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Vi rt ual m e di c al exams

I love this challenge for a few reasons: It fires up their creativity; It gets them moving while searching for the subject; It can squash the late summer “I’m bored” drones; And bonus, you get to capture life from their perspective. Listed here are the photo challenge prompts. You can snip this out and hang it on the fridge, or grab a notepad and make your own. That way you have the freedom to personalize it to gender, interest and age appropriateness. The kids do the rest. Obviously, this is a just-for-fun project. Nothing needs to be perfect. There will be a lot of finger-in-thelens shots and potentially a thousand selfies. At the end of the month, you just might find a slew of pictures to print and make into another project for the winter months. I’m thinking a scrapbook for my children of their summer photo challenge.

Sanford Health + Tyto Care Get care wherever you are with virtual medical exams. This next level video visit puts the exam tools in your hands, allowing a Sanford Health provider to get accurate results in real time. Receive a diagnosis and treatment plan for minor illnesses, including: • Ear pain

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• Cough

• Bug bites

• Cold and flu

• Rashes

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For zero dollars, use a digital camera/phone camera you have and just make a photo album of the project on Facebook. No new camera and no printing cost. Tag @areawomanmagazine if you do that, because we’d love to see your kids’ creations! [ aw ]

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