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ister Agatha Lucey fondly recalls her mother’s observation, “If the Lord calls you, you obey.” Agatha Lucey was born to Patrick and Margaret Lucey on February 5, 1930. She was raised in Killarney, Co. Kerry, Ireland, the youngest of eight children. She received her early education with the Presentation Sisters in Crosshaven, Co. Cork, Ireland. In November of 1947, together with her twin sister, Deborah, and several other Sisters from the “Old Country,” she made the voyage to America. Sister Agatha shared, “The Presentation Sisters Foundress, Nano Nagle encouraged us to educate and change the lives of others outside in the community, not behind walls.” Making her profession of vows in 1950, Sister Agatha feels empowered to emulate Nano Nagle’s commitment to serve in Christ’s name. “Serving the Lord is my life’s focus and gives me great joy!” Riverview Place was developed by the Presentation Sisters to meet an area need for residential accommodations for active seniors. March 1, 1987 was Dedication Day for this new venture, providing pleasant and secure housing for people 55 and older. In 2012, Riverview celebrates 25 years. In 1996 the Presentation Sisters and eleven other congregations of religious women consolidated their assets to create a new organization called Catholic Health Initiatives. This is the



organization sponsoring Riverview Place yet today. Sisters: Agatha, Mary Beauclair and Josephine Brennan have continued to be a vital part of Riverview Place through their individual service and presence within the community. These three lively women have devoted their lives to serving Riverview Place. “We are a team,” Sister Agatha reports. “We live together in an apartment on the campus.” Sister Mary has a green thumb. The courtyards and flowerbeds are maintained under her vigilant eye and the winter greenhouse thrives with vibrant colors. Sister Josephine works in food service, ensuring residents and guests always feel well nourished and loved. All three Sisters agree, Riverview Place is not merely or essentially a building and it certainly isn’t a museum to what has been. It is a living organism and as a living thing, continues to grow and change. In May, a new enhanced living section named Crosshaven opened in Riverview Place. Already fully occupied, Crosshaven provides an accommodating environment for those needing physical and cognitive supportive care 24-hours a day. Residents share meals in a family setting around big tables. Organized activities provide socializing opportunities and a cup of coffee is always available. People concur that their lives are enriched by the Riverview Place experience. A resident shared, “The Sisters who live here

Area Woman August/September 2012  

Sophisticated. Intelligent. Informed.

Area Woman August/September 2012  

Sophisticated. Intelligent. Informed.