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REPORTING BAD LEADS Reporting bad leads ensures we make our money back when the lead comes through as a bad lead. It is vital to keep track of bad leads and report them to the lead source. Bad leads can come through in two ways. 1. BAD LEADS WITH INCORRECT INFORMATION Leads with bad phone numbers or email addresses can be reported back to the lead source for reimbursement. 2. BAD LEADS AS DUPLICATES Leads with bad phone numbers or email addresses can be reported back to the lead source for reimbursement.

HOW TO REPORT Reporting is different for each lead source. Many requires a log in and password and an account of the customer name, date the lead came in and time the lead came in. Keeping track of these leads is important which is why we keep separate reports. See below for different lead sources log ins and how to report duplicate leads.

AUTOBYTEL New and used car lead source. Duplicates come in often so reporting is needed on the backend tool as well as in the CRM. URL: Username: 143974 Password: autobytel Steps for returning a bad lead: 1. Go to monthly leads tab after logging in, select the month. 2. Click on the customer you need to report (scrub in Autobytel’s terms) and select a reason for the scrubbed lead. 3. ALWAYS post a note of why it was scrubbed more in depth. If a duplicate from another source is needing to be reported, make sure to put in the notes.

AUTO CREDIT EXPRESS (ACE) Subprime lead source, these leads need to be handled with care and with someone experienced and handled by someone who can turn low credit scores over. These leads come over looking like credit applications, but they are not. We treat these leads like the customers have been pre-approved, but this source we want to try to get the customer in the door before pulling credit so they can be tricky! URL: Username: chevrolet Password: chevrolet1 Steps for returning a bad lead: 1. Once logged into LotPro, click on the Portal tab. If it displays the “Warning” window, click on the Portal tab once more and it may go away. If it requires you to lower your privacy settings, that can be done by clicking on Tools > Internet Options > then lower the bar on the Privacy tab (for Internet Explorer). Once this is done, click on the Portal tab again and you should see this.  2. Click on the Lead Review link and, then search for the proper Lead ID by clicking on the Search box next to the Lead ID box. 

2. Once it displays the list of leads, click on the lead ID # that you wish to return. This will populate the Lead ID box with that #. The last steps are selecting the Review Reason, click Continue, and then write a comment regarding the bad lead – BE DESCRIPTIVE. Once this is done go ahead and click Submit.

CARS DIRECT AUTO.COM New and used car lead source. accepts credit exception requests from our dealers within seven (7) calendar days of lead receipt. A credit team that validates and evaluates all credit returns based on our credit exception criteria. In order to be considered for credit, you must communicate the following information to and Emily with the following subject line. “Duplicate Lead Credit Request |” • • • • •

Customer Transaction (CT) Number Your Dealer ID # (DID) Customer Name Customer Contact Phone Number Reason for Credit (some leads submitted may be ineligible for credit) • If lead is a duplicate, please list other provider/time stamp As a value-added service, CarsDirect provides an Extranet link where leads sent to the dealership may be accessed. Please find your unique Extranet link, username, and password below: URL: Username: OR53923 Password: 97267 Steps to submit to Cars-Direct Extranet backend 1. Select the service you have by clicking on “All Reports”… i.e. Special Finance, New Cars or Used Cars 2. Your list of leads will appear. To the far /mid right you will see where you can filter. You can select a lead to return by filtering and searching or scrolling down to the each lead. 3. To the far right of each lead you will see a button that says “Details”. Click this to get further info on each lead submitted. 4. Under this button you will see “Submit to Review”. Select this to submit that lead for credit/return. 5. A new window will open. When the window opens go to where it says “Reason” and there will be a drop down menu. 6. Select one of the reasons for return (Bogus, Dupe or Other) Steps for reporting a duplicate lead: 1. Send a copy of BOTH leads with timestamps to cheston.callum@carsdirect 2. After you choose your reason, click the “Return Lead” button. 3. Another window will appear that will let you know that your lead has been submitted. Close that window and repeat the sequence again for each bad lead until done and then log off.