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Written by Kristin Humphrey


t’s great to be at Curves! How may I help you?” We’ve all done it—called our local gym or fitness center to get some information about what machines or classes they offer, and maybe check out the price—but were you greeted by someone who sounded like they were having a good day? Or even a great day? At Curves in Willis, every day is a great day. Friendly coaching staff, an upbeat environment, and lively music make this

spot one of the most popular places for women to workout. You are probably thinking, “Well, I’m too afraid of what people might think” or “I won’t know how to use any of the equipment.” Never fear, Willis Curves has coaches who will show you how to use the machines properly, explain what muscle groups you are working, and motivate you to push hard on each machine. The format of the Curves workout is a circuit. According to Curves International, circuit training is a form of training alternating high intensity strength training

movements with periods of recovery or light aerobic movements. This allows participants to combine strength training and cardiovascular exercise in one efficient and effective exercise session. Both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems will be active during circuit training. All the machines are hydraulic—meaning the more resistance you build up, the more challenging the workout, allowing you to push yourself and work at your own pace. Members alternate between machines and recovery boards working muscles within the range of arms, mid section, and legs.

28  Postcards Magazine: Montgomery County Edition  |  December 2012 – January 2013

Curves owner Tish Humphrey believes workouts should be fun!

Postcards Magazine: Montgomery County Edition, Dec-Jan  

This is the December 2012-January 2013 issue of Postcards Magazine: Montgomery County Edition

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