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back to school H

ow does summer always go by so quickly? Back to school is always a little bittersweet for me. I want my girls to continue growing and learning, but I also do not want them to get any bigger. We have had such an amazing summer filled with dirty feet, late nights, park dates, back yard fires and endless time as a family. I will absolutely cherish the memories we have made this summer.

This year I have a first grader and a last-year preschooler. I cannot believe that my middle daughter is going into her last year of preschool. I am just amazed at how quickly that time has passed by. Since my older daughter started Kindergarten, I learned a thing or two about the back-to-school items that I needed. Last year I totally missed the bus on having two sets sneakers: one for inside 30

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and one for outside. I sent her with mostly all of the wrong school supplies and most of it got sent home. I found out quickly that teachers do not want you to go off “the list.� So, here are my tips and tricks for mastering the back to school season. I recommend investing in a good pair of jeans for your kids. They can wear jeans day after day and they wash up well. Jeans are also very durable if you can get your kids to wear them. I know not all kids like jeans, but the fabric is just made for lots of uses. I cannot tell you how many pairs of leggings we burn through in our house with three girls. I find leggings to be a great substitute for tights but not something to invest in. For boys, athletic pants seem to hold up relatively well, but even still, it is hard to beat jeans. Our girls like to show some personality in their footwear, but make sure to invest in a good pair of sneakers they can wear day in and out. I always seem to gravitate to darker colors. They stay cleaner