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treatment provided to all kids in all locations. Last fall, Hemmer became vice president of clinical services for the entire organization. One of her primary efforts in this role has been streamlining the treatment plan for each individual — uniting each child’s nursing, therapy and educational staff, as well as the family, to be a SOMEONE DONATED PANTS professional, integrated team. She cares deeply about giving clients a voice as AND A SHIRT TO THE THRIFT part of their treatment plan. “The family STORE FOR THIS. SOMEONE is wondering, ‘Who is going to value my voice?’ These families have heard a hunWROTE OUT A CHECK FOR $20, dred different voices about what they EVEN IF THEY DIDN’T HAVE ‘should’ be doing. We say to them, ‘Tell us what you’ve been through…I bet it’s MUCH MONEY. SOMEONE been exhausting.’”





aving been with the Ranch her entire career, Hemmer has lived faithfully by her mantra of “making things happen,” readily walking through every door the organization has opened to her and trusting that God has been the one leading her steps. Early on she discovered that God had given her a love for mental health and a deep passion for serving those in dire need. Wanting to be an advocate for teens battling mental health struggles and a knowledgeable resource for families, Hemmer pursued a master’s degree in counseling and then spent years earning her license as a professional clinical counselor. She laughs at those years, remembering the craziness of full-time grad school, working full time, getting married, buying their first house, and having their first child, Meghan. Shortly after Hemmer finished her master’s in counseling, in their best attempt to keep up the craziness, they welcomed their second baby, Zachary, and Jason went back to school to earn his mechanical engineering degree at NDSU (while also working). Jason has worked for Trane for 19 years, where he is now a project engineer. A few years after becoming a counselor, Hemmer was promoted to a position in operations and human resources. Desiring to more strategically blend the organization’s love for kids with the most effective business tactics for maximum impact, Hemmer decide to pursue her second master’s degree. Soon after acquiring her master’s of business administration degree, Hemmer moved into the position of clinical director, overseeing all


Another emphasis in her new role is the integration of trauma-informed care — one of Hemmer’s passions — into all areas of practice. Specializing in sensory-based trauma care, Hemmer helps students recreate sights, sounds and smells related to their past trauma, enabling them to work through the trauma of their past. Much of this trauma is sexual and physical abuse, as well as neglect and abandonment, usually requiring 14–18 sessions of hard work for the youth. Staff members also receive training to cope with the vicarious trauma that they experience as counselors. “We laugh a lot. We have too, because so often it’s either laugh or cry. We believe in humor here.” Hemmer also oversees suicide assessment, which involves talking to kids in a loving, direct, straightforward way to determine their risk for self-harm. Because kids are her first love, Hemmer has kept one-on-one therapy a priority in each role she’s filled. A short walk through the girls’ dorm area quickly reveals her tremendous rapport with and genuine love for each student. She knows their names, their stories and their hearts, and it’s clear the children there know she is for them.

Area Woman Magazine – Fargo, ND  

August.September 2016 – Area Woman is the first known, free-released, women's interest magazine in the country.

Area Woman Magazine – Fargo, ND  

August.September 2016 – Area Woman is the first known, free-released, women's interest magazine in the country.