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only because he forgot his wallet (this may be my husband, sorry Luke) but because you just want to. Leaving you see a Jennifer Aniston look alike, who asks you want you want. You stop to introduce yourself and acknowledge her beauty. After chatting, you come to find out you two are merely neighbors and plan to set up a play date next weekend. What clothing choice would you make now because of your mood? My point is our mood affects us, those around us, and our overall reflection of how we chose to present ourselves to the world. How we feel on the inside impacts the outside. We will not dive deep into my history, but I have been through some things, as we all have. And I have noticed that I wear more color now that I probably ever have. Purely unintentional, but I attribute that to where I am at in my life and my level of happiness. I know color is not for everyone, and that’s fine. I am saying this because I am confident in who I am, and confident in wearing and trying new things. And many of those things I have come to love (helloooo mom jeans — swore up and down I’d never wear them, and here I am). I challenge you over the course of the next month to be mindful and see how your mood affects your clothing.

Mantra for the month:

Feel good, do good, look good.

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