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8. - Autumn 2019


Community Cornerq a &

Sarah Steffens

Food stylist, lifestyle photographer and private health foods chef. Story on page 32. What’s your must-do fall activity?

Fall is a wonderful time to wear cozy sweaters and sip cinnamon-spiced tea while carving pumpkins (and though I love doing these things) my must-do activity to welcome the fall season is to indulge in Epsom salt baths with a good book and lots of candles. By this time of year, my body is ready to slow down and sleep more, spending time reflecting on the year that has passed, so I get really excited for the season to shift! What was the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?

I look forward to creating a Halloween costume all year long! A few years back, I was Judy Jetson, and I designed my costume to look like it was actual animation. I created a white felt wig that stood up very tall and outlined it and my entire wardrobe with a black Sharpie marker so it looked as if I were drawn to life. What dish do you look forward to, for Thanksgiving dinner?

I know I ought to say juicy turkey or stuffing made with freshly ground pork, fennel seeds and sourdough bread (and I do look forward to those dishes), but I'm known to gobble up as many persimmons as I can around the Thanksgiving season! I adore adding chopped persimmons to a green salad, with vinaigrette made from olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, a splash of lemon juice and a sprinkle of cinnamon. Yum! What are you most thankful for?

I'm thankful for so many things—this year I'm thankful to live near my family. After 18 years in Los Angeles, it's pretty special to see my family any ol' day of the year. A regular dinner on a Tuesday night, or a quick trip to the market to pick up a few things together really is a gift. 10. - Autumn 2019

Community Cornerq a &

Josh Myer

Josh Myer, Edward Jones, Elk Grove. Story on page 48. What’s your must-do fall activity?

Fall is our favorite season as it means many fun events with friends and family. Wine tasting with friends in apple hill, taking our daughter to get pumpkins at the pumpkin patch, and lots of Sunday family barbeques watching football. What was the best Halloween costume you've ever worn?

Since I have started having kids, the last few years I get much more excited to see what my kids are going to be for Halloween. Last year, we let my daughter choose whatever she wanted; and she chose to be a chicken. Pretty darn cute! What dish do you look forward to, for Thanksgiving dinner?

I love to barbeque, so I always look forward to preparing the turkey and slow cooking it on Thanksgiving Day. What are you most thankful for?

I am most thankful for my amazing family; my wife and kids bring me so much joy. I’m also thankful for a career that I am passionate about, because it gives me the opportunity to help so many local families.   13

Contributor’s Corner Justin Azevedo

Justin has been a Youth Services Librarian for Sacramento Public Library since 2010, and is currently the Youth Materials Selector for the system.

Kelly Burns

Owner of Kelly Marie Photography

David Hipskind

Owner of Red Door Antiques in Old Town Elk Grove.

Dr. Dayle A. Imperato

A Board Certified physician, she has served the Sacramento community for the past 20 years. Owner of Rejuvenation Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine in Old Town, Elk Grove.

Nan Mahon

Is an author and journalist. She is a member City of Elk Grove Committee for the Arts and received the Elk Grove 2011 Mayor’s Award for volunteerism in the Arts.

Cindy Della Monica

Cheesemonger and Owner of Cheese Central in Lodi, Ca.

Carole Morris

Instructional Specialist, Author and Adjunct Professor. She is married to an outstanding, brilliant man and the mother of two grown awe-inspiring children, and grammie to three flawless grandchildren.

Josh Myer

Is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones, he has a passion for coaching families and individual investors to achieve their financial goals. He loves being part of the Elk Grove community and spending time with his beautiful wife Molly and their two kids Riley and Jackson.

Anna Osborn

Anna lives in Elk Grove with her husband and school aged twins. She owns Life Unscripted Counseling in Midtown Sacramento.

Elizabeth Pinkerton

Teacher and Administrator for 40 years, she is now a historian and author.

Justin Pinnell

Justin is not just another pretty face in Real Estate. He enjoys long walks on the beach and high mountain sunsets.

Susie Franklin Roeser

Owner & full time employee of Gifts From The Heart Of Elk Grove. Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mom x2, Carpool Minivan driver, 4-H Leader and lover of all things creative.

Zina Sheya

Has been in Interior design for 18 years. Award winning and featured in multiple publications. She is the owner of Zina Sheya Designs.

Dianna Singh

Owner of Elk Grove Vitamins for the past four years.

Sarah Steffens

Is a food stylist, lifestyle photographer and private health foods chef specializing in Paleo, Keto and Whole30 meals.

Christina Best Thomas

Christina Best Thomas is a wedding and portrait photographer that loves smiling and capturing your best moments!

Brendle Wells

Is a librarian and lifelong reader who has a passion for sharing books with pretty much anyone she meets. She currently works as the Adult Materials Selector for the Sacramento Public Library and asks, “What have you read lately?”

Lilly Wyatt

Lilly Wyatt is a Public and Media Relations consultant with Kaiser Permanente serving the South Sacramento and Central Valley Service Areas. Besides handling PR and Media, Lilly writes articles for internal and external audiences and produces videos for the organization.

14. - Autumn 2019

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On the Cover COVER PHOTO BY: Sara Joy Pinnell


Try Farmer Fred's "Sweatin' Up a Storm" Chili Recipe, on page 20.

creative director

executive editor

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Sara Pinnell

Carole Morris

art & production

Justin Pinnell


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Checking In I have always felt that fall is a season that gives me space to reflect, especially as I’m preparing for the holidays— that are rapidly approaching. Every season has its own grandeur, however, I enjoy the cooler weather that allows me to savor life. The process of working out snarled relationships and conveying destructive thoughts into constructive, can be done when I’m unhurried. When I take time to watch the trees change, and notice all of the beauty I’m surrounded with—I become appreciative. Part of the splendor, that is waiting to be noticed, is in this issue of Ardent for Life magazine. I love reading about caring people who enhance our society. Find a comfortable chair, breathe deep, and enjoy the wonderful pictures and articles that are within this issue. executive editor

Carole Morris WHAT DID WE LEARN AFTER READING THIS ISSUE? We have an encouraging story from Justin about how pets can actually improve our health. We always hear rescue stories that are heartrending, but now we can read about how having a pet helps the rescuer. There is a great article about Kachet JacksonHenderson (a local blogger) who tell us that, “Being a blogger and influencer takes consistency, confidence, and putting your audience first.” In this issue, we have wonderfully delicious recipes that will make you do the happy dance! We have Autumnal Treats from Cindy Della Monica, from Cheese Central…such as a unique Ice Cream Bread. Then (did you look at the cover) we have an amazing Chili recipe and a Frybread recipe. There is also a pretty incredible English pie recipe in this issue. I can smell all of the wonderful aromas in the air, can’t you?


By Farmer Fred

Fred and Jeanne's Award Winning

20. - Autumn 2019

"Sweatin' Up a Storm" Chili Recipe

This chili recipe took first place in the 1984 Sacramento Media Chili Cookoff. The Secret? Home grown ingredients, especially the tomatoes, peppers, garlic and onions!


Makes 24 servings.

3 medium onions (Stockton Red) 2 medium sweet peppers (Tequila, Flamingo or Gypsy) 3 stalks celery 3 cloves garlic 1 serrano chili pepper (remove seeds) 1 jalapeño chili pepper (remove seeds) 1 Fresno or Anaheim chili pepper (remove seeds)

For sadists and masochists only: Leave the seeds in the peppers. 8 lbs. chuck, coarsely ground 30 oz. fresh tomatoes (peeled and cored) 15 oz. tomato sauce 6 oz. tomato paste 7 oz. diced green chilies (canned) 2 or 3 fresh bay leaves 2 Tbs fresh oregano

4 Tbs. fresh cilantro 1 Tbs. fresh parsley 1 Tbs. cayenne pepper 6 oz. chili powder 1 Tbs crushed cumin seed 12 oz. Carte Blanca beer (You may consume 6 oz. of this directly) 12 oz. spring water Add garlic salt to taste Add Tabasco sauce to taste


Dice and sauté first seven ingredients. Add meat; brown.

Add remaining ingredients. Add enough water just to cover the top of the ingredients. Cook for three hours on low heat. Stir often.

Supply diners with sweatbands. Freezes well.

For best results, use paste tomatoes. Recommended varieties: San Marzano, Classica, Viva Italia, Polish Linguisa or Roma VF.   21



1 cup all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/8 teaspoon salt 1/3 cup hot waters


In a bowl, combine the flour, baking powder and salt—mix well with a spoon. Slowly stir in hot water to mixture to form a soft sticky dough. It's important to cover the dough and let stand for

30 minutes. Divide dough in half. Then, on a lightly floured surface, roll each portion into a 6-in. circle. Or you can stretch the dough into 6-inch circles by hand (make sure you don't get dough too thin). In a skillet, heat 2 to 3 inches of oil to 375°. Fry the dough in hot oil for 2-3 minutes on each side (or until golden brown); drain on paper towels.

Enjoy as a dessert, dinner (or both) add your choice of toppings. (Try the Chili recipe on page 20)

Caramelized Pear FRY BREAD TOPPING

Ingredients 1/4 cup packed dark brown sugar 1/4 cup white granulated sugar 1/4 cup butter, cut into small cubes 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 22. - Autumn 2019

4 cups chopped or sliced peeled ripe pears (I prefer Seckel pears for a little more tartness)


In a large skillet, combine white sugar, brown sugar, butter, and cinnamon. Cook over medium heat until sugar is dissolved, stirring occasionally (4-5 minutes). Add pears; cook and stir until pears are browned and tender.



By Justin Pinnell

Frybread is a flat dough made with simple ingredients, then deep-fried. Frybread is truly one of the most versatile breads you can make. You can use fry bread as a side with chili, or it can be the star of your dinner (Navajo tacos, and chalupas). Frybread also makes a great dessert base for ice cream sundaes, fruit, or just a simple honey drizzle. For a real treat try my caramelized pear sauce and kick-off fall right!   23


ANTIOXIDANTS By Dr. Dayle A. Imperato, Rejuvenation Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine

We all have heard the


“antioxidants” a lot it seems. What are antioxidants? How are they beneficial to our health?


everyone need them and where does one get them? Antioxidants are needed in the body to counter oxidation. We all know what oxidation is; think of the way metal rusts or how an apple turns brown once it is cut. Those are signs of degeneration and are visual cues of oxidation. Think of that going on inside your body. Oxidation is a natural metabolic process that happens in everybody, every day. Certain things can accelerate the process, such as smoking, pollutants, stress, alcohol, processed foods, wrong fats (think trans fats and vegetable oils) and refined carbohydrates (think white rice, white bread) or artificial sweeteners. These also increase inflammation which leads to disease. The concept of oxidation starts at the molecular level. For a molecule to be stable, it must have an even number of electrons. When molecules lose an electron, they become a free radical. This can happen when they are exposed to reactive oxygen or nitrogen derived molecules that are natural byproducts of energy production— but can also come from the harmful factors I mentioned above. 24. - Autumn 2019

Since electrons like to stick together in pairs, these free radicals (with an uneven amount of electrons) go on the hunt for another one—causing a dangerous chain reaction that turns other molecules into free radicals. Free radicals can damage cells, proteins, lipids and DNA, damaging tissues throughout the body. Thus, it’s easy to understand why they are so dangerous. The body, with all of its amazing capabilities, of course has a system in place to deal with free radicals.

This is where antioxidants come into play, some of which our bodies produce as part of normal metabolic processes and others we can get through wholesome foods. Those produced within the body, endogenous antioxidants, can be in the form of nutrients or enzymes, with enzymes requiring the right vitamins and minerals to do their job. Problems arise when the free radicals outnumber the body’s ability to neutralize them. This imbalance is called oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is linked to inflammation, accelerated aging, cancer, dementia, and a wide variety of other chronic diseases. This is why eating a diet rich in antioxidants is an important part of disease prevention.

health} Remember how I mentioned that free radicals have an uneven number of electrons, but that molecules prefer to have pairs? Well, some types of antioxidants can step in to give those molecules one of their extra electrons, to neutralize the free radical and halt the damaging cascade, which they can do without becoming a free radical themselves. Other antioxidants, those that act enzymatically, can break down and remove free radicals. There are many different types of nutrients that directly act as antioxidants and support those beneficial enzymes, like vitamins A, C, E, selenium, copper, and zinc. Eating nutrient-dense foods helps to fight oxidative stress by giving those protective enzymes the right fuel and supporting the body’s natural ability to recycle antioxidants. Foods with rich, vibrant colors often contain the most antioxidants; such as blueberries, goji berries, pomegranates, tomatoes, carrots and dark chocolate, to name a few. This is one of the many reasons a colorful diet is beneficial to good health. Through colorful, nourishing foods we can give our bodies the right ingredients to fight disease and stay strong. Dayle A. Imperato, M.D. Rejuvenation Wellness & Aesthetic Medicine (916) 670-7601 - 9180 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove.   25



TREATS By Cindy Della Monica, Cheesemonger

and Owner, Cheese Central

As I gently protest, the heated end of summer drags me into the warm autumn months that will prepare me for my winter “hibernation.” The garden ignores my pleading for 50 more pounds of tomatoes, “please.” While the basil flowers are trying hard to set seeds. They are just too pretty to let them do their job—so I cut the long stems to encourage more basil leaves, and add the long stem, fragrant flowers to my living room rose bouquet. Farmers Market has come to a close, our shop customers have changed their routine visit times with us because the new school year and kids’ sports occupy their time during the week. The shift in season shows up in many ways, boo-hoo. My “hibernation” plans (I don’t do cold weather well) include finishing the baby quilt (for the now 3 year old!), completing the poolside reading I started on vacation, and pruning the roses for winter at the RIGHT time… instead of too late. Cooking some new things to fill the freezer for the cold winter months to come—should start now. Old favorites cannot be left out, so well-loved soups, yeast breads and scones for setting aside for winter dining go on the list. Real English gingerbread, GreatGrandma’s poppy seed cake, and my favorite cheesecake cookies are topping the list. I put up small tubs of Fromage Fort into the freezer for better-than-average cheesy bread spread for soup sides, or an elegant bite with drinks for parties or hostess gifts. My mind is slowly shifting into the flavorfilled joys of the new season.

Excitement will eventually set in, and the autumn cleaning chores include rummaging through the freezer for the odds and ends that were left behind since last winter. I come up with a couple of half-empty ice cream cartons…you know the ones! Ice-capped? You bet! Two of my favorite ways to use these—no, no, don’t throw them out!—is to make Ice Cream Bread, and French toast. The Ice Cream Bread is quick and easy, making a simple loaf for toasting at breakfast (maybe with a slather of fresh chevre and honey). Think Banana, Coffee, Strawberry or Pumpkin ice cream, or..? My guilty pleasure is Rum Raisin ice cream for dessert, but I don’t always have dessert, so it might go unfinished buried behind the

26. - Autumn 2019

bag of frozen chili or pasta sauce. When I find it, though, it is the perfect opportunity to set it on the counter to melt, whisk in an egg or two, and drench stale bread in the mix. The soaked bread gets a quick sauté in butter, and golden brown Rum Raisin French Toast with my coffee on Sunday morning feels decadent, brightening my mood! Holidays start with Halloween, don’t they? Flavoring a simple cheese ball to serve with crackers or bread helps counter-act the sugar rush of the kids’ candy bounty. (recipes on page 28) Check out Pinterest for ideas on how to make a “spider” or other fun presentations to lure the kids to the protein BEFORE the sugar! After Halloween, the new cheese balls can be shaped into pretty “apples” rolled in finely chopped nuts and garnished with stems and leaves (from the garden) to start the Thanksgiving feast, or into small individual balls to decorate like ornaments strung on pretty ribbon for a Christmas gathering. Okay. I am officially over summer, and excited by autumn. Let’s fill the freezer with seasonal treats to look forward to enjoying with friends and family! Now is the time to begin, as there are just weeks left until Halloween! Happy cooking! As always, our staff at CHEESE CENTRAL is ready to help you with samples of our 100+ cheeses at the counter. Visit us at 11 N School St, Lodi, CA 95240 or visit our website at


1 pint ice cream (banana, coffee, strawberry, pumpkin or desired flavor) 2 1/2 C self-rising flour 1/4 t salt Heat oven to 400*. Grease an 8x4” loaf pan and set aside. Melt ice cream in microwave safe bowl for 1 minute on HI. Stir and warm for 30 seconds more. Mixture should be very warm to the touch. Pour the mixture over the flour and salt in a medium bowl. Stir just to combine, mixture might have a few little lumps, and set aside to rest for 20 minutes. Pour mixture into prepared pan, place in preheated oven, and bake for 2025 minutes. Cool, slice and serve!

food}   27   27


Holidays start with Halloween, don’t they? Flavoring a simple cheese ball to serve with crackers or bread helps counter-act the sugar rush of the kids’ candy bounty.


1 lb. cream cheese, softened 1 C grated parmigiana-reggiano 2 garlic cloves, minced Mix well with electric mixer. Add desired flavorings, below, and form into desired size of cheese ball:

Pesto Ball

28. - Autumn 2019

For ¼ C prepared pesto ¼ C minced fresh basil 1 C toasted pine nuts

Horseradish Ball

For ¼ C prepared horseradish, or more to taste 1 C crumbled cooked bacon 2 green onions, finely chopped

Mexi-Cali Ball

For 4 T tomato paste ¼ t salt ¼ t minced fresh cilantro 2 T finely chopped yellow onion 2 T minced seeded jalapeno pepper, or more to taste

English Pie By Carole Morris

30. - Autumn 2019


In our last issue, I mentioned that my family went on a spot-on European vacation. I shared an incredible recipe from Paris that, when tasted, arouses tears of joy in the taster. The Chicken and Mushroom recipe below is also an emotionally charged delicacy. We were excited to go to Nottingham, England because of Robin Hood—who lived in Sherwood Forest near Nottingham. My kids (growing up) loved Robin Hood’s story because my mom (who was Scottish) said that he was really Rob Roy, a relative of our family. No wonder we like to rumble! There are a variety of meat pies that are savored in Nottingham. However, I upped the ante on England’s meat pie by using puff pastry instead of regular pastry…a stroke of genius! You’re going to cherish this recipe.

Chicken and Mushroom

English Pie

Preheat the oven to 400°

Cooking time: 20 minutes This recipe makes enough filling for 4 individual ramekins (holds 2 cups of filling each)

Ingredients 1 sheet of puff pastry (thawed) 6 large mushrooms (sliced)

¼ finely chopped carrots 5 tablespoons butter


cup onion (diced)

1 teaspoon salt 1 tablespoon pepper

¼ cup flour ½ cup chicken broth ½ cup whole milk 1 teaspoon garlic (minced) 3 chicken breasts (sliced thin, then diced) 2 tablespoons olive oil

¼ cup parsley

1 egg (for egg wash) 1 tablespoon water


1. Thaw your frozen puff pastry before using (leave in frig overnight). Melt butter in medium frying pan (medium heat). Add mushrooms to the pan and coat in butter. Add onion and garlic then stir until lightly browned. Add flour stirring until thoroughly combined. Add milk, stirring to combine. Then add chicken broth, filling should look like gravy! Add salt and pepper (to taste).

2. In a separate pan (over medium heat) cook chicken breast in olive oil stirring often until thoroughly cooked. Stir chicken into the mushroom mixture. 3. Spoon filling in 4 ramekin bowls. Sprinkle parsley on top.

4. Roll the pastry out (on lightly floured surface) just a bit thinner than it comes out of the package. Cut it into quarters to top the filling and just hang over the sides of the bowls.

5. Whisk egg and water together, brush onto the puff pastry before putting in oven. Put on baking sheet, bake for 20 minutes. The filling should be bubbling and the puff pastry golden brown.   31


LET'S DO A LITTLE COOKING... With these easy to prepare dishes that are full of fresh flavor. Recipes and Photos by Sarah Steffens

32. - Autumn 2019


Tender with perfectly crispy skin, chicken thighs are a sure way to please a crowd any night of the week. Broiled lemon slices topping each thigh is an elegant touch to liven up this staple as well adding a bit of sweetness so be sure to eat them up, you’ll be surprised at their bright and complex flavor!

Skillet Lemon Chicken Prep Time: 5 minutes to season & 1 hour to marinate Cooking Time: 30 minutes Serves 4


2 tablespoons ghee or coconut oil 4 bone-in chicken thighs with skin 1 teaspoon sea salt ½ teaspoon black pepper ½ teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon smoked paprika 1 lemon, thinly sliced and seeds removed Parsley to garnish Calories: 276 - Fat: 23 g - Carbs: 2 g - Protein: 18 g


Sprinkle chicken thighs with sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder and smoked paprika and place in a covered glass dish and allow to marinate in the fridge for about an hour prior to cooking or up to overnight. Add ghee or coconut oil to a cast-iron skillet and bring to medium heat.

heated broiler for 2 minutes, or until the lemon and the chicken skin has begun to brown. Remove from the heat and serve with minced parsley.

Place chicken thighs in the skillet and allow to brown on both of its sides, about 3 minutes per side, using a metal spatula to flip.

Reduce heat to medium-low and cover with a lid and continue cooking until the chicken is cooked through or has reached 165 degrees Fahrenheit, about 15 minutes. Remove the lid and place thinly sliced pieces of lemon on top of each thigh and transfer to a   33


Roasted Chipotle Butternut Squash

Butternut squash is a wonderful way to welcome in the fall season. It’s creamy and if you’re watching carbs, lower than many root veggies, and it can be enjoyed sweet or savory, so play around with different spices and herbs until you’ve found just the right combination for you and your loved ones. This recipe uses warmer flavors like smoked paprika and chipotle powder, a touch of cinnamon would go nicely here, too. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Serves 4


2 tablespoons ghee or coconut oil, melted 1 butternut squash (about 4 cups), peeled, seeded & chopped 1 red bell pepper, cored & chopped 1 yellow onion, peeled & chopped 2 teaspoons sea salt

½ teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder

Green Beans with Bacon & Walnuts

This dish takes just minutes to prepare and will be enjoyed by the masses, just leave the bacon out and cook in coconut oil if you are preparing it for vegetarians and vegans. Coconut aminos can be found in the Asian aisle at your market and offers a delicious umami flavor, warm and full of depth, perfect for this time of year. Prep Time: 5 minutes Cooking Time: 30 minutes Serves 4


2 slices of bacon 12 ounces of French green beans 1 teaspoons sea salt

½ teaspoon black pepper 1 teaspoon garlic powder 2 tablespoons of coconut aminos

¼ cup chopped walnuts Parsley to garnish


Cook bacon in a skillet set to medium-low heat until crispy and set aside on a plate lined

34. - Autumn 2019

with a paper towel. Drain the bacon grease, reserving a tablespoon to use later.

While the bacon is cooking, steam green beans until tender, about 7 minutes. Transfer the green beans to the skillet and toss in the bacon grease. Season with sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder coconut aminos and toss once more.

Crumble cooked bacon and serve over the green beans, along with chopped walnuts and minced parsley. Calories: 100 Fat: 7 g Carbs: 7 g Protein: 4 g

1 teaspoon smoked paprika 1 teaspoon chipotle powder Parsley to garnish


Preheat oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Arrange chopped butternut squash, red bell pepper and yellow onion on a large baking tray lined with parchment paper. Season with sea salt, black pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika and chipotle powder and toss with either melted ghee or coconut oil. Allow to roast in the oven until everything is soft and has begun to brown, about 30 minutes, tossing with a spatula after 15 minutes.

Remove from the heat and serve with minced parsley. Calories: 142 Fat: 7 g Carbs: 21 g Protein: 2 g


The Waxes & Finishes of ANNIE SLOAN By David Hipskind, Red Door Antiques

Alongside her unique and hugely versatile decorative paint, Chalk Paint®, Annie Sloan has developed a whole range of products that will help you achieve wonderful results quickly and easily. These include crackle varnish, gilding sets, lacquers and decoupage varnish – everything you need to become an accomplished decorative painter.


CLEAR CHALK PAINT® WAX Use Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. Chalk Paint® Wax emphasizes depth of color and gives a beautiful mellow finish or can be buffed to a high sheen. It is water-repellent too, so can be used on dining room tables and kitchen cabinets. To achieve Annie's signature look, apply a thin coat of wax over your painted surface with a small Chalk Paint® Wax Brush. Work in small areas at a time, wiping off any excess with a clean cloth. For a distressed look, sand back to reveal a little of the wood or paint underneath before applying a second coat of wax. Chalk Paint® Wax is not suitable for outdoor use. After care: wipe clean with a damp cloth. For tough marks, use a proprietary spray cleaner and re-wax where necessary.

DARK CHALK PAINT® WAX Apply dark Chalk Paint® Wax to age and give texture to your paintwork. Use it with clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. To achieve Annie's signature look, first apply a thin coat of clear Chalk Paint® Wax, removing any excess with a clean cloth. Next, apply the Dark Wax, pushing it into the paintwork to bring out brush marks and recesses. Wipe off any excess with Clear Wax, making sure every part of your piece has been waxed at least once.

Use White Chalk Paint® Wax to soften and lighten Chalk Paint® colors. It can also be applied directly onto unvarnished wood to create a limed look. Chalk Paint Wax® will seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. Apply a thin coat of white wax, removing any excess with a clean cloth. Less is more, so there's no need to apply wax too thickly. If you do over-apply the wax, you can wipe back any excess with clear Chalk Paint® Wax, making sure every part of your piece has been waxed at least once.

To achieve Annie's signature look, first apply a thin coat of clear Chalk Paint® Wax, removing any excess with a clean cloth. Next, apply the Dark Wax, pushing it into the paintwork to bring out brush marks and recesses. BLACK CHALK PAINT® WAX Black Chalk Paint® Wax will give a cool, dark finish to your paintwork, bringing out texture in brushwork and mouldings, as well as darkening and enriching colours. Use it with clear Chalk Paint® Wax to seal and protect furniture and walls painted with Chalk Paint® decorative paint. First apply a thin base of clear wax, removing any excess with a clean cloth. Next, apply the black wax, pushing it into the paintwork to bring out brush marks and crevices. Wipe back any excess with clear wax, making sure every part of your piece has been waxed at least once.

CHALK PAINT® LACQUER Chalk Paint® Lacquer is a hard-wearing, water-based polyacrylic varnish with built-in UV protection. Use it over Chalk Paint® for a robust finish that will withstand general wear and tear – perfect for dining room tables, outdoor furniture, floors and skirting boards. It goes on perfectly clear and dries quickly without yellowing over time. See our Fact Sheet for more information. Available in two finishes: Matt and Gloss. Comes in tins of 750ml. Matt Lacquer provides a matt finish and will slightly darken the color of the Chalk Paint®, as with Chalk Paint® Wax. Gloss gives a light sheen but is not ultra-glossy.

36. - Autumn 2019

ANNIE SLOAN GILDING WAX Add a metallic touch to your painted furniture with Annie Sloan Gilding Wax. Apply to ornate carvings and moldings to enhance texture and detailing or use with your favorite Annie Sloan Stencil to create gilded shapes, lines and designs. Can be applied with a lintfree cloth or a brush. Comes in 15ml tubes. Colors: Warm Gold, Bright Gold, Bright Silver, Dark Silver and Copper.


ANNIE SLOAN CRAQUELURE Annie Sloan’s unique Craquelure is a two-part application that gives an authentic cracked varnish finish - just like on an Old Master! Step 1 is the base. With Step 2 you can control the size of the cracks - the thinner you apply it, the smaller the cracks. If you like, you can then highlight the cracks with Dark Chalk Paint® Wax. Set consists of 125ml base coat and 125ml topcoat.

Annie Sloan just released Two new colours!

Here’s a little bit about Athenian Black and Oxford Navy…

Athenian Black is a true, deep black developed to reflect the opaque figures and dramatic silhouetted shapes painted on Ancient Greek ceramics. Oxford Navy is an inky, traditional navy blue which evokes the strong, august blue of academic insignia and fountain pens, as well as the rich pigment indigo blue so synonymous with traditional Indian block printing.

What's New

My name is Dave Hipskind owner of the Red Door Antiques. As certified “Stockists” for Chalk Paint® by Annie Sloan, we can help you with any of your paint projects. We have new colors and a new and improved formula that assures you the finest results. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is the “Original” (don’t settle for imitations). There is only ONE Chalk Paint. Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® was introduced over 30 years ago. I have been painting for more than 50 years. With that kind of experience, we can assist in answering all your questions. We also offer monthly workshops. We offer the Annie Sloan Method. We focus on four techniques for a more rounded approach. Plus, we apply those techniques to repurposed frames that you get to take home when the workshop has concluded. Call the store for more information and to register. (916) 714-0619 - 9056 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

38. - Autumn 2019


local blogger

Kachet JacksonHenderson

Written by Susie Franklin Roeser Photos by Christina Best Photography

Sacramento native, Kachet Jackson-Henderson, a graduate of San Jose State, enjoyed reading blogs even before some of todays social media giants like Instagram and Pinterest had even come on the scene. After college, Kachet returned to Sacramento to work for an advertising agency. As a hobby, she started her own blog titled “The Lipstick Giraffe” which featured her personalized style and tips on economized living. ”…I’m not here to claim that I am the most interesting person out there, but I will claim that everyone has something interesting within themselves and that it should be shared with the world… ” were just a few of the thoughtful words in her very 1st blog post. Not only was Kachet able to inspire others with this philosophy, but when adversity struck in her own life, truly analyzing her own personality and talents allowed her to make the transition from advertising agency employee to marketing consultant entrepreneur and from “hobby blogger,” to influencer and a leader in the Sacramento blogging community.

40. - Autumn 2019

"You don't have to be an expert to be a blogger - you just have to authentically put yourself out there and commit to doing it"


HOW, WHEN AND WHY DID YOU BECOME A BLOGGER? 2011- “The Lipstick Giraffe” was the blog Kachet began - just as a hobby - a way to share style tips and have a place to “be heard.” Continued growing presence and later began coordinating fashion and lifestyle segments for Good Day Sacramento.

2017-Re-launched her blog as “The Kachet Life” - a truer reflection of who Kachet is personally as well as a platform for her as an influencer in the community. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE SUBJECTS TO BLOG ABOUT? *Travel *Entertaining *Lifestyle Hacks *Wellness

ARE YOU AN EXTROVERT OR AN INTROVERT? “I’m an Ambivert!” says Kachet. She loves people, parties and connecting, but also values taking time to recharge and knowing when to say “no” so she can balance her extrovert and introvert traits.

HAS THE SOCIAL MEDIA COMMUNITY BEEN A SUPPORTIVE INFLUENCE IN YOUR LIFE? “Yes” says Kachet, and she has been supportive of it in return! In 2017, she started The Blog Bloc. Kachet hosts monthly events for Sacramento bloggers and influencers. Each Mixer is split into half networking and half education. With over 100 local influencers in their database, The Blog Bloc also assists brands with their influencer marketing efforts.

“Being a blogger and influencer takes consistency, confidence and putting your audience first.”

WHAT DO FAMILY & FRIENDS THINK OF YOUR BLOGGING? “They have been supportive and often tout my achievements before I do!” relays Kachet. She notes, even though supportive, since influencer marketing is an emerging industry, there’s a lot to explain. By looking on social media, they usually only see the end results. “A lot more work goes into it than friends or strangers realize.” WHAT DO YOU HOPE YOUR BLOG COMMUNICATES TO THE PUBLIC? “Celebrate Today!

You don’t have to be a Hollywood Star or have a lot of money to have a life you love.” Kachet’s goal is to share with others how she embraces approachable, affordable luxury in her her own life and empower others to do the same.

A MEMORABLE MOMENT IN YOUR BLOGGING CAREER? 4 years ago, Kachet was asked to do a fashion article for Sacramento News and Review. What, on the surface, appeared to be a simple “little” article held surprise after surprise for Kachet. First, when she was invited to the photo shoot for the article, then asked spontaneously to model and finally when she was told her photo would be on the cover of the publication! Her look and expressions in the photos could’t have been any more authentic since the whole shoot was completely unexpected! The fact that this “big break” came right in her own home town made the experience extra special.

Does Kachet look familiar?

If you didn’t see her on the cover of Sacramento News & Review, you may quite possibly have seen her on one of numerous Good Day Sacramento appearances. She has also appeared on Studio 40 Live and ABC10. Kachet has written content for a variety of print and web publications including Comstock’s Magazine and Better Homes and Gardens to name a few. Speaking of Better Homes and Gardens, when this article goes to print, Kachet will be in New York at the annual invite-only Stylemaker event. Want to find out how her trip goes? You can read all about this trip and everything else happening in The Kachet Life at: and on Instagram @thekachetlife.   41



Stephanie Cameron


Photographed by Kelly Marie Photography

WHO ARE YOU? Stephanie Simpson, who is now Stephanie Miller! Love being outdoors, being with family and taking care of kids.

Who are you?

Cameron Miller: A hard working carpenter with a generous heart; an outdoorsman and a great friend.

How did you meet?

I (Steph) was over a friend’s house when she needed help with her sink. Conveniently, she had a neighbor that was Mr. Fix-it (also known as my husband now). He showed up at the door, and I haven't taken my eyes off him since. He made the first move with a text message, we had our first date at a drive-in movie—then he asked me to be his girlfriend in a photo booth.

The Proposal?

We were camping at Clearlake, for his birthday weekend, with some friends. We were

42. - Autumn 2019

out fishing in his raft. He "needed' to go back to get a beer for the ride, but it was just him getting in position for his brother to be able to film the whole thing. He also had a phone in the raft recording the proposal. He got on one knee and told me that he didn't want anything else for his birthday except me. Then my heart melted, and I was completely surprised with every happy emotion you could imagine. Our friends were in the background cheering us on; then we drove away and took in the moment. It was one of the best feelings in the entire world!

What is love?

Stephanie: Love is all the little things; the things that get you through the day. A smile, a hug, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a random kiss on the forehead, or an "I got the dishes". It’s all the little things that make your life better and sweeter. Love is something that you just feel, and it is one of the

best feelings in the world. Without love, we are just existing. Love gives us purpose to be there for each other. Love is one of the best gifts you can give to one another. And of course, Cam is love.

What is love?

Cameron: Love is a best friend, an escape, and a safe place. Love is something that brings a sort of peace to your life. Love is both funny and deep. Love is organic and my love is Stephanie.

What do you love most about him?

Cameron has the BIGGEST heart! There’s a lots of things I love about him… really everything. But, what I love most about him is his heart. He is always ready to help anyone out, even if he doesn't have the time. His kind heart made all my walls come down, and I have never felt so comfortable or at home with anyone. He always knows when some-


Love is all the

little things; the things that get you through the day. A smile, a hug, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a random kiss on the forehead, or an "I got the dishes". It’s all the little things that make your life better and sweeter.




I knew that I loved Steph when she naturally immersed herself into my life.

thing is wrong because he takes the time to be in tune with my heart. I don't know how I got so lucky to have this amazing husband to take care of me.

What do you love most about her?

Her energy and good spirit, her smile, laugh, goofiness and natural kindness.

When did you know you were in love?

Stephanie: I knew I loved Cam, when I started to realize that I never had to question where our relationship was going. I don't think it was a particular moment in time, but it was our growth and time spent together that made me realized that I loved him. Our time dating was nothing but fun, silly, romantic and easy! It just felt right and after a couple of weeks, I knew he was someone I was going to love. Everything felt like it was falling into place and the peacefulness made me fall in love with him. And then the love just continued to grow into more love!

When did you know you were in love?

44. - Autumn 2019

Cameron: I knew that I loved Steph when she naturally immersed herself into my life.

Fun facts

We love to be with family and friends and spend our time outdoors. Steph took Cam skydiving for his first time (it was her third). Cam loves to cook meat and Steph loves to cook vegetables, makes for the perfect meal. Steph loves to take pictures of Cam sleeping and using snapchat filters. Cam likes to scare Steph anytime that he can (in a harmless way).We both love country music and being goofy.

Honeymoon plans

Just concluded our two month long road trip honeymoon that consisted of 27 states, 10,000 miles, six national parks, and countless memories.

Wedding details

We got married on June 22nd, 2019 at 4p.m. in Pollock Pines, CA. It was at a family friend’s house that overlooked Sly Park/Jenkinson Lake and the Sierras (Pollock Pines was where Steph was born). We got married on a beautiful sunny day surrounded by our family and friends. Our ceremony was full of laughter and tears; and followed by dinner, dancing, drinking, eating and endless laughter.




had the best day EVER!! We really wish it hadn't gone by so fast, we would love to relive the day. We can't thank our friends and family enough for being a part of our special day. Photographer Kelly Marie Photography (she is the best!) Videographer Hunter Miller (Cam's brother) Rentals Celebrations / Simple Country Weddings Caterer Kevin Nichols Desserts/cake Curtis Campbell Wedding Coordinator Tamara Haynes

DJ Bryan Greenwalt Hair and makeup Mimi Pedroza and Jazmin Osuna Tux Rentals Guys wore jeans and shirts from H&M. Bride's Dress BHLDN Rings Diamond is from his grandma (ring made at REEDS). His ring was from Titanium Buzz.

real estate}


Reasons a Great Real Estate Agent Is Your


46. - Autumn 2019

A real estate transaction can be an exciting thing to experience, but it can also be nervewracking and stressful. Your experience will largely depend on the circumstances surrounding your transaction and, perhaps more importantly, the agent you’re working with. A great agent will not only get you over the finish line to the best of their ability, but they can also change your life for the better. Here are eight ways…

1. They’ll show you they care.

In today’s fast-paced world, it seems like everyone’s attention is in short supply. A great real estate agent will show you that’s not always the case, by listening and caring about you and your needs. Not only will being a good listener help an agent do their job—but it’ll also show you that even in business there are still people out there who care.

2. They can save you a lot of money.

There’s an old expression, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur”. Hiring

a great agent can save you literally thousands of dollars, as the right agent will not only negotiate effectively but also know what pitfalls to look for as the transaction moves along—saving you money in the process.

3. They can help you see things in a different way.

One of the most overlooked aspects of hiring a great agent is just how much of an effect they can have on your perspective. For instance, you might think that you’re looking for something in particular, but a great agent can take what you asked for and find something that’s even better than anything you’ve ever considered. A great agent is like an expert matchmaker.

4. They’ll do more than help you buy or sell a home.

A great real estate agent will go above and beyond for you. They’ll help you find contractors, give recommendations on design (if you’re open to them), and even help you navigate the restaurants in your new neighborhood. Great agents provide so much value because they want to be your go-to resource for anything to do with real estate.

real estate} 5. They can find you something that no one else can.

Great real estate agents aren’t necessarily miracle workers, but they’re close. A great agent will surprise you with something no one’s ever thought of before, whether it’s finding a property that you didn’t know about, or a solution to an otherwise complex problem. A great agent is proactive and instead of sitting around waiting, will make things happen for you.

6. They can take a lot of stress away.

One of the best things about a great real estate agent is the peace of mind that comes from working with them. There are lots of things that can go wrong during a real estate transaction, and a great agent knows this and will not only anticipate issues ahead of time… but will shoulder the burden and solve problems for you, making it a low-stress experience

7. They’ll go to battle for you when it counts.

The right agent is like a general you can depend on when the going gets tough. From searching for the right property (or buyer) to negotiating and pushing the deal through despite all obstacles standing in the way. A great real estate agent won’t back down from adversity and will battle for your best interests at all times.

8. They can become a friend for life.

Maybe your real estate agent is already your friend, but if not, with a great agent you might eventually become one. Real estate is much more about relationships than it is about individual transactions, and great agents know this. They also usually have the kind of infectious personality that you always want to be around. So don’t be afraid to form a lifelong friendship with your real estate agent, it could truly change your life. Do you have questions regarding real estate in general? Contact Justin Pinnell BRE- 02045095, M&M Real Estate at (916) 812.0576 or   47




What does investing mean to you? If the word makes you think of transactions – buying or selling stocks and bonds – you’re looking at just part of the picture. To work toward all your goals, such as a comfortable retirement, you need a comprehensive financial strategy. And for that, you might need to work with a personal financial advisor. But what, specifically, can this type of professional do for you? 48. - Autumn 2019

Here are some of the key services a financial advisor can provide Help you invest for your retirement

An experienced financial advisor can look at all the relevant factors – your current and projected income, age at which you’d like to retire, desired retirement lifestyle – to help you determine how much you need to invest, and in which investment vehicles, to help you reach your retirement goals. To cite just one example, a financial advisor can review your employer-sponsored retirement plan and help you determine how to use it to your greatest advantage.

Help you save for college

Higher education is expensive, and costs are rising every year. If you’d like to help your children – or grandchildren – go to college someday, you need to save and invest early and often. A financial advisor can suggest appropriate college savings vehicles and strategies.

Help make sure you’re well-protected

If something were to happen to you, could your family maintain its standard of living? Or if you someday needed some type of long-term care, such as an extended stay in a nursing home, would you be able to maintain your financial independence, or would you be forced to rely on your adult children for help? A financial advisor can recommend and possibly provide suitable protection products and services for your needs.

Help you adjust your financial strategy

Not much will stay constant in your life – and that includes your financial strategy. Any number of events – a new child, a new job, a new retirement destination – can cause you to adjust your investment moves, as will some of the factors influencing the financial markets – economic downturns, changing interest rates, new tax laws, and more. A financial advisor can help you change course as needed – and sometimes encourage you not to change course, when, in his or her professional opinion, you might be tempted to overreact to some event or other.

finance} If something were to happen to you, could your family maintain its standard of living? Or if you someday needed some type of long-term care, such as an extended stay in a nursing home, would you be able to maintain your financial independence? While a financial advisor can help you in many ways, you’ll need, above all else, to feel comfortable with whomever you choose. Ultimately, you’ll want to pick someone who understands what’s important to you, and who will follow an established process to create personalized strategies and recommend specific actions needed to help achieve your goals. And you’ll want someone who will be with you in the long run – someone who will revisit your objectives and risk tolerance and who can adjust your strategies in response to changes in your life. A financial advisor can make a big difference in your life. So, work diligently to find the right one – and take full advantage of the help you’ll receive as you move toward your important goals. JOSH MYER- As an Edward Jones Financial Advisor, I believe it's important to invest my time to understand what's most important to you before you invest your money. We'll use an established process to build personalized strategies to help you achieve your goals as well as partnering together throughout your life to make sure we help you stay on track. Josh Myer, Edward Jones, Elk Grove. 9401 E Stockton Blvd Suite 250, Elk Grove. (916) 685-6753   49

Reviews brought to you by the art} BOOKS


By: Rob Hart

Book Reviews by BRENDLE WELLS I find that some of the best escapist thrillers often have an element of truth to them. An edge of reality that brings an additional tension to the reading experience as you wonder “what if this could actually happen?” Set in a dystopian future that is just a little too possible for comfort, The Warehouse has plenty of that edge. The giant megacorporation Cloud has taken over the majority of all retail in the world, and is now positioning itself as the solution for the climate change that has devastated the planet. Readers get a peek into the company through the eyes of two new employees who have just arrived at one of the company’s giant live work facilities where all your needs are anticipated by the high tech systems. Both of them are discovering that the glowing corporate image is not all it’s cracked up to be and that serious dangers lurk in Cloud Corporation dominance. Are they in a position to reveal those dangers? Possibly, for these two new employees are not what they seem. Paxton is a former entrepreneur who was put out of business by Cloud. He just wants his product back. Zinnia is involved in corporate espionage and she’s looking to Paxton, a new member of the security team, as the way in. What will they find when they look behind the curtain? Readers of all types will be eagerly turning pages to find out. Crown Books, 2019

The Bookish Life of Nina Hill

By: Abbi Waxman

Speaking of escapist reading, this quirky light romantic comedy is perfect for getting away from it all on a leisurely afternoon. Our happily introverted heroine, Nina Hill, is very fond of routine, outlining the plan for each day in her capacious planner. The majority of her time is spent at her job as a clerk at a small independent bookseller and as a member of a trivia team. Oh, and reading. She really enjoys reading. A large wrench is thrown into all of that when a lawyer reveals the death of the father she never knew and the extensive family he left behind. Nina, who deals with anxiety issues, suddenly has plenty of pressures on her life and time. Frequent visits from her new very high maintenance family, the possibility of the bookstore closing, and a rival trivia team member who wants to get to know her a little better. Her options for escape are limited and though she just wants to be left alone, Nina finds that sometimes you have to come out and face your problems head on. It might just turn out that the solution to everything is closer than you think. With a delightfully sarcastic inner monologue, quirky and supportive characters and an uplifting story, this is just the book to brighten the day of any reader. Berkley, 2019

Visit WWW.SACLI BRARY.ORG For details, telephone the Sacramento Public Library at (916) 264-2920 or visit

50. - Autumn 2019


An Elk Grove Sleep-Over with


Winter Sanctuary Written by Susie Franklin Roeser

Come December in Elk Grove, we can often relate to the familiar holiday song saying, “Oh, the weather outside is frightful…” For those who are homeless, harsh overnight conditions are more than a mere inconvenience, they can be a true nightmare. For this reason, Elk Grove HART (Homeless Assistance Resource Team) has partnered with local churches to provide Winter Sanctuary (EG WINS) - a temporary emergency shelter for homeless people in Elk Grove. 52. - Autumn 2019

This program is based on the successful model used in Davis, CA, since 2007. Supporters include the City of Elk Grove, Sacramento Self Help Housing and Elk Grove Food Bank Services. Local churches provide accommodations over 12 weeks for up to 20 men and women with a warm, dry place to sleep, a hot meal, and friendly companionship. Churches that participate have found “many hands make light work”. They often divide up the task and time needed to prepare for and serve their overnight guests. This allows members of each congregation to help serve the community in a way that best fits their time schedule and talents. Over the past six years, the participating churches have developed a variety of traditions when it comes to hosting



Little Houses Making a Big Difference Here is another way you and your family can help the homeless … Gifts From The Heart Of Elk Grove and Elk Grove HART has teamed up for an exciting fundraiser in which you can take part! We collect “outgrown” doll houses, refurbishing them (if necessary) and then putting them up for a silent auction with all proceeds going to Elk Grove HART. WANT TO GET INVOLVED? HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP *Donate a doll house you no longer need.

As fall gives way to winter—and you start to feel an icy chill in the air, let it be a reminder of your blessings of “Hearth & Home”. Let it also remind you that YOU can help make a difference for those less fortunate, in our community, by supporting the work of Elk Grove HART and Winter Sanctuary their overnight guests. Some spend the evening playing board games with guests, sharing music, helping guests send letters to loved ones, or even providing a little pampering, like doing guests nails or offering free haircuts. Some congregations donate and put together care packs (of helpful items) for their guest to take with them after their visit. So, as fall gives way to winter—and you start to feel an icy chill in the air, let it be a reminder of your blessings of “Hearth & Home”. Let it also remind you that YOU can help make a difference for those less fortunate, in our community, by supporting the work of Elk Grove HART and Winter Sanctuary with gifts of your time, talents and/or financial donations.

*Donate time, talent and/or supplies to help refurbish “past their prime” doll houses. *Bid on completed doll houses in person @ Gifts From The Heart Of Elk Grove or at their website: (on the “Latest & Greatest” page). *Spread the word about the project. Encourage others to donate and bid. For more information, e-mail Susie at or call her @ (916) 714-0914.

Working together, we can turn what otherwise might feel like a nightmare into the opportunity for local homeless, to “Sleep in Heavenly Peace”. Winter Sanctuary starts December 8, 2019 - Volunteers are needed! Contact to learn more   53


Claudia De Young, MD, MS,

Director of the Breast Clinic and Cancer Survivorship Program at the Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center By Lilly Wyatt, Kaiser Permanente Public Relations

October is pink, from the illumination of landmarks like the State Capitol, pink ribbons decorating major streets in cities around the country, and flocks of people wearing the blush at a variety of events like walks and runs around the world. It is the color of breast cancer awareness since the early 1990’s. “The global awareness that has been raised through the pink ribbon has helped increase early detection of breast cancer, make women more aware of the importance of doing regular breast self-examinations, and increase funds directed toward finding a cure,” said Claudia De Young, MD, Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento. Since she joined Kaiser Permanente in 2003, Dr. De Young has been running the breast clinic, as well as the Cancer Survivorship Program. In addition to her clinical responsibilities, Dr. De Young runs the Breast Cancer Peer Support Program; and you can often find her giving community talks on breast health and women's health issues.

Q: What motivated you to pursue medicine? And your specialty?

I knew from a young age I wanted to be a doctor. The specialty in women’s health, and specifically 54. - Autumn 2019

breast health, came later. I have always been passionate about women’s issues. I initially wanted to be a primary care physician who provided comprehensive health care to women; however, when I joined Kaiser Permanente in 2003, they needed a doctor to run their breast clinic. Over the years, being involved in so many breast cancer diagnoses, I began to get involved in various cancer support services and survivorship care.

Q: What was your first job?

In research and development at Johnson & Johnson. I went to Northeastern University in Boston, MA, which is known for its cooperative education program. This is where you earn a degree but also integrate work and internships throughout. I majored in mechanical engineering in college and initially thought I was going to get into biomedical engineering. Again, life took me in a different direction based on listening to my heart and soul.

Q: I hear you are a big proponent of health prevention and lifestyle choices.

I think it is so empowering to know that by eating healthy (i.e. real foods, plant strong), exercising regularly and staying a healthy weight, we can prevent and fend off so many disease processes including cancer. I want to empower others with this knowledge! It’s such a simple concept and so powerful yet the masses don’t seem to get it.

Q: Now, more than ever, we hear the term ‘preventive medicine’ why is that important as a doctor with Kaiser Permanente?

Who doesn’t like the idea of preventing disease? The problem is that many of our current lifestyle choices and habits, in the United States especially, are not helping us prevent disease. Many


I think it is part of my duty as a clinician to educate patients on the healthy effect lifestyle choices can have on their health, including their breast health.

Americans are overweight, do not get the recommended exercise and eat a diet that is largely processed. I think it is part of my duty as a clinician to educate patients on the healthy effect lifestyle choices can have on their health, including their breast health. Another problem is that the concepts of Lifestyle and Functional Medicine are rather new to the medical community. We must get our doctors and advanced practice providers on board so they can educate their patients. I feel fortunate to work for Kaiser Permanente which absolutely supports the idea of prevention as medicine. In fact, our Elk Grove Medical Offices on Big Horn Boulevard has the first Northern California Kaiser Permanente Lifestyle Medicine Department that focuses on preventing and reversing disease through a plant-based diet, exercise and resiliency. I will be joining up with them for a pilot study looking at how these factors can influence breast cancer survivors, which I am super excited about.

Q: How do your roles at Kaiser

Permanente impact our community?

In our breast clinic, I see just about any and all breast problems that men and women can have. I also see members who are at increased risk of developing breast cancer based on a genetic mutation or a strong family history. In diagnosing


breast cancer over the years, and staying in touch with many of my patients, I also realized the importance of helping men and women get back to a “new normal” after a cancer diagnosis. Thus, the birth of our Cancer Survivorship Program within the Department of Oncology. We are fortunate in the Sacramento area to have so many wonderful organizations that work together to provide a community of support for our cancer patients (as no single organization can provide all resources). I work closely with other medical centers as well as our local American Cancer Society and several of the non-profits in the area including Triumph Fitness, Albie Aware, Wellness Within and Save Ourselves. We ALL work together to provide the best cancer care for our Sacramento community.

Q: What are your

interests outside medicine?

Nutrition, exercise and the outdoors. And, of course, my dogs! I also am an avid reader and love to garden.

Q: What achievements

are you most proud of?

Helping people and making a difference in people’s lives. I am truly blessed in my career, because I am able to do what I feel is my life’s work and my mission.   55


Autumn Vibes at Styles with Heart








Located inside Elk Grove Vitamins 9647 E Stockton Blvd. Elk Grove. (916) 686-4488 56. - Autumn 2019

1. Mud Pie dress $64 - 2. Coco + Carmen purse $56 - 3. Coco+Carmen pants $24.99 4. Sofft shoes $66 - 5. Rachel Eva bracelets $65 - 6. Rachel Eva necklace $36 7. Gaia bracelet $14


What I’ve Learned About

Suspending Students from School By CT Morris - BS Elementary Ed., MS Ed.

A lot of conversation is going on these days with the word “suspension” being tossed around, followed by statements such as “crazy days we’re living in”. What has ignited the passion that is heard from the people who are having the heated “suspension discussion”? I’ve got the answer—there is a crazy proposal (in California) that is designed to protect kids from excessive discipline by prohibiting suspension from schools for disobedience. In fact, the proposal passed out of the Assembly and is moving closer to becoming a law (because the Assembly voted 58-17 for Senate Bill 419). Charter schools sighed their sigh of relief thinking, “boy howdy, sure glad that we’re a charter.” Then the hammer fell (so to speak) when they found out the bill will also apply to charter schools. “Ouch”. Where in the world did this proposal come from? Well, it wasn’t someone’s pipe dream or a “teacher hater” who came up with the bill. It actually came from a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office. They found that black students, boys, and students with disabilities were disproportionately disciplined in K-12 schools. Interestingly, they found this was the case regardless of the type of disciplinary action, poverty at the school level, or type of public school the students attended. 58. - Autumn 2019

Under the amended SB 419, schools would be prohibited from suspending any student from kindergarten to eighth grade “who disrupts school activities or otherwise willfully defies the valid authority of supervisors, teachers, administrators, or school officials,” beginning July 1, 2020. Actually, as a current teacher in California…I agree with the proposed bill. I don’t think suspension is ever the answer to a disciplinary problem. I’ve taught for many, many years (preschool, elementary, minors in possession and college freshmen) and I’ve learned there are much better ways to correct “willful defiance”. I know as a teacher, controlling disruptive behavior is vital to creating an effective learning environment for my students. But, suspension? That, I feel, is not a way to deal with a child who is disruptive or defiant. Sadly, the only winner (when a child is suspended) is the teacher who suspends the student. They’re doing the happy dance, because the student (with the problem behavior) is out of their classroom. The teacher’s stress level dropped way down (for the moment). But think about the student. Data shows suspensions push students back academically… and how does suspending a child teach them what behavior is expected in

school? There is always a way to manage behaviors which are negative in a classroom. One way is classroom management techniques that increase positive outcomes for students and hold students accountable when they make mistakes. There are also restorative practices that are much more effective than suspensions. It offers students the breathing space to say what they did and why. I believe that if students are valued and know that they are loved, their teacher will have a classroom that is a community. The thought of sending a student “to the principal’s office” or “suspending a student” won’t even cross that teacher’s mind. I can speak from personal experience that suspensions don’t work, because I was a “juvenile delinquent”. If my old, dusty, moldy school files were pulled, I would be horrified for anyone to read what a hideous child I was. When they kicked me out of class, because I was disrespectful; it made me angry and vindictive. I can’t remember one teacher who made a difference in my life…they all took the easy way out and removed me from their class. Getting kicked out became a reward for me, because I hated school. I eventually dropped out and never looked back at that school. It was many years before I attempted to get my GED….and the rest is history.

education}    59 59


Bigger Person OR Best Version?? By Anna Osborn, LMFT, owner of Life Unscripted Counseling

School is SOOO back in session, and I’m still wrapping my head around the fact that I have two 2nd graders on my hands! Fall is always a time of year that I welcome with open arms, but it’s also a time of year that comes with more emotions and reflections than I’d sometimes like to admit. And yet, my kids are fully in the swing of 2nd grade. You see, second grade is different. It just feels so big. Maybe, it’s because my only kids are my twins; and there’s no younger sibling tagging along behind giving me the gift of going through these stages a second time. Or maybe, I’m just particularly sappy and need to accept that my little ones are growing up on me. 60. - Autumn 2019

But whatever it is, second grade just feels big. My kids are fighting for amazing steps in their quests for independence and as much as I’m proud of them, I know I have less and less control over the ways they’re showing up in the world. Before, I would get a front row seat to how they navigated growing pains in their social relationships…. but now all that navigation is taking place on the playground, in the classroom, or on the sports field—away from my eyes. I don’t get to see how they’re really showing up in the world and my gentle nudge back to reality is sometimes long after the fact. Usually I hear about these growing pains through a trickling out of information at the dinner table.

they want to pound their fists and have everything done their way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful they share these little moments with me and yet I find myself struggling with how to guide them from afar. Ideally, I want them to show up as the most grounded, most curious and most inclusive versions of themselves, even when they feel like

For me, every time I hear someone say, “you need to just be the bigger person”, I kind of roll my eyes. Sorry, but it’s true. Being the bigger person always sounds like it holds an air of superiority with it. Like without even realizing it, you inflate yourself to a giant status and look down at the

There’s a part of me that wants them to be the bigger person in these situations, the ones that feel unfair or don’t make sense; but when I really sit back and think about it, I don’t think being the “bigger person” is necessarily going to serve them.

I mean really, what does it even mean to be the “bigger person”? And what does that even look like on a day to day basis?

You see for me, if I’m really being honest… I don’t show up as the best version of myself all the time. health} other person and their “foolishness” with great judgment of how this should all be resolved/ handled/addressed. But what if when you found yourself in situations like these (where you need to step back and evaluate) instead of telling yourself to be the bigger person, you asked yourself “What would the best version of me do here?”. THAT question has such a better potential to create real growth. Because when you ask yourself, “How does the best version of me show up in this situation?” Then it really is all about you! And when it comes to self-reflection and personal growth, it HAS to be all about you. If your perspective is purely focused on the other person, and what they need to change and NOT centered on your CHOICES, your ACTIONS and your WORDS, then you won’t grow in the ways I’m certain you want to. And the thing I love about this question; “How does the best version of me show up here?” It’s unique to each of us and the moment we find ourselves in. You see for me… if I’m really being honest… I don’t show up as the best version of myself all the time. Yes, I’m human. And yet, if I slow down for just long enough to ask myself this question, I usually end up finding my breath, being less sharp with my words and a whole lot more aware of what I need to do in that moment.

The best version of me sometimes shows up by saying, “I’m sorry” and sometimes by being curious and asking questions—and even sometimes by saying, “I’m crabby, can you just give me some space?” This question has such great potential in all of your relationships, especially your partnership. When you move yourself out of being the “bigger person” and instead into the best version of yourself, you’re more likely to create more meaningful connection because you’re actually getting to know each other more in that moment. You’re showing up more authentically because you’re letting yourself and your partner know what you need in order to be the best version of you. So how do you start asking yourself this question regularly? 62. - Autumn 2019

Start with these four steps

1. Notice where in your body you hold that “reactive” response we all have. You can do this by thinking of a recent time you were reactive and notice where in your body you feel any activation, tension, tightness, etc.


Do body scans throughout the day, especially during times of tension, frustration or when feeling overwhelmed; and pay attention to see if that “reactive” place in your body is becoming activated. Remember, a body scan is literally taking a moment to breath and “scan” through your body to notice any messages your body is trying to give you.

3. When you notice activation in your body,

challenge yourself to take a few deep breaths and literally ask yourself, “What would the best version of me do here? How would I respond? What choices would I make?”

4. Lastly,

do that thing! Make that choice. Give yourself permission to do what you’ve just identified as the choice or action you need to take to in order to show up as the best version of you. Personal growth and striving to continually be a better version of yourself is an amazing goal and it’s also something that can be done in small moments as you navigate life together. Your relationships WILL greatly benefit from taking a moment to ask yourself, “How does the best version of me show up today?” Pause and listen. I know you’re going to hear some amazing wisdom coming straight from within.

Anna Osborn, LMFT, is the owner of Life Unscripted Counseling. She works with couples to improve communication, deepen intimacy and heal from betrayal. Anna was born and raised in California and lives in the Elk Grove with her husband, school aged twins and boxer dog. She is an avid sports fan and can often be found at the ballpark cheering on her local team.


How Pets Improve Your Life Written by Justin Pinnell

Thinking over the many varieties of pets I’ve had over the years, there’s no arguing that those pets enriched my life and my family's. The reason being—animals make you feel good. Animal lovers know those unique pets that become like family, can keep you healthy in mind, body and soul. If you take away the obvious way I feel about pets, and just look at the various science-backed studies; there is proof that pets can improve your health. 64. - Autumn 2019

Pets Ease Depression There is nothing better than coming home to the unconditional love of a pet. Pets can even help you deal with, and recover from, depression. Your pet will let you talk (as long as you want) about your problems—without any judgment. Petting or holding your pet can make you feel calmer, and taking care of an animal; walking with it, grooming it, and playing with it takes you out of yourself. Pets help you feel better about the way you spend your time because you are caring for something else, instead of just yourself.

Boost Your Fitness Probably the most obvious example of the way pets improve our health—would be fitness. If you have a dog, you’re probably more active than someone who doesn’t have one. A daily walk

with your pooch helps keep you moving — more times than not, when people are walking my neighborhood they have a pet in tow. Not just dogs, either, I have a neighbor that walks his two cats every evening. I always see the fellow and his wife strolling down the road — each with a cat in a harness and on a leash. My mom even tells my daughter about when she walked her pet turtle, as a little girl. So, be creative with your favorite pet. Adding in a game that you can play with your pet, will keep you even more fit.

More Connections

One of the most significant factors to a healthy mind, is to stay socially engaged with others. When I was walking down the boulevard in Monterey with my mom and her little Yorkie, we were stopped dozens of times by people who wanted to talk and pet the dog.

66. - Autumn 2019


When I was walking alone, no one even looked at me. Of course, being an overweight bearded guy might be part of the issue. However, a pet is a conversation waiting to happen. People (especially if you are with a dog) will stop and talk to you when they see you walking your pet. The dog park in my neighborhood is the busiest. Once upon a time, it was kids playing and parents on their phones. Now I see dogs socializing with each other, and pet owners talking to each other about their dogs socializing. Going to a dog park allows you to talk with other pet owners—while your pets play. You could meet your next best friend, or even a mate. It sure beats the internet!

Lower Blood Pressure Heart Disease is still the number one killer in the United States, and according to Web MD having a pet can help you manage your blood pressure. However, you still have to watch your weight and exercise. In one study of 240 married couples, pet owners had lower blood pressure

and lower heart rates during rest than people who didn’t have a pet. Another study showed that when children with high blood pressure petted their dog, their numbers improved. So get to scratching your furry, feathery, or scaly buddy behind the ears!

Allergies Something in our society that seems to be growing worse every day is allergies. I have mentioned in one of my past articles about local honey being used to combat allergies. It was about Diana, from Elk Grove Vitamins, who had a personal experience in dealing with extreme allergies. Well, here is another tip. In a study published in Clinical & Experimental Allergy, children who were exposed to pets before they were six months old were less likely to develop allergic diseases, hay fever, and eczema as they got older. The study states, “In the first year of life, babies who are exposed to dogs in the household are more likely not to have allergies, asthma, and fewer upper respiratory infections,” says

Johnson. “If exposed at an early age to dander and allergens, we may be less reactive to them over time.” Interestingly, kids who grow up around farm animals, dogs, or cats typically have stronger immune systems and a reduced risk of developing asthma or eczema.

The moral to this story is, if you are not going to adopt or rescue a pet to save the animal; adopt the pet for your health and your family’s. I personally have always had pets, including a pet goat that lived to its late teens named Cuddles. Pets primarily taught me how to be responsible, how to love unconditionally, and how to grieve in a healthy natural way when I have lost one. All this is above and beyond all the other benefits I wasn't aware I was receiving, from pet ownership. Go to a shelter and adopt a pet today; your body, mind, and soul will thank you for it.   67


HARVEST OF HOPE GALA The Elk Grove Food Bank Services reached out to the community for their annual Harvest of Hope Gala Dinner on September 14, 2019, at the Sheldon Inn in Elk Grove. This event helped the growing needs and services of many residents in Elk Grove. The need to grow along with the needs of our local hungry is vital. The number of senior clients has grown by 280% since 2010. We currently serve approximately 1400 seniors each month and have seven Mobile Senior Distribution sites in Elk Grove and one in South Sacramento. In addition, we have a home delivery program for the homebound medically fragile. The Elk Grove Food Bank honored assembly member Jim Cooper, during the event. He secured four million dollars in State funding for the Food Bank. This tremendous gift cannot be used for operations or administrative costs; so it will be used to purchase a permanent home for the food bank. Many came dressed memorably, for an evening under the stars at the beautiful Sheldon Inn outdoor venue. The evening included a delicious dinner with Master of Ceremonies Mark S. Allen; a silent auction and a live auction with Auctioneer David Sobon. From the moment of arrival, guests enjoyed musical entertainment (by iHeart radio) and mingling with friends and family. Guests finished off the evening dancing to the tunes of the local band, The Why Nots.

68. - Autumn 2019

community} HAPPENINGS   69


The Albiani Family By Elizabeth Pinkerton Photos courtesy of Louis Silveira and the Elk Grove Historical Society

Gil and Kay Albiani are well known Elk Grove community members and volunteers. All members of the family follow them in regard to community involvement, and the family plays a large part in the Elk Grove area. The Albiani sons and daughters are actively involved in education, agriculture, business, and community groups just as Gil and Kay have been for many, many years. Kay and Gil Albiani

Katherine (Kay) Leonard Albiani is one of our Elk Grove famous graduates. She attended Elk Grove Elementary School and graduated from Elk Grove High School in 1958, when the high school was located at what is now the Joseph Kerr Middle School. Kay was raised by her grandparents, Al and Mary Leonard, at a rural site in Elk Grove. She attended Sacramento State College majoring in Social Science while working as a Girl's Counselor and Athletic Director at St. Patrick’s Home. Gil Albiani attended Fruitridge Elementary School, Stanford Junior High School and McClatchy High School. He graduated from Sacramento Jr. College, and attended Sacramento State College after he and Kay were married. They met in 1959 when Gil worked for SMUD, but he left shortly after for the Infantry School at Ft. Benning, Georgia. After his return, they married in 1961. Gil and Kay lived in Sacramento until 1965, when they moved to Elk Grove with their three children. In 1968, with help from Gil’s father and Kay’s grandfather, they built their home in the Sheldon community where they still live. 70. - Autumn 2019

Kay Albiani organized and cofounded the Elk Grove Coop Preschool, and she has been actively involved in many organizations. She has also received many honors and much recognition for all that she has done. The Katherine Albiani Middle School in the Elk Grove Unified School District was named in her honor in 2005. The campus is next to Pleasant Grove High School on Bond Road in East Elk Grove. The Albiani name will forever be known in the Sheldon-Elk Grove area. Kay was honored as Woman of the Year by the Elk Grove Citizen newspaper, and she was selected as the California State Assembly’s Woman of the Year. She has also been awarded the National Community College Trustee of the Year Leadership Award. She served on the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education for 18 years and many times as president of the Board. She served on the Los Rios Community College

Trustees Board for 20 years, and was president several times. She is a Past President of the Elk Grove Senior Center, and was twice president of Sacramento YWCA. Kay Albiani was also active at the State level of California. She was the president of the California School Boards Association, and was president and on the Governing Board of the California Community Colleges. She

The Albiani's attending the Pleasant Grove High School's homecoming parade in 2018.



Kay and Gil celebrated their 50thanniversary, at their home in Sheldon. Kay is pictured here with her triplet granddaughters, Samantha, Sophia, and Isabella.

Elk Grove Woman of the Year in 2018. Marielle Tsukamoto, Priscilla Cox, and Kay, with school Board Member Beth Albiani.

Gil and Kay have taken all their grandchildren to Italy when they become teens. They are shown here outside a Bistro in Lucca. The whole family, on their most recent visit to Tuscany, Italy, attending a cooking class.

was also the chair of the Sacramento County Civil Service Commission. Community involvement continues for Kay serving as a Board Member of the Elk Grove Regional Scholarship Foundation. She continues her volunteer work to provide scholarships for Elk Grove’s high school students. Gil Albiani served in the California National Guard for 22 years and retired with the rank of Major, Medical Service Corp. He chaired the first Elk Grove Unified School District Mello Roos Campaign, and the St Maria Goretti Church Capital campaigns. He is a former Board Member and Past President of the Sacramento Association of Realtors. He was selected as the 1999 Sacramento Association Realtor of the Year; Past President American Lung Association, Immigrant Trails; former President of the Mercy Foundation, Past Chair of Cal Expo and California State Fair Board of Directors; the current Chair of Sacramento Region Dignity Health Board, and a 15 year member and current Chair of the Cosumnes Community Services District Board.

It is easy to see why the children of Kay and Gil Albiani continue the tradition of community involvement. The Albianis have five children, Michael, Mary, Jennifer, Timothy, and Dennis. They all attended Pleasant Grove Elementary School, Joseph Kerr Junior High, and graduated from Elk Grove High School. Michael Albiani graduated with a degree in Agriculture Business from Fresno State, and received a teaching credential from UC Davis. He is the head of the Agriculture Department at Elk Grove High School .He is married to Chantelle Saude Albiani, also a Fresno State grad with a degree in Agriculture Education. She is the principal of Franklin High School in Elk Grove Unified. They have two children, Jordan and Madison. Mary Albiani Egan graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Gerontology and received a Master’s Degree from San Francisco State in Public Administration. Mary is married to Danial Egan from Susanville CA. He is a UC Davis graduate and has a law degree from UC Berkeley, Boalt Law School. Mary

worked for Oakland and San Jose and then in the private sector. Mary owns her own consulting firm Municipal Consultants with clients throughout the State. Dan is a specialist in Bankruptcy law and a senior partner with Wilke Fleury in Sacramento. They live in Wilton with offices in Sacramento. They own and operate a sizable cattle operation in Northern California. They have three sons, Michael, Christopher and Matthew. Jennifer Albiani Quinn graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Agriculture Business and secured an Ag Science teaching credential from Cal Poly SLO. She taught science as a resource teacher in Elk Grove schools and secured a real estate license. She married John Quinn a graduate from UC Davis with an engineering degree. They moved to a rural home in Elk Grove where John worked in food safety. He earned a Contractor’s License and built their former and present home in Sheldon. Jennifer was an active Realtor and manager for more than two decades and has been a partner with Gil in their real estate business. The Quinns raise Charleah cattle and she and John are partners   71



Mike Albiani Jennifer Quinn. Gil & Kay. Dennis Albiani. Mary Egan. Tim Albiani. - Christmas 2018

order. 2018 ldren and their birth The Albiani grandchi

in an environmental management business with a large herd of goats and sheep providing fire management and weed abatement in Northern California. They have three children, Kyle, Karli and Riley. Timothy Albiani graduated from UC Davis with a degree in Civil Engineering, and worked as a structural engineer to develop skills and construction design. He is the director for the McCarthy Companies. Timothy is married Kathy Kalperas Albiani, a graduate of Sacramento State with an Elementary Education degree. She taught in Elk Grove schools before having their family and currently does volunteer work with the Sacramento SPCA. They live in the Arden area of Sacramento and have two children, Katherine (Katy) and Ryan. Dennis Albiani was a State Future Farmers of America (FFA) officer and graduated from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Political Science. He worked for a state senator and as a realtor with his Dad while attending McGeorge law school. He earned a law degree and passed the bar. He worked for two California Governors before joining California Advocates where he is now a partner. His specialty is in agriculture, water and natural resources. He married Elizabeth (Beth) Prouty Albiani also a Cal Poly graduate who taught in Elk Grove schools before having their children. She is currently an elected member of the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Education.

72. - Autumn 2019

All the grandchildren have raised livestock as a part of 4H or FFA and exhibited at local and state fairs.

Dennis and Beth’s children are Nicolas, Isabella, Samantha, and Sophia. The grandchildren of Gil and Kay Albiani are: Michael Egan – 27, graduate of UC Santa Cruz; lives in Palo Alto, CA and works in the Bay Area; Kyle Quinn – 27, graduate of Texas A and M, lives in Sacramento and works in Agriculture Sales in the region; Jordan Albiani – 27, graduate Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, lives and works as an Agriculture teacher in Santa Rosa, CA; Karli Quinn - 25, graduate Oklahoma State University, lives and works in Agriculture Management in Sacramento; Madison Albiani - 24, graduate Cal Poly Sa Luis Obispo and UC Davis, student teaching at Clarksburg High School; Christopher Egan - 24, graduate University of Puget Sound, living and working in Sacramento County Agriculture Department; Riley Quinn – 24, graduate of Chico State, living in Elk Grove and working in Food Safety and Production; Matthew Egan – 22, graduate University of Portland, living and working in Environmental Management in Sacramento; Katy Albiani - 20, at UC Berkley International Business, works in the summer in Berkley and at Cal Expo; Ryan Albiani – 18, graduated from Jesuit High School and enrolled in Cal Poly Sam Luis Obispo Engineering program; Nicolas Albiani - 17, Senior at Pleasant Grove High School and working summers as a SMUD Intern; Isabella Albiani – 15, Sophia Albiani – 15, and Samantha Albiani – 15, are all sophomores at

Elk Grove High School and very involved in the Agriculture Program, FFA, Drama and Athletics. All will be competing at the FFA National Convention in October in Indiana. All the grandchildren have raised livestock as a part of 4H or FFA and exhibited at local and state fairs. We can be very proud of the Albiani family for all that they have done and continue to do.

BOOKS By ELIZABETH PINKERTON History Happened Here, Book 1 – River, Oaks, Gold Book 2 – Fields, Farms, Schools We the People, a Story of Internment in America

All book proceeds go for student scholarships, and I thank the many purchasers who have made possible the 75 scholarships with each one $1,000 – Make your check for books payable to Laguna Publishers and send to me at 9227 Lamprey Drive, Elk Grove CA 95624. Books are $20 apiece and California sales tax is included. Add $3 for shipping of one or two books; $5 for 3-6 books. Call me at 916-685-0606 or email me at


With over 2300 square feet and 30 different Dealers, we have the selection you're looking for.

SEE WHAT YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT TODAY! Vintage Antiques & Uniques, located in Galt, has something for everyone. Find antiques to furniture, collectibles to jewelry, and everything in between.

Family Owned and Operated by Tyler and Hilary.

VINTAGEANTIQUESANDUNIQUES.COM 811 C STREET, GALT. - 209.912.4211 STORE HOURS Mon. - Fri. 10AM - 5PM Sat. 10AM - 6PM Sun. Closed

We are currently buying Gold, Silver, Platinum, Flatware, Diamonds, and Watches.

With a Graduate Gemologist on staff we can offer friendly, knowledgeable services.



Galt and Its 150 Year History We stepped back in time to 1869, and celebrated the founding of Galt. The 150 year mark was noted with an old fashion community celebration in Old Town Galt, on Fourth Street. The Sesquicentennial Celebration Committee organized this one-day event full of history, entertainment, and fun and games for all. The amazing milestone was celebrated with old fashioned games, live music, reenactors, horse-drawn buggy rides, gunslingers, authentic tintype photography, and a large display of early vintage cars and tractors. Congratulations Galt!

74. - Autumn 2019

community} HAPPENINGS   75

community} HAPPENINGS


Starts at 8:00 a.m. at 8280 Longleaf Dr. Elk Grove, CA. Register at: Come on out to the Elk Grove Gobble Wobble Run, a fun-family event, on November 28, 2019; and start your Thanksgiving morning off right with a run, walk or wobble! Bring your family and friends and come move your feet before you eat. End your fun run or walk with music, food, hot chocolate, bloody Mary’s, mimosas and more! Rain or shine come on out and shake your tail feathers! All proceeds from this event support Chicks in Crisis, a non-profit organization in Elk Grove offering pregnancy, parenting, adoption and educational services.


Five reasons to run, walk or wobble! 1 . It’s great for your health! Research shows that running can raise your levels

of good cholesterol while also helping you increase lung function and use. In addition, running can also boost your immune system and lower your risk of developing blood clots.

2 . A 5k a day keeps the doctor away! The money raised from the Gobble Wobble

Run goes towards helping families with the necessities they need to ensure their baby has a clean, dry bottom and stays healthy. Participating in the GW run not only helps you, but it helps those in need right here in our community.

3 . Great way to start your Thanksgiving morning! A healthy run, walk or wobble

will set the pace for the day’s delights and will put you in a good mood for your Thanksgiving festivities! It is a highly studied field (and well documented) that running, or any exercise, increases the release endorphins. Exercise makes you feel happy and improves your overall mood. Running in the morning can really set you up for a good day.

4 . A walk and talk is great for team building! Whether you choose to do this with family, friends or coworkers—this is a fun way to motivate and energize one another while chatting about all your Thanksgiving traditions!

5 . You’re helping raise awareness

for Chicks in Crisis! There will be many supporters cheering you on as you race for a great cause saving babies! 76. - Autumn 2019

Journey of Hope

October 5th through the 23rd. at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, 9683 Elk Grove-Florin Rd. Recognizing that the greatest struggles can often produce expressions of boundless beauty, the Journey of Hope initiative has linked local artists with residents facing mental health challenges to produce collaborative works of art. The initiative is part of the Sacramento County Division of Behavioral Health Services’ (DBHS) “Mental Illness: It’s not always what you think” campaign. The Journey of Hope exhibit features works by local sculptors, painters, and other artists and writers that reflect personal stories of hope and recovery. The aim of the traveling exhibition is to provide insight, inspiration, understanding, strength, and connection while raising awareness of mental health challenges. DBHS’ Stop Stigma Speakers Bureau launches the exhibit at 4 p.m. on Saturday, October 5, at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center (EGFAC) at 9683 Elk Grove-Florin Road. The exhibit continues at EGFAC through October 23. Journey of Hope then travels to the Sacramento Fine Arts Center for the month of November and concludes at the Crocker Art Museum in December.” For more information call 916-685-5992.

Pool of Pumpkins

Saturday, October 19th starting at 1:00 p.m. at the Wackford Aquatic Complex, 9014 Bruceville Road, Elk Grove. Jump in and pick your pumpkin! Join us for this annual event as we transform Adventure Bay into a floating pumpkin patch. Once you pick your pumpkin you can decorate it at one of our decorating stations and play fun carnival games. Bring the camera as you won’t want to miss this unique pumpkin experience! There is no entrance fee, $5 wristband to pick a pumpkin, and pre-registration not required. For additional information visit the

77. - Autumn 2019

community} HAPPENINGS

save the date... Lodi appellation wineries while strolling through Downtown! Each Downtown business or shop hosting a winery will feature special sales for the evening, as well as tasty appetizers. Tickets include commemorative wine glass, tastings, and appetizers. And don’t forget to wear your costumes to be entered into our Costume Contest!!

Movie Night Practical Magic

Saturday, October 19th at 6:00 p.m. (doors open) 6:45 (Movie Starts) at Bogle Vineyards, 37783 County Rd 144, Clarksburg, CA. Come watch a movie in the vines! Pre-movie wine tasting, food for purchase from local food trucks and a great flick are the perfect date night! Pre-Movie Wine Tasting $10 General Admission/$5 Club Members. Adults only, Tickets can be purchased at

Fees/Admission: Tickets are $45 in advance or $55 at the door. Visit

“Trans Continental Railroad” Elk Grove Historical Society Monday, October 21st at 6:00 pm at the Presbyterian Church at 8153 Elk Grove Boulevard, Suite 50. This is a free event.

The presentation will be by Roberta Tanner on the history of the Trans Continental Railroad. This year is the 150th anniversary of the setting of the Golden Spike a Promontory Point, Utah. Roberta has extensive knowledge and would like to share the story with you. For more information visit

Elk Grove DOGtoberfest

Saturday, October 26th from 12 pm to 6 p.m. at 9150 Union Park Way, Elk Grove. Free Admission Bring the whole pack to Elk Grove’s DOGtoberfest! Your furry friends are welcome for this first year event, featuring interactive dog vendors, lots of tasty food & local beer, and of course our DOGtoberfest Games! May the best D.O.G. WIN! Elk Grove DOGtoberfest is benefiting the new shelter at the City of Elk Grove Animal Services and Friends of Elk Grove Animal Shelter. The event is brought to you by the City of Elk Grove and Beers In Sac. For more information and to resister for the DOGtoberfest visit events/343092199630382/

Yoga at the Winery

Sunday, October 20th from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at McConnell Estates Winery, 10686 West Stockton Blvd. Elk Grove. What's better than afternoon yoga followed by a glass of wine, relaxing out by the vineyards? Please call 916-591-0518 to reserve your spot today. Tickets are $20 and include an hour long yoga session out on the lawn of McConnell Estates Winery.

Wicked Wine Stroll

Saturday, October 19th from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. at School Street, Lodi. Get ready, Ghouls & Gals! The Wicked Wine Stroll is BACK! Visitors can taste wine from at least 25 78. - Autumn 2019

Festival of Lights

Tuesday, October 22nd from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. at the Elk Grove Community Center. Join the City of Elk Grove and the City’s Multicultural Committee in celebrating Festival of Lights. Celebrated by Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and Buddhists, although for each faith it marks different historical events and stories, it represents the same symbolic victory of light over darkness, knowledge over ignorance, and good over evil. Experience cultural dances and refreshments with your friends and neighbors while celebrating diversity in Elk Grove and learning more about the many cultures that make up our community. Free admission. For more information visit

8th annual "Small Treasures" Winter Show and Sale

The show opens at the First Saturday reception on November 2nd from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and continues through December at the Elk Grove Fine Arts Center, 9683 Elk GroveFlorin Rd. Sixty local artists will be showing and selling their themed series of five, 5"x7" wood panels. The range of media and subject matter is wide and varied. Raffle tickets will be sold from November 2nd until December 7th with drawing held on December 7th. The raffle is for winter themed panels created by thirty of the show artists. The Arts Center is open Wednesday through Saturday 11am-4pm. Please visit our website at for more details.   80

community} HAPPENINGS

Chili Cook Off

Saturday, November 2nd from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at McConnell Estates Winery, 10686 West Stockton Blvd. Elk Grove. McConnell Estates Winery presents the Fourth Annual Chili Cook-Off! Something warm to fill your tummy on a cold, winter afternoon. I'm sure you have gone wine tasting before, but have you been chili tasting? Come join us for a day of both! Chili made by twelve of our own wine club members, a flight of wine, and a commemorative wine glass to take home with you! Live music, chilil, wine, and good times to be had by all! $12 for Wine Club Members - $15 Pre-Sale, until Tuesday, October 29th - $20 at the door Get your tickets at events/2019-Chili-Cook-Off

Brick Building Bonanza

Saturday, November 23rd. From 2:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. at Gifts From The Heart Of Elk Grove, 9685 Elk Grove Florin Rd. Elk Grove. A free family event at Gifts From The Heart Of Elk Grove for Lego Lovers of all ages, including Duplo for the littlest builders, Themed Lego building projects, free build & building challenges and Lego Games of all kinds. For more information e-mail: or call Susie @ (916) 714-0914   81

community} HAPPENINGS

save the date... Bogle Holiday Bazaar

Saturday and Sunday, November 30th and December 1st from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m at Bogle Vineyards, 37783 County Rd 144, Clarksburg, CA. Get all your holiday shopping done in one place, while supporting local artisans and enjoying a little wine tasting! Candles, barrel art work, metal work, jewelry, leather goods, gourmet chocolates, just to name a few will be available for purchase. This is a free event.

Breakfast with Santa

Saturday, December 7th. Seating times are at 8, 8:45, 9:30 & 10:15 a.m. At the Elk Grove Park - Pavilion. Elk Grove Regional Park is located at 9950 Elk Grove Florin Rd, Elk Grove.

Dickens Street Faire

Saturday, November 30th from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m in Old Town Elk Grove. Proudly produced by the Old Town Elk Grove Foundation, the Dickens Street Faire is the traditional start of the Elk Grove Yuletide Season. Held every year on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving, it is a wonderful and exciting experience you can share with your whole family. See Santa get rescued by our trusted fire department. Stroll through Old Town and explore local shops, enjoy holiday music, craft and vendor booths, eat delicious holiday foods, meet wonderful Christmas characters, and mingle with your friends and neighbors. This year, over 100 arts and craft vendors, commercial vendors and community groups fill Elk Grove Boulevard from 2nd Avenue to School Street, while the food vendors are conveniently located in the Old Town Plaza . Free entertainment is available all day featuring live music and performers, professional photo opportunities with Santa, Christmas carolers, and much more. And don’t miss the all new FREE kids craft corner in “Oliver’s Alley” and from 10 am to 4 pm. At 5:30 pm the sun sets Santa will help lead the crowd in singing Christmas carols. He will then flip the switch to light the town Christmas tree at Walnut Street. After the tree is lit, Santa and Mrs. Claus will take some time for hot cocoa and cookies with the children. You may bring your camera for free photos with Santa at this time. Find the full days schedule at 82. - Autumn 2019

The holidays are here! Join us as we celebrate the season with Breakfast with Santa. Each child will have the opportunity to talk with Santa in his sleigh. Pre-registration is highly recommended, although walk-ups will be accepted if space is available. The breakfast is co-sponsored by the Pride of Laguna Creek Lions Club. Ages 2 and up $5 in advance or $7 at the door (All members of the party must pay) Registration will be available online, by phone at 916-405-5600 or 916-405-5300, or in person at a CSD registration location.

Festival of Trees

Saturday, December 7th and 8th from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum, 11793 North Micke Grove Road, Lodi The 28th annual Festival of Trees at the San Joaquin County Historical Museum, set for Dec. 7th and 8th, near Lodi is a spellbinding introduction to the holiday season. This family holiday event features more than 60 uniquely decorated Christmas trees, children's activities and make and take crafts, entertainment, and food available for purchase, visits with Santa, historical exhibits and demonstrations of pioneer or handcrafted work. The event takes on a historic flair with docents dressed in Victorian and pioneer attire. Visitors will feel as though they took a step back in time to celebrate the holidays. General admission is $12, and children aged 2 to 12 are admitted for $2 each. Children under 2 are admitted free. Tickets may be purchased in advance by calling the museum beginning in mid-October. For more information, call the museum at (209) 331-2055 or visit

For more information visit https://www.yourcsd. com/385/Breakfast-with-Santa

Illumination Holiday Festival Running of the Elves: 3:00 p.m. Registration, 4:30 p.m. Run Festival: 4:00pm Holiday Marketplace Parade of Lights: 6:00 p.m. Tree Lighting: 7:30 p.m. Festival will be at District 56, 8230 Civic Center Drive, Elk Grove.

Experience the season with sparkle and shine at the inaugural IllumiNATION Holiday Festival, a new multicultural family celebration at District 56. Elf yourself and join a holiday fun run or enter the beloved Holiday of Lights Parade at its new location. Bring your family and friends to the City's first official tree lighting and shop amongst the holiday peddlers and get into the holiday spirit!

An Old Fashion Christmas

Every weekend in December: 6,7,8 & 13,14,15 & 20,21,22 Fridays: 6-8 p.m., Saturdays: noon-8 p.m., Sundays: noon-5 p.m. At the Stage Stop Museum at 9941 East Stockton Blvd., Elk Grove Tour eight decorated rooms and enjoy many children’s activities. $5 per person, Santa comes only on Saturday and Sunday. Santa takes a break on Saturday (4-6 p.m.) to feed his reindeer. Professional photos available for $15.

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