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Progress Plan The Big Idea

My idea consists of a character called John (Played by Ardit) who is struggling in society and results to crime as a form of survival. He sells drugs, does robberies, and gets into violent activities with his friend Keon. He and Keon (Played by Daniel) beat up and steal Relly’s phone (Played by Korell), they also have a miss understanding with Rico (Played by Jefferson) which results in beating Rico up. Rico turns out to be a well-known “shooter in the slums” therefore can get hold of a gun very easily. Rico finds Keon and John and chases them, when confronted, Rico pulls out the gun scaring Keon and John. This movie is all based on the struggle in the slums in British society.

Who will you cast and what props will you use?

Cast: Props: 

Ardit as John

Daniel as Keon

Korell as Relly

Jefferson as Rico

Tyana as Shani

Ardita as Camera woman

Plastic gun



Baking powder as Drugs


When will you begin filming?

I will begin filming when the props are in order, the actors are free and when I have access to some of the locations in my film which should be on the 20/02/2013.

Progress Plan  

progress plan for film trailer