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-Final Design -Addressing Entrance @ Corner Courtney & Howard Streets -Maximum Yield on Site -Proposal 2 (Mid-Sem Rework) -Proposal 1 (Mid -Sem Rework) -Mid Semester Proposal -Gym -24 X 70sqm 1-Bedroom Units -14 X Carparks -12 X 45sqm 1-Bedroom Units

Folio 3187401 Arfann Ali Design Studio 7

Final Design

Countour Study, Existing and New Buildings Integrated into the Context

Basement Plan

Ground Level Plan

First Level Plan

Second Level Plan

Physical Model

Addressing the Entrance along Courtney Street

Different Proposals for the Entrance

Maximum Yield on Site Inital Sketches on Units, maximum space on minimum footprint

Final outcome on space massing

Ground Floor Plan

2 X 70sqm Units + 1 X 45sqm Unit Per Module

Physical Model

Upper Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

Mid-semester Proposal 1

Basement Plan

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Mid-semester Proposal 2

Ground Floor Plan

Lower Ground Floor Plan

Real Tennis Court

Mid-Semester Proposal 2 Physical Model

Mid-Semester Proposal

45 sqm 1-Bed Units

Ground Floor Plan 70 sqm Units Milk bar & Gym Carparks 45 sqm Units

Ground Floor Plan

70 sqm 1-Bed Units

First Floor Plan

Ground Floor Plan

First & Seventh Floor Plan

Second & Fifth Floor Plan

Third & Sixth Floor Plan

Fourth & Eighth Floor Plan

StJohns Place Elevation

Chetwynd Street


Basement Plan


BasementPlan Scale 1:200

Ground Floor Plan Scale 1:200

24 X 1 Bedroom units 70sqm

12 X 1 Bedroom units 45sqm

Ground Floor Plan Scale 1:200

First Floor Plan Scale 1:200

14 X Carparks

Mixed Use  

Mixed Use design studio, March 2009 - June 2009, Mixed commercial and residential development.

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