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Hello, Summer Vacation WO R DS A ND P H OTO G R A P H Y : A MA N DA S I LV E R MA N KO S IO R

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Four-year-old Amanda Silverman Kosior (center) poses with family friends Leonora Gershman (left) and Emily Kushner (right) as they wait for treats at Dairy Queen in northern Grand Forks, 1984.


ummertime is nearly upon us, and so my husband and I have been spending our free time ensuring our children have none of it. Between baseball, science camp, goalie camp, theater, fishing, swimming and golf, if we want our boys to have the same carefree days of our own youth…well, they have a few select hours between sun-up and the time when the streetlights come on to cram in any lighthearted breeziness.



This overscheduling is due, in part, to the fact that everything is so much “more” now than when I was a kid. Growing up in Grand Forks, the bulk of my summertime memories involved riding my bike and tanning at the public pool — because there was basically nothing else to do. Sure, my little sister and I would pick up the odd job here and there and when we got older we’d spend a few weeks at sleepaway camp, but the moment school ended, so did every other structured activity in town. In fact, the only items on our to-do lists were mealtimes, meaning (just like every other kid in the neighborhood), we’d head out into the sunshine and blue skies just after breakfast and come back when the sandwich bread was being buttered for lunch. If I ever got bored of this untethered, unbounded play, my mother would hand me the tub of powdered Minute Maid and tell me to set up a lemonade stand. One summer we had six lemonade stands.