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words and photography by CORI JENSEN

p h oto c h a l l en g e fo r k i ds

they’ll document their FAVO R I T E S U M M E R T H I N G S

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s it time to get the kids back in school yet? Almost there. Let’s finish strong with a fun project for kids: pictures. Before you shake me off because your kids won’t sit still for another picture, there is a twist. Let them take the shots.

To ride out the rest of the “get your hind ends outside” months, I decided to create a photo challenge for my kids. You can start this on the first of the month, or any time you want to as your “day one.” Use whatever camera you feel comfortable letting the littles get their hands on. I would recommend a budget friendly kids’ camera, a cheap point-and-shoot, a cell phone or one of those fun small Polaroids that are so popular. Maybe don’t let them get handsy with Mommy’s “fancy” camera — but I’m not the boss here so you do you, parents!

30 day

kids photo challenge 1 you 2 something green 3 summer food 4 wet 5 a friendly person 6 playset 7 flowers 8 a pet 9 someone you love 10 breakfast 11 sunny 12 upside down 13 build something 14 music 15 five things

16 silly toy 17 your drawing 18 selfie 19 the letter “A” 20 backpack 21 my room 22 a bug 23 patterns 24 from up high 25 cold treat 26 what I see out a window 27 something stinky 28 favorite stuffed animal 29 a picture of a picture of you 30 shadow

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