermine technicians and draughtsmen

professional standards which they bring to their work.

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Fit Out & Design

Ideal Homes McGahon Surveyors ensure that you deliver your Ideal Home within budget!

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Fit Out & Design


cGahon Surveyors are an award winning Professional Quantity Surveying practice whose employment ensures that you never

loses sight of the bottom line. Since their establishment over 35 years ago, McGahon Surveyors have continued to believe in sharing their experience, vision and initiative in Partnership with their clients. MGS have over 100 years of combined experience of ensuring the best possible value, whilst always aiming to achieve and deliver the inspirational design and effect initially desired by their clients. Whilst some might take the view that a Quantity Surveyors employment is an additional cost that could be done without when constructing or renovating their home, the prudent investor (bearing in mind that your ideal home could be your largest investment!) will see the true value that a QS‘s expertise in cost, construction techniques and sustainable designs can bring to your ideas in order to ensure that your money is spent wisely in regards to the initial costs and the life cycle cost of your finished design. McGahon Surveyors’ portfolio of projects include

McGahon Surveyors can help procure the Ideal Home for You!

one-off bespoke housing projects, award winning

McGahon Surveyors specialize in providing the

sustainable designs and many simple renovation

traditional Quantity Surveying Services, however,

projects, all successful in accomplishing the key

as the construction industry evolved and as the

aim of “making a house into someone‘s ideal

downturn struck the Irish Economy, McGahon

home, whatever the budget!” - Joe Beggs, Director,

Surveyors have focused on providing one off clients

added that “The frequency with which we receive

with the assistance they need to deliver their ideal

commissions from client recommendations is a

home within a restricted budget.

source of great satisfaction. This is due in no small part to the effort and commitment in place to

The extensive range of MGS‘ services include:

ensure total satisfaction for our clients.” McGahon

› Project Management

Surveyors commitment to projects, no matter what

› Acting as Employer‘s Representative

size, is second to none!”

› Advice on Contractual Claims, Arbitration and

McGahon Surveyors aspire to the highest level


of professionalism in order to ensure that your

› Budget Estimating and Cost Planning

money is managed, treated and respected with the

› Cash Flow Forecasting

optimum diligence, and in the same way that we

› Cost Management, Monitoring and Control

would our own.

› Estimates

McGahon Surveyors high standards,

› Insurance Claims / Valuations

professionalism and expertise do not go

› Life Cycle Costing

unrecognised as they have received numerous

› Negotiations

awards, including the “Excellence in Business

› Preparing Contract Documentation

Awards 2011 Outright Winners Surveying Services”

› Value Engineering

by the Public Sector Journal and the STEM

McGahon Surveyors doors are open to you for

Project Award for “Our Contribution to Creating a

cost advice, which is the first step in achieving your

Sustainable Future.

dream home, whatever the budget! movingin to inspire 77

Fit Out & Design

Talk to Joe


oe Fallon has an Architectural design company based in Dublin & Wexford. Joe has

designs. With energy costs rising every month, improv-

witnessed the industry change considerably

ing energy efficiency is at the top of the agenda for

in his twenty years in the business. “When

many householders. Joe’s expertise could save you

I began, drawing boards and ink pens were the

thousands in the long term as his commitment to

draughtsman’s main tool, now it’s AutoCad.” Yet as

providing clients with energy efficiency solutions is

the industry has changed Joe Fallon’s core beliefs

second to none. Joe is certified as a Building Energy

have remained steadfast. Joe maintains meticulous

Rating assessor by Sustainable Energy Ireland and

attention to detail on every job, carefully listening

is constantly on the lookout for new ways to better

to clients’ needs and he only uses a select pool of

heat, insulate and run households. In the coming

trusted building contractors & engineers. His prac-

months Joe will be joined by Mr. Patrick Murphy,

tice prides itself on consistently completing work

Ms. Sustainable Energy, a recent architectural

within a client’s budget while offering great value for

graduate. “He’s an expert in sustainable design. I

money. That’s why Joe’s clients always recommend

look forward to seeing the fresh ideas and innova-

him to their friends, “It’s my last client that gives

tions he’ll bring to the practice” says Joe.

me my next project” says Joe.

Joe offers a number of services, including land-

The importance of a skilled Architectural Techni-

scape design, BER assessment and he works closely

cian should never be overlooked. Joe Fallon Design

with town planners on some intricate planning appli-

can provide a more personal, hands-on approach than

cations but he says his real speciality is for domestic

some of the larger architectural firms. Joe’s practice

house extensions to utilise space to its maximum,

charges a fixed fee unlike most architect practices.

future proofing the design from an energy efficiency

Despite his low rates, Joe believes in going the extra

point of view, while also allowing for the changing

mile: “One policy I developed some time ago is to

needs of a family unit as it evolves. Joe will always

call back a year later to see how the client has settled

maximise on natural light and high energy efficiency

in and see how the spaces are working. This has

in all his work. A qualified landscape designer, Joe

greatly been appreciated by clients” explains Joe.

offers free garden landscape design advice with

Last year Joe received recognition for his work

extension work. “People appreciate a bit of value

making it to the final four of the CMG Architectural

added in tough times” explains Joe. This value

Practice of the year 2011, a competition which was

for money coupled with a dedication to maintain

open to all architectural firms throughout Ireland.

the highest standards of service is the reason Joe

Joe Fallon’s practice provides clients with a com-

Fallon’s practice has remained successful despite

prehensive package: A full set of plans prepared for

the recession. With projects currently in progress, its

Joe Fallon Design,

planning permission, tender stage, and construction;

all go for Joe. You can see some of his previous work

Templeogue, Dublin 6w,

Site supervision and certification in compliance with


TEL: 01-4505471

Building Regulations; Full Professional Indemnity

Joe Fallon will be exhibiting at stand M72 at the

MOB: 087-2566808

Insurance on all work; Mr. Tom O Neill, of Once

Ideal Homes Exhibition this April along with Once


Structural Engineers supervising and certifying all

Consulting Engineers 20th to the 22nd April.

WEB: www.

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Fit Out & Design

Opening Doors


onate to Simon and avail of a

in their local area and get creative, practical ideas to

consultation with leading architects in

suit their needs for only €50 whilst helping to tackle

the Arnotts Furniture Department. 

homelessness in Ireland.

The Royal Institute of the Architects

Dermot Bannon, RTE presenter and RIAI

of Ireland (RIAI) and the Simon Communities of

registered architect, said, “Whether you want to get

Ireland have launched the eighth annual RIAI Simon

more out of your dark, cramped kitchen, get the

Open Door Weekend. The public can log on to www.

living room of your dreams or add on an extra room to book a one-hour consultation

to cater for your growing family, the Simon Open

with an RIAI architect in Arnotts or in another

Door weekend can cater to your needs. You can

location in return for a €50 donation to the Simon

change your home while making a difference in the

Communities of Ireland. All architects give their

fight against homelessness”.

time for free and every cent raised goes directly to

Mary Lee Rhodes, Chairperson, Simon

the charity. Over 4,000 people have taken part in the

Communities of Ireland said, “The Simon

initiative and almost €300,000 has been raised to

Communities of Ireland relies heavily on the support

date. This year, the Simon Open Door will take place

from campaigns such as the Simon Open Door. We

over Saturday and Sunday, 12th and 13th May 2012.

are all feeling the effects of higher taxes, spending

One of the themes of this year’s campaign is

cuts and unemployment but we must remember the

maximising your space on a budget and getting

impact that this has on the most vulnerable people in

professional advice on how to make the most out of

our society. This campaign provides hope and faith to

your home using the skills and abilities of architects.

people who are affected by homelessness and sends

The Simon Open Door Weekend gives the public the

the message that they are not forgotten by the Irish

opportunity to meet with a RIAI registered architect

people.” movingin to inspire 79

AutoGate Ireland

The electric gate company

Automation of New and Existing Gates Wooden Gates Wrought Iron Gates Rising Security Bollards Automatic Barriers Repairs and Upgrades of Existing Gate systems



Office: 127 Silverbridge Road, Mullaghbawn, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 9XZ .

Office : 3 Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland.

Phone : 02830-886666 Phone : 07855-781433

Phone : 01-8864086 01-6424214 / 086-8560063

AutoGate Ireland

The electric gate company

Automation of New and Existing Gates Wooden Gates Wrought Iron Gates Rising Security Bollards Automatic Barriers Repairs and Upgrades of Existing Gate systems



Office: 127 Silverbridge Road, Mullaghbawn, Newry, Co. Down, BT35 9XZ .

Office : 3 Clanwilliam Terrace, Dublin 2, Dublin, Ireland.

Phone : 02830-886666 Phone : 07855-781433

Phone : 01-8864086 01-6424214 / 086-8560063

AutoGate Ireland

Autogate Ireland


vailing of the services of a top quality company which operates to the highest professional standards is vital when installing electric gates in your home.

contact and know who is

The enduring popularity of electric gates are a testa-

responsible in the event of

ment to their aesthetic appeal but there are numerous

something going wrong. In

other reasons for installing electric gates in your home

any business mistakes can

- not least of all for the additional security and privacy

occur on occasions and the

which they provide for your homes and family.

key issue is how those errors

There are a broad variety of different designs and materials to choose from when installing electric gates

are dealt with. “I personally stand over

but the most important factor is to ensure that you

all our work and ensure that

avail of the services of a reputable and professional

each project is completed

company with a verifiable track record of delivering

to the full satisfaction of the

quality systems.

customer. This is often not

During the boom years there was a surge in demand

the case when companies sub-contract elements of the

for electric gates which was accompanies by an influx

project and if something goes wrong, they will blame the

of new companies to the market. However, many lacked

third party and refuse to take responsibility.”

the professional skills necessary and the poor quality

According to Adrian reputation is paramount in a

products, sub-standard installation and inadequate after

business which depends significantly on referals and

sales service provided by many of these new companies

word of mouth recommendations. Autogate Ireland has

tarnished the reputation of the industry.

established its reputation as one of the leading com-

Adrian McGivern, Managing Director of Autogate

panies in its field due to the emphasis which it places

Ireland, Ireland’s premier gate automation company

on the quality of both the product and services which it

which was been serving the Irish market for over 17

offers. It’s equipment is sourced from a leading Italian

years acknowledges the damage which sub-standard

provider with over 50 years experience and it employs

operators caused to the industry but says that the vast

a team of professionals trained to the highest standards

majority of these companies have now been forced out

who stand over every aspect of their work.

of the business as a result of the downturn. In addition,

Customers can choose from sliding electric gates or

he says that the negative publicity arising from the poor

automatic swing electric gates which are most com-

quality service provided by such companies has made

monly made of metal or wrought iron while some are

homeowners more aware of the need to ensure that they

made from hardwood. Electric gates are also available

only deal with quality orientated companies which oper-

in a range of colours and can be fitted with a number of

ate to the highest professional standards.

access options such as intercom systems, card access,

“We have been kept busy despite the downturn while many of our competitors are very quiet and a lot of the

key fobs or road induction loops. All the installations provided by Autogate Ireland

newer companies which jumped on the bandwagon

come with a two year parts and labour warranty and they

during the boom years have now been driven out of the

provide a complete preventative maintenance service.

business, which is a positive development,” he says.

They also carry an extensive range of parts for all their

“Our success is due to a number of factors, the

systems in the event of damage or vandalism. For cus-

fact that we are a full service company which design,

tomers who already have an electric gate installed, they

manufacture and install ever gate and provide a com-

offer a full maintenace and repair service.

plete after sales service. We don’t sub-contract out any

Autogate Ireland provide a free survey, gate design

element and so our customers have a single point of

service and free quotation.

Tel: 01 8864 086 movingin to inspire 81

Carbon Monoxide

Reducing Risk

Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI

The Carbon Monoxide Threat


he risks from Carbon Monoxide are being

of safety features and standards when buying carbon

highlighted in a recent campaign by the

monoxide alarms. We trust that the public will take

National Standards authority of Ireland

note of the following important preventative safety tips

(NSAI) which provides a number of safety

that can help ensure a safe home or workplace.”

tips which could save your life. NSAI (National Standards Authority of Ireland)

1. Signs of carbon monoxide: The following

is urging members of the public to become more

indicators may be noted around the house and in

familiar with some of the risks associated with Carbon

rooms where there is a solid fuel burning appliance:

Monoxide (CO) in their homes and workplaces.

› Staining, sooting or discolouration around the

“Recent tragic carbon monoxide incidents have heightened awareness among the general public on the dangers associated with carbon monoxide” said Maurice Buckley, CEO, NSAI. “Carbon monoxide is a very toxic gas that cannot be detected by human senses and there is absolutely no warning if it is

heating appliance and around vents.

› Condensation on walls and windows, and a strange smell when the appliance is on.

› A yellow or orange flame where normally blue for a gas appliance.

› Blockages in chimneys and flues.

present in the home or workplace. We are urging the

› Any damage to or around appliances and flues.

public to make their homes and businesses safer by

2. Regular servicing and maintenance: The most

installing Carbon Monoxide alarms. However, be aware

common cause of carbon monoxide is from faulty

82 movingin to inspire

Carbon Monoxide Carbon Monoxide Campaign Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources Pat Rabbitte has welcomed the beginning of a two-week publicity campaign to highlight the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Pat Rabbitte said: “I am very pleased to see that good advice on this silent killer is being given to the public in such a high-profile manner. I am particularly pleased to note that the campaign includes advice on how to select a suitable carbon monoxide alarm from the many currently available. “It is my hope that people will pay attention to this, and that we can prevent any more tragic deaths from occurring. I commend Bord Gais Networks on this important work.” Press, television and radio messages providing information about how to protect against carbon monoxide or poorly maintained appliances. It is essential to

EN 50291. Look for

poisoning have been prepared by Bord Gais Networks.

service your oil and gas boilers annually. Ensure that

the ‚CE mark‘, or for

The campaign is supported by the Register of Gas

gas boilers are serviced by Registered Gas Installers

3rd party certification

Installers of Ireland, the National Standards Authority of

(RGI). Ask your service technician to check all

marks such as the BSI

Ireland, the Irish LPG Association and the Commission

air vents, chimneys and flues to make sure they

Kitemark. Try to ensure

for Energy Regulation. The initaitive follows the publica-

are clear of obstruction and to increase fresh air

that your CO alarms are

tion of a new fast-tracked de facto Irish Standard for

circulation in rooms.

fitted with a fault signal

Carbon Monoxide alarms which took place towards

3. Keep air vents clear: Blocked vents, flues and

with an ‘end-of-life

the end of last year and which was the result of work

chimneys are a major cause of carbon monoxide.


undertaken by a number of gas industry experts under

Check your flues and chimneys and outside vents

Recalled Alarms: A

the auspices of the Gas Technical Standards Committee of the National Standards Authority of Ireland.

for blockages, overgrowth of ivy and for bird’s nests.

number of faulty carbon

Even in cold weather it is essential to keep all air

monoxide alarms have

vents clear of obstruction. Have the chimney or flue

been recalled by the

able to buy these alarms in the confidence that they will

swept once a year.

National Consumer

work properly, provided the alarms purchased comply with

4. Install Carbon Monoxide alarms: It is advisable

Agency, many of which

this new standard and have been properly installed.

to install more than one carbon monoxide alarm in

do not comply with

your home or business. Follow the manufacturer‘s

the European standard

standard was due to a deficiency in the relevant Euro-

instructions for installation and positioning. Position

EN50291.To ensure

pean Standard. At the time Minister Rabitte commented

alarms next to bedrooms and in rooms with heating

your alarm is not one

that he was pleased that Ireland did not wait for the

appliances. CO alarms are a warning device and do

of these visit www.

European Standard to be revised (a process which could

not eliminate CO. Replace the CO alarm once it has


take years) but instead acted unilaterally by using a

reached its expiry date, detailed on the product by

ie to check the list of

“fast-track” procedure to issue a de facto Irish Standard

the manufacturer. Aim to purchase an alarm that

recalled alarms and also

which will “plug the gap” until such time as there is a

records when carbon monoxide was detected. Carbon

for general CO alarm

European Standard “fit for purpose.

monoxide maybe present for a brief period of time


when the householder is out. On return, the alarm

The Irish standard ensures that in future, people will be

One of the reasons for the publication of an Irish

According to Mr.

will indicate that carbon monoxide was detected and

Buckley standards are constantly being updated and

a professional can then be called to investigate the

amended to ensure that the latest advancements

source. Never fall into a false sense of security just

in safety and technology are incorporated into

because a CO alarm has been installed.

consumer products and NSAI continues to work

5. Look for the quality marks on your CO alarm:

with European and Irish industry to ensure that the

Invest in quality CO alarms (from €40-€50) that

quality of products available on the Irish market are

comply with the appropriate European Standard,

up to standard.” movingin to inspire 83

EI Electronics

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EI Electronics

Carbon monoxide monoxide poisoning almost universally recognised one biggest dangers Carbon monoxidepoisoning poisoning is almost universally recognised as one of the biggest dangers Carbon isisalmost universally recognised asas one of of thethe biggest dangers inthe the home. home. Dubbed ’the silent killer’, it’sundetectable undetectable the human senses, which in home.Dubbed Dubbed ’the silent killer ‘ , but it doesn’t have to be! True, you in the ’the silent killer’, it’s toto the human senses, which is iscan ‘t see it, partlyit what makesit sovery very dangerous, writes John Casey, Electronics. smell or makes taste but you can hearwrites it if John you fit carbon monoxide alarms , writes John partly what ititso dangerous, Casey, Ei Ei Electronics. Casey, Ei Electronics.


– it saves lives. arly ofof carbon arly  symptoms symptoms  of  carbon  arly  symptoms  carbon  ABOUT EI ELECTRONICS OneEIsolution which is rapidly becoming monoxide (CO) poisoning can ABOUT ELECTRONICS monoxide  (CO)  (CO) poisoning  poisoning can  can  monoxide  Ei Electronics –‘Best an acknowledged regarded as Practice’ involves often resemble those of flu, Ei Electronics – an acknowledged often  resemble  resemble  those  those  of  of  flu, flu, often  market leader in boiler Residential combining annual maintenance with market leader in Residential Fire Fire which can cause problems with which can  can cause  cause problems  problems with  with  which  and CO Safety Products – is one and CO Safety Products – isquality one the installation of good CO alarms. misdiagnosis. UK studies indicate that misdiagnosis.  UK  UK  studies  studies  indicate  indicate that  that  misdiagnosis.  of powerful Ireland’s largest indigenous of Ireland’s largest indigenous This and innovative combination the number ofof incidents ofof CO poisoning the  number  incidents  CO  poisoning  the  number  of  incidents  of  CO  poisoning  electronics companies and employs electronics companies and employs works. It’s very cost effective, simple to isis actually far higher than official figures actually far  far higher  higher than  than official  official figures figures is  actually  300 people. 300 people. initiate and – most of all – it saves lives. would suggest. would suggest. suggest. would The 100 Irish-owned The 100 per per centcent Irish-owned It’s important to install good quality, There is even evidence that the problem    There is even evidence that the problem  There is even evidence that the problem  private company has has achieved private company achieved reliable carbon monoxide alarms that meet isis  getting worse and is likely to become is  getting  getting worse  worse and  and is  is likely  likely to  to become  become  continuous growth through the continuous growth through the the certified standards of EN50291:2010 even more serious in the future. The reason even more serious in the future. The reason  even more serious in the future. The reason  development of amark stream of a stream ofreputable innovativeand anddevelopment bear the ofof ainnovative isis  green energy simple  and  obvious.  With  is simple simple and and obvious. obvious. With With green  green energy  energy  new products manufactured on on new products manufactured proven independent test body, such as the policies aimed at reducing waste heat lost policies  lost  policies aimed  aimed at  at reducing  reducing waste  waste heat  heat  lost  state-of-the-art process technology, state-of-the-art process technology, BSI Kitemark. from properties, better insulation and more from properties, better insulation and more  from properties, better insulation and more  delivered to the highest customer delivered tothe the highest customer of the However, proper installation double glazing, homes have become more double glazing, homes have become more  double glazing, homes have become more  service standards. service standards. alarm is vital to its successful operation as a airtight. Therefore, trapped CO fumes in airtight.  airtight. Therefore,  Therefore, trapped  trapped CO  CO fumes  fumes in in  All business, marketing, R&S R&S and and All business, marketing, potential life-saving device. A registered gas the home are greater with more dangerous the home are greater with more dangerous the home are greater with more dangerous manufacturing functions are located manufacturing functions are located installer or boiler maintenance professional concentrations than in draughty old concentrations  concentrations  than  than  in  in  draughty  draughty  old  old  in the company’s 12,000 sq. metre in the company’s metre assess the 12,000 risk insq. the home and properties! cleaned regularly and it’s advisable to have should properties!  cleaned regularly and it’s advisable to have  properties!  cleaned regularly and it’s advisable to have  facility in Shannon, Co. Clare, adjacent facilityadvice in Shannon, Co. where Clare, adjacent provide on what, and how to now, the main response to CO    Until Until  now,  the  main  response  to  CO  crow guards fitted. crow guards fitted. Until  now,  the  main  response  to  CO  crow guards fitted. to Shannon International Airport. to Shannon International Airport. danger has has been been  the the  annual annual  maintenance  fit CO alarms. danger maintenance danger  has  been  the  annual  maintenance  boilers.  This This  has  undoubtedly undoubtedly  saved  SAFETY MEASURES ofof  MEASURES of boilers. boilers.  This has has  undoubtedly saved saved  SAFETY SAFETY MEASURES lives and and is, is, frankly, frankly,  invaluable. invaluable.  However, Another  useful  safety  measure  is  to  keep  – it saves lives. lives However, Another ABOUT EI ELECTRONICS lives  and  is,  frankly,  invaluable.  However, Another useful useful safety safety measure measure isis toto keep keep  – it saves lives. accidents still happen and people continue It’s Electronics important  to  good  quality, an eye out for the tell-tale signs of Carbon  accidents still happen and people continue an eye out for the tell-tale signs of Carbon    Ei – aninstall  acknowledged accidents still happen and people continue an eye out for the tell-tale signs of Carbon  It’s  important  to  install  good  quality, reliable carbon monoxide alarms that meet  Monoxide  problems,  such  as  soot  build toto be seriously injured or killed every year  be seriously injured or killed every year Monoxide problems, such as soot build market leader in Residential Fire to be seriously injured or killed every year  Monoxide  problems,  such  as  soot  build reliable carbon monoxide alarms that meet  asaaresult. result. the  certified  standards  of  EN50291:2010  up  around  appliances,  discolouration  and  as up around appliances, discolouration and CO Safety Productsof  – is one as a result. the  standards  EN50291:2010  up  around  appliances,  discolouration  and  and certified    The The home boiler is not the only potential  and  bear  the  mark  of  a  reputable  and  or  excessive  condensation  build home boiler is not the only potential staining  staining or excessive condensation build of Ireland’s largest indigenous   The home boiler is not the only potential  and  bear  the  mark  of  a  reputable  and  staining  or  excessive  condensation  build source of of  lethal CO CO  fumes. Any  proven  independent  test  body,  such  as  the  up. source Any appliance  appliance electronics companies and employs source  of lethal lethal  CO fumes. fumes. Any  appliance  up. proven  independent  test  body,  such  as  the  up. that burns fossil fuels, such as gas, coal or  BSI Kitemark.  by  the  time  these  signs  are  that burns fossil fuels, such as gas, coal or   However,  However, by the time these signs are 400 people. that burns fossil fuels, such as gas, coal or  BSI Kitemark.    However,  by  the have  time a  these  signs  are  paraffin, can can  be aa  potential potential  source  of  CO  visible,  you  already  potentially  paraffin, visible, The 100 per cent Irish-owned paraffin,  can be be  a  potential source source ofof CO CO  serious CO problem capable of injuring or  visible, you you already already have have aa potentially potentially However,  poisoning. Malfunctioning gas cookers and  the  proper  installation  of  the  poisoning. Malfunctioning gas cookers and serious CO problem capable of injuring or private company has achieved poisoning. Malfunctioning gas cookers and  However,  the  proper  installation  of  the  serious CO problem capable of injuring or alarm is vital to its successful operation as a  portable  gas/oil  heaters  have  also  been  killing. The home occupants may already be  portable gas/oil heaters have also been killing. The home occupants may already be continuous growth through the alarm is vital to its successful operation as a  portable  gas/oil  heaters  have  also  been  killing. The home occupants may already be potential life-saving device. A registered gas  sources  of of  carbon carbon  monoxide monoxide  poisoning  suffering from the effects of CO long before  sources poisoning suffering from the effects of CO long before development of a stream of innovative potential life-saving device. A registered gas  sources  of  carbon  monoxide  poisoning  suffering from the effects of CO long before installer or boiler maintenance professional  accidents.  these signs are obvious. accidents. these signs are obvious. new products manufactured on and  installer or boiler maintenance professional  accidents.    Annual  boiler  maintenance  won’t  pick    these signs are obvious. Achieving  real  CO  safety  in  the  home  should  assess  the  risk  in  the  home  Annual boiler maintenance won’t pick Achieving real CO safety in the home state-of-the-art process technology, should  assess  the  risk  in  the  home  and   this  Annual  boiler  maintenance  won’t  pick    Achieving  real  safety  in or  the  home provide advice on what, where and how to  up,  and  no  one  is  suggesting  a  new  does  not  have  to  be CO  a  complex  even  this up, and no one isis suggesting aa new does not have to be a complex or even delivered to the highest customer provide advice on what, where and how to  this  up,  and  no  one  suggesting  new  does  not  have problem.  to  be  a  complex  or  even fit CO alarms. set  of  safety  rules  where  every  fossil-fuel insurmountable  One  solution set rules fossil-fuel insurmountable problem. service standards. CO‘Silent  alarms. set ofof safety safety  rules where where every every  fossil-fuel insurmountable  problem.  One One  solution solution The  Killer’  can  be  detected  burning  appliance  should  be  subject  to  which  is  rapidly  becoming  regarded  as    fit burning appliance should be subject toto  which is rapidly becoming regarded as All business, marketing, R&S and   The  ‘Silent  can be  be saved.  detected  burning  appliance  should  be  subject  which  is  rapidly  becoming  regarded  More Killer’  lives  can  annual maintenance. ‘Best  Practice’  involves  combining  annual as and  stopped.  annual maintenance. ‘Best Practice’ involves combining annual manufacturing functions are located and  stopped.  More  lives  can  be  saved.  annual maintenance. ‘Best  Practice’  involves  combining  annualCombining annual maintenance with the all    It  just  isn’t  practical,  no  matter  how  boiler maintenance with the installation of  no matter how boiler maintenance with the installation of in the company’s 12,000 sq. metre Combining annual maintenance with the all    ItIt just just isn’t isn’t practical, practical,  matter  how  good quality CO alarms. This powerful and  round  protection  afforded  by  good  quality desirable!  However  it  is  no  good  practice  boiler maintenance with the installation of  desirable! However itfuel  isis good practice good quality CO alarms. This powerful and CO alarms is undoubtedly the answer. Now, facilityprotection  in Shannon, Co. Clare, adjacent round  afforded  by  good  quality to  have  your  solid  it  fires  desirable!  However  good checked  practice  innovative combination works. It’s very cost  good quality CO alarms. This powerful and  toperiodically.  have your solid fuel fires checked innovative combination works. It’s very cost to Shannon International Airport. Make  sure fuel  the  chimneys  are  effective, simple to initiate and – most of all  we need to commit to it - and to act on it. CO alarms is undoubtedly the answer. Now, to  have  your  solid  fires  checked  innovative combination works. It’s very cost  periodically. simple to initiate and – most of all periodically. Make Make sure sure the the chimneys chimneys are are  effective, we need to commit to it - and to act on it. effective, simple to initiate and – most of all  cr

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Stop the Noise

Stop the Noise


oise pollution is a modern menace and

number of changes in sleep stage; the number of

particularly difficult in newer homes

electroencephalographic arousals; global changes

and apartment complexes where noise

in total amount of sleep stages or in their time

insulation between living spaces

organization (sleep architecture).

can be minimal. The World Health Organisation

Exposure–response curves exist for awakenings,

describes several health effects of noise pollution

based on laboratory results and self-assessment

including sleep disturbance, cardiovascular effects,

questionnaires. Nevertheless, many questions remain

damage to work and school performance and hearing

on how poor sleep relates to or induces poor health.

impairment including tinnitus. To assess the health gains of reducing noise

The long-term effects of poor sleep in children exposed to noisy sleep environments are still very

levels, experts drew the following conclusions on

uncertain. For example, the potential for developing

exposure-response relationships.

adult insomnia needs evaluation.

Sleep disturbance

Cardiovascular effects

To some degree, the immediate effects of sleep

Among other non-auditory health endpoints, short-

disturbance in adults are quantified through the

term changes in circulation including blood pressure,

number and duration of nocturnal awakenings; the

heart rate, cardiac output and vasoconstriction, as

86 movingin to inspire

Stop the Noise well as stress hormones have been studied in experimental settings for many years. Classical biological risk factors have been shown to be elevated in subjects that were exposed to high levels of noise. In the past several years, epidemiological evidence was accumulated supporting the hypothesis that persistent noise stress increases the risk of cardiovascular disorders including hypertension and ischemic heart disease. Loss of productivity in adults Noise has negative impacts on cognitive performance. For recall and reading, a reduction of the day and night noise level by 5 dB(A) within the range of 65–80

exposure and estimation of noise-induced hearing

dB(A) was shown to improve performance by almost

impairment), which uses an audiometric threshold

10%. For attention and memory, a 5 dB(A) reduction

shift at 4 kHz.

in average noise level results in approximately 2–3%

The threat of noise pollution is very real and

improvement of performance. These adverse impacts of

for those experiencing these problems there is a

noise on cognitive performance can lead to a reduction

solution. Sound Reduction Solutions are a specialist

in the productivity at work and the learning performance

installer of Sound Proofing for homes and Businesses

at school.

throughout Ireland. The company have been solving noise problems for families and business owners

Learning impairment in children Children chronically exposed to loud noise show

across the country for the past 12 years. Noise from the house or apartment next door is

impairments in attention, memory, problem-solving

probably the biggest complaint that home owners

ability and learning to read.

have and it is horribly disruptive. Noise can ruin your entertainment, deprive you of sleep, make you

Hearing impairment Studies and data are not sufficient to derive

irritable and causes unnecessary stress. If you have a noise problem and would like to

relationships between community or social

know what can be done to resolve it, visit www.

specific noise exposure and hearing impairment where you can request a full

in adults and children. Nevertheless, assuming

Sound Proofing Report.

that social noise is not significantly different from

This FREE report describes many noise problems

occupational noise and that the equal energy

and how they can be treated. The report covers

principle is applicable, exposure–response curves

the various noise reduction solutions that can

can be established on the basis of International

be employed and the improvements that can be

Organization for Standardization (ISO) standard

expected from each one. More importantly it will tell

1999 (on determination of occupational noise

you what does not work and dispels several myths. movingin to inspire 87

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I R E L A N D S F A V O U R I T E M U LT I - B R A N D D E A L E R

M1 Eastern Corridor

Port Tunnel

City Centre

Dublin Airport

M50 Ring Road

Winning Solutions

› Winners From left to right: Sean Mc Donald, Mary Mc Donald (home owners), Gerard Duffy (MD Eurotech), Daryl Duffy (Eurotech), John Burgess (ARUP Engineer & Also on judging panel)

Winning Solutions


hen Joe Clarke walked into the

energy that uses heat stored in the ground to heat

Eurotech office in June 2008 and

or cool buildings. The renovation of the house was

introduced his friends Sean and Mary

also discussed and Sean and Mary took on board

McDonald, everybody paid attention.

Eurotech’s suggestion to completely remove the

Joe genuflected and requested “will you please look

oil fired boiler heating system. Sean asked if the


after these people for me, they are extending and

boiler was worth giving to somebody to reuse as it

Renewables Limited are

renovating a house and would like the heating and

was cast iron and in very good condition. Gerard

delighted to have been

hot water taken care of.” Joe said “I will leave you

from Eurotech said that he wouldn’t inflict it on

awarded the inaugural

two in good hands” and he said goodbye. Everybody

his worst enemy, since oil or gas boilers are like

Brecan Mooney domestic

can remember that day.

mobile phones; even if you get them for nothing

geothermal heating

The Eurotech design team set about designing a

they are a bill for life and unfortunately one which is increasing at a very fast rate.

installation of the year

heating and hot water solution which would deliver

award 2011, for the

the highest possible comfort at the lowest running

innovative geothermal

cost. Eurotech believe an important part of a

suggested taking up floors downstairs which were

heating system it

comfortable heating system is the comfort of knowing

concrete and replacing them with a new Eurofast floor

installed in Sean and

you can afford to use it.

heating system. The first floor timber boards were

Mary McDonald’s home

Following on site visits Eurotech suggested

Insulation was also discussed and Eurotech

also removed in favour of fast floor heating between

in county Meath, at a

geothermal as the energy source to drive the

joists over which a new floor board could be laid. This

prize giving ceremony

system. This conclusion was based on the geological

particularly appealed to Mary as she liked that idea of

in Limerick on Saturday

information available for the area and also

having a polished timber floor in some rooms.

15 October 2011.

information from projects completed by Eurotech in

Geothermal Association

the area. Geothermal energy is a renewable form of

90 movingin to inspire

Gerard from Eurotech says that the reason the job was such a tremendous success was because the Mc

Winning Solutions Donald’s placed their trust in the Eurotech team and once it all made sense to them they agreed. The complete system finished off with two Ochsner heat pumps providing heat and hot water to the house. The heat in each room is controlled by EuroSmart Intelligent Control System which uses logic and predictive learning so no heat is wasted and there is no delay time which is often a disadvantage with underfloor heating. Mary was particularly happy to choose Eurofast floor heating as it could respond faster than the radiator system she had already. A single submersed

exceptional. All heating plant and ground wells are

pump was then fitted into the energy well which is

easily accessible for maintenance and observation.” –

used to pump water for the house and also pump

Geothermal Association

energy for the heat pumps. The well pump was set up

When the Geothermal association Chairman

to modulate as the demand varies depending on what

Mr. John Burgess of ARUP Consulting Engineers

the water is being used for. Eurotech also do the same

handed the envelope containing the winner to Mrs.

thing using a modulating fan and split evaporator to

Mooney to announce the Brecan Mooney Award

capture energy from the atmosphere, another system

Winner there was a hush in the room. Sean and

for which they have won awards and you don’t have to

Mary were delighted with the result as was Gerard

have a bored well to use this system.

and Daryl Duffy from Eurotech. This was a reward

When all of the site work was complete Eurotech

which recognised the quality and efficiency of a

commissioned the fast floor heating system and

project which was already in place for over two years.

EuroSmart Controls following which Eurotech’s

Awarding both the home owner and the installer/

Ochsner Ireland engineers commissioned the

designer acknowledges that it takes both parties to

well pump, tecknospeed control unit and the two

deliver a great result by great teamwork. Sean and

Ochsner heat pumps. The job didn’t finish there,

Mary extended their house by 233m² yet they are

Sean said he was against using extract fans to dump

proud to have reduced the carbon footprint overall by

steam from the bathroom or kitchen as the heat was

16,100kgsco2/year from its consumption when using

also being dumped. Eurotech fitted the Ochsner

the oil boiler system.

Europa Mini Solar Boiler which collects the steam

“The home owners are delighted with the clean,

via a ducted system and separates the heat using it

quiet and effective operation of their geothermal

to provide the hot water for the entire house while

heating system. They are proud to be owners

dumping cold air to the outside at 9˚c. This system

of a system that has low CO2 emissions when

really did finish off the job and Eurotech were

compared to conventional systems. Sean and Mary

delighted with Sean’s suggestion.

McDonald both feel the comfort levels in this house are dramatically improved compared to pre-renovation

Just Rewards

standards. The family also feel the system has

“Geothermal energy is a renewable form of energy

benefited the family‘s health as the atmosphere in

that uses heat stored in the ground to heat or

the house is consistently fresh and comfortable.”

cool buildings. The system installed in Sean and

Geothermal Association

Mary McDonald’s home by Eurotech Renewables

Eurotech Renewables Ltd. Are a sustainable heating

Limited uses an open loop system comprising 2

solutions company focused on the efficient and effective

wells. The standard of installation in this project is

use of Renewable Energy to replace oil and gas.

“The home owners are delighted with the clean, quiet and effective operation of their geothermal heating system. They are proud to be owners of a system that has low CO2 emissions when compared to conventional systems. Sean and Mary McDonald both feel the comfort levels in this house are dramatically improved compared to prerenovation standards. The family also feel the system has benefited the family‘s health as the atmosphere in the house is consistently fresh and comfortable.” Geothermal Association movingin to inspire 91

Estate Living

› Heavenly walks The main house and mews is just a short stroll along dappled pathways past streams and waterfalls

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Estate living

Liss Ard Estate


iss Ard Country Estate is a magical estate

corporate retreats and photo shoots. The country house

of country manors, gardens, trails, ponds

retains all of the elegance and charm of bygone eras

and lakes where nature, art, modern

while offering luxury and modern conveniences. All main

luxury and elegance come together in

rooms have breath-taking views over Lough Abisdealy and

perfect harmony. This beautiful 200-acre estate

the surrounding woodlands which are awash with golden

encompasses the Victorian Liss Ard Country House

light in the mornings as the sun rises.

with its contemporary design, the adjacent Garden Mews and the Liss Ard Lake Lodge, a Victorian Dower

Garden Mews

house overlooking the 50-acre lake.

The former 1800s stable block has been revived and

stands adjacent to the main house as the Garden Mews,

Liss Ard Country House

a collection of nine contemporary and comfortable

Central to the estate is Liss Ard Country House, a

bedrooms. The rooms overlook the walled garden with

superb 1850 mansion with commanding views over

views of the parterre and herb garden. Ground floor

the countryside. The house, originally built by ‘The

rooms have their own private gardens and butterfly-

O‘Donovan’, Chieftain of the O‘Donovan Clan, has

attracting plants and herbs.

undergone a complete refurbishment in a modern classical style with an emphasis on contemporary

Lake Lodge

comfort. Liss Ard has been a retreat in the past to

The Lake Lodge is the stuff of dreams: a picturesque

numerous celebrities including Oasis, Lou Reed, Van

Victorian country house perched on a slope with

Morrison, Patti Smith and Nick Cave and companies

magnificent views overlooking Lough Abisdealy and

have found both the beauty and facilities here ideal for

nestled by woodland and exquisite gardens. The main movingin to inspire 93

Estate Living

house and mews is just a short stroll along dappled

trails and lake based activities such as fishing and

pathways past streams and waterfalls or take the short

boating. Liss Ard Country Estate is a haven for family

cut via the estate‘s main driveway.

trips, encouraging day long interaction between

Guest rooms overlook the lake and the surrounding gardens are tranquil spaces for tranquil minds. The drawing room is ideal for open fires

parents and children so all go to bed tired and excited about the following days. For the active, Liss Ard is a playground of

providing an ambience of old-world romanticism for

possibilities. The protected natural parkland is a land

those special occasions, or as the focal point for a

waiting to be discovered, whether by mountain bike

good story shared among friends.

or on foot. There are ponds and lakes where an array of water sports options are available: kayaking, wild

The Perfect Family Holiday Despite the total tranquillity of this estate the Liss

swimming, fishing and bird watching. Don‘t worry if there is an occasional ‘damp‘ day

Ard team place huge emphasis on family time where

as the house is well equipped for indoor fun too with

children are centre stage. The guest facilities, leisure

table tennis, playstations, ‘make-n-do‘ and board

options and wide range of estate activities available in

games, with all activities monitored and facilitated by

the 200 acres of gardens include cycle and walking

an estate host.

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Estate Living

The great news for parents is that an estate host will cater for the activities of the day during the season allowing parents to engage in any or all of the activities, or let the children be entertained under the guidance of the host while mum and dad escape for an hour or two for a massage or just afternoon tea and a good book in the library or drawing room. Relaxation... Liss Ard is also about relaxation. Doing absolutely nothing can be equally appealing. Eating good locally produced food cooked fresh each evening or snoozing in a hidden corner of the garden may be your idea of heaven. Liss Ard is a wonderful find being just the right

Regal retreat

amount of distance off the beaten track yet in a very special part of the world. The charming estate offers

Nestled in acres of forest and overlooking the expansive lake, live like a king at Liss Ard

a ‘home from home’ experience second to none with fantastic hospitality, home cooking, roaring fires, peace and tranquillity or lots of activity and miles of

Liss Ard Estate Castletownsend Road Skibbereen, County Cork Email: reservations@

charming scenery waiting to be explored.

Rates start from just €125.00 per night bed and full

T: +353 28 40 000

Irish breakfast. movingin to inspire 95


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