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Traditional Britain

Traditional Britain A cup of tea with sweet snacks or sandwiches in the garden has been a tradition in Britain for a very long time usually takes place at around 12pm.

An English breakfast is also a tradition still followed by many people. It is seen as something an English person should have when they wake up.

Victoria sponge cake has and still is an item that represents Britain as it is named after the Queen Victoria.

The game Polo represents traditional Britain as it is a game played mainly by upper class people.

Queen Elizabeth – The Queen of England. An icon and role model of traditional England.

Daniel Craig also known as James Bond is an English actor playing the role of a spy, also a representative of traditional Britain.

Derek Edward Trotter also known as Delboy plays the part of a working class English man in the series Only Fools and Horses, representing the gritty side of Britain. Steve McFadden an actor who plays the role of Phil Mitchel in the series Eastenders a show about working classing people represents the gritty side of Britain

In the trailer Green Street. Britain is portrayed as a dangerous place and the people are portrayed as violent and thugs. This is seen in the beginning where the shot of the American boy in America is bright and sunny and as soon as he lands in England its automatically grey giving the idea that this place is not a happy place which is then followed by shots of violence. The representation of English people in the trailer is very realistic as England used to be very aggressive over football, it still is aggressive but not as it was 50years ago. People all over the world can relate to this film as football is a worldwide sport. wM

In the trailer Bullet Boy, Britain is portrayed as dangerous, this is shown from the text at the beginning saying “there are thousands of guns on our street� this portrays Britain as a violent place, the main parts represented as violent are the slums of London. A lot of people can relate to the film Bullet Boy but may be deterred in visiting Britain due to the stereotypes. OU

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