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FAMILY TRIP We have some pretty big travel plans this summer. We’re embarking on an 1800-mile travel trailer caravan for 10 days with my siblings and their families, my parents and my aunt and uncle. And if we can come out of it all still liking each other, I’m going to call it a success. My husband has been dreaming of a cross country family road trip for years, and our kids are at the age where we think they may enjoy…and actually remember it. We both have memories of summer road trips and are looking forward to an adventure with our whole family. Personally, I’m also a bit 66. - Summer 2019

By Anna Osborn, LMFT, owner of Life Unscripted Counseling

nervous. That’s A LOT of time in the car with A LOT of open road. But what could go wrong, right? Right?

Every year when that chatter starts with friends and family about summer plans there’s always a person, or two, who tells me about the “vacation” they’re going on with their children and partner—and how they’re a bit overwhelmed about the whole idea. It’s at that moment that I’m likely to softly say, “that sounds like a family trip, not a vacation.” I don’t say in a snarky way, just a gentle information offering sort of way. You see there is actually a huge difference between a family trip and a vacation. Do not, I repeat…do not confuse the two. A family trip is when the family embarks on an

adventure together. A vacation is when the two of you, yes you and partner, take some time away...overnight…just the two of you. It doesn’t matter if it’s one night away or a handful; it’s still a vacation. As fun as family trips can be, they’re still a ton of work. And we all know it. When kids are involved, no matter how wonderful and well-behaved they are, there is still a schedule that must be loosely kept, meal preparation/ planning (that has to be thought of ) and a fair amount of refereeing over squabbling and unrest among the kids. I’m not here to advocate leaving your children out or having the time of your lives while they’re at home missing you. But what I am advocating for is the two of you taking

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