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AS Media Film Trailer Evaluation My task for AS Media Studies was to create a film trailer based on the genre gritty British realism. When told the genre I immediately developed the idea of a struggle, crime and violence to survive therefore I came up with the idea of a character that goes through these scenarios in order to survive a gain the luxuries in life. What influenced this idea were the surroundings around me, I live in a society or part of a society where people struggle to survive and result to crime as form of survival. When told I had to create a trailer, my immediate response was action adventure with crazy and amazing effects. I came across a lot challenges during the production of my film. Some might say that the filming is the hardest but to me. The real challenge was putting together the footage in order for it to make sense to the audience. Another challenge was getting the actors prepared for filming. I overcame these challenges with a great skill of organisation. By giving the actors 1week notice I made sure they were fully aware of the filming dates and what they will need on the day. This technique really helped, because I was organised, it made controlling the equipment easy, keeping deadline easy and also the production of the film in big groups was calm and smooth as everyone was prepared and ready for what they had to do. Another big problem I came across was for my original idea which was to use a younger version of John(Me) and Keon(Daniel) to show a transition of great friendship from childhood to adulthood, but as getting the kids to record the scene was impossible I had to remove the scene therefore starting from scratch. I did not come across any health and safety issues or logistical problems during the production of my film. All the actors were protected, and kept safe from any possible hazards. The only possible hazard was slipping when running but that was not an issue as I told the actors to wear appropriate footwear throughout the making of the film. Health and safety tip I learnt from my preliminary film as that was the biggest issue. Managing the actors and props was very simple, as I gave the actors one week notice, it gave me time to prepare for the day, therefore choosing the props that will be needed, where to film and how they should be dressed for the film.

After sorting all those issues out, I then contact them and fill them in on what they had to wear and what will and will not be provided for them. As I am an organised person planning ahead is crucial. By creating the storyboard and a shooting script it enabled me to follow a structure rather than to film anything and have random footage. I did not follow the storyboard and shooting script completely as I had made small mistakes such us not used the right shot and changing ideas of shots and frames last minute. This is not as bad as I thought because I was only upgrading the idea, coming up with new thoughts of how to improve it. The choices I made to remove scenes and shots and add in shots and scenes were with good outcomes as I believe it could receive the reaction I would like from it. Time management was not as hard. By planning ahead I managed to get production and editing done within the deadline. New media technology such as high definition camera and final cut pro is what enabled a rookie like me to produce a high quality film trailer. As technology is evolving cameras are getting smaller and more compact therefore doing certain shots are made simple for rookies such as me. There are some disadvantages. Shots such as dolly shots are not as easy as on foot as they are on tracks. Finding the idea of what to do was not very hard. By doing research into gritty British realism and finding the stereotype of gritty British realism is violence, drugs and gangs then the idea was simple as we live in a society where we are surrounded by those. The homework on British culture also gave us a push on what film trailer to make. This really helped in preproduction as it enabled me to think about the plot, props, location and actors. In order to get the plot of the film across to the audience but without giving the plot away I had to use camera shots, angles, sound, mise-en-scene and editing. The sort of shot you use shows everything about your plot this is compared to mise-en-scene and sound. If you have a plot with a happy ending, then ending the film with a scene with a rainy day of grey clouds and thunder will confuse the audience as it connotes the complete opposite of what you are trying to give away. Therefore camera shots, angles, sound, mise-en-scene and editing are crucial in the meaning of the film being apparent.

I am glad to say that when showing the film to a trial audience, it received the response that I hoped. After letting the audience watch the film I then asked some questions. I asked if the movie gave away too much information and their response was that it gave enough to understand the genre and plot but not ruin the movie. I then asked if the music was effective as to synchronising with the footage. Their response was that the music was very effective and intense implying that there are intense scenes in the movie of violence and crime. The main thing represented in my film is people in Britain who live in poverty and have to result to crime as a form of survival. I have represented the idea that the gritty streets of modern London are a struggle. This constructs a form of realism as this is an everyday problem that does not just occur in Britain but all over the world. I feel that my film trailer was a success in receiving the response from the audience. What worked well in my film was the group ambient. It was very calm and smooth therefore producing the film went smoothly due to there being no arguments and immaturity but 100% professionalism. What did not work well was getting younger kids to record a scene. I had to remove scenes and start the storyboard and shooting script again as getting the younger kids to act was a very challenging experience and proved it impossible. If I could, I would add more dramatic scenes to excite the audience rather than have the ordinary drugs, gangs and violence. I am most proud of the editing, sound and iconography in the trailer as it was filmed/edited to the best quality possible.

Film Trailer Evaluation  
Film Trailer Evaluation