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Titles of the Triune God Herbert F. Stevenson No theme in Scripture is more fascinating and rewarding than that of the names and titles by which God has made Himself known to men throughout the ages. This book deals with these names in a readable fashion, and is eminently suited for devotional meditation as well as providing valuable information for reference purposes. The ordinary reader will find his heart warmed by the unfolding of the glory and grace of God in His names and titles; while for the preacher and Christian worker the book will suggest the subject of many a sermon. “The great variety of divine names in holy Scripture is one of the ways in which the being and character of God are reavealed in its pages. Mr. Stevenson’s non-technical study of these names will be a real boon to many Bible readers at it leads them into something of the spiritual wealth which waits to be appropriated here.” - Prof. F.F. Bruce

9781908618146 | 192 pages | £10.99

The Devotional Life of the Sunday School Teacher J.R. Miller The real power in Sunday School teaching is not methods, important as it is to have the best of these, nor in equipment, valuable as this is, but in the teacher’s own spiritual life. ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit,’ is the divine revealing of the secret of power in all Christian work. “It is the aim of these simple chapters to put emphasis upon some of the vital elements in the Sunday School teacher’s life and work.”

9781908618153 | 73 pages | £6.99

Memories of the Life and Last Days of William Kelly Heyman Wreford A lovingly written little book, first published in 1906. Written by the brother with whom William Kelly stayed during his last days. Included is an appretiation entitled, “Biblical Scholar and Teacher.”

9781908618160 | 85 pages | £6.99

Spring 2018

Meditations in the Messianic Psalms William McBride

This Christ-centred book on the Messianic Psalms is refreshingly heart- warming. It will gently and simply lead the English reader into these Old Testament Hebrew Texts. The author with great skill shows how quotations of the Messianic Psalms in the New Testament can consistently and contextually provide essential spiritual illumination of the Old Testament passages, even sections which seem at first remote and difficult to a casual reader. This book also shows how the divinely-inspired citations of the Messianic Psalms in the New Testament are basic to an even deeper understanding of all the major doctrines central to the Christian faith. Careful readers of this book will be astonished by the perfect harmony of the Old and New Testament passages that are considered - proof in itself of divine inspiration of Scripture. They will then be gripped by the sheer wonder, immediate relevance and power of divine revelation. All who are sincerely exercised by a need for revival and commitment in these days to ?serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling? will find powerful and practical encouragement in this book.

9781908618108 | 562 pages | £19.99

Paula the Waldensian Eval Lecomte Into the home of an interesting but self-centred family in old France comes Paula, a young, orphaned cousin, from the little village of Villar, in the Waldensian Valley. Though living very simply, tending cows, goats, sheep and rabbits, Paula has been brought up to know the scriptures. Her Lord and His Word are the centre of her life, and she can no more keep this good news to herself than she can stop breathing or eating. This causes a good many complications, for her cousins’ home was one where “religion” was a forbidden subject, never to be mentioned, and Paula soon finds herself forbidden to read her own precious Bible. Paula’s loving obedience, her happy friendliness and charm, her overflowing love for everyone she meets, win the hearts of all, family and neighbours alike, and cause many a change in the French countryside.

9781908618115 | 181 pages | £8.99

The Great Physician G. Campbell Morgan The Christ of the Individual - 50 Characters in the life of Christ. These fifty character sketches show the Great Physician at work. The author, in each study, brings out vital truths as to the person and work of Christ and how He dealt with individuals. Our hope and prayer is that these truths will encourage and sustain you, the reader, in difficult days and help prepare each of us to be more useful for Him. “Whenever you find a book by Morgan, buy it and study it.” Warren W. Wiersbe. “An incisive study of the Lord at work. A book to come back to again and again.” John Phillips, author of the “Exploring” commentary series.

9781908618085 | 489 pages | £12.99

Meditations Series Thomas Bentley The initial purpose of these Meditations is at least twofold: firstly, to ensure that the individual Christian remains familiar with the whole Bible, and not conversant only with favourite portions; and secondly, to fill the mind with particular sections of scripture upon which further reflection is possible in any 24-hour period. Meditations presents one approach that Tom found enriching. Certainly the purpose of its publication is to provide a model for day-to-day Bible study that is adaptable to meet the requirements of any earnest Christian. We hope to publish volumes 4 and 5 in due course.

Volume 1 9781908618047 | 278 pages | £9.99 Volume 2 9781908618054 | 346 pages | £9.99 Volume 3 9781908618061 | 363 pages | £9.99 Volume 4 9781908618078 | pages | £9.99

A Biography of Thomas Bentley Grace Bentley 9781908618030 | 443 pages | £13.99

Marion Reid Ruth & Naomi’s House of Bread 9781908618092 | 218 pages | £8.99

Esther & Mordecai’s House of Redemption 9781908618122 | 229 pages | £8.99

Ezra & Nehemiah’s House of Prayer 9781908618092 | 271 pages | £8.99

She Thanked Him

City of the Seven Hills

Olive Gardiner

Henry Grattan Guinness

A delightful and inspiring collection of poetry featuring subjects from everyday life, trials, gospel stories and Bible characters. There is hope for the hurting, challenge for the stale, and comfort for the mourning. Every spectrum of Christian experience is touched in this collection. It would make an excellent gift and an ideal book to leave with someone in need of encouragement. Over 130 poems.

You have never read a book like this before. At once majestic poetry, sweeping history and stirring devotional, it is a masterpiece which would become any bookshelf. The poetry on the life of Christ is among the most sublime and Christ-exalting poetry you will ever read. The poem culminates with the final victory and vindication of the Lord Jesus.

9781908618023 258 pages | £8.99

9780954992224 298 pages | £9.99

The Charter of the Church

The Watchers on the Longships

J.R. Caldwell

James F. Cobb

A timely reprint of a twovolume expository commentary on Paul’s letters to the Corinthians, the seed-plot of Church truth. These books are fully indexed by subject, for ease of use. Volume one covers chapters 1-8, volume two chapters 9-16.

When deprived of the influence of a godly wife and mother, Owen Tresilian and his family seek to continue the simple, God-fearing life they had always known. When a faithful young parson arrives along with the first wave of Wesleyan revival, this stirs up the opposition of the murderous smugglers and wreckers, and indeed of Arthur’s own family.

Volume 1: 9781908618009 227 pages | £9.99 Volume 2: 9781908618016 263 pages | £9.99

9780954992200 254 pages | £7.99

Cannibalism Conquered

A Great Door and Effectual

The Life story of two Scotsmen, John G. Paton and Alexander McKay, who took the gospel to heathendom. Paton went to the New Hebrides, an island group in the South Pacific. On seeing his first congregation formed, he said, “I shall never taste a deeper bliss till I gaze on the glorified face of Jesus Himself.” McKay took the gospel to the heart of Africa and H.M. Stanley called him “the greatest missionary since Livingstone.”

A collection of missionary stories from around the world. Learn from great men and women of faith: John Knox, John Wesley, Samuel Marsden, David Livingstone, Hudson Taylor, and Mary Slessor. When the apostle Paul surveyed the harvest fields “white and ready to harvest”, he declared that “a great door and effectual is opened unto me.” From then till now, countless individuals have gone through that door, each encountering their own “many adversaries.”

9780954992248 | 122 pages | £7.99

9780954992255 | 247 pages | £9.99

Christ as Seen in the Offerings

The Crises of the Christ

R.F. Kingscote

This volume is a series of studies on the person of Christ, written when the author was just forty years of age. Reading it many years later, he said, “I wouldn’t change a word of it.” You will gain more insight into the character and work of “the second Man”, “the Lord out of heaven,” through seven key events in Christ’s life, His: Birth, Baptism, Temptation, Transfiguration, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension. “Whenever you find a book by Morgan, buy it and study it.” Warren W. Wiersbe

Why study the offerings? “I have so much to study: the Gospels, the epistles!” If you miss the offerings you’ll miss plumbing more fully the depths and riches of the person and work of Christ. This little, easy-toread series of studies on the Levitical Offerings pulsate with devotion to Christ. Your interest will be drawn immediately to the author’s engaging style and your heart will be warmed as the full meaning of what Christ means, first to God and then to His people, is unfurled.

9780954992293 66 pages | £7.99

G. Campbell Morgan

9780954992262 347 pages | £9.99

Rays of the Messiah’s Glory

The Servant of Jehovah

David Baron

This book, written by a converted Jew, is an exposition of Isaiah 53, subtitled, “The sufferings of the Messiah and the glory that should follow.” Its deep insights will draw out the heart of any reader to the One by “whose stripes we are healed.”

The New Testament begins with “The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham,” immediately connecting the Lord Jesus with all the prophecies and promises of the Old Testament scriptures. This book, written by a converted Jew, unfolds some precious truths concerning Christ in the Old Testament and will thrill the heart of the reader as he contemplates the glories of the Messiah.

David Baron

9780954992286 98 pages | £8.99

9780954992279 149 pages | £8.99

The Two Version Bible We are proud and delighted to make available again the treasured Two Version Bible. This Bible has been widely used over the years but has not been available for some time. It is bound in the highest quality leather, printed and bound in Europe at the world-famous Jongbloed bindery.

9780954992217 | £115.00


Black, quality calfskin leather Imitation leather lined Red-under-gold art-gilt edging Semi-yapp edge Ribbon marker Page size: 210mm X 140mm (8.5 X 5.5 inches approx.) Printed on best quality Bible paper, 40 GSM


Authorised Version text Revised Version differences in the margin Paragraph headings Centre-column references Good margin for notes Blank pages for extra notes

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