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The outdoor classroom is the center of CMPBS life.

Fall 2016 Our fall collection was photographed at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, a non-profit research laboratory for sustainable architecture founded in 1975 outside of Austin, Texas.

Solar 1.

The Candy Dish balanced on citrus fruits in the Bunker.

The Radial Vessel Vase in the Greenhouse, with wildflowers found on site.

Harry Allen’s Candy Dish on the table inside the Airstream.

The Ultramarine Pig in the Glass Factory.

The Greenhouse doubles as the laundry drying room.

Color Puzzle on the Flat-top.

The Reality collection in the Bunker, built by architecture students as summer living quarters.

The large Concrete Tape Dispenser in the West Wing.

Stone Fruit Bowls and the Radial Vase on the floor in Solar 2.

Standing Pens in Stump Village.

We placed our products among the architectural experiments underway at the Center, some active workspaces and others long unoccupied. The daily human activity at the site conveyed a strong sense of life, transforming any space, no matter how finished or how wild, Â into one of industry, community, and leisure.

Setting the table in Solar 2 with the Fall 2016 Collection.

The lofted architecture office at Greenforms.

CMPBS on-site structures.

Radial Planter downst

The Liquid Body Flask outside the Bunker.

tairs at Greenforms.

Blockitecture Factory on the table in the West Wing.

Dymaxion Globe among models in the West Wing.

The Solar 2 sunroom.

At Areaware, we stress the importance of place—the human tendency to create environments according to our values, experiences, and circumstances. We hope our products find their way into your home, lending as much energy and vitality to you as CMPBS lent to us.

Bunker kitchen.

A green St the Flat-to

tanding Pen on op.

The indoor classroom.

The Eraser Pencil Stand in Greenforms.

Good Luck Charms in the Greenhouse.

Dymaxion Folding Globe in the outdoor classroom.

The West Wing, CMPBS HQ.

Areaware Fall 2016  
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