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FRONT PORCH July-August 2013

Our vanishing

log home history

Peppered strawberry ice cream Build a worm box

Stroke detection saves lives


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Front Porch


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Front Porch

Farm Bureau

July - August 2013 C






Matters by Randy Veach

President, Arkansas Farm Bureau

It was President Franklin D. Roosevelt

On the cover — Ralph Wilcox, a historic structures specialist for the Arkansas Historic Preservation Program, works to prepare a replacement cypress log for the Plum Bayou House that sits at the Historic Arkansas Museum in downtown Little Rock. The log crib barn in the foreground is from the late 1800s. The building (in the background) that now houses the Arkansas Business Publishing Group is the old Democrat Printing & Litho Co. built in 1924. And the Stephens Building was completed in 1985. Photo by Gregg Patterson Send comments to:


Our vanishing log home history

should acknowledge the stewardship of

who observed that the “only thing we

farmers who have lived in the watershed

have to fear is fear itself” during his

for eight generations, and understand

first inauguration address of 1933, with

they are the ones with everything to lose

the Great Depression swallowing our

if something goes wrong. We must agree

country and distrust of government and

that no one wants to damage the Buffalo

our fellow man rampant. He dared to

River, but also realize the watershed has

publically identify fear as nothing more

been protected by family farmers like

than something we have created in our

C&H Farms well before the Buffalo River


ever became a national river.

In a much smaller – but still

Like the vast majority of farm families,

meaningful – way, we’re seeing fear

C&H Farms’ goal is to understand the

overtake reality when it comes to the

rules, comply with them and leave the

debate surrounding C&H Farms of Mount

land in better shape than they found it,

Judea. C&H Farms built a 2,500-sow

hopefully in the hands of their children

hog farm in Newton Co., in the Buffalo

and grandchildren.

Gregg Patterson

River watershed. This prompted some

In a recent letter to Teresa Marks,

Farm Bureau Matters Randy Veach Food for Thought Ewell Welch

to question the farmers, because they

director of the Arkansas Department of

fear contamination of the watershed. An

Environmental Quality, I thanked her for

abundance of fear – or is it simply a lack

her efforts to turn the discussion away

of understanding of the environmental

from fear-induced emotion and return it

Keith Sutton

standards in place? – seems to take hold

to its proper place, the science of clean

18 20 22 24 26

P. Allen Smith Land & People Gregg Patterson Do It Yourself Monte Burch Building Wealth Allyson Hamlin In the Kitchen Keith Sutton Health & Safety Jennifer Victory

of some on this topic.


3 4

14 Taste Arkansas

16 Garden Home Design

To those who see this as unworkable,

For address changes, contact:

Rhonda Whitley at Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation Farm Bureau Center P.O. Box 31 • Little Rock, AR 72203-0031 Fax: (501) 228-1557 Please provide membership number. Created by Publishing Concepts, Inc. For Advertising info contact David Brown • 1-800-561-4686

Those who follow the guidelines

we must first understand that farming

established by our state and federal

and recreational use of the river have

lawmakers should be allowed to farm their

co-existed for as long as people have

land, plain and simple. There’s no need to

lived along the Buffalo. Second, the

restrict or curtail any activity when there’s

environmental protections in place, in

no wrongdoing. There’s no hint of that as

the form of on-farm safeguards and in

C&H Farms meticulously followed (even

regulations enforced by the state and

exceeded) the required steps to secure their

federal government, allow for reasonable

permit. And I believe they’ll maintain that

and regulated uses that meet scientifically

environmental vigilance going forward.

accepted environmental standards. Much of this debate centers on the

Certainly, the Buffalo River carries a deep, emotional connection as our first

theory that something catastrophic

national river. And the truth is the laws

will happen, an assumption with an

we have in place were built for situations

extraordinarily negative world view. We

like this. As farmers, we deal with those

must refuse to see things through that

situations every day. When we realize

sort of distorted lens. In this situation,

those state and federal standards protect

and all where fear is allowed to overtake

the Buffalo River watershed, as well as

truth, we must stop seeing (and smelling)

every other watershed in our great state, all

things that aren’t there. In this case, we

fears should subside.

Front Porch


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Front Porch Arkansas Farm Bureau © 2013 Official membership publication of Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation. Front Porch is mailed to more than 200,000 member-families. SUBSCRIPTIONS: Included in membership dues.

Arkansas Farm Bureau Officers: President Randy Veach Manila Vice President Rich Hillman Carlisle Secretary/Treasurer Tom Jones Pottsville Executive Vice President Ewell Welch Little Rock Directors: Richard Armstrong, Ozark Troy Buck, Alpine Jon Carroll, Moro Joe Christian, Jonesboro Terry Dabbs, Stuttgart Mike Freeze, England Bruce Jackson, Lockesburg Johnny Loftin, El Dorado Gene Pharr, Lincoln Rusty Smith, Des Arc Allen Stewart, Mena Mike Sullivan, Burdette Leo Sutterfield, Mountain View

Food for Thought


Ex Officio Sherry Felts, Joiner Brent Lassiter, Newport Janice Marsh, McCrory Brian Walker, Horatio Executive Editor: Steve Eddington Editor: Gregg Patterson Contributing Writers: Ken Moore, Keith Sutton, Chris Wilson Research Assistant: Brenda Gregory

by Ewell Welch

Executive Vice President, Arkansas Farm Bureau

There are some positive efforts in the

through what’s called a “safety net”

United States Congress to pass a new

program for those affected by natural

federal farm bill as this issue goes to

disasters like the drought of the last two

press. Our farmers and ranchers deserve

years or unfair trade practices by other

a new farm bill that strengthens the

countries that adversely affect prices

sustainability of farming and ranching

farmers receive for their crops. In 2012,

in this country. One of our country’s

$10 billion was split equally among

foundational pillars is the ability of

commodity (crop support payments) and

farmers and ranchers to produce food

crop insurance. These are payments to

along with the raw materials for clothing,

qualifying farmers, the great majority

fuel and shelter for the consuming public

being family farmers. These payments

at a reasonable price.

are important to you, because it helps

So what is this “farm bill,” and why

keep farmers in the business producing

is it so important to you now? The farm

food at prices reasonable to you in the

bill presently in effect is officially titled

grocery store. Americans spend about 10

the Food, Conservation, and Energy Act of

percent of their income on food. This is

2008. However, everyone refers to it as

the lowest of any country. And for every

the farm bill, because it sets the federal

$1 you spend on food, farmers receive

government’s agriculture and food policy

only 12 cents for the raw product they

for five years or so. Congress extended


the 2008 bill for another year after it

The commodity and insurance safety

couldn’t agree on a new farm bill last

net programs, which help keep farmers

year. The U.S. Department of Agriculture

farming, are only 16 percent of total farm

is the primary federal agency that

bill spending. Unfortunately, a change

oversees farm bill spending.

in the new farm bill will make the farm

The farm bill is important, because it

safety net primarily a crop insurance

provides nutrition assistance to eligible

program, which doesn’t necessarily fit

low-income households, primarily

all types of farming or regions where

ADVERTISING: Contact David Brown at Publishing Concepts, Inc. for advertising rates. (501) 221-9986 Fax (501) 225-3735

through the old Food Stamp Program,

farming takes place.

Front Porch (USPS 019-879) is published bi-monthly by the Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation, 10720 Kanis Rd., Little Rock, AR 72211. Periodicals Postage paid at Little Rock, Ark. POSTMASTER: Send address changes to Front Porch, P.O. Box 31, Little Rock, AR 72203. Issue #87. Publisher assumes no responsibility for any errors or omissions. All rights reserved. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. The Arkansas Farm Bureau Federation reserves the right to accept or reject all advertising requests.

now known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

one that addresses and sets policy and

It’s important to note that SNAP is 78

funding for today’s critical issues and

percent ($772 billion) of total farm bill

allows farmers to plan accordingly. The

spending ($993 billion). This spending

world’s population is expected to grow

provides food to low-income families. It

from seven to nine billion people by

does not pay farmers. There’s also a school

2050. Farmers will have to double food

lunch program to provide fresh fruits and

production by then to meet the demand.

vegetables and child nutrition programs.

This will only be accomplished through

The farm bill also pays for research,

agriculture research that results in new

energy efficiency programs and on-farm

plant varieties and technologies. The

conservation programs to protect land,

210,000 predominantly family owned

water and soil.

U.S. farms will be the leader in that

Farmers benefit from the farm bill 4

Still, it’s time for a new farm bill,

Front Porch


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production for both you and the world.


craft your

OzarK adventure

nique Ozark experiences are woven, stitched, quilted, hammered and organically grown here. Learn a folk song. Spin yarn. Shuck corn. Skilled artisans are on hand to introduce you to heritage crafts. Sign on for a complete listing of events and workshops, and visit us soon.



4: Independence Day Celebration 5: Handcrafted Evening in the Park 8-10: Kids Clay Camp* 8-12: Day Camp* 11-12: Traditional Shape-Note Singing School 11-14: SweepIn – a Gathering of Broom Makers* 13: Locker Hooking Class* 18-20: Clogging Weekend 19: Bellamy Brothers in Concert – Premium reserved seating $37.50, general admission $25.00 22-24: Adult Clay Camp* 22-26: Day Camp* 25-27: Mountain Dulcimer Workshop* 26-27: Soapmaking Clean and Natural Class* 29-August 2: Summertime Folk School Classes*

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*Registration Required

M O U N T A I N V I E W, A R K A N S A S

Cabin Reservations: 800-264-3655 • Information: 870-269-3851 • Front Porch


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Our vanishing

log home history

The war against moisture, bugs, neglect and time by Gregg Patterson


F r o n t P o rch

I a r m


I’m standing, hands thrust deeply

and shape this into the log it needs

in my jeans pockets in front of

to be, and you’re going to replace

a raw 20-foot cypress log on the

the damaged sill (bottom) log of

grounds of the Historic Arkansas

the cabin behind you! Everybody

Museum in downtown Little

have their tape measure? Let’s get

Rock. It’s a pleasant early March


afternoon. However, most of my

The log cabin behind us is the

other nine “classmates” are similarly

Plum Bayou Log House. It’s no small

positioned in passive resignation

cabin. It’s an L-shaped double-

staring at this 800-pound of chunk

dogtrot-style structure that was built

of wood.

along that serpentine watercourse

What now?

near Scott, sometime in the 1830s.

Class instructor Joe Gallagher,

Moved to its present location and

65, a specialist in the restoration of

restored in the 1970s, it serves as

log structures, looks at the mostly

the main hands-on attraction for

reticent group, a thin knowing

school groups visiting the museum’s

smile gracing his face then barks out

living history programs. It would be

instructions like a drill sergeant.

our group’s hands-on log restoration

“You’re going to measure, cut

project for the next four days.

Front Porch


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JAMESON Architects PA and Switch Photo

Fading history Log structures like the Wolf House (1829) in Norfork, pictured here, are disappearing to the ravages of time. These unique pieces of history are a connection to Arkansas’ frontier settlement past.


JAMESON Architects PA

JAMESON Architects PA

Hidden treasure I The Looney log structure (1833) was hidden behind this typical-looking farm house. Originally, it may have been used as a distillery by its first owner William Looney.

Keith Sutton

According to Ralph Wilcox, a structures

money to maintain them,” he said. Without a funding source, Wilcox

part of his job description that he discovered his true passion restoring log

specialist, who is the national register

says not many people have the desire

and survey coordinator for the Arkansas

to maintain these pieces of Arkansas’

Historic Preservation Program, 592 log

frontier history and the structures

do maintenance work on these old log

structures (circa 1820s to 1940s) have

simply succumb to the elements and

buildings on Forest Service land,” he

been identified in Arkansas since 1969.


said. Through this work, he met a private

buildings. “I’d get sent out on these jobs to

However, he’s quick to point out that

Gallagher lives in Boise, Idaho

not all still exist. He says his agency’s

and now owns and runs Heritage

learned log structure restoration from

records indicate the loss of 35 of those

Preservation Resources (logdoc@gmail.

him. “Anyone in the business knows

structures, but “my guess is there are

com), a log structure restoration

Harrison Goodall. He’s the guru of

many more,” he said.

business. He worked for 32 years for the

restoring them,” Gallagher said.

Wilcox says the vast majority of

U.S. Forest Service as an archeologist

contractor named Harrison Goodall and

Gallagher agrees with Wilcox’s

these log structures are privately owned.

and then a trails coordinator. But it was

assessment that Arkansas’ log structures

“One of the big things is a lack of

in the “duties as otherwise assigned”

are disappearing fast. He’s worked on


F ront P orch


arf b .com

Ken Moore photos

Arkansas’ log home history is rich.

log structures nationwide and says it’s the same everywhere. “Most of them were built as

Wilcox says other factors leading

Wilcox says his agency has looked

to the rapid disappearance of historic

at more than 38,000 structures of all

log structures include development, a

types in Arkansas. “Buildings can have

temporary structures in the first place

lack of appreciation of these historic

log homes hidden inside,” Wilcox said.

and got no maintenance,” he said.

buildings and the inability to adapt old

“We don’t know exactly what we’ve got

log structures to modern uses. However,

until we investigate the building.”

Gallagher says moisture and insects are responsible for 80 percent of the

at one time, it was the ability to adapt

damage to historic log structures.

these old log buildings into homes that

Jameson of JAMESON Architects PA was

Without moisture control, mold and

may have saved some of these historic

involved with both restoration projects.

rot take over, and termites, borers and


The Rice House was covered in white

carpenter ants do the rest. The other

Treasure, by nature, is often hidden

Little Rock architect Tommy

clapboard wood siding and looked like

issues damaging historic log buildings

and difficult to find. Wilcox says this

a run-down shack. But you can’t judge

include structural problems, extreme

is true for many historic log structures

a book or a house by its cover.

weather issues and vandalism.

– including some of the oldest in the

“Arkansas has a rich heritage when

“Reuben Rice was the guy back then

state – that were covered with more

you were sent to if you wanted a saddle

it comes to log structures from a variety

modern exterior surfaces and converted

or a plow or anything else,” Jameson

of perspectives,” Gallagher said. “And

into homes. Two include log structures

said. “He was the original Wal-Mart of

you’re losing something special.” He

on opposite banks of the Eleven Point

his time.”

says the builders of Arkansas’ historic log

River across from one another near

structures used larger logs and a variety of

Dalton in Randolph Co. The Rice

old farmhouse. No bare logs evident

tree species. He also says the architectural

House is Arkansas’ oldest log structure,

anywhere on the outside, but it had

styles in Arkansas are “… a little bit more

determined by an aging technique called

been in the family for generations.

dramatic …” then in other parts of the

dendrochronology, built in 1828. The

country. “They’re really cool buildings,”

Looney House dates to 1833. Both are

tavern when the cover and additions

Gallagher said.

owned by Black River Technical College.

were torn off revealing the old log

Safety never felt so good







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Looney’s place just looked like a big


Front Porch


arf b .com

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structure, and they sifted Arkansas Historic Preservation

through everything,” Jameson said. “But a document found later indicates William Looney had made 1,500 gallons of apple brandy a year in the 1840s, so now the thought is the building might have been a distillery.” A 16-foot strip of sheet metal, some flakes shaved from bars of soap and a fair amount of sweat, groaning

Joan Gould, Preservation Matters

and pushing, and the perfectly shaped cypress sill log slips snugly into place on the Plum Bayou House. Everyone slaps hands and gives each other high fives looking satisfied, no hands jammed in pockets. A sense of “what’s next?” emanates from the group.

Hidden treasure II The Rice House (1828) near Dalton was hidden beneath this run-down shack. It’s the oldest log structure of its kind in Arkansas.

A broad smile flashes across Joe Gallagher’s face.

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TASTE from farm to table

Our Taste Arkansas food blog connects those interested in food production with the farmers & ranchers who provide an abundance of Arkansas agricultural products.

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79849X ©2013


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Challenged Outdoorsmen Of America

Arkansas Chapter

Disabilities Do Not Handicap Outdoorsmen Working hard and serving others is rewarded by improving the quality of life

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Taste Arkansas From farm to table compiled by Keith Sutton

W What’s not to love about the classic

Louisiana po’ boy sandwich, especially

when it’s loaded with lots of spicy fried

Keith Sutton

crawfish tails? One of the rites of spring is driving to crawfish farms and buying a cooler full of fresh crawfish. Or better yet, collecting your own wild stock in

the bottoms after a receding spring flood.

Serious drought the last two years knocked many of Arkansas’ commercial crawfish

Mudbug mayhem The melt-in-your-mouth goodness of a crawfish po’ boy is one of life’s simple pleasures.

operations out of business. However, being

Cocktail sauce

the top of the bread down on the bottom,

close enough to the commercial crawfish

3 tablespoons grated horseradish

compressing the sandwich a little. Serve at

capital, Louisiana, means enough of the

1½ teaspoons brown sugar

once with hot sauce and a cold beverage.

delectable crustaceans are available. And,

¼ teaspoon fresh lemon juice

Yield: four po’ boys.

frozen tails are in most grocery seafood sections.

The recipe is super simple and relies heavily on high-quality ingredients: fresh peeled crawfish tails, a homemade sauce and

¼ cup ketchup

Directions 1. If you’re making your own cocktail

really good bread with a crackling crust and

sauce, mix all the ingredients together in

soft interior. I like to use fresh-baked French

a bowl and chill in the refrigerator for 30

baguettes or small French sandwich rolls.

minutes. You don’t have to wait that long,

(Without good bread, a po’ boy is pretty po’.)

but the sauce will be better if it sits at least

I also fry the tails in peanut oil, which gives

that long, preferably longer.

the crawfish a unique flavor other cooking oils can’t match.

2. Pour enough peanut oil in a large skillet to come up about ¼ inch, and set

over medium-high heat until a bit of the

Ingredients Peanut oil for frying

cornmeal batter sizzles immediately when you drop some in. 3. Mix the cornmeal, flour and Tony

¾ cup fine yellow cornmeal

Chachere’s in a large bowl. Working with

1 tablespoon Tony Chachere’s Original

the egg/milk mixture, then in the cornmeal-

¾ cup flour

Creole Seasoning 1 pound peeled crawfish tails (if fresh crawfish are out of season, use frozen) 1 egg beaten in 1 cup milk 4 French sandwich rolls or 2 French baguettes Cocktail sauce, homemade (recipe below) or store bought ½ purple onion, thinly sliced Your favorite pickle slices

a few at a time, dredge the crawfish tails in flour mixture. Shake off any excess and fry until golden-brown on both sides, about 2 or 3 minutes total. Set the fried tails aside on paper towels to drain. 4. To assemble each sandwich, slice the baguettes or sandwich rolls lengthwise almost all the way through and smear

1. Pre-heat your grill for 15-20 minutes. A properly heated grill will sear foods on contact and improve flavor. 2. Use a long handled wire grill brush to clean the grill rack after pre-heating. Debris is removed easier when the rack is hot. 3. Prevent sticking by rubbing a vegetable oil soaked paper towel on your pre-heated grill rack with tongs. Never use cooking spray on your grill. 4. Use a chimney starter to start charcoal. It’s much easier.

cocktail sauce inside on both the top and bottom. Place a layer of purple onion on the bottom piece of bread, then a layer of pickles. Pile one-fourth of the crawfish on top. Press



Front Porch


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Tara Johnson



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Garden Home Design Summer berries One of life’s great pleasures

O by P. Allen Smith

One of the best parts of summer

is harvesting ripe, juicy berries from my garden. Waking up to fresh, hot blueberry muffins for breakfast, cooling off with strawberry

lemonade on the back porch or enjoying blackberry cobbler as a sweet after-dinner treat – what could be better?

Once established, strawberries

and blueberries are no-fuss easy to grow, and with just a little pruning, you can easily grow blackberries,

Berry good It’s hard to beat summer berries when it comes to a flavor-packed dessert, whether it’s a handful picked straight from the plant or used to make ice cream, muffins, jams and jellies, or pies and cobblers.

too. The hardest part is the planting.

It’s easy to find a place in most gardens for strawberries. They make a good ground cover, spreading by

the summer. When ordering different

halfway between the roots and where

varieties, pay attention to the

the leaves begin is just right.

amount of winter chill each requires,

When picking strawberries, leave

and plant another variety close by to

runners and rooting new plants as

the green caps on, and store them

they go. And we all have areas in our

unwashed in the refrigerator until

gardens where we need the help of

ready to use. Then remove the caps

late winter, in moist soil with plenty

ground covers. Better still, an edible

and rinse with water in a colander,

of humus or compost that’s on the

ground cover. I use them under my

and they’re ready to eat.

acidic side, adding mulch as needed

espaliered apple trees and Miss Big

Blueberries! They’re beautiful

increase your harvest. Plant blueberries in the fall or

to keep them moist through the

fig – a huge fig tree that was already

in the landscape with their white

warm season. To harvest them,

established on the farm.

to pinkish bell-shaped flowers and

“tickle” them with your fingertips

showy autumn colors of yellows,

from underneath the clusters. Only

June bearing, ever bearing and day

oranges and reds. There’s always a

the ripe ones will fall into your

neutral, as well as early, mid- and

place for them, even if you don’t

hand. Cool them, unwashed, as

late-season varieties. By mixing it up,

have room in your garden. There

soon as possible after picking. For

you can have a longer harvest season

are four main types of blueberries.

longer storage, freeze them on a

with plenty to go in the freezer for

The varieties best suited for Arkansas

plate or cookie sheet until frozen

use this winter. Just plant them in

are the southern high bush and the

individually, and then store them in

well-drained soil that’s fairly high

rabbit eye. And like strawberries,

a freezer container.

in organic matter and in a place

blueberries have three ripening

that gets sun most of the day. The

seasons – early, mid and late – so

favorite summer berries. If they make

important thing is to not plant

your harvest season can last most of

it to the kitchen, I love using them

There are three strawberry types:


them too deep or too shallow. About

Front Porch


arf b .com

The blackberry is one of my most

in cobblers. And I always make some

in ornamental areas, but they’re well

(you prune them out). And canes

blackberry jam, so I can enjoy my

worth finding a spot. Plant them in

from the present year will produce

grandmother’s recipe for Blackberry

a well-drained, slightly sandy soil

the fruit you’ll pick next year. Harvest

Jam Cake. Blackberries come in

where they’ll get sun. Mulch the soil

the berries in the cool of the morning

both thornless and thorny varieties.

to help control moisture. The canes

when they soften and lose their shine,

Blackberries need their own space in

from the previous year will bear the

and store them in the refrigerator or

the garden and aren’t easily planted

fruit you pick this year and then die

freeze them.


Speckled strawberry ice cream One of my favorite treats is to make ice cream from fresh-picked strawberries. This combination of strawberries and black pepper is a truly delicious blend of flavors. Blending the two in this recipe combines sweetness with mystery. When you taste it, I think you’ll agree.

Ingredients 1 quart fresh strawberries Juice of 1 orange 1 cup heavy cream ¾ cup superfine sugar 2 teaspoons freshly ground black pepper, or to taste

Directions Hull the strawberries, and combine them with orange juice in a food processor. Process to form a puree. Then add cream and sugar, and process until well mixed. Next, season the mixture with the pepper. If you taste the blend as you mix, keep in mind the flavor will be milder when frozen than it is at room temperature. Pulse the processor a few more times to thoroughly mix the pepper. Pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and freeze according to the manufacturer’s directions. Serve immediately, or pack in plastic containers for the freezer. Serves six to eight. This recipe is from P. Allen Smith’s Seasonal Ben Fink

Recipes From The Garden.

Speckled Strawberry Ice Cream

Front Porch


arf b .com


Land&People Advocating for agriculture The voice of agriculture is a whisper without everyone standing up together

C by Gregg Patterson

Cassie Davis wants to know why many

young people have become uninterested in involvement in community or organizational-based programs, much less leadership positions. The 30-year-old, mother of two who shares responsibilities with her husband, Scott, on their Prairie Grove dairy farm wants to be the exception. That’s why she applied to be a part of Arkansas Farm Bureau’s initial

No whispering allowed Dairy farmer Cassie Davis wants everybody talking when it comes to agriculture advocacy. She says, “We can no longer stay on our farms and hope everyone understands or expect common sense to guide those who are so removed from the farm.”

President’s Leadership Council. “I saw the leadership council as an

organizations to develop leaders that will

leadership comes from a willingness to

opportunity to grow. I’m rarely content

advocate for farmers and help them to

learn, change and grow,” she said. “Great

with just knowing what I know,” Davis

stand up together and tell their stories.”

leaders inspire faith in those who follow.

said. “I want to learn more, do more and

Davis likes to think her voice matters

see more. I also want to teach more. I

and it can make a difference, yet is

love to advocate for agriculture.”

realistic enough to know that in and

Davis believes agriculture needs

Without inspiration, the desire to stand up for a cause goes away. “Leadership begins when one person

of itself, that voice is small. However,

decides to be responsible for a group’s

advocates now more than ever and sees a

combine it with others like her, and her

interest. That leadership succeeds when

role for herself in making that happen.

role becomes bigger than herself.

that person is able to lead and follow

“In the past, there wasn’t a need to

“The voice of agriculture is a whisper

at the same time. The two go hand in

explain where food comes from or what

without everyone standing up together,”

it takes to get it to the table. Farmers

she said. “We can no longer stay on our

never really had to defend their practices

farms and hope everyone understands or

able hands with leaders like Cassie Davis.

or try to explain how much hard work

expect common sense to guide those that

She understands the need to fulfill her

goes into producing the things that

are so removed from the farm.”

role in telling that story and the need

people can’t live without,” she said.

Davis says she’s been surrounded by

hand.” Telling the agriculture story will be in

to give back to the way of life in which

“Farming isn’t something you do for the

leaders all her life, at school, at church,

money. You do it, because it’s in your

in the home. The best she says are the

blood. And when something is that close

ones who realize and understand that

What we give back helps define us as

to your heart, defending it is necessary.

their leadership is inextricably tied to

people,” she said. “We have seen success

Agriculture catches a lot of heat because

those who follow them.

and experienced failure. Giving back is

of practices that others may not understand. It’s important for agriculture


“Leadership is less about the leader and more about the followers. Good

Front Porch


arf b .com

she’s been so richly blessed. “Giving back is extremely important.

about sharing knowledge and the hope of those experiences.”



Agricultural Tour



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DoItYourself Be a worm farmer Be bait ready for summer’s piscatorial pleasures by Monte Burch


The ultimate bait for many fish species

is a big, fat, juicy worm. This is especially so for bluegills, sun perch, and rock bass, as well as trout, catfish and walleye — even bass. And worms make it easier for a novice angler to catch fish. You can build a wooden-box worm

farm easily. The first step is to cut the sides and ends to the right dimensions. Rip the pieces from 1 x 12” stock to the 9-inch width needed and cut to the proper lengths. Attach the end pieces between the sides using self-starting outdoor wood screws. Cut the bottom from ¾-inch stock, making sure it’s square, and fasten it to the inside of the sides and ends with selfstarting wood screws. Cut the lid sides and

Instant fish bait Building a worm box and raising worms is a project almost anyone can do. See a drawing of the worm box at drawing.pdf.

ends to dimension from the previously ripped 2½-inch stock. Fasten the lid sides

in a place where the temperature will stay

worm box is kept in a shady place. Keep

to the ends. Cut the lid top, making sure

between 60 to 70 degrees.

the bedding moist. Happy worms will

it is square and fasten in place. Cut the

Be careful during summer to protect

ventilation holes with a hole saw in an

your worms from heat. Make sure your

reproduce and keep you in bait throughout the year.

electric drill and staple screenwire in place over the holes. You can dig your own “starter” herd

Materials List

from your backyard or purchase worms. If

Sides, ¾ x 9 x 18”, two required

buying worms, English red wigglers are a

Ends, ¾ x 9 x 8½”, two required

good choice. Fill the container with good

Bottom, ¾ x 8½ x 16½”, one required

garden soil. Thoroughly mix in one cup of

Top lid sides, ¾ x 2½ x 19¾”, two required

dry dog food and sprinkle a quart of water

Top lid ends, ¾ x 2½ x 10¼”, two required

over the soil. Place 25 to 50 worms on top,

Top, ¾ x 11¾ x 19¾”, one required

dampen a couple of sheets of newspaper

Screenwire, 8 x 16”, one required

and place over the worms. Keep the box


Front Porch


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hunter: another word for conservationist Hunters do more to conserve habitat than any other group. And they have achieved great things for wildlife and wild places by supporting conservation organizations like Ducks Unlimited. With their support, Ducks Unlimited has conserved more than 12 million acres of habitat across the continent. Come share our vision of skies filled with waterfowl today, tomorrow, and forever. To find out more go to

Rural Reflections Photo Contest 2013

Can’t hear on the phone? Just read the captions!

$1,000 in prizes. Complete contest rules at:

Annual Charity Golf Tournament Benefitting Camp Aldersgate

Stone Links Golf Course / Sept. 16, 2013

Registration Fee: Four Man Teams; $65 per golfer or $250 per team $75 after registration deadline: September 9, 2013 Net proceeds benefit Camp Aldersgate. Tournament Chairs: Chuck Goodrich and Ben Barham For information & registration forms contact Gary Lanier 501-529-2244 or John Wayne Brown 501-749-9465

For more information: 800-981-4463 Front Porch


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Climbing the ladder of success Finding safe investments in precarious times

by Allyson Hamlin

W With today’s interest rates, it’s a

great time to borrow money. However, the low-yield financial environment

makes it harder than ever to find a safe place to save. If you’re wondering how

to make your money grow, consider the advantages of building an investment strategy known as a certificate of deposit (CD) ladder.

Similar to dollar-cost averaging, a

CD ladder offers consistent returns

Instead of stashing the full amount in

One of the perks in opening a

a single long-term CD, open a few CDs

Farm Bureau Bank CD is the built-in

with staggered terms.

flexibility of choosing the investment

over time. It’s a simple technique that provides maximum returns and some

amount with a wide range of terms to


meet your specific needs. CD terms can

liquidity. Typically, you can receive

• $10,000 into a three-year CD

be as short as three months and each

higher interest rates on a CD if you

• $5,000 into a two-year CD, and

account opened with as little as $1,000.

commit to leaving the money in the

• $5,000 in a 12-month CD

And when you open a Farm Bureau

bank for a longer period of time. CD laddering is a strategy that gives you

Bank CD, your funds are always FDICConsider each CD a rung on the

insured up to $250,000 per depositor.

the benefit of receiving the higher-

ladder that moves down every time

interest rates of longer term CDs yet

one account matures. When the term

– risk free? Stop wasting time, and

still provides some liquidity.

expires, the full amount in that account

open a Farm Bureau Bank Certificate

If a CD ladder seems like a smart

Are you ready to build your savings

is reinvested into another three-year CD.

of Deposit today. Did you know

strategy for your money, it’s easy to

The key to this scenario: Reinvest the

Farm Bureau Bank offers deposit rates

create. Determine how much money

money each year until the initial three-

higher than the national average?

you can invest in CDs and how

year CD matures, leaving you with three

Be sure to ask how you can earn and

frequently you want to access part of

high-yielding, three-year CDs maturing

save more with a Farm Bureau Bank

your money. For instance, let’s say

every single year. CD ladders can help

deposit account. Contact your local

you’re considering investing $20,000

ensure you have cash available at a

Farm Bureau agent to ask about Farm

in a Farm Bureau Bank CD to earn a

given time for a specific need and also

Bureau Bank’s current CD specials. Or

higher yield but don’t want to wait a

allow you to take advantage of interest

go to and start

long time to gain access to your funds.

rate increases over time.

maximizing your investment today.


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Arkansas Farm and Ranch Families Provide‌ Safe, affordable food


24% of Arkansas Jobs


75% of Wildlife Habitat

Meet Lacy Glover


Former Miss Arkansas and Spokesperson for the Arkansas Foundation for Agriculture

While Protecting the Environment


Foundation for Agriculture Front Porch


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InTheKitchen Spicy crawfish jambalaya A wonderful Creole taste bud buster


Keith Sutton

by Keith Sutton

When I was a youngster growing up in

eastern Arkansas, I must have caught tens of thousands of crawfish. I fished almost

Delta delicious Spicy Crawfish Jambalaya is a celebratory Creole concoction that looks and tastes happy.

every day back then and learned from the elder statesmen who taught me to fish

caught. Fresh crawfish always make the

ham or tasso (a spicy, smoked ham used

that crawfish were among the best baits

best jambalaya, but in a pinch, you can use

in Cajun cooking) can be substituted.

available for catching catfish, bass and

frozen tails from the seafood section of your

Jambalaya is easy to make over a campfire

other sportfish.

local supermarket.

or on your kitchen stove, and this recipe

My friends and I used a variety

of methods to gather these plentiful crustaceans, including homemade

baskets with long handles used to rake

the crawdads out of ditches, commercial

I use andouille sausage to give this

scrumptious Creole dish extra flavor, but


freezes well, too.



crawfish traps set in marshy areas, and

1 pound peeled crawfish tails

strips of bacon fished in ponds using a

4 tablespoons real butter

pole and line. In early summer, when

1 pound andouille sausage, cut in bite-sized

high waters subsided, we often caught

can be easily increased to feed a crowd. It

1. Season crawfish with half of the Tony Chachere’s and set aside.


2. On medium heat, melt butter in 4-quart cast-iron pot or skillet. Sauté sausage

crawfish simply by walking through

1 medium onion, chopped

until lightly browned. Drain and set aside.

damp woodlands along rivers and

½ cup celery, chopped

Add onions to skillet and continue to sauté

½ cup green bell pepper, chopped

celery, bell peppers and garlic, and sauté,

picking them up. The big red mudbugs took their pound of flesh from us in the process. There came a time when we realized we had been feeding the bait to the

½ cup red bell pepper, chopped

about 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Add

2 tablespoons minced garlic

stirring constantly, for 5 more minutes.

1 (15-oz.) can Rotel diced tomatoes & green chilies

3. Stir in the crawfish tails, Rotel, sausage and rice, and sauté for 5 more minutes.

wrong parties. Crawfish do, indeed, make

3 cups chicken or seafood stock

Slowly add the stock, then bay leaves, parsley,

excellent fish bait, but this is one bait the

2 bay leaves

Worcestershire sauce and the other half of

fisherman may prefer to save for his own

1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

the Tony Chachere’s. Mix well and bring to

dinner. We enjoyed many crawfish boils,

2 tablespoons Tony Chachere’s Original

a boil. Cover and reduce heat to low, and

and peeled leftover tails (when there were any) for use in dishes like etouffée, jambalaya, crawfish au gratin and fried crawfish po’boys (see pg. 14). My favorite was — still is — crawfish

Creole Seasoning, divided

simmer, without stirring, for about 25 to 30

½ cup fresh parsley, chopped


1 teaspoon Tabasco sauce

been absorbed, adjust the seasoning to taste,

2 cups raw Arkansas extra-long-grain rice

and add green onions. Cover and let rest for

5 green onions, chopped

4. Turn heat off when all of the liquid has

jambalaya, because it’s easy to prepare

10 minutes. Serve with a big salad, French

in a Dutch oven over a campfire right

bread and a beverage of your choise.

by the water where the crawfish are


Front Porch


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Black Jersey Giant, Silver Grey Dorking, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Faced Black Spanish, Dark Cornish, Silver Laced Wyandotte, Dark Brahma, New Hampshire, Buff Orpington.


Sebastapol, Saddleback Pomeranian, Giant Dewlap Toulouse, Buff Dewlap Toulouse


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10 lb. bag treats up to 4,000 sq.ft. $84.00. 50 lb. bag treats up to 20,000 sq.ft. $331.00.

FREE SHIPPING! Certified and approved for use by state agencies. State permit may be required. Registered with the Federal E.P.A. Order online today, or request free information.

Our 58th year

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Health&Safety Strike Out Stroke Health pitch SAVES lives Rick Washam


Tubocharged Kubota diesel engine

by Jennifer Victory

Strike out stroke Rev. William Robinson (left), Marica Griffith (second left) and Ticia Covington (second right) are all stroke survivors. They joined Dr. Nicholas Baseball fans enjoy gathering throughout Bianchi (center) director of the AR SAVES program and Dr. Steve Asemota the summer at Dickey Stephens Park to (right) of McGehee Hospital to help educate baseball fans attending an Arkansas watch the Travelers play. It’s always good Travelers game about the signs and symptoms of stroke detection and the need to food and fellowship with friends and family seek help immediately. in a beautiful setting. Earlier this season, a group from UAMS came for those reasons

“It’s very uncommon for a 25-year-

room at Arkansas Methodist Medical Center

and more. “Strike Out Stroke” night brought

old woman to have a stroke, so it’s

she, like Ticia, was evaluated and given

awareness to the need for stroke detection

important to bring awareness to the issue,”

t-PA. In a matter of minutes Marica’s speech

and the AR SAVES education program. The

Covington said. “Young people need to

returned and she began to regain movement

event also honored stroke survivors, who are

know the signs and symptoms of a stroke

on her right side. Marica believes giving back

doing their part to spread the word.

and the importance of seeking treatment

to other stroke survivors is crucial.

AR SAVES (Stroke Assistance through

immediately as much as anyone.”

“No one understands what it’s like unless

Virtual Emergency Services) is a UAMS-led

As Marica Griffith tried to hand a

you’ve experienced it. I’ve always been a

telemedicine program linking emergency

document to a co-worker, her right hand

people person and cared about others, so

room doctors at participating medical

started to shake. When her entire arm went

mentoring other patients and speaking to

facilities to specially trained neurologists via

numb, she knew something was seriously

groups about stroke education is just natural

live, two-way video.

wrong. When she arrived at the emergency

to me,” Griffith said.

For Marica Griffith and Ticia

In the U.S., an estimated 800,000

Covington, bringing awareness to the AR SAVES program and educating about stroke symptoms is a very important part of their lives. At 25, only five days into her teaching career, Ticia suffered a stroke. She was rushed to White County Medical Center in Searcy, where she was seen by a neurologist through the AR SAVES network. The physician determined she was a candidate for tissue plasminogen activator (t-PA), a powerful blood thinner, which was administered immediately. She began to improve within the hour and was able to go home with a walker in only five days. Ticia feels it’s important to

people will have a stroke this year.

Know the sudden signs of stroke with


Face arm Speech Time Call 911

Facial droop or uneven smile

stroke warning signs or risk factors. For this reason, Dr. Nicolas Bianchi, director of the AR SAVES program, believes the education and outreach components are what make the AR SAVES program so significant and

Arm Numbness or Arm Weakness

unique. “These are the key parts,” Dr. Bianchi said. “We want to make sure

Slurred speech, difficulty speaking or understanding

everyone knows how to identify

and get to the hospital immediately

stroke, so that they’re able to achieve

the signs of a stroke, as well as what facility is best equipped to treat a the best outcome possible.” For more information and to find

share her story because many don’t

the AR SAVES facility closest to you,

understand that a stroke can happen

#%.4%2 &/2 $)34!.#% (%!,4(

to someone so young.


However, most people can’t identify

Front Porch


arf b .com

please visit


It takes groundbreaking technology to be the best at groundbreaking. 9700 Hwy 5 North Exit 126 in Alexander 501-847-9043 702 Weir Road Exit 83 in Russellville 479-968-3795 Family owned and hometown friendly since 1976 Front Porch


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REG. PRICE $24.99

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$ 99

LOT NO. 98085/ 69644/69890/60498


LOT NO. 95588/ 69462/60561

Item 95588 shown

REG. PRICE $54.99


Item 69644 shown


SAVE 66%


LIMIT 5 - Good at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.



REG. PRICE $79.99



LIMIT 1 - Save 20% on any one item purchased at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. *Cannot be used with other discount, coupon, gift cards, Inside Track Club membership, extended service plans or on any of the following: compressors, generators, tool storage or carts, welders, floor jacks, Towable Ride-On Trencher (Item 65162), open box items, in-store event or parking lot sale items. Not valid on prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase date with original receipt. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.

LOT NO. 95275/ 60637/69486

LIMIT 3 - Good at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.


LIMIT 5 - Good at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.



2900 LB. CAPACITY LOT NO. 68784/69387 WEIGHS 306 LBS. HIGH GLOSS FINISH! Item 68784 shown


SAVE $80


LIMIT 3 - Good at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.

LOT NO. 68169/67616/60495

SAVE 50%


ITEM 65020/69052/69111

REG. PRICE $6.99

LIMIT 1 - Cannot be used with other discount, coupon or prior purchase. Coupon good at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. Offer good while supplies last. Shipping & Handling charges may apply if not picked up in-store. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.




Item 65020 shown













LOT NO. 68333/69488


REG. PRICE $129.99

LIMIT 3 - Good at our stores, or by calling 800-423-2567. Cannot be used with other discount or coupon or prior purchases after 30 days from original purchase with original receipt. Offer good while supplies last. Non-transferable. Original coupon must be presented. Valid through 10/20/13. Limit one coupon per customer per day.


Fort Smith


Little Rock

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