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designed by Gahee Kang Ikebana Ring A sterling silver ring that holds a small bouquet of wildflowers. Insert a flower stem and wind it around the ring to create your own arrangement. Designed by Gahee Kang for whatnot, a class at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Available in small, medium and large.

Contour Key Ring

designed by Karl Zahn

The Contour Key Ring is a shaped brass keyring that closes and opens neatly with a screw clasp. Our extra-large version can function as an oversized key chain and is large enough to hold other miscellaneous items. Hang it on a wall, wear it around your wrist, or clip it to your belt. The extra-large and black-plated styles are new for Spring 2017.

Snake Blocks Twist and turn colorful blocks to create serpentine shapes and geometric patterns. Snake Blocks are composed of 24 wooden triangles with an elastic band throughout. Available in small and large.

designed by Clara von Zweigbergk

designed by Bower Table Tiles Concrete Trivet A concrete table trivet that uses geometry and 3D illusion. Use as a singular piece or combine a few to form a mosaic surface on your tabletop. Fits a kettle or saucepan. Combine several trivets to fit casserole-sized dishes. Hand wash. Not microwave or oven safe. Available in black, white, and natural concrete.

Number 2 is an elephant poop matching game, designed by Rachel Domm and Mary Voorhees Meehan. Test your memory. Mix up the cards and lay them in rows, face down. Enjoy the toilet paper texture. Take turns flipping the cards over, two at a time. Turn over the most pairs of matching cards to win.

designed by Rachel Domm and Mary Voorhees Meehan

Number 2

Prism Magnifier 120mm

designed by Daniel Martinez

This extra large desk magnifier is made from glass crystal and renders image and text at 1.5x the actual size. If sunlight is captured at the correct angle, the Prism will cascade a rainbow on your desk. The magnifier was designed by Daniel Martinez for the class Small Things Matter, a collaboration between Areaware and Parsons The New School for Design.

designed by Parsons & Charlesworth Rule of Thirds Finder This pocket sized gazing device is based on the Rule of Thirds, which breaks an image into nine equal parts using two equidistant vertical lines and two equidistant horizontal lines. This ratio is often used by artists to create compelling compositions. It encourages artists to avoid placing the subject of their image in the center. Use the Rule Of Thirds Finder to help capture visual tension in your compositions. Available in clear, green and orange.

featuring Mirrors by KangHee Kim

Puzzle in Puzzle Mirror Series This is a puzzle within a puzzle, featuring imagery by photographer KangHee Kim. In her images, mirrors are used to interrupt a scene, adding mystery to an ordinary situation. We’ve designed a custom puzzle shape to highlight the image-within-an-image, creating two different puzzles that can be completed separately or together. Available in Brick and Marble styles.

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Ikebana Ring

Contour Key Rings, Black

Contour Key Ring, Extra-Large

designer: Gahee Kang

designer: Karl Zahn material: Brass with Black Plating dimensions: Drop: 4”x3” Bend: 4”x2” Bell: 4”x4”

designer: Karl Zahn material: Brass, Brass with Black Plating dimensions: 3.25” x 7.25” x 0.2”

material: 925 Sterling Silver dimensions: Small: 0.66” x 0.51” x 0.86” Medium: 0.75” x 0.51” x 0.97” Large: 0.86” x 0.51” x 1.06” GKSRS: Small


GKSRM: Medium


GKSRL: Large

KZKRLPT: Petal, Brass KZKRLPTBL: Petal, Black

Number 2

Prism Magnifier 120mm

Puzzle In Puzzle

designer: Rachel Domm and Mary Voorhees Meehan material: Layered Paper dimensions: 3” x 3” x 0.05”

designer: Daniel Martinez material: K9 Crystal Glass dimensions: 4.06” x 3.44” 2.26”

a collaboration with VSCO featuring Mirrors by KangHee Kim material: Glossy Art Paper over 2mm Chipboard dimensions: 17.5” x 26.25”


DMPRL: Crystal

KKPPBR: Brick KKPPMA: Marble

Rule of Thirds Finder

Snake Blocks

Table Tiles Concrete Trivet

designer: Parsons & Charlesworth

designer: Clara von Zweigbergk material: Painted Wood, Elastic dimensions: Large: 34.8” x 1.97” x 1.39” Small: 16.25” x 1.09” x 0.78”

designer: Bower

material: Laser Etched Acrylic dimensions: 3.1” x 3.1” x 0.11” PCRTFC: Green PCRTFG: Orange PCRTFO: Clear


material: Concrete, Cork dimensions: 6.98” x 8.06” x 0.5” BOTT3B: Black BOTT3W: White BOTT3G: Gray

Areaware Spring 2017  
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