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Financing Your Solar System is Easy in Arizona

For the global citizen there is an urgent need for a custom solar installation irrespective of where one is located. The writing has been on the wall for long enough. The resources in fossil fuels are fast dwindling. We have already started depending upon lean sources such as shale for our energy needs.


The Urgent Need for a Custom Solar Installation

The world watch has already reported that there are serious signs indicating that the threat from global warming is real and not merely academic. A custom solar installation is therefore a viable option. If you are in Arizona there are professional providers of custom solar installation in AZ that will install a custom solar system based on your needs. Website:

The Custom Installer Offers Several Benefits

The provider of custom solar installation in AZ offers several benefits and services. Once your solar energy system has been installed you will find that your electricity cost has almost disappeared. This is a major advantage of solar installations especially with the consistent rise in electricity rates. Secondly, the solar electric system will add value to your home or commercial building without a corresponding increase in the property taxes. Since solar energy is friendly to the environment and non-polluting you will be doing your bit to help the environment. Website:

Federal Incentives For Solar Energy

There are currently several state and federal incentives for solar energy as it is a source of renewable energy. These incentives may save almost 80% of your system cost. The solar system is mostly free from any maintenance requirements. The system panel will also be backed by a 25-year warranty. Therefore, you will enjoy a trouble-free and bill-free period with your new solar system. If you wish, professional solar installer will also make excellent solar financing offers. Website:

The Services Offered

The provider of custom solar installation in AZ will offer several services too. The solar system is based on photo voltaic cells, the output from which is fed to a battery system and converted into AC. The AC is in turn fed to your home or building for light and power needs. One of the most important services offered to a home-owner is that of net metering. Website:

Electricity Generated - Solar System

Under net metering not only do you get to use the electricity generated by your solar system but the unused or surplus power that you are unable to use is fed directly to the utility grid. This generates credit for you for use later. The services provided to commercial users include predictable energy costs, green marketing, freedom from energy dependence among others. Website:

Solar Financing Terms are Excellent

The solar installer offers excellent solar financing terms. The 20-year lease program is one such offer under which you can pay off the entire amount or pay monthly installments. There is also a zero down payment option for solar financing. However, the same gross pricing holds good irrespective of the kind of payment schedule you opt for. Website:

Financing your solar system is easy in arizona  

You will enjoy a trouble-free and bill-free period with your new solar system. If you wish, professional solar installer will also make exce...

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