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Solar Installations & Solar Energy Products

Argentsolar Such as photovoltaic cells, solar HVAC including rebates for such use.

Solar Installations Are Environment Friendly Solar energy products are the way of the future. With fast depleting fossil fuels, enlarging carbon footprint and obvious signs of global warming, it is evident that renewable sources of energy are the only answer. For this reason the Renewable Incentive Program of the Arizona Public Service (APS) offers its customers the use solar energy products such as photovoltaic (PV) cells, solar hot water, solar HVAC and solar daylight systems, including rebates for such use.

PVs And Heat Engines Professional solar energy integrators such as Argent Solar offer solar powered electricity generation that is dependent on the PVs and heat engines. Argent Solar is also involved in other products such as those required for space cooling and heating but also for the disinfection and distillation of water to make it potable besides solar cooking.

Argentsolar – Ideal For Use Solar installations are ideal for use in sunny states such as Arizona. Argent Solar undertakes projects for installing solar systems for both residential and commercial purposes. When used for your home the solar system can actually make your meter run backwards generating credit for you when you are unable to utilize the energy generated. This is possible due to net metering, a system that can be made available by Argent Solar.

Reduce Operating Costs In the case of solar installations for commercial purposes, the premier solar company from Arizona can help you reduce operating costs and acquire a positive corporate image besides taking advantage of all the State & Federal incentive programs. It can also make available finance for the solar system by offering a 20-year lease program.

Solar Installations Are Environment Friendly  

It is evident that renewable sources of energy are the only answer.

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