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Tehran, Iran, fall 2013 until winter 2015, Bonyad Sazeh Design Group In almost two years we produced more than 3000 renders. The client was one of the biggest holdings in Iran, they wanted to renovate their 50 years old building without any huge changes, just the furniture, and the finishing. The most challenging part of this project was about to get approved of client because the client was a team of more than ten executive managers of the holding, they just wanted to see realistic renders and always someone was disagreeing, finally we found feng shui as our solution, they could not say “I don’t like this color or....” because the Feng shui knows it better! we put the building in the Feng shui BAGUA and it told us about colors, textures, planets, furniture and... My role: as a member of interior design team, I worked on preparing 3D pictures and presentation documents, as well as plans,... in the same time I should work with the different material and furniture companies. using: AutoCAD,3Ds MAX, Photoshop and power point

Lounge _ East

Lounge and Meeting Room _ East

Secretairy Room _ East

Meeting Room _ West

Director _ West

Restaurant and Lounge _ Wast

President Meeting Room _ Soutwest

Executive General Management Office _ East

General Manager _ East

Executive General Management Office _ North

President Meeting Room_ North

Executive General Management Office _ South

Executive General Management Office _ West

Meeting Room _ East

General Manager _ East

Technical Offices _ East

Bonyad interior design  
Bonyad interior design