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It is so important for you to make changes to a home to reflect you as the new owner/occupant. It can be as little as changing the paint color and putting up personal photos. I had friends who were having marital problems at one point years ago and their Feng Shui consultant gave them this very advice. The home they lived in for many years looked the same as it did when they purchased the home. They hadn’t made any design changes. It still reflected the previous homeowner’s taste and energies. Plus, the front living room was empty as it had not been furnished. They were advised to update the home to reflect their personalities and taste and to bring in new furnishings. Believe it or not, it worked because they are still married today… nearly two decades later.

vertical blinds = poison arrows



This has to be one of my least favorite window coverings ever created. The individual vanes act like poison arrows of negative energy that emanate into your home. Vertical blinds should be avoided and replaced immediately.

desk in the middle the roomof 4


– never place your bed in line with the door so that when you’re lying down, your feet are pointed towards the door. This is known as the death placement as that’s how you are believed to be carried out of the room when you die…feet first. Having your bed in line with the door with your head towards the door is not good either since this type of position causes surprises from behind. This principle also applies to having your desk and chair against the wall so that your back is to the door. This is considered very inauspicious as it leaves you in very vulnerable position and subject to surprises. The best placement is in the command or power position – diagonal from the door, placed in the middle where you have a nice, clear view of who is entering the room.

proper bed placement and closet doors



are often regarded as a home design upgrade but from a Feng Shui perspective, this is highly undesirable because if the mirror reflects the bed, it gives the illusion of additional bed partners – not good! I have often seen mirror doors turned inside out in bedrooms for this very reason. Easiest cure is to replace the mirror doors with wood doors.

As you can see most of these principles make sense and some are even common sense. Bottom line, if it feels off, the energies are probably not aligned and making some minor changes will make all the difference. FA L L 2 0 1 5


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Volume 7, Issue 3 - How the East Built the West

a | r | e Fall 2015  

Volume 7, Issue 3 - How the East Built the West

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