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Dining Guide 2012

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Yacht Club (Up to 250 Guests)

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Playing the market with Josie Le Balch

Local chef makes selections at weekly farmers market

12 The revolution behind the bar Mixologists incorporate fresh and seasonal products

24 Map of restaurant locations 28 Restaurant listings

ON THE COVER: Countertop dining is just one element of Oscar’s Cerveteca, on the ever growing Rose Avenue restaurant corridor in Venice.


Come for the food, stay for the view! Exquisite Steaks & Seafood Our Famous Weekend Champagne Brunch Sunset Dinners Happy Hour Plan your Next Party Here! 13813 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey (310) 823-4522 www.ShanghaiRedsRestaurant.com

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Playing the market with Josie Le Balch

PAGE 6 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

Photo By Richard Foss

Chef Josie Le Balch greets a farmer at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, where she has been shopping since it first opened.

BY RICHARD FOSS Josie Le Balch looked longingly at the tiny, perfect yams that were displayed at the corner of a stand at the Santa Monica Farmers Market. “Those are beautiful, they’d be great simply roasted, but this grower doesn’t have enough for my restaurant,” she sighed. “I arrived late today, so things that are only available in small quantities are gone.” Le Balch, owner of Josie’s and Next Door restaurants, is one of many chefs who frequent the farmers market. “I’ve been shopping here since it opened in the 1980s, though it used to be much smaller,” she said. “In 1992 Mary Sue Milliken, Susan Feininger, and I hosted a dinner at Remi Restaurant to encourage other chefs to shop here. At that time the market wasn’t doing very well – soon after that dinner I saw chefs in their jackets down here, so I knew it had an effect.” As Le Balch walks down aisles of produce, she scans every booth for some exotic or interesting item. In the middle of a sentence explaining the logistics of buying restaurant quantities at a street market, she suddenly swerves to a booth where an Asian woman is displaying a vegetable with long green pods and purple splotches. “What are these?” she asked nobody in particular. “The sign says shelling beans… could be fun.” She chatted with the vendor about how to cook them, then decisively scooped up two large bags of beans. “These may be like black-eyed peas,” Le Balch said happily. “I’m going to get some just to see how they cook up. I do a farmers market special meal every Wednesday, and I come here with some ideas in my mind, but something that I see might change what I do. ” As we continue through the market, the running commentary continues. After rejecting some pomegranates at a glance (“too pale, a week or two and they’ll be ripe”), she hesitated near baby winter squashes before moving on. “There will be tomatoes for another month, and after that we’ll all be on to winter vegetables. I’m not interested in focusing on the next thing just because it’s the next thing – I’m going to be featuring those flavors for the next five months, so I’ll enjoy the tomato season Continued on Page 8




10:05 AM









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PLaying the Market Continued from Page 6

Photo By Richard Foss

Le Balch knows the importance of selecting fresh produce for a special farmers market meal she makes every Wednesday.

while it lasts.” Most of the produce is conventional, what you might see at any supermarket but fresher, although a few items stand out. “Look, there are seascape strawberries – wonderfully flavored but so delicate that nobody ever ships them,” she said. “The skin is so soft that they bruise easily… Yellow Romano beans – they’re traditional in minestrone, with a big bean flavor. “Most farmers don’t grow yellow ones because they’re lower yield, so they’re expensive but worth it in some recipes. You don’t make them al dente, you stew them like the Italians do. And those are nice eggplants. I already have some eggplant at the restaurant, but I saw some green ones back there that I’ll tempura. I don’t like to roast the green ones because it gives them an ugly color.” Le Balch has been at the market so long that growers come out of their stalls to greet her, often with hugs. She has relationships with many of them, and they have set aside produce that she has preordered. Those advance calls are the difference between profit and loss for some growers, who need to know if there is interest in arcane products before they pack their trucks. “I’m projecting my menus constantly – I know that Garcia will have the pixie tangerines for about one more week, for instance,” she said. “I will ask him today what looks like it will be ripe after that, and I’ll plan accordingly. When I do cooking classes I always encourage the students to talk to farmers, ask what’s in the ground now. You not only learn things that will be useful in your next visit, you start building a relationship.” Continued on Page 10



417 Washington Blvd., Marina del R ey | www.le-cellier-winebar.com | ph. 424.228.5491 PAGE 8 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

4029 Lincoln Boulevard, Marina del Rey Tel: 310.578.7114 • www.wharo.com

“The Concept of Bibimbap is Perfect for Recipes for Health”

February 24, 2012 New York Times

Try our Well-Being Bibimbap Broccoli, spinach, organic tofu, gobo roots, chives, radish, mushroom and grilled salmon on top of healthy multigrain rice served with spicy soy sauce aside Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 9



Le Balch touches up the finished product made with ingredients from the farmers market.

As we walk through the market, Le Balch is planning the next week’s meals at her restaurant, but one particular dinner is uppermost – the $35 Farmers Market special three-course that she will be cooking that evening. “I have some grass-fed beef that I picked up from another vendor, and I’m going to theme my meal tonight around that. I might do the shelling beans too, maybe with those chilies we can smell roasting.” That evening I went to the restaurant and ate many things that had been in the ground yesterday and at the market that morning. After a salad of turkey figs, mizuna, and pink onion with a red wine vinaigrette, the flatiron steak arrived with tempura eggplant, roasted piquillo peppers, and mixed shelling beans. When we talked after the meal, Le Balch said there had been some improvisation after all. “After I saw the shelling beans when you were there, another farmer had a different variety, so I decided to do a mix,” she said. “I had an order in for other beans that I was going to feature tonight, but due to a mix-up by my shopper we didn’t get them. I was glad I bought those bunches of them on impulse. “I also had one of those surprises that happen when you try different produce – those pretty green eggplants that I decided to tempura. They were not as I expected – very seedy in the middle, so I had to cut that out, and they have a moist texture like okra. I had to slice them thin so they wouldn’t be soggy, but they turned out delicious.” Sure enough, they were, and along with the earthy beans they were a delicious companion to my steak and my wife’s roasted barramundi. As we finished the poached pear frangipane tart with whipped cream, it was with a sense of wonder that the chain from farm to table can be so short even in an urban area. For this we must thank the farmers who start their days long before dawn to bring the country to the city, and also the chefs who take advantage of their bounty. §




on Abbot Kinney Blvd.

“Experience the Food, Art, & Spirits”

We Deliver!

Catering Available. OPEN Sun-Thurs 11:30am-9:30pm Fri-Sat 11:30am-10pm

• Private Dining Room Available • Live Jazz Sun & Mon 8-11pm • Valet Parking Available 1349 Abbot Kinney Blvd.

Venice 310.396.3105

PAGE 10 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice, Ca

(310) 664-1177

The locals give us four stars. With 4-star attractions like Chef Allyson’s fresh, seasonally inspired dinner menu, our 7-day a week brunch with bottomless Mimosas on the weekends, plus the marina’s best happy hour appetizers and drink specials from 3 to 7 p.m. – it’s no wonder that everyone loves Beachside. And when you add to that our heated patio dining and spectacular ocean views the only question left is — what are you waiting for?

Beachside is a shore thing for your next party. Call for information today! 14160 Palawan Way | Marina del Rey | (310) 439-3033 www.beachsidemarinadelrey.com Ample free parking available. PHC-30738 beachside dining_r1.indd 1

Westside Dining Guide 2012 9/27/12• PAGE 4:57 PM11

Farm-fresh cocktails Photo By Jorge M. Vargas, Jr.

The revolution behind the bar

Mixologist Kevin Dunn of The Misfit in Santa Monica, at work making the bar’s signature drink, “The Misfit.”

BY RICHARD FOSS “We’re designing our fall menu – we’re looking at zucchini, cucumber, and pumpkin. Anything is possible – sweet potato and yam, even.” A chef planning an appetizer in a high-end restaurant? No – it’s mixologist Evan Barge considering what farmers market products might be in upcoming cocktails. The trend toward incorporating fresh and seasonal products on restaurant menus is sweeping bars too, and it has changed the whole profession. “I started bartending at a place where the main event was Jack and cokes, and if I didn’t know what was in your drink, you didn’t get it,” mused Robyn Newmark of Code restaurant in Venice, formerly known as Dry Tour. “A bartender could show up 10 minutes before opening, because the job was opening bottles and pouring. Fifteen years later I’m at a place where drinks are as well designed and decadent as the items on the menu – it’s an appetizer in a glass.” Code doesn’t have a hard liquor license, which complicates matters. “The regulations that don’t let us serve hard liquor force us to be creative,” Newmark said. “We’re trying to mimic Cosmopolitans, Manhattans, and other traditional drinks - we make an Old Fashioned using whiskey-style soju. It takes about an hour and a half of prep each day dealing with all the fresh items, and we start preparing our infusions days in advance. We cut up all our farmers market fruit so the soju can absorb the flavors, then we design cocktails around them. “ Vincenzo Marianella of Santa Monica’s Copa d’Oro knows a lot about designing cocktails – besides the ones he serves there, he consults for restaurants about integrating their cocktail menu with their food. He reminisced about how his stint at the famed Providence restaurant prepared him for the task. “When I was working at Providence, I thought of everything as connected – how was this aperitif going to open up that appetizer? Was this cocktail going to go with the food, or just finish the dinner with a little kick and a big flavor? Copa is just a bar that serves a little food. My philosophy is that I do things like I think they should be done. Every dive bar should have a margarita like mine – fresh juice, agave nectar, homemade simple syrup, nothing from a can.” Marianella cautions that there is a big difference between flavors in cooking versus creating drinks. “You have to think differently about flavors Continued on Page 14

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Best Cuban Food in L. A. always fresh - always homemade

Lunch Specials Starting at $7.95


Dine In • Take Out • Catering Open Daily 11 am – 10 pm


4361 SepuLveda BLvd. Culver CITy (between Culver Blvd. & Braddock)

FREE DELIVERy (within 3 miles)

www.BestCubanFood.com Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 13



Robyn Newmark of Code restaurant in Venice, formerly Dry Tour, creates a mojito cocktail.

in cocktails, because there is always the alcohol to contend with – it overpowers delicate ingredients,” he explained. “When a chef wants to include a flavor from his menu in a cocktail, I tell him, ‘Come up with a jam or syrup – but make sure it’s triple strong, because we have to deal with alcohol.’ Even so, you can get surprising effects from vegetables when you juice them. Cucumber isn’t a strong flavor when you eat one, but when you juice it you concentrate the flavor of ¾ of a cucumber into a quarter of an ounce. I also use the peel, which has a stronger flavor and more of the vitamins. “ Kevin Dunn of The Misfit in Santa Monica is another mixologist who shops at the Santa Monica Farmers Market, and he has an advantage over most of his rivals. “The market is right outside our back door – having it there is a constant inspiration for the daily specials,” he said. “I go to there Wednesday mornings with the chef and we get everything ready. We make syrups and infusions, and if we don’t sell them that day, we can’t use them – it has to be fresh. Sometimes we run out of things because one cocktail is unexpectedly popular, or we have to do more prep in the middle of a shift. We have more wastage than the average bar, but it’s built into our model. It’s what happens when you’re committed to a fresh product.” Another consequence of a commitment to freshness is that sometimes a popular item has to be removed. “The peach cocktail is coming off this week, because peaches are done at the market,” Dunn said. “We’re moving seasonally – the next is a bourbon-based cocktail with fresh Granny Smith apple juice. We got an amazing new juicer a few weeks back, and I’m going to use it.” All four mixologists who were interviewed for this article mentioned that by using the fresh ingredients and housemade infusions, they were recreating flavors from over a century ago. The peach shrub that Dunn was removing from the menu was a popular drink in Colonial America, and the signature drink of The Misfit is from a slightly more recent era.


Exotic Cuisine of India

Lunch Buffet Everyday 11:30am–2:30pm • Dinner Daily 5pm–10pm Champagne Brunch Sat & Sun • Vegetarian & Nonvegetarian Dishes Happy Hour 5–6:30 pm • Large Parties Welcome!

SherShah PAGE 14 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

13444 Maxella Ave, Marina del Rey www.ShershahCuisineofIndia.com 310•306•1500

Best Mexican Food In The Marina! Late Night Menu Served til 1am Daily Happy Hour M–F 3–6:30

Monday BBQ Night

(Chicken & Ribs)

Tuesday Lobster Night Wednesday Tacos del Mar Night

Lunch 11AM Dinner 4PM Saturday & Sunday Brunch 10AM–2PM

Large Outdoor Patio

Fresh catch seafood of the day

Thursday Small Bite Menu & Tequila Tasting Friday, Saturday, Sunday: Chef Specials facebook.com/bajacantinavenice

311 Washington Blvd • Marina del Rey • 310-821-2252 • BajaCantina.com Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 15

Farm-fresh cocktails Continued from Page 14

Photo By Jorge M. Vargas, Jr.

Santa Monica Copa d’Oro’s Vincenzo Marianella says there is a big difference between flavors in cooking versus creating drinks.

“The Misfit cocktail is our version of the Martinez, which was the precursor to the martini. I’m amazed at how many we sell. It’s a gin cocktail that opens people’s eyes to what gin can be.” In the same vein, Newmark explained that the cocktail she makes using sake and Boddington’s English bitter has classic roots. “This is the kind of thing they were doing pre-Prohibition, old time flavors made with new ingredients – there were speakeasies all around here, and some places had underground tunnels and secret cellars. We’re reflecting the history of Venice in our flavors.” Evan Barge of Marina del Rey’s Beachside also has read his share of historic recipes, though he says he considers the climate while modifying traditional drinks. “We have muddled ginger and lemon with cognac and added hot water… that’s a toddy straight from the 1800s but still popular,” he said. “We focus on items that suit the weather – for summer drinks, mint and basil are great, as winter comes in we’re using fig and rosemary. Figs have a really short season, and we’re blessed when we receive them – they go quickly. We mix them with spiced rum, apple juice, apple pucker, and we steam it – it’s a warm cocktail with so much density and flavor that it’s the perfect seasonal drink. Zucchini might work with sweeter alcohols – I see something with a cinnamon-sugar rim in its future.” If a cinnamon-zucchini cocktail sounds too odd for you, you can always order one of the classics you like – any of the artists behind the bar can make a superb whiskey sour or mai tai that will be enhanced by fresh juices. They also know that not all of their creations will be right for all customers. Dunn admits that some of his more arcane ideas have not been as popular as he envisioned, but the very fact that people try them gives him hope. “We have a mescal cocktail right now with honey and Serrano chilies that I think is great – it gets sent back more often than anything on the menu. It’s spicy, smoky, and intense, and people who do get it really, really get it. I’ve been really surprised how some things have gone over. That cocktail with the peach-infused vinegar has sold great, so I think people’s palates are improving… they’re trying a lot of new things, and accepting most of them.” §


J Nichols is proud to have been a part of the Marina dining scene for over 10 years, serving our signature favorites alongside new seasonal additions from Chef Roger Hayot.

4375 Glencoe Ave. Marina del Rey 90292 | 310.823.2283 | www.jnicholskitchen.com PAGE 16 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

Gargantuan Portions & Unbelievably Low Prices!

• Northern Italian & Regional Specialties • Honor Wine Service • Gluten-Free Pastas & Desserts • Killer Garlic Rolls • Nightly Sing-A-Long • Indoor & Garden Patio Dining • Private Parties, Catering & Delivery • Friendly Team Service



C&O, Neighborhood Restaurants over 20 years — cotrattoria.com & cocucina.com Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 17

Marina del Rey / Venice

“For an event everyone will remember, use Morfia’s Taste of Heaven Catering”

EAT • DRINK • WATCH Basketball • Baseball •Football Hockey • UFC Pay-Per-View Events


“Home of the Baklava Cheesecake”




serving food from 11am to 12 midnight 7 days:

10 Appetizer Selections • Sandwiches, Burgers, Fish Tacos, Salads, Dinner Plates, and Sides • FULL BAR

SpoRTS HARBouR BAR & RESTAuRANT Smoked in a Brick Pit • Open Daily from 11AM – 9:30PM D I N E I N • TA K E O U T • C AT E R I N G

PHONE: 310-821-6939 • FAX: 310-821-6944 4077 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey, 90292 (Next Door to Brennan’s Pub)


Serving Marina del Rey for over 26 years!

13484 West Washington Boulevard, Marina del Rey, CA 90292 310.823.0933 • www.thesportharbour.com Hours: Mon-Fri 11 am - 2 am; Sat-Sun 9 am - 2am

Great Food & Drink on the Boardwalk • Local Organic & Really Really Good! • Open 7 Days 11am – 11pm Breakfast.Lunch.Dinner • West Coast Craft Ales & Wines

2 Rose Ave Venice 90291 • (310) 314-8253 • VeniceAleHouse.com PAGE 18 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

The Place to be in Marina del Rey

Locals Know It, Tourists Find It ... Tony P’s Has Everything Under One Roof break the bank. As Tony, himself, is Delicious food. Spectacular view. fond of saying, “Eating well doesn’t Wonderful service. Tony P’s Dockside have to mean going broke.” Grill in Marina del Rey has it all. The adjacent Tavern has been Tony P’s is where the locals hang voted the Westside’s best sports out. From business meetings to family room, offering sports fans the dinners, the locals know that Tony www.tonyps.com chance to root for their favorite P’s is the Marina’s best casual dining teams in the largest sports room in the Marina. experience. Tony P’s draws tourists from around Featuring 120 beers, with 40 on draft, and a wine the world looking for a great view and a taste of the list that features more than 50 varieties, Tony P’s has Southern California vibe. Boasting the Westside’s become famous for the best Mai Tai you’ll ever have! best patio overlooking the Marina’s Main Channel, Tony P’s private Dockside Room is the perfect Tony P’s patio offers incredible views of the water. location for a business meeting, baby shower or The restaurant also features a huge menu with other celebration. Tony P’s party staff will take care offerings that include everything from pasta and of every detail so that you can relax and enjoy a great pizzas to steaks and seafood. Tony’s culinary team event or celebrate that special day. routinely whips up specials that highlight local seafood and take a unique twist on traditional fare. Every weekend, Tony P’s offers up the best breakfast Tony P’s is located at 4445 Admiralty Way in the in town, and the best part is that Tony P’s menu won’t heart of Marina del Rey -- (310) 823-4534. Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 19


Delicious Cal-Mediterranean Food! n Unbelievable Salads & Pastas n Amazing Entrees n Homemade Soups n Italian Style Sandwiches n Assorted Desserts & Pastries n Beer & Wine

grill Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner 7 Days | Sun – Thurs 6:30am – 10pm | Fri – Sat 6:30am – 11pm 310-823-4446 | 4325 Glencoe Avenue | Marina del Rey 90292 | PaniniCoffeeandCafe.com

Spectacular Waterfront Dining Chart House has built its reputation on delighting guests with spectacular views, outstanding cuisine and impeccable service. Enjoy fresh fish specialties, slow-roasted prime rib and the original hot chocolate lava cake while you dine leisurely right on the Pacific Coast. Call us today to plan your holiday event!

Marina del Rey • 13950 Panay Way 310.822.4144 Malibu • 18412 Pacific Coast Hwy. 310.454.9321 Redondo Beach • 231 Yacht Club Way 310.372.3464 Online reservations at chart-house.com Also visit us in Cardiff, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Mammoth Lakes & Monterey

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Introducing Europe’s Famous Sundae!

Serving Authentic N.Y. Pizza for 28 Years!

Free Delivery Spaghetti gelato is made out of vanilla gelato, topped with homemade, fresh strawberry sauce and white chocolate sprinkles.


310-823-7333 4371 Glencoe Ave., Marina del Rey

(between Pavilions and CVS)

Sun–Thurs 10:30am–11pm Fri–Sat 10:30am–1am

Dog-friendly Hazelnut Gelato!!

No Lactose + no added sugar = sharing without guilt!

Our gelato is freshly made on site everyday with ingredients from Italy!

4724 Lincoln Blvd, MdR 90292 • 310.822.1404



N.Y. Pizza bY the Slice

Delicious & Affordable Sushi in MdR!

Open Daily 11am–9pm Marina Square – Corner of Lincoln Blvd & Mindanao Way 4730 Lincoln Blvd., Unit A, Marina del Rey 90292 (310) 822-6869 • www.howdoyouroll.com For more specials, go to

at HowDoYouRollMDR &


Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 21


Canali Cafe

Where The Locals Eat Be Happy Drink Wine Every Monday night 1/2 off bottles of wine

Best harBorside views the Best authentic italian Food

Display of local artists work

Lunch & Dinner 7 Days 2 Hours Free Parking with Validation In Fisherman’s Village 13723 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey • (310) 821-1740


M–F 11am–3:30pm Dinner: 5:30–10pm Sat & Sun 8am-10pm Brunch Served Sat & Sun 8am-2pm


123 Washington Blvd. MdR 310-822-5379

Canalicafe.com & Osterialatini.com

HAPPY HOUR 4-6 Weekdays





Selected Draft Beers All wine by the glass

Food Specials


Carefully Selected Craft BEERS ---------Two Blocks From the Beach

Inspired American Cuisine ----------

Outdoor Dining Patio

2911 Main Street, Santa Monica (310) 314-4855


-------------------------------------PAGE 22 • Westside Dining Guide 2012


Passionate about food, wine & creating “the” experience...

LUNCH DAILY 11:30 - 4PM | HAPPY HOUR 4–7PM | BRUNCH S/S 10–3PM 529 Rose Ave | Venice | 90291 | 310.606.2529 | venicebeachwines.com Lunch daiLy 11:30-3 happy hour 3–6

Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 23



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8343 Lincoln Blvd. Westchester 310.670.0799 www.AlejosRestaurant.com

B1 BREADSHOP/PICHET 60 2805 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, 424.259.1222.


311 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey 310.821.2252 www.bajacantina.com

BEACHSIDE RESTAURANT AND BAR 10 14160 Palawan Way, Jamaica Bay Inn Marina del Rey, 310.439.3033 www.beachsidemarinadelrey.com


1447 4th St. Santa Monica, 310.260.1423 www.benihana.com


427 Lincoln Blvd.Venice 310.396.8749 www.BennysTacos.com


6805 Vista del Mar Lane Playa del Rey 310.823.1530 www.bistrodusoleil.com

BONAVENTURA 15 GELATO LOUNGE 4700-4720 Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey, 310.822.1404 www.bonaventura-gelato.com

BUCA DI BEPPO 53 ITALIAN RESTAURANT 1442 2nd St. Santa Monica, 310.587.2782 www.bucadibeppo.com


31 Washington Blvd., Venice 310.823.9491 3016 Washington Blvd., Venice 310.301.7278 www.cotrattoria.com, www.cocucina.com.


10831 Venice Blvd. 310.837.8957 11736 W. Washington Blvd 310.391.1216 www.cafe-brasil.com


6935 Pacific Ave. Playa del Rey 310.306.0117 www.CaffeePinguini.com


123 Washington Blvd.Marina del Rey, 310.822.5379 www.canalicafe.com.

CANTALINI’S SALERNO 38 BEACH RESTAURANT 192 Culver Blvd. Playa del Rey 310.821.0018 www.salernobeach.com


1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice 310.664.1177


523 Rose Ave. Venice 310.310.8937 www.cervetecala.com www.venicebeachwines.com

THE CHART HOUSE 13 13950 Panay Way

Marina del Rey, 310.822.4144 www.chart-house.com


2024 Pacific Ave. Venice, 310.823.4646 www.chinabeachbistro.com



6081 Center Drive, #203, Howard Hughes Center Westchester, 310.641.5524 www.kabukirestaurants.com

KILLER SHRIMP 12 4211 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey 310.578.2293 www.Killershrimp.com

403 Main St. El Segundo, 310.335.0414 www.thecrushbistro.com




12226 Venice Blvd. Mar Vista, 310.313.1717 www.earlsgourmetgrub.com

EL ABAJENO 2 4515 Inglewood Blvd. Culver City 310.390.0755

EL RINCON CRIOLLO 3 4361 Sepulveda Blvd. Culver City, 310.391.4478 www.bestcubanfood.com

FANTASEA YACHTS 11 & YACHT CLUB 4215 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, 310.827.2220 www.fantaseayachts.com

THE GAME SPORTS BAR 47 RESTAURANT & LOUNGE 5630 W. Manchester Ave. Westchester 310.216.4263 www.thegamebar.net


6081 Center Drive, Ste. 102, Howard Hughes Center, Westchester, 310.665.1144 www.souplantation.com


8415 Pershing Dr., Playa del Rey 310.751.6135 8347 Lincoln Blvd. Westchester 310.670.8588

HAL’S BAR AND GRILL 34 1349 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice 310.396.3105 www.HalsbarandGrill.com

HINANO’S CAFE 29 15 Washington Blvd. Venice 310.822.3902

HOW DO YOU ROLL? 16 4730 Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey, 310.822.6869 www.HDYR.com

HURRY CURRY 6 12825 Venice Blvd. Mar Vista, 310.398.2948 www.hurrycurryla.com

J. NICHOLS KITCHEN 21 4375 Glencoe Ave.Marina del Rey, 310.823-2283 www.jnicholskitchen.com


552 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, 310.305.7147, menu online, www.JonisCoffee.com.

417 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey 424.228.5491 www.le-cellier-winebar.com 2911 Main St. Santa Monica, 310.314.4855 www.libraryalehouse.com


2300 Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice 310.827.1843 www.marlascafe.com

MELODY BAR AND GRILL 44 9132 Sepulveda Blvd. Westchester 310.670.1994 www.melodylax.com

MORFIA’S RIBS AND PIES 19 4077 Lincoln Blvd.Marina del Rey 310.821.6039 www.morfiasribsandpies.com


203 Culver Blvd. Playa del Rey 310.822.6422 www.mosplacepdr.com


230 Culver Blvd. Playa del Rey 310.822.4040 www.outlawsrestaurant.com


4325 Glencoe Ave.Marina del Rey, 310.823.4446 www.paninicoffeeandcafe.com



SHERSHAH EXOTIC 58 CUISINE OF INDIA 13444 Maxella Ave. Marina del Rey, 310.306.1505 www.shershahcuisineofindia.com

SPORTS HARBOUR 7 13484 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey, 310.823.0933 www.sportsharbour.com

TAQUERIA CHIHUAHUA 54 505 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey 310.874.2057 1909 Lincoln Blvd. Santa Monica 310. 828-5003 www.taqueriachihuahua.com.

TONY P’S 9 DOCKSIDE GRILL 4445 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, 310.823.4534 www.tonyps.com

TOWER 42 42 119 Culver Blvd. Playa del Rey 310.823.6800

TOWER PIZZA 50 8351 Lincoln Blvd. Westchester, 310.410.0986 www.towerpizza.com

USHAIA 51 2628 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, 310.315.5457 www.ushuaiasteakhouse.com

VENICE ALE HOUSE 56 2 Rose Ave. Venice, 310.314.8253 www.venicealehouse.com


6101 W. Century Blvd. Westchester 310.642.4820 www.sheratonlax.com/paparazzi-restaurant.

529 Rose Ave. Venice 310.606.2529



425 Washington Blvd. Marina del Rey, 310.823.9838


4371 Glencoe Ave., B7, Marina del Rey 310.823.7333 www.pizzarito.net

4716 Lincoln Blvd., Unit C Marina del Rey 310.821.0300 www.wahoos.com



4499 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey, 310.823.5451 www.mdrwarehouse.com



8601 Lincoln Blvd., #120 Westchester 310.649.5000 www.sansaijapanesegrill.com 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, 310.260.8333, www.santamonicaplace.com.


13723 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey 310.821.1740 www.sapori-mdr.com

SHANGHAI RED’S 24 13813 Fiji Way Marina del Rey, 310.823.4522

4700 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey www.shopwaterside.com

WHARO 8 4029 Lincoln Blvd. Marina del Rey 310.578.7114 www.wharo.com



Hinano Cafe

Vietnamese Cuisine

Celebrating 50 years

• Fresh & Healthy Ingredients •Vegetarian-Friendly Gluten Free • Great Value For the Money

• • • •

15 Washington Blvd 310-822-3902

Dine In Take Out Delivery Catering

2024 Pacific Ave., Venice CA • 310.823.4646

Pasta Factory Italian Cuisine

14 years family owned. Guess what? We are not a chain! Our bread is baked fresh daily and we make our own pasta. Minutes from Venice Pier. 425 Washington Blvd. Marina Del Ray, CA 310.823.9838 Parking in the Rear

PAGE 26 • Westside Dining Guide 2012


Nothing Fancy, Just Great Mexican Food

El Abajeño

Sun–Thrus 8am–8:30pm Fri&Sat 8am–9pm • Free Parking • Cold Beer • Family Owned & Operated Since 1969


The Crush is a fun, unique bistro and wine lounge.

A place where you can meet with friends or business associates and enjoy a glass of wine with tapas for dinner. Wine tasting at your leisure with 16 bottles of our self-serve dispensers or come up to the bar and try any of our fine wines from around the world. Sign-up for our wine club for promotion specials.


thecrushbistro.com Mon–Sat: 5 to 10pm




4515 Inglewood Blvd. Next to ARCO



Wine Not?

Playa Vista

Closed Sunday

403 Main Street | El Segundo 90245 | 310.335.0414

come taste aste What You’ve Been Missing!

Exotic indian Combo 1 — $4.99

Daily Lunch Special 11am – 3pm

1 Meat Curry, 1 Veg Curry, Rice

Combo 3 — $7.49

Daily Lunch Special 11am – 3pm

1 Meat Curry, 2 Veg Curry Rice, Raita, Naan & Soda

Dinner for 2 —$14.99 2 Meat Dishes, 4 Veg Dishes Rice Pulav & Raita Naan Bread

Dine in •Take ouT • open Daily 11am-11pm • Indian Market Items Available 12825 Venice Blvd. at Beethoven, Mar Vista, 90066 • Parking in Rear

Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 27



A family business since 1996, this premier, custom-designed waterfront facility offers luxurious and well-appointed private banquet rooms, entertaining, weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, for up to 250 people. Professional and friendly services, stunning views of the Marina del Rey Harbor. Dinner and party cruises are available on three yachts,

Latin American, Mexican cuisine served is described fondly by satisfied customers who have eaten here for 25 years as a “mom and pop home cooking in the neighborhood restaurant,” and having “the best chilaquiles and menudo around.” El Abajeno serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, specialties, beer, burritos, carnitas, super tostadas, guacamole and chips, chilaquiles, seafood, open 7 days, opens at 8 a.m., take-out, catering,

4215 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, (310) 827-2220, info@fantaseayachts. com, www.fantaseayachts.com.

4515 Inglewood Blvd. (at Culver Blvd.), Culver City, (310) 390-0755.

WATERSIDE MARINA DEL REY The upscale shopping and dining destination in the heart of Marina del Rey offers both a variety of shopping venues and dining opportunities. Included in the eclectic center are the California Pizza Kitchen (pizzas, salads, pastas, soups, desserts), Chipotle Mexican Grill, Fresh Brothers (pizza), Mendocino Farms, Pinkberry, Rainbow Acres (natural foods and products), Ralphs Fresh Fare, See’s Candies, Starbucks Coffee, Sugarfish by Sushi Nozawa (sushi), and The Counter (custom-built burgers),

EARL’S GOURMET GRUB The unique and descriptively-named menu items entice the customer, with names like Mushrooben, Croque Madame, or the Red Fang Bison Burger, to name a few. Breakfast is served all day, and the burgers are half-pound patties of Niman Ranch organic certified beef and bison (or substitute marinated portobello). Cold sandwiches (Who at Crab Po’ Boy) or hot (Pig-n-Fig), salads, sandwich platters, breakfast platter, desserts, salad bowls, open 7 days, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., check the website for specials and gift cards,

4700 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, www.shopwaterside.com.


12226 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista, (310) 313-1717, www.earlsgourmetgrub.com.

A collection of neighborhood restaurants with a lively atmosphere and authentic Italian cuisine for all to enjoy. In the spirit of Italian culture, our dishes are meant to


a Grubbin’ an a Guzzlin’ establishment Top Quality Steaks, Hamburgers, Seafood & Mexican Specials

be shared and served family-style, perfect for passing around the table, and new menu items are created beyond the traditional style. Lunch, dinner, party pans, antipasti, fresh breads, pizza, entrées, for parties of 11 or more, please call, gift cards, banquet/groups, delivery,

nut and egg-free flavors, sugar-free, fresh gelato daily, crepes, waffles, milkshakes, smoothies,

1442 2nd St., Santa Monica, (310) 5872782, www.bucadibeppo.com.


SPORTS HARBOUR This is the perfect choice to watch local teams. Watch the World Series and football. The Sports Harbour is the Official Philadelphia Eagles bar of the South Bay area. Watch your favorite sports events here on 10 TVs, specials, cocktails, beer and wine, Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Lunch is served at 11 a.m., with a variety of burgers, sandwiches, salads, open 7 days, 13484 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 823-0933, www.sportsharbour.com.

BONAVENTURA GELATO LOUNGE Gelato is made fresh every day using the finest Italian ingredients and fresh fruits. A lounge for the whole family, specially designed kid’s sundaes (Caterpillar, Pinocchio), permanent kid’s flavors, extrasmall portions for toddlers with their own cup, kid’s corner with chairs, entertainment, huge variety (25) self-serve toppings for all ages, dairy-free, peanut-free,

4700-4720 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 822-1404, www.bonaventura-gelato.com.

Playa del Rey’s newest restaurant, specializing in sustainable, responsibly caught seafood, all meat and poultry is hormone and anti-biotic free, small plates with a seasonal, farm-to-table approach to food. Offers a variety of classic, regional American food with an elevated flair in a casual and elegant beach environment, patio dining, extensive wine by-the-glass list, multiple craft draft beers, and small batch liquors, live entertainment three to four nights a week, 119 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey, (310) 823-6800.

TAQUERIA CHIHUAHUA Our motto is “Serving you the very best for over 30 years,” breakfast served all day, a variety of dishes, tacos, 16 types of burritos, tortas, combinations, mariscos, traditional, nachos, tostadas, guacamole hamburgers, cheeseburgers, fries, quesadillas, taquitos, soft drinks, open 7 days, 8 a.m. – 10 p.m., catering available, new location at 505 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 874-2057, and 1909 Lincoln Blvd. (just south of Pico Blvd.), Santa

2 Locations to seRve you Hacienda Del Rey Hacienda Playa del Rey 310.670.8588 8347 Lincoln Blvd. Westchester

310.751.6135 8415 Pershing Drive Playa del Rey

Saturday Salsa Night

Watch All Your Sports Here!

Sunday Mariachi Night

tion Only at Hacienda Del Rey Loca

Happy Hour Every Day! 11am – 6 pm

Open 7 Days

Lunch & Dinner Breakfast

• Warm friendly atmosphere • Fresh, flavorful Mexican cuisine • Hand-made tortillas • Fantastic Margaritas & more...

(sat, sun, & Holidays)

Full Bar • Patio Big Group parties sports — all Channels Family Dining 310-822-4040 230 Culver Blvd., playa del Rey PAGE 28 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

Open 7 Days • Lunch & Dinner



The Best in French Bistro Cuisine ...a stone’s throw from the Pacific

The menu at Caffé Pinguini relies on fresh ingredients and family recipes that Tony and Enrico brought with them from their native Italy. • Home-made Pastas • Specializing in Seafood • Romantic Dining by the Beach • Open-Air Patio Lunch: Tues–Friday • dinner: Tues–sunday

caffé pinguini ItAlIAn RestAuRAnt

6935 Pacific Avenue • Playa del Rey 310-306-0117



Brunch | Lunch | Dinner | Closed Monday 6805 Vista del Mar Lane | Playa del Rey | 310-823-1530



Happy Hour Mon–Fri 4-7 & Sun 5–9 $3 Well • Jager • Wine • Pints

Voted Best Monday Night Football Party in LA —LA Weekly

Great Food!

Watch your favorite teams here!

Steaks • Fresh Fish • Rack of Lamb

NFL Pkg. • Baseball • College 15 Flat Screens 4 Pool Tables Lunch & Dinner 7 Days Weekend Brunch $1 Mimosas 203 Culver Blvd Playa del Rey, CA 90293 (310) 822-6422



Sun 9:30– 1 • Mon–Wed 11 –1 • Thur&Fri 11 –1:30 • Sat 10–1:30 Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 29


RESTAURANT LISTINGS Monica, (310) 828-5003, www.taqueriachihuahua.com.

MO’S PLACE AT THE BEACH “We feature the best Monday Night Football party in town,” carrying all college and pro games, prizes, raffles and fun, NASCAR, four pool tables, a dart board and Golden Tee Golf. Full breakfast menu served Sat./Sun. and holidays until 2 p.m., appetizers, salads, burgers, steaks, specialties, drinks, daily special featured on Mo’s Board, fresh Friday chowder in a bread bowl. Open 7 days a week, 203 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey, (310) 822-6422, www.mosplacepdr.com.

HINANO’S CAFE A permanent fixture at Venice Beach, Hinano’s is a beer and wine bar legendary for its cool and unpretentious atmosphere, terrific burgers and ice-cold beer. Sawdust on the floor gives it that folksy flavor, and the popcorn machine and jukebox are favorites among locals and visitors alike. Three pool tables are continuously busy, and strangers get to know each other over a friendly game, 15 Washington Blvd., Venice, (310) 822-3902, check out Hinano’s on Facebook.


Award-winning, Sicilian-born Chef Orazio Parisi creates simple, Southern Italian cuisine, with savory, fresh pasta, a wide variety of authentic sauces, artistically prepared seafood, poultry and worldclass steaks. His wine list includes Italian, California and international wines. Dinner hours are from 5:30 to 10 p.m., Monday through Saturday. The Lounge is open from 4:30 to 10 p.m. A private dining room that seats 40 is available with select menus, 6101 W. Century Blvd., Los Angeles, 90045, Reservations, (310) 642-4820, www.sheratonlax.com/paparazzirestaurant.

THE GAME SPORTS BAR RESTAURANT & LOUNGE “Mingle Mondayz,” live football broadcast hosted by 102.3 KJLH’s Aundrae Russell, live music on Wednesdays, open 7 days, 4 p.m. to 2 a.m., opens at 9 a.m. Sundays for football. Food starters include The Sampler, Tex Mex egg rolls, cheeseburger sliders and more, signature dishes include Cajun jambalaya, miso salmon, veggie pizza, traditional wings, sandwiches, salads, and sides, appetizer platter, cupcake packages, VIP room, dinner reservations, 5630 W. Manchester Ave., Los Angeles, 90045, (310) 216-GAME (4263), www.thegamebar.net.


Established in 1997 by friends Tony Palermo and Dan Ringwood, the restaurant is the culmination of their dream. With gorgeous views and friendly staff, the cuisine offers something for everyone. Serves lunch, dinner, breakfast on Sat./Sun., New York pizza, fresh fish, new kitchen items, like Tony’s meatloaf platter and Southern-style pork osso buco, salads, sandwiches, gluten-free menu, kid’s menu, desserts, weekday Tavern happy hour, 27 large screen TVs, catering, banquet room, 4445 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, (310) 823-4534, www.tonyps.com.

WAHOO’S FISH TACO Bringing an eclectic mix of Mexican, Brazilian and Asian cuisine with a northshore vibe, customers have a choice of nine delicious fillings for their tacos, including a Banzai Veggie filling. Enjoy tacos and enchiladas, Maui onion rings, combo platters that include rice and beans, bowls, burritos, salads and sandwiches, a kid’s menu, dessert, beer and wine, party packs and catering available, open 7 days, 4716 Lincoln Blvd., Unit C, Marina del Rey, (310) 821-0300, www.wahoos.com.

VENICE BEACH WINES The owners have an extensive wine collection, and feature small plates of farmto-table cheeses, paninis, daily specials, enjoy goat and other cheeses served

with chef’s accoutrement and a warm baguette, such as drunken goat, or the seven-year-old cheddar, old Quebec. Nibbles include white truffles and parmesan chips, charcuterie items such as prosciutto, galloni, and sweet stuff, chocolate brownie bites, draft beer is also served, open 7 days, see menus online, 529 Rose Ave., Venice, (310) 606-2529, www.venicebeachwines.com.

THE CRUSH BISTRO AND WINE BAR Fun and unique bistro and wine lounge to meet friends, business associates for lunch. Serving sandwiches, Asian spring rolls, or wine and tapas for dinner, salads, crostinis, chicken. Wine-taste at your leisure with the 16-bottle, self-serve dispensers. Once you’ve chosen your favorite wine, sit at the bar and sip wines from around the world. Sign up for the wine club to be part of promotional specials, 403 Main St., El Segundo, (310) 335-0414, www.thecrushbistro.com.

OSCAR’S CERVETECA South American comfort foods, dine inside or on the patio, casual, friendly atmosphere. Serves brunch, lunch, dinner, salads, seafood, burgers, sandwiches, platos grandes, platos verdes. Enjoy shrimp cocktail Veracruz, Chipotle beer shrimp, Hoyos Peruvian sashimi, chicken queso empanadas, herb and garlic-basted game hen, Baja fish tacos, fried pickles, L.A. Street Dogg, brunch Sat./Sun.

Taste the Difference!

Come Enjoy Delicious Homemade Cuisine Small Bites • Salads • Sandwiches • Wraps S a m p l E S f ro m o u r m E n u : Grilled Salmon, Prawns, Pork Tenderloin, Chicken Baby Back Ribs, Filet Mignon, Coconut Shrimp

Gluten Free Pastas, Entrees & Desserts Vegetarian Entrees & Soups

Eat In • Take Out • Catering


2300 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice 90291 Mon: 11:30 – 7pm • Tues – Fri: 11:30 – 9pm • Sat: 3pm – Close

www.MarlasCafe.com PAGE 30 • Westside Dining Guide 2012


Proudly presents

Executive Chef Orazio Parisi

CHEF OF THE YEAR As voted by the Southern California Food Writer’s Association 2012

Chef Orazio Parisi inspires the senses with his simple, classic Italian cuisine with a gentle nod to southern Italy Chef Orazio Parisi was born and raised in Sicily, he is free to source the products he desires for his menu, ensuring quality and freshness

“Parisi has completely revisited tuna tartare with a blood orange vinaigrette and the addition of an artichoke purée, haricots verts and celery.” — Gayot

Rated one of the Top Ten Italian Restaurants in Los Angeles by Gayot.com For reservations, please call us at 310-642-4820 or email us at dinepaparazzi@sheratonlosangeles.com

6101 W. Century Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Monday - Saturday Paparazzi Lounge 4:30 PM - 10:00 PM Paparazzi Main Dining Room 5:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 31

dining guide 2012

restaurant listings 10 a.m. – 3 p.m., beer and wine, happy hour, 3 – 6 p.m. Open 7 days, 523 Rose Ave., Venice, (310) 310-8937, www.cervetecala.com.

SANSAI JAPANESE GRILL An infusion of Eastern world culture, food and spirit with an American appeal. Healthy and fresh salads, charbroiled grilled meats, seafood, a freshly made sushi special box, sushi and rolls, soups, combo plates include tempura and chicken, tempura and California roll, California roll and chicken breast or steak, and yakisoba noodle and chicken or steak, bowls, hand roll combos, kid’s plates, party trays, side dishes, open 7 days, 8601 Lincoln Blvd., #120, Westchester, (310) 649-5000, www.sansaijapanesegrill.com

BEACHSIDE RESTAURANT AND BAR This extraordinary dining destination is located in the newly remodeled Jamaica Bay Inn, offering innovative chef’s creations to combine a distinctive menu with a casual, yet sophisticated ambiance. The open dining room and bar draw in the beach, garden and marina. Fresh seafood dishes along with a classic balance of upscale beach fare, open daily for brunch, dinner, Happy Hour daily, full bar, 14160 Palawan Way, in the Jamaica Bay Inn, Marina del Rey, (310) 4393033, www.beachsidemarinadelrey.com.

THE CHART HOUSE Spectacular waterfront dining with Marina views, the menu includes cold and hot appetizers, soups, salads, steak, poultry, jumbo lumped crab cakes, signature fresh fish, filet and cold-water lobster tail, seafood, prime rib and lobster, steaks, wild mushroom merlot medallion and shrimp, poultry, signature side dishes like sizzling mushrooms, and the famous salad bar. Happy Hour daily, valet parking and dinghy dock, heated patio dining, 13950 Panay Way, Marina del Rey, (310) 822-4144, www.chart-house.com.

HAL’S BAR AND GRILL Eclectic bar and grill is a renowned Venice locale, home to specialty cocktails, an extensive wine list, a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, and a diverse clientele. Distinctive American cuisine for lunch and dinner. Half-price for featured wines on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. Live jazz every Sunday night from 8 to 11 p.m., Monday night from 9 p.m. to 12 a.m., no cover charge. Hal’s upstairs hideaway is perfect for private parties/ events, 1349 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, (310) 396-3105, www.HalsbarandGrill.com.

KILLER SHRIMP Serving our signature dish for 20 years, Killer shrimp, cooked to order in spicy, secret sauce. Enjoy the tasty Killer Mac and Cheese, fresh seafood, steak, salad

Our Cuisine

As Westchester’s premier local Bar & Grill we offer up some of the best fare around. We pride ourselves with serving fresh local produce and premium natural meats. Chef de cuisine owner Christian Warren has created a menu that has been coined “Gastrodive”.

and soup. Every seat boasts fabulous waterfront views, outdoor seating, special banquet room, Happy Hour daily. Full breakfast menu at Killer Cafe, including the Killer Bloody Mary. Use the dock-anddine boat dock, bike in, free parking for cars and bikes.

8 p.m. and live bands on Fridays and Saturdays.

4211 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, (310) 578-2293, www.Killershrimp.com.

Brick pit smoked BBQ, sliced BBQ meats include corn bread and sauce (beef brisket, pork, sausage, and chicken), dinner specials include combination plates as well, BBQ sandwiches on a French roll or on a hamburger bun. Known as the home of the “Baklava cheesecake,” desserts include homemade pies and cakes. Catering, parties/events and takeout only, Small party trays, large party trays and the Texas-size party tray, open 7 days,

MARLA’S CAFÉ A professional caterer and party planner for over 20 years, Marla Barreira brings her fusion of American, Latin, Italian, Portuguese cuisines to her menu. The cozy dining spot offers a heated patio. The full menu offers both lunch and dinner, with daily specials. Small bites, sandwiches, wraps, salads, pizza, pastas, and various entrees, with choices of sides. Desserts include Marla’s famous cookies, brownies and pecan squares. Take-out, delivery, catering, 2300 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, (310) 827-1843, www.marlascafe.com.

MELODY BAR AND GRILL Start your busy day off with breakfast from our large menu in a fun and friendly atmosphere. Our chef ensures that all of our ingredients are top quality and completely fresh. Enjoy starters, salads and entrees, sandwiches and wraps. Serving dinner daily, weekend brunch, kitchen open nightly to 1:30 a.m. Happy Hour is 4 - 7 p.m. daily. Guitarology every Wed.

Happy Hours

Happy hour everyday from 4–7pm! Wednesday night we have late night Karaoke and late night happy hour from 11pm to close. On Friday our DJ kicks the weekend off right 4-7pm with what we like to call “Fusion Fridays” a masterful mash-up of Reggae, Top 40, Cuban, classic rock, 80s and old school.

9132 Sepulveda Blvd., Westchester, (310) 670-1994, www.melodylax.com.


4077 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 821-6039, www.morfiasribsandpies.com.

OUTLAW’S BAR & GRILL Known as the “Grubbin’ and Guzzlin’ Establishment, Outlaws looks like an oldtime Western saloon, and offers delicious steaks, seafood, burgers and barbecue rib. Lunch, dinner daily, breakfast weekends only. Try to finish our Desperado Burger by yourself, win an Outlaws T-shirt, and have your picture taken and posted. Try our Tex-Mex on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Sports fans can enjoy big screen TVs. Both indoor/outdoor seating. 230 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey, (310)822-4040, www.outlawsrestaurant.com.


Check out our Blues Tuesday & Wednesday at 8pm, from Chicago down to the Delta & Louisiana swamps. Thursday at 7pm Salsa Lessons & Salsa Dancing & drink specials. Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights at 10pm local bands jam the best alternative and classic Rock N Roll

Open 7 Days — Kitchen Open Until 1:30am Nightly www.melodylax.com facebook.com/Melody.grill twitter.com/melodyLAX 9132 Sepulveda Blvd. • Westchester 90045 • 310.670.1994 PAGE 32 • Westside Dining Guide 2012



Offers an array of light dishes to complement your morning, day, or night. Breakfast is served all day and includes a breakfast panini, French toast, omelettes, smoked salmon platter. Lunch and dinner are served all day, including soups and salads, entrees, pasta, beer, wine, freshly brewed and whole bean coffee, Italian style sandwiches, kid’s menu, assorted desserts and pastries. Open 7 days a week, 4325 Glencoe Ave., Marina del Rey, (310) 823-4446, www.paninicoffeeandcafe.com.

SHANGHAI RED’S This Marina restaurant is a favorite for lunch, dinner and brunch, and weekend champagne brunches. Special Early Bird and Sunset Dinners are available. Indoor and patio dining at the waterfront add to the ambiance. The friendly and professional staff enhance the dining experience. Delicious fresh seafood, steaks, pasta, over 100 buffet items are available. Great location for special events and holiday parties. Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 13813 Fiji Way, Marina del Rey, (310) 823-4522, www.shanghairedsrestaurant.com.

THE WAREHOUSE The Warehouse is known as one of the last “original” Marina restaurants with

its Polynesian-themed atmosphere and an entrance across a Great Koi pond. Enjoy breakfast, lunch, sunset dinners, and champagne brunch in a fabulous waterfront dining location. The dinner menu offers items like the Split Cargo, an 8-ounce bacon-wrapped filet mignon and three Malaysian prawns. Banquet facilities are available, and offer spectacular Marina views. Happy Hour Monday through Friday, 4499 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey, (310) 823-5451, www.mdrwarehouse.com.

HOW DO YOU ROLL? The first fast-casual custom sushi shop offers endless possibilities for creating your own sushi. Grilled chicken, avocado, cucumber, mango and teriyaki? Why not? Asian, custom-made sushi rolls, where you choose your wrap and rice, select your veggies, stuff your roll with one or more fresh meats, and top it off with your choice of toppings and sauces. Childrens’ menu, gluten-free, catering, 7 days, 4730 Lincoln Blvd., Marina Square, Marina del Rey, (310) 822-6869, www. HDYR.com.

EL RINCON CRIOLLO “The Creole Corner,” presents authentic and always fresh, Cuban cuisine, known for roast chicken dishes and the leanest, firmest lechon (pork) dishes, served with rice, black beans, plantains, and lots of wonderfully seasoned onions.

Eleven seafood dishes, Generous portions at good prices in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The walls are covered with paintings imported from Cuba, and many are for sale. Cuban and Spanish catering, take-out, 4361 Sepulveda Blvd., Culver City, 9310) 391-4478, www.bestcubanfood.com.

and microbrewed beers, paired with contemporary French-Vietnamese cuisine. The menu includes starters, salads, charcuterie and cheese items, sandwiches, small bites, large bites, platters, 417 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, (424) 228-5491, www.le-cellierwinebar.com.


BISTRO DU SOLEIL Authentic, distinctive French bistro cuisine, serves brunch, including Eggs Benedict, made in the genuine French tradition. The late morning feast includes the savory Soleil Omelette, or stuffed French toast, or a waffle. Also serving light lunch, sandwiches such as the bistro brie burger, or the roasted lamb sandwich. Dinner includes fresh fish daily, and crafted dishes. Sumptuous desserts and beverages. Beer, wine, cocktails, closed Mondays, 6805 Vista del Mar Lane, Playa del Rey, (310) 823-1530, menus available online, www.bistrodusoleil.com.

Alejo’s is a longtime neighborhood restaurant, operated by Claudia Castro and her family, and customers say eating here is like dining at home with family. The menu includes the famous paella, the signature bread and garlic, pizza, pasta, calzones, lasagna, linguini a la mare, chicken marsala, veal parmigiana, eggplant mama mia, ravioli, daily specials, beer and wine. Available for family parties, holiday and office celebrations. Open 7 days, 8343 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester, (310) 670-0799, www.AlejosRestaurant.com.


LE CELLIER WINE BAR & RESTAURANT A neighborhood gastro pub and wine bar, perfect for business lunches and networking, dining or private events and functions. A convivial atmosphere with good food and conversation. Bernard, the general manager, is a wine connoisseur, with a strong background in importing. Serving lunch and dinner, fine wines

Fine Italian dining by the beach and you can be assured of a warm Italian greeting by owners Tony Cotrufo and Enrico Fiorentini. Patrons can dine inside or on the outdoor patio. The menu relies on fresh ingredients and family recipes that the owners brought with them from Italy. Daily specials, sometimes as many as 12 different ones, are a regular fixture. Lunch and dinner are served,

Best Brasilian Cuisine in Los Angeles The Real Homemade Meal – Vegetarian and Dairy-Free Options

Full restaurant Menu • the Best smoothies & acai Bowls!

catering available & executive Lunches: choice of top sirloini, Fish of the Day, Pork chop, chicken (Dark Meat) or vegetarian Plate (includes: rice Black Beans, Plantains & salsa)

Lunch $8.95 – 11am–4pm • Dinner $10.95 Free DeLivery within 5-Mile radius $100 min. order.

Utensils charge $1.00 per set.

2 Locations on the westsiDe


10831 venice Blvd., Los angeles 310-837-8957 11736 washington Blvd., Los angeles 310-391-1216 Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 33

dining guide 2012

restaurant listings 6935 Pacific Ave., Playa del Rey, (310) 306-0117, www.CaffeePinguini.com.

CANTALINI’S SALERNO BEACH RESTAURANT The best in traditional Italian cuisine, the restaurant has been a local landmark for almost 50 years. Each dish is carefully made to order to ensure the utmost in freshness. The menu includes the signature dish, homemade ravioli, perennial favorites, spaghetti with meatballs or sausage, NY-style pizza, daily chef specials, lunch Monday through Friday, dinner 7 days a week, live music Sunday, 6:30 - 9:30 p.m., catering, delivery, 192 Culver Blvd., Playa del Rey, (310) 821-0018, www.salernobeach.com.

PIZZARITO Owner Al Caruso, a New York native, opened this location in 1984, and has served delicious, authentic New York thin-crust and Sicilian deep dish pizza by the slice ever since. For those displaced New Yorkers craving authentic New York pizza, this is the place, say his loyal customers. Enjoy calzones, antipasto, lasagna, manicotti, garlic bread, salads, antipasto, beer, wine, dine inside or outside, take-out and free delivery, 4371 Glencoe Ave., B7, Marina del Rey, (310) 823-7333, www.pizzarito.net.


Literally, the flavors of fine Italian cuisine, the subtle decor and scenic water views enhance the delicious flavors. Dine inside or on the waterside patio. The dinner menu includes Gamberoni al Verde, a jumbo prawn shrimp dish. The Carpaccio Scottato di Bue, a seared crusted herb and pepper beef dish, served with arugula salad, is a savory lunch dish. Free parking 2 hours with validation,

tic tacos, burritos, salads. The newest, Benny’s Mediterranean Grill items, include beef lule kabob, chicken kabob, falafel vegetarian, and other choices. Seafood quesadillas, lobster wraps, and the carne asada plate. Open daily, takeout and delivery,

13723 Fiji Way, Fisherman’s Village, Marina del Rey, (310) 821-1740, www.sapori-mdr.com.


BAJA CANTINA Authentic tropical Mexican cuisine, local hang-out for over 30 years, and just blocks from Venice Beach, is a great place to hang out with friends or have dinner. Prime tequilas are served, a variety of margaritas, and the patio grill serves food until 1 a.m. daily. Feast on a Surfs Up Tostada, or macadamia-crusted chicken salad. Oaxacan salsas, sauces, specials during the week, Mon. through Fri. Happy Hour, 311 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 821-2252, www.bajacantina.com.

BENNY’S TACOS & CHICKEN ROTISSERIE Benny’s recipes have come from years of travel and experimenting with only the freshest of ingredients. The menu includes homemade flour and corn tortillas, the Macho Wet Burrito, menudo, breakfast, rotisserie chicken, authen-

427 Lincoln Blvd., Venice, (310) 3968749, www.BennysTacos.com.

Al Pastor Mexican cuisine, a cozy and friendly place to grab some good Mexican food, and one customer said “I could eat here five nights a week.” Other customers rave about the chicken mole tostada, crispy shrimp tacos, organic flour tortillas, pork veggie, chicken enchiladas, carne asada, fresh guacamole, ceviche, delivery available, 1357 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, (310) 664-1177.

HACIENDA PLAYA DEL REY Great traditional Mexican food and margaritas, this restaurant joins the original restaurant, established in Westchester in 1873, and owned by the Hernandez family. The popular menu includes their famous homemade tortillas, tacos, combo dishes, seafood, nachos, guacamole. The full bar with ample seating. On Sundays at 9 p.m., a live Mariachi band performs at the Lincoln Blvd. location only, 8415 Pershing Drive, Playa del Rey, (310) 751-6135, and 8347 Lincoln

Blvd., Westchester, (310) 670-8588.

CANALI CAFE Owners Kat and Paolo Pasio offer fresh, healthy and delicious food, and a menu stocked with veggie alternatives, vegan soups, scrumptious salads, whole-wheat pasta dishes, home-made ravioli, thincrusted pizza, gourmet panini. Italian classics include the osso buco and tagliata (New York steak). The brunch menu includes veggie pasta scramble and homemade granola. Canali serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Open 7 days. Free WiFi, free parking, a large patio, and art displays, 123 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 822-5379, www.canalicafe.com.

CAFE BRASIL Reflecting the culinary diversity of Brazil, the owners offer healthier fare based on traditional cuisine. Vegetarian, vegan, and dairy-free options are available. The menu includes late breakfast, hot sandwiches from the grill, executive lunches, beef and pork stew, salads and appetizers. Beer and wine is served only at the Washington Boulevard location. Open 7 days a week, 10831 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, 90034, (310) 837-8957, and 11736 W. Washington Blvd., Los Angeles, 90066, (310) 391-1216, www.cafe-brasil.com.


Unforgettable Italian! After 20 years our customers are still saying... • i love alejo’s! • alejo’s presto Trattoria restaurant rocks!!! • now that’s italian! • after trying dozens of fine dining restaurants you are still my favorite italian spot!


Presto trattoria italian restaurant Open Daily fOr lunch & Dinner • Dine in • TakeOuT • Delivery

(310) 670-6677 • 8343 lincoln Blvd. • Westchester www.alejosrestaurant.com PAGE 34 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

Playa del Rey / Westchester

Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 35

dining guide 2012

restaurant listings This Argentinean steakhouse offers a large variety of select steaks, with pasta and seafood as well. Serving both lunch and dinner, the menu reflects the culinary culture with appetizers of thin sliced raw beef tenderloin, Carpaccio de lomo, and Duo Patagonia, wild shrimp, scallops, and smoky-sweet Pimenton sauce. The Bife Ancho is a 14-ounce ribeye steak, served with three sauces. Open 7 days a week, 2628 Wilshire Blvd., Santa Monica, (310) 315-5457, www.ushuaiasteakhouse.com.

C & O TRATTORIA AND C&O CUCINA Both restaurants, owned by the Singer family, have served unforgettable Italian cuisine for a number of years. Known for gargantuan portions, “killer garlic rolls, a nightly sing-a-long, and honor bars, C&O Trattoria, the original, opened in 1992 and is by the Venice Beach Pier, 31 Washington Blvd., (310) 823-9491. C&O Cucina, eight blocks east by Lincoln Boulevard, opened in 2003, and offers the same excellent cuisine, adding an enticing grill menu and a full bar, 3016 Washington Blvd., Venice, (310) 301-7278, www.cotrattoria.com, www.cocucina.com.

TOWER PIZZA Established in 1986, Tower Pizza is located under the iconic University Village Tower, centrally located in Westchester near Playa del Rey and Playa Vista. Fun

atmosphere, friendly neighborhood vibe, with great drinks specials on beer and wine, high definition TVs for watching sports events, video games and pinball machines. The staff is friendly and the food is terrific, from home-made pizzas, pasta, burgers, fresh seafood, tacos and more. Open 7 days,

and patio dining. View the exceptional menu online. Open 7 days,

8351 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester, (310) 410-0986, www.towerpizza.com.

Savory Central Vietnam specialties, authentic family recipes, only the freshest ingredients, and healthy, vegetarianfriendly dishes highlight the cuisine being offered. Family recipes for three generations include a secret, savory sauce, such as the Beef Pan Fried Noodles. The popular catering and party trays can be ordered two hours in advance, but some dishes require ordering a day in advance. Dine in, take-out, delivery, catering, closed Wednesdays,

BENIHANA Benihana has raised the preparation of food as an art form to the art of entertainment, Chefs skilled in teppanyaki, or hibachi, cooking tradition, are skilled in their presentations and knife skills. Teppanyaki entrees include filet mignon, hibachi steak, hibachi lemon chicken, seafood items, and the Executive Lunch. Also on the menu are salads, vegetables, noodles and tofu, sushi and sake. A children’s menu is also available, 1447 4th St., Santa Monica, (310) 2601423, www.benihana.com.

AREAL Areal’s goal is to surround and connect people while nourishing them in feast and friendship. On that note, the menu is based on fresh, locally grown, sustainable organic foods. The commitment is to make, in-house, from scratch, great pizza, awesome vegan stew, a hearty raw pasta, organic salads, and juicy burgers. Brunch, lunch, dinner, happy hour. Indoor

PAGE 36 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

2820 Main St., Santa Monica, (310) 392-1661, http://arealrestaurant.com.


2024 Pacific Ave., Venice, (310) 8234646, www.chinabeachbistro.com.

PASTA FACTORY ITALIAN RESTAURANT This long-established Italian dining spot offers traditional fresh pasta dishes, such as ravioli, linguini al pesto and gnocchi. Popular seafood dishes include Linguine Pescatore. Locals and visitors say the atmosphere is warm and family-oriented, and say they can’t get enough of the fresh, warm bread with a garlic/olive oil dip. Tiramisu and Caesar salad are on the menu. Chicken and veal dishes include Pollo al Limon and Veal Marsala. 425 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 823-9838.

HURRY CURRY Indian and Pakistani cuisine is the hallmark of this friendly neighborhood restaurant. Local residents say this is the place to go for delicious, authentic food. Appetizers include Samosa, a crispy pastry with mildly spiced potatoes and peas, and Chicken Chat, flour crisps with diced potatoes, garnished with yogurt, tamarind and chat masala. Tandoori dishes, cooked in an Indian clay oven, include marinated whole/half/quarter chickens, served with rice and salad, 12825 Venice Blvd., Mar Vista, (310) 398-2948, www.hurrycurryla.com.

LIBRARY ALE HOUSE This pub offers a wide variety of microbrews, select imports on tap, and beers from around the world that are difficult to find, and a selection of white and red wines. This unique restaurant has a diverse and eclectic menu, with clever descriptions for food items, such as Light Reading (salads), The Stacks (burgers), and Endnotes (desserts). The menu includes fish and chips, taco sliders, pasta primavera, and more, 2911 Main St., Santa Monica, (310) 314-4855, www.libraryalehouse.com.

KABUKI Kabuki is a form of traditional Japanese theater that began performing during the 17th century, with performers travel-

chicken & SauSage ziti

Live Life to the

Freshest! At Souplantation you’ll enjoy the freshest salads, made-from-scratch soups, breads & muffins, desserts and more! Your meal. Your creation.

Italian is more fun at Buca! Delicious, family-style food and all the fun of an Italian gathering. It’s a recipe for good times.

Santa Monica • 1442 2nd Street • 310.587.2782 Also located in Claremont, enCino, Pasadena, redondo BeaCh, thousand oaks, universal CityWalk and valenCia

HOWARD HUGHES CENTER • 6081 Center Drive • (310) 665-1144

Join Club Veg® today to receive our best offers all delivered to your email inbox! www.souplantation.com

oPen daily for lunCh* & dinner


* Lunch available at select locations.


Join us for Happy Hour each Monday through Thursday from 5pm–8pm in the upstairs sushi lounge. Enjoy sake, beer, wine and cocktail specials, as well as great prices on select sushi rolls, nigiri, Benihana Bites and an array of exciting new items from our lounge menu, like Crispy Spicy Tuna, Sashimi Ceviche and Trio of Fish Tacos.

Santa Monica | 1447 Fourth Street | (310) 260-1423 Between Broadway and Santa Monica Boulevard

Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 37

dining guide 2012

restaurant listings 6081 Center Drive, #203, Westchester, (310) 641-5524, www.kabukirestaurants.com.

SHERSHAH EXOTIC CUISINE OF INDIA Customers say they always return to the restaurant to pamper their taste buds with a wide selection of delicacies and gourmet items with the authentic Indian cuisine. In the heart of Marina del Rey since 1990, the menu evolves and changes with the seasons and has been a trendsetter in fine dining. Catering is one of our services, and we can host up to 100 parties, or deliver, 13444 Maxella Ave., Marina del Rey, (310) 306-1505, www.shershahcuisineofindia.com.

SOUPLANTATION The rotating menu of more than 100 original, made-fresh daily recipes features signature salads, soups, bakery goods and hot pasta sauces at an all-you-careto-eat price. All food is prepared without the use of artificial flavors, colors, addi-

tives or artificial trans-fats. A different food theme is featured each month. The most popular menu items are rotated every two weeks, and items are showcased on a 55-foot salad bar. Howard Hughes Center, 6081 Center Drive, Ste. 102, Westchester, (310) 665-1144, www.souplantation.com.

4375 Glencoe Ave., Marina del Rey, (310) 823-2283, www.jnicholskitchen.com.

B1 Breadshop/Pichet

Located on the boardwalk at Venice Beach, this lively restaurant is all about organic, wholesome, fun, food, and drink. Outdoor seating is part of the charming vibe, and the menu offers breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, beer and wine, and coffee. The burgers are grass-fed and finished California beef, served on an organic sesame wholewheat bun. Sandwiches, soups, salads and desserts are some of the tasty offerings. Open 7 days,

Wharo refers to an old charcoal stone pot which brought together families and friend. We want to continue this symbolism so families can sit around to eat and share memories. The vision of quality and health-conscious Korean food is derived from modern Seoul-style dishes with a Western twist. All the dishes are free of MSG, and home-style cooking is used to create the mouthwatering flavors. Open 7 days,

2 Rose Ave., Venice, 9310) 314-8253, www.venicealehouse.com.

4029 Lincoln Blvd., Marina del Rey, (310) 578-7114, www.wharo.com.

Joni’s Cafe This is the place to go for coffee roasted on the premises, brewed one cup at a time, great food, and meeting friendly people. Breakfast is served all day, 7 days a week, and lunch starts at 11 a.m. Owners Julie and Jim Jungwirth say they take great pride in Joni’s being a second home, the pulse of the neighborhood, and are dedicated to maintaining this feeling of community,

J. NICHOLS KITCHEN Nichols Restaurant opened in 1974 as a casual neighborhood coffee shop and diner, served traditional comfort favorites and service with a smile. Still familyowned and operated, Nichols evolved to keep pace with dining habits, never losing sight of its roots as a diner, staying true to its humble beginnings. Food is still made from scratch daily, with fresh,

552 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey,

Who helps you avoid getting cavities after Halloween?

SincePAGE 198838

(310) 305-7147, menu online, www.JonisCoffee.com.



. That’s

whole ingredients. The menu showcases many original dishes, and includes a new, broad assortment,


Bringing organic French bread and pastry to Venice, the tempting offerings include croissants filled with ham, cheese, spinach and feta, brioches, turnovers, sandwiches and salads. Serves wine. On Friday and Saturday nights, it’s transformed into Pichet, a Provencal pop-up launched by Chef Ryan Fowler. Menu items include organic coq au vin, roasted duck leg, charcuterie and fromage courses, locally cured prosciutto, and many other savory dishes, walk-ins from 7 – 11 p.m. 2805 Abbot Kinney Blvd., Venice, ( 424) 259-1222.

SANTA MONICA PLACE Santa Monica Place is the modern, openair shopping destination that has captured the attention of shoppers and diners. With its up-scale shops and eclectic rooftop dining experience, the center offers laid-back luxury, from Burberry Brit to Hugo Boss, Bloomingdale’s to Louis Vuitton, appealing to savvy locals and visitors alike. The restaurants on the Dining Deck include exciting sit-down to a modern food court, all served with spectacular ocean and city views. 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica, (310) 260-8333, www.santamonicaplace.com.



ing the land and sharing their stories. We hope that while you dine with us, you too can share stories with those around you. The wide variety of the menu includes appetizers, salads, seafood, sushi and sashimi, specialty rolls, entrees, and signature dishes. A kid’s menu is available, Howard Hughes Center,


Visit Us At: 29073 Overland Drive, Temecula, CA 92591 951.694.4444 - wahoos.com

• Westside Dining Guide 2012

Drop In. Have Fun. Eat Well.

Organic bakery every day... ...French provençal restaurant by night, Friday & Saturday.

• 100% Organic Ingredients • Croissants • Baguettes • Ham & Cheese Pastries • Made to Order Sandwiches • French Press Coffee To Go • Catering Available

2805 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 424-800-1727 www.facebook.com/b1breadshopvenice 2301 E. 7th Street, Los Angeles 323-262-3788 www.facebook.com/b1breadshop

2805 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Venice 424-800-1727

Serving dinner Friday & Saturday 7pm-11pm. Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 39

Index Pizza • Pasta • Salads Sandwiches • Burgers & Dogs Tacos • Fresh Seafood Fun atmosphere, beer & wine drink specials, major sports events on HD TV, catering menu Delivery to Playa Vista, Playa del Rey and Westchester

8351 Lincoln Boulevard Los Angeles 90045 Phone: (310) 410-0986 Fax: (310) 645-8191

TowerPizza.com Established 1985

Alejo’s.......................................34 Areal..........................................41 B-1 Bakery..................................39 Baja Cantina..............................15 Beachside Restaurant.............11 Benihana.....................................37 Benny’s . ....................................42 Bistro du Soleil........................29 Bonventura Gelato..................21 Buca di Beppo............................37 C & O Restaurants....................17 Café Brasil................................33 Caffe Pinguini............................29 Canali Café................................22 Cantalini’s.................................35 Cerveteca..................................23 Chart House..............................20 China Beach...............................26 Crush Bistro & Wine Bar.........27 Earls Gourmet Grub................42 El Abajeno.................................27 El Rincon Criollo.....................13 Fantasea Yachts..........................3 Game Sports Bar Restaurant.35 Garden Fresh/Souplantation.37 Hacienda Playa..........................28 Hals/Casa Linda........................10 Hinanos......................................26 How Do You Roll?.....................21 Hurry Curry..............................27 J. Nichols Kitchen.....................16 Joni’s..........................................40

Kabuki...........................................2 Killer Shrimp...............................4 Le Cellier.....................................8 Library Ale House.....................22 Marla’s Café..............................30 Melody Bar & Grill...................32 Morfia’s.....................................18 Mo’s Place.................................29 Outlaws.....................................28 Panini Grill................................20 Pasta Factory............................26 Pizzarito....................................21 SanSai.........................................40 Santa Monica Place..................43 Sapori.........................................22 Shanghai Reds.............................5 Sheraton Gateway....................31 Shershah...................................14 Sports Harbor..........................18 Taqueria Chihuahua..................30 Tony P’s......................................19 Tower 42....................................44 Tower Pizza...............................40 Ushuaia.......................................36 Venice Ale House.......................18 Venice Beach Wines...................23 Wahoo’s......................................38 Warehouse.................................41 Waterside at MdR.......................7 Wharo...........................................9


“It’s all about the freshness, taste & quality” Everything is made fresh and served in a fast and casual atmosphere; there is simply something for everyone! All our meats are grilled to order and our sushi is made right before your eyes with fresh fish & traditional Japanese ingredients.


552 Washington Blvd., M SErvED ALL DAY - 7 DAYS PEr wEEk 310.305.7147  www.Jo

Add BACON OR HAm... $1.99 • SUBSTITUTE FRUIT... $1.00

310.649.5000 8601 Lincoln Blvd., Westchester

(corner of Lincoln & Manchester)


www.sansaiusa.com PAGE 40 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

552 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey 310.305.7147  www.JonisCoffee.com

AREAL is a beach casual, upscale restaurant

serving farm fresh, contemporary American fare Full Mixology Bar, including 12 craft beers on draft and an eclectic wine list. Come enjoy our indoor/outdoor restaurant.

Happy Hour Mon-Sun 4-7 PM. We Invite You to Enjoy our Exciting Seasonal Menu Items.

Live jazz every Wednesday night 7:30-11 pm. Bossa Nova Guitarist on Saturdays 4-7 pm & Sundays 6-9 pm. Sat & Sun Champagne Brunch w/ $40 bottles of Moet Ice

2820 Main St. Santa Monica, CA, 90405 • (310) 392-1661 • www.arealrestaurant.com

Great FooD • WaterFront DininG SelecteD aS one oF the toP ten SteaKhoUSeS in SoUthern caliFornia

Sunset Brunch Dinner Menu Champagne

Every Sunday

$33.95 / kids 12 and under $14.95


Enjoy Bottomless mimosas

Served Mon-Fri 5 - 6 pm






served nightly


7:45 PM

Lunch • Dinner

Waterfront Dining Banquet Facilities Happy Hour Mon-Fri 3-7pM (310) 823-5451 mdrwarehouse.com 4499 Admiralty Way Marina del Rey 90292

Westside Dining Guide 2012 • PAGE 41

voted Best Lobster Taco on “america’s Best Bites” Food network show! FresH auTHenTiC mexiCan Food CHiCken roTTiserie

Homemade Corn & Flour TorTillas

mention this ad for 20% off catering. 427 LincoLn BLvd. • venice 90291 • open 7 days • 9:30am–10pm • 310.396.8749 • BennysTacos.com Specialty Beers on tap & White/Red Sparking Wines. Curbside pick-up available. Call ahead or order online.

PAGE 42 • Westside Dining Guide 2012

TMC-0008_Bestof_Argonaut_ol_r1.indd 1

10/8/12 5:52 PM

Thoughtful American Cuisine in a casual beach environment

EXECUTIVE CHEF/OWNER MARK MAIER and his team offer award-winning creations and top-quality seafood, meats and produce. The seafood-centric menu features sustainable fish, locally sourced ingredients, house made Charcuterie and smoked fish, seasonal options, and always the freshest selections available. Enjoy gorgeous sunset views while dining on our open air patio, relax with one of our amazing signature drinks in our new and improved beach bar, and enjoy live music in our private library entertainment room. Private dining and tasting also available from 6 – 60 people with advance reservations.

S AMPLE M ENU I TEMS • Maryland Crab Cake • Fried Oysters • Hamachi Crudo • Salmon Tartar • Coconut Curry Mussels • Pan Seared Wild Salmon • Clam & Squid Ink Linguini • Smoked Seasonal Vegetable & Pappardelle • Crispy Skin Jidori Chicken • Prime Flat Iron • Miso Goat Cheese-Cheesecake • Coco Nib Pumpkin Raviolis

3pm Bar • 5pm Dinner Starts 119 Culver Blvd, Playa del Rey 90293 (310) 823-6800 • Tower-42.com

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Westside Dining Guide 2012  

The Westside is home to over 500 restaurants covering every category imaginable. Our dining guide will publish the Best dining guide ever...

Westside Dining Guide 2012  

The Westside is home to over 500 restaurants covering every category imaginable. Our dining guide will publish the Best dining guide ever...