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PARTY TO SUCCESS! If you are not having fun, you are not doing it right! Inviting guests to an Ardyss Home Party is the perfect opportunity for them to experience our Flagship Reshaping Garments, over a nice and hot cup of Ardyss' Healthy Coffee. You’ll be building excitement and having a good time, while customers witness on the spot how they can drop sizes instantly and look amazing in just minutes!

Reshape & Revive Once your Customers and New Distributors experience our Flagship Reshaping Garments and Coffee, they are Shaped Up & ready to Revive! In Ardyss, we have life changing nutritional and skin care products that can additionally help you feel even more amazing. From loosing weight to experiencing energy again!

Reshape & Earn Hosting an Ardyss Home Party is not only fun, but also a great opportunity to earn money NOW!. These reunions are the perfect occasion to start enrolling customers and Business Partners. Your goal is not only to make money one time, but also to convert everyone into monthly Ardyss product users and generate a residual income from the purchases of everyone!

HOST REWARD INCENTIVE PLAN Each time you host a Home Party; you can schedule another Home Party at somebody else’s home. Ardyss offers its Distributors incentives for them to use and give away to the new hostess. When placing your order through the Ardyss Call Center, ask for your Host Re-ward Incentive. The more people at your Party, the better the reward and the more money you’ll make!

BASIC PARTY • Purchases from Ardyss: $100 dollars in one order. • 60% off from our ARDYSS CATALOG MEDIUM PARTY • Purchases from Ardyss: $200 dollars in one order • 80% off from our ARDYSS CATALOG BIG PARTY • Purchases from Ardyss: $300 dollars in one order • Receive 1 product for FREE from our Ardyss Main Catalog

TIPS FOR HOSTING A SUCCESSFUL ARDYSS HOME PARTY INVITATION • Before inviting a prospect, you should be excited. • We recommend you not to give away all the details about products or busi-ness by phone. It’s very important that your prospects get to know them in person to experience the magic and benefits themselves! • We recommend you not to bring kids to these home parties. • Encourage your guest to invite guest to share this life changing Ardyss event with more people.

PREPARATION BEFORE THE HOME PARTY • Before your event begins, place all Ardyss products in a visible place for your guests to see them right away. • Put all banners, flyers, brochures, magazines and catalogues along with the products. Have the price list ready, but don’t show it until the end of the presentation. • Place chairs in the living room (or the place where you decide to have the meeting) so people get comfortable. A successful presentation must have anywhere from 3 to 5 people (average). • Have distributor applications, pens and distributor order blocks in hand. • Have all reshaping garments (men & women) ready in a variety of sizes, to make a live transformation. Don’t forget your measuring tape! • The host with 2 other active distributors, should arrive 30 minutes before, well dressed. • Don’t serve food; instead have snacks like vegetables, cookies and Ardyss products.


WELCOME • Ask everybody to register with their complete names, phone numbers and email addresses • Have happy music playing on the background • Have fun! • Have hot water ready to serve our Ardyss Healthy Coffee • When you start the presentation have your guest drink hot coffee and create an activity for them to know each other

PRESENTATION • The host should welcome everybody and introduce the distributor that will be giving the presentation • The distributor will be talking for 5 minutes about the objective of this presentation and 3 minutes about his/her testimony • The host should not have any garment on, because it's important your prospects experience the magic and benefits of our Amazing products in person. • The key of this presentation is for guest to have fun trying on all the garments and experimenting final results immediately! • Once they experience our reshaping garments, share with them our nutritional and skin care products for complete coverage of all of our products.

CLOSING • Talk about the business and how easy it is to earn money in all possible scenarios, ask for any testimonies available. • Schedule your next presentation with all the interested prospects in that mo-ment -Offer them any economical product or a discount for scheduling the next Ardyss home party • Take orders immediately, whether in cash or credit cards.


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Coffe party eng