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Day Pendant (white enamel with green nylon cord)

One of our earliest products was a wearable musical pendant, launched in the late 1980’s, before we were known as Areaware. It was made from a silver chiming sphere, discovered by Areaware co-founders Lisa Yashon and Noel Wiggins in the markets of Taxco, Mexico, a mountainside silver-working town.   In 2016, Areaware reintroduces the chiming sphere as Harmonyware, a line of jewelry newly designed by Michael Savona. Harmonyware is made in the original chiming sphere workshop in Taxco, Mexico.

Night Pendant (black enamel with navy cord)

Red Heart Bolo

Earth Pendant (metallic green enamel with yellow cord)

Moon Pendant (silver-plated with gray nylon cord)

Turquoise Heart Bolo

Sun Pendant (gold-plated with tawny cord)

Harmonyware Details designer: Michael Savona material: Silver-plated Brass, Gold-plated Brass, Enameled Brass, Leather Cording, Nylon Cording dimensions: Sun/Moon/Day .79” x .79” x 1.43” Night/Earth 1.02” x 1.02” x 1.67” Bolos 1.16” x 1.16” x .85” Pendant Cord Length: 35”, hangs 15” from knot Bolo Cord Length: 39”, adjustable height HW20G: Sun Pendant HW20S: Moon Pendant HW20W: Day Pendant HW26BK: Night Pendant HW26GR: Earth Pendant HWHB: Love Bolo Turquoise HWHR: Love Bolo Red


Introducing Harmonyware designed by Michael Savona for Areaware.

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