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Area Residential Care’s Quarterly Newsletter

Winter 2014

McCoy Jewelers $40K for 40 Years Giveaway Throughout 2013, McCoy Jewelers celebrated their 40th anniversary in a very interesting and philanthropic way. As a way to give back to the community that has supported them all these years, McCoy Jewelers held monthly competitions between local non-profit organizations, giving away a total of $40,000 in jewelry to the winners. Each month, two non-profits were challenged to receive the most votes on McCoy’s Facebook page, the winner receiving a beautifully designed ring to use in that organization’s fundraising efforts. Area Residential Care was one of the organizations chosen to compete in September, and though the contest was hard fought, we narrowly lost out.

ring. It’ll be more than just a stunning piece of jewelry. McCoy Jewelers will have the ring available for bid over the next few months. Once the reserve is met, the highest bidder takes home the ring and Area Residential Care gets funds to support their mission.

Fortunately, McCoy offered the organizations that failed to win throughout the year, a second chance. In November, they pitted them all against each other, competing for another high-value ring. You probably received many pleas from us in your email inbox and your Facebook news feed, begging you to vote daily. All your votes paid off, because Area Residential Care crushed the competition and won the ring! Looking for a special gift for that special someone? Get them a gift that will not only be a symbol of how much you care about them, but of how much you care about your community by going to McCoy Jewelers and buying that

Neil Potter, McCoy Jewelers, presents the ring to Tom Puls, Jon Romaine, Denise Kalmes and Bev Kedley

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Have A Nice Weekend, Jon Jon Romaine, Executive Director

Last Friday I heard that phrase “Have a nice weekend, Jon.” from the same lady who has said it to me just about every Friday that she has seen me for the last 15 years or so. I, of course, responded in the same way I have for just about all of those 15 years, saying “Thanks, Jane, you too.” What occurred to me as I headed past her out the door and into my vehicle to drive home was that I was being way too dismissive of Jane and her efforts to talk to me. I, who have been involved in organizations that help people with disabilities for most of my adult life, was telling Jane by my words, my tone of voice, my way too brief eye contact, and my ever so slight pause on my way out the door that I wasn’t interested in conversing with her any further.

out the door. Jane’s waiting for her ride. I’ll see her again next week. We don’t have a lot in common to talk about and I’ll probably have to do most of the talking. So it’s OK if I just give her that polite response and keep moving, right? On the drive home that day, I think it finally dawned on me that it is not right; and that I, of all people at ARC, need to be aware of that and act on it. For 15 years from me, and probably for more of her life than I care to think about from all kinds of other people, Jane has been hearing that response that implies “Sorry, I don’t have quite enough time for what you want to say;” and yet Jane’s response to me/us is to try again next week with a smile. Makes me wonder who has been trying to help who over these last 15 years or so. Next Friday I am hoping that I stop when Jane says “Have a nice weekend, Jon.” Stop in front of her and ask her a question or two so that we both feel like we have conversed a little bit. Know any Jane’s in your life?

How many times had I done that same thing to her over the past 15 years? Sure, it’s easy to justify. I’m heading

Fill Our Homes Annual Appeal Throughout the community, perhaps in your own neighborhood, Area Residential Care provides safe and empowering homes for people with disabilities. These community living homes give people the assistance and support they need to achieve their highest quality of life. In this way, these homes are not so different than yours. At the center of these homes is the dining room table. Like many homes, this is where the people we serve gather to eat, talk about their day, and play games. It’s where a lot of living takes place. As you can imagine, all that living takes its toll on the dining room table and other furniture. This year, Area Residential Care is focusing our annual appeal on replacing badly damaged dining room tables, chairs, and other furniture throughout all the homes, and making sure that each of them are more than a house, but a home. Thank you, and have a happy new year!

Please consider a donation to our Fill Our Homes annual appeal this year. All donations are tax deductible. You can donate online at, by mail at: Area Residential Care 3355 Kennedy Circle Dubuque, IA 52002

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Dubuque Area Baconfest II October 2, 2014! Save the date! Who’s getting married? Your taste buds and their delicious soulmate, BACON!

Dubuque Area

After last year’s Dubuque Area Baconfest was such a huge success, we’re bringing it back! And this year’s event promises to be even bigger. We’ll have more news as plans unfurl, so keep reading Accolades and follow us on Facebook for all the latest on this and other events we have planned.

Baconfest A Fundraiser for Area Residential Care

DRA Grant Adds Accessibility to Area Residential Care Main Building

Area Residential Care moved into a new facility that was designed and compliant with all ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) guidelines. Throughout the last two years, the agency identified two entrances, that although ADA compliant, did not provide enough accessibility for the people with intellectual disabilities served in the Dubuque location of 3355 Kennedy Circle. With the help of a $5,000 grant provided by the Dubuque DRA/Mystique Casino, Area Residential Care was able to widen the main consumer entrance and the consumer break room entrance. By widening these heavily trafficked entrances, larger motorized wheel chairs have better accessibility to the agency services. Every time our organization improves the quality of life enjoyed by the individuals we serve, we fulfill our mission. Our services

are delivered in multiple locations throughout the city of Dubuque, Dyersville and Manchester. Our agency also values each individual served and believes that every person is to be provided the opportunity to live, work and participate in activities in the community as the natural environment. Thank you DRA for this great opportunity to add more accessibility to our facility!

Congratulations Sara Albert! On December 12, one of the people served by Area Residential Care was honored by Camp Albrecht Acres at their 12th annual Awards and Volunteer Celebration. Sara Albert was named the 2013 Camper of the Year for her continued dedication to the camp and its ideals. Sara began attending the camp at age 10, and has loved the camp, her fellow campers, and her counselors ever since. Congratulations, Sara, and thank you, Camp Albrecht Acres, for sharing our mission of empowering people with disabilities. To see how you can sign up to attend Camp Albrecht Acres, or to see how you can help, visit their website at

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2013 Annual Board of Directors Awards Dinner

On Wednesday, October 23, Area Residential Care’s Board of Directors held their annual Awards Dinner to honor retirees, milestone anniversaries, and those organizations and individuals who have demonstrated their dedication to Area Residential Care’s mission of empowering people with disabilities. The 2013 honorees were: Retiree: Maggie Widmyer

Benefactor of the Year: Dubuque Bank & Trust

Board of Directors Service Award:

40 Year Anniverary: Ann Turnis

Star Award Recipients: Dave Spahn Kellie Meier Stacia Stumpf Lolly Cornwell Joan Steffen Alicia Fleege Traci Reisen Ryan Driscoll

35 Years Patricia Loso Ginger Meyer William Phillips

Ginnie Von Talge

Vocational Worker of the Year: Dinah Dalsing

30 Year Anniversary: Carol Powers Lu Ann Miller 25 Years Tammy Hendricks

Businesses of the Year: Mi-T-M Flexsteel

15 Year Anniversary: JB Basten Carol Eberlein Dana Watts

Special Recognition: Chef Andy Mettert with the University of Dubuque Chuck, Kathy, Tommy & Billy Davis

10 Year Anniversary: Sharon Brimmer Steve Kasel Lynda Lee

Lili Peterson Nancy McKillip Jeffery Saul Glen Bradley 5 Year Anniversary Kayla Eimer Galen Galler Ron Hammel Karen Stoffel Harold Avenarius Diane Birch Debra Hermsen Chelsea Smith Connie Gosche Jackie Lux Carole Nelson Anezka Lungwitz


Left: Jean Wuertzer presents Dinah Dalsing with Vocational Worker of the Year Award. Below: Jon Romaine presents Board of Directors Service Award to Ginnie Von Talge.

Above: Board President Kevin Stevens presents 35th anniversary gifts to William Phillips and Patricia Loso. Right: Vocational Services Director Jean Wuertzer presents Special Recognition Award to Andy Mettert.

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Uniting for a Promising Future Donor Wall Unveiled

On Wednesday, December 11, 2013 the Uniting for a Promising Future Donor Wall was unveiled at the Area Residential Care Holiday Open House. Names on the wall include those who gave $500 and more to the Uniting for a Promising Future Capital Campaign to help fund the new main facility at 3355 Kennedy Circle. The wall is located in our main building lobby and includes a digital display

that provides added donor acknowledgement and updates for all that visit the agency. Thank you to all of you that played a part in making the campaign a reality and allowing us to continue our mission of empowering people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their highest quality of life. Top Right: Paula & Terry Friedman Bottom Right: Mr. & Mrs. Robert Miller

With Your Assistance... The following list of items are currently needed in our homes and offices. Please contact the Marketing & Public Relations Department at 563.556.4743 if you would be willing to donate. Recreational Equipment • Adaptive Bike • Recumbent Exercise Bike (2) • NuStep Bike • Treadmill

• • • • •

Medical Items • Oximeter (finger tip pulse) • Blood pressure cuff • Hoyer Lift

Office Equipment • Laminator (3) • Small paper shredder (3) • Overhead projector & screen • Label Maker

Furniture • Folding Banquet Tables (2) • Dining Table • Re-upholster 7 chairs with vinyl

Lobby Furniture Chairs for conference rooms Large book case Large canvas or wall artwork Office chairs (8)

Production Equipment • Delivery Carts (6) • Heavy Duty 4 Wheel Cart • Tool Box and Tools (screwdriver, wrenches, cordless drill and more) Misc. • Window Treatments • Floor Fan (2) • Storage Containers

Electronics • Flat Screen TV • Digital Camera

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Prudential Foundation Awards Area Residential Care $10,000 Prudential Foundation awarded Area Residential Care a 3rd consecutive grant of $10,000 for their job skills program aimed at meeting the job skills needs of both transitional age students and consumers with a moderate level of intellectual disability. The program focuses primarily on consumers who have participated at least part-time in an Area Residential Care enclave/mobile crew placement for at least 5 years and transition age young adults currently identified as suitable for such a program from the Dubuque Community School District. Employment and social skills are the two main program units taught during the class. Technology training is integrated throughout the entire program. The funding from this grant allows for continued expansion of the initial program as well as additional elements to address the barriers found for past and current program participants. After holding several job training classes over the past grant cycles and not seeing the employment results intended for the participants, it was decided to further identify what barriers are preventing independent job placement in the community. Through a survey held via computer, phone and in person, 134 responses were collected from 35 job skills training participants, 29 individual program coordinators, 10 case managers, 15 parents/guardians and 42 work

area supervisors. The survey concluded that the job skills training program needed to address: • • • •

Exposure to various jobs/options to educate participants about additional options and promote acceptance of other kinds of jobs. Exposure to various hours and days (evenings, weekends, holidays, etc.) to promote acceptance of different shifts. Promoting skills needed for different job opportunities Transportation barriers for weekend/evening work.

With key barriers identified, Area Residential Care is pursuing additional training options. The program and additional funding will work toward ensuring job skills training participants, present and past, have the skills they need to overcome the barriers for them to obtain independent employment in the community. Thank you to the Prudential Foundation for supporting this program!

Remembering Glen It is with great sadness that we report the passing of one of our team members, Glen Goeschel. Glen passed away Thursday, December 12, 2013 after a long, courageous battle with cancer. He was surrounded by his loving family in his home. He was 61 years of age. Glen worked for Area Residential Care in our Maintenance department for 28 years, a testament to his belief in helping others without thinking twice. Glen loved spending time with friends and family. He loved walking and taking long car rides. He loved spending time with all of his nieces, nephews and the neighborhood children, whom he referred to as his “little buddies”. We will remember him for his sense of humor, always sharing jokes with our staff and the people we served; and we will always remember and honor him for his years of dedicated service to our agency and our mission. A memorial service was held for Glen on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 at Behr Funeral Home. A Glen C. Goeschel memorial fund has been established.

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Glen Goeschel

In Appreciation The following people and organizations have contributed to Area Residential Care this fall quarter. Their contributions allow us to continue fulfilling our mission of empowering people with intellectual disabilities to achieve their highest quality of life. All gifts, no matter the size, are always welcome and are greatly appreciated. If you are interested in learning how you can contribute to our cause, please contact our Marketing & Public Relations Department at 563.556.7560 or go to Contributions are deductible for income tax purposes to the full extent provided by the law. Benefactors ($1000 and up) Terry & Paula Friedman The Friedman Group Michael & Elizabeth Schmid Chuck & Kathy Davis Hartig Drug Co.

Rainbo Oil/Kwik Stop Knights of Columbus Council 1962 Richard Bradley Bob and Donna Miller Dubuque Bank & Trust

Patrons ($500-$999) Eagle Country Market Tandem Tire

Kevin & Mary Kisting in memory of Margaret Pfohl

Advocates ($250-$499) Knights of Columbus

Companions ($100-$249) Peter & Cynthia Alt Hylene Anderson in honor of Kennedy Circle Staff Herb Bailey Harry and Margaret Blewett Valita Bradley Conlon Construction Dubuque Home Improvement Geisler Brothers Co. Joyce Kramer

Barbara Ludwig Gary & Lisa Meyer Tim O’Brien in honor of Jacque Merritt Harold Schuster Tricor Insurance Roger & LynnVogt Virginia VonTalge Robert Wahlert in memory of Jim Wahlert David & Amy Weber Larry & Maggie Widmyer-Vize

Supporters ($50-$99) James & Judith Bailey Keith & Lugene Berning Paul & Jean Blaser Donald & Mary Brimeyer Karen & Scott Buechler in honor of Marilyn Bradley Wayne Ellerman in honor of Dianne Ellerman Floorshow Corp Paul E. Hoffmann D.D.S. Gerald Klein Deb & Joseph Kohn

Dan & Carol Oberbroeckling John & Ruth Riedl Lauri & Jeffrey Schloz in memory of Robyn Schloz Schwartz Plumbing Christopher & Pamela Theisen Hans Volkers Jane Wagner in memory of Rosemary McLaughlin Bill & Linda Wolf in honor of Russell Wolf

Associates (Up to $49) Doug & Suzanne Boeckmann Larry Friedman Tom & Deanne George in memory of Roz & Bill Lighthard Patrick & Deanna Koopmann in memory of Joshua Koopmann Dorothy McDermott

In-Kind Donations

ARK Advocates Heather Clausen Randy Laughlin

Barbara Ogden Thomas & Elizabeth Rascke Mary Schmeichel in memory of Roy, Katie, & Gretchen Schmeichel Beth Whisler

Deb Meyer Luke & Sara Runde Mike & Kandi Stallsmith

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” -John F. Kennedy Directory

Area Residential Care 3355 Kennedy Circle Dubuque, IA 52001 [P] 563.556.7560 [F] 563.556.7565 Executive Director | Jon Romaine Associate Executive Director | Christina Steele-Lietz Financial Director | Tammy Hendricks Marketing and PR Director | Shelby Wartick Human Resources Director | Teri Pitzen Residential Services Director | Elly Day Community Services Director | Cindy Leifker Dubuque Vocational Services Director | Jean Wuertzer Facility Operations Director | Karl Stieglitz Manchester/Dyersville Services Director | Michelle Steege

Board of Directors

The agency’s Board of Directors is a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting the vision and mission of Area Residential Care. For more information about them, please contact our Executive Director. President | Kevin Stevens Vice-President | Karen Dorshkind Charles Davis Duane Frick Guy Gard Kandice Kerr Teresa Johannsen Tim O’Brien Mark Rellihan Jim Schilling John Splinter

Foundation Board

Kevin Stevens | Foundation Board President Charles Davis Mike Duggan Duane Frick Cheryl Kramer Marv Mulert Tim O’Brien Jim Schilling

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