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dating your spouse: five ways to save money while finishing entire sentences (WHAT?)


n hourly occurrence at our house is that either my husband or I will begin telling a story, something that we really want to tell the other person, and just as the plot of our story thickens, we are interrupted. “Moooommm!” Typically it sounds as though the sky is falling when really it’s just a pesky fly that needs swatting or a toothbrush that needs finding. Nonetheless, our conversation is stalled, the excitement of the story has waned, and we sigh: “I’ll try to remember to tell you at nine tonight.” Like we ever remember at 9 p.m. 56

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This reality is why dating your spouse is an absolute must. So you can laugh together like you did in the days before mortgages and medical bills. So you can sit quietly together, maybe not even saying much but simply enjoying the calm. So that you can tell your exciting stories with all the day’s plot twists without interruption (or with the only interruption being the server coming to refill your Diet Coke or bring you a meal that you didn’t have to cook and you won’t have to clean up). Nearly a decade ago, in the midst of some struggles with post-partum depression, a physician actually “prescribed” regular date nights to Paul and I. We heeded and made a habit of regular date nights for a long time. But as you know, the calendar and the checkbook often make dating difficult. When the bills need to be paid, date night seems like an easy thing to cut, and a free evening in our family of six is becoming a rarity. Yet we know that we owe it to one another and to our kids to make date nights a priority. Here are five ways

we’ve kept our dates regular yet affordable over the years.


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