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Behind the doors next to the refrigerator hides a walk-in pantry with a freezer and butcher block countertops.


hen asked at which stage of the process their clients have the biggest smile, the team at Epic Homes doesn’t have to think about their answer. “Move-in day is always special,” responds Parker Pladson. “It is often the first time our clients get to make the house their home. Their memories will start at that moment, and are shared with family members, pets, friends and everyone that will step foot in their home.” However, getting to move-in day doesn’t happen overnight, so let’s start at the beginning. “Seeing our clients’ dreams with them is one of the first and most important parts of what we do,” says Tom Seifert. “While it may sound silly to see another’s dream, it is crucial for us to fully understand the big picture. Most clients we meet with have an idea of what they want their finished home to feel like. They can see their family on Christmas morning, birthday parties, movie nights or get-togethers, and there is an emotional connection to how that space looks and feels.”

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