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Biography There are certain singers whom we feel that we just know—from the very first time that we hear their voices. Lori St. George is one of those singers. In an era of samples and auto-tune, Lori St. George takes us back to the days when singers really sang. Ask her, and she will tell you that she has been singing since the age of four. Close your eyes and you can almost envision a pint-sized St. George, standing in her mother’s shoes— tiny hands wrapped around an imaginary microphone, singing Natalie Cole or Gladys Knight…and hitting every note. A consummate professional, bringing talent, polish and pizzazz to each and every performance; this soulful songstress seamlessly fuses jazz, blues, soul and gospel with every performance.

Lori St. George — hailed the Diva of the Lake by her hardcore fans in Clear Lake, Texas — is fast becoming one of Houston’s most promising unsigned talents. A consummate professional, bringing polish and pizzazz to every performance; this soulful songstress seamlessly fuses jazz, blues, soul and gospel with every show. Whether she is singing songs by Etta James, Gladys Knight, MaryMary, Barbra Streisand or Ray Charles—Lori St. George delivers a performance that her audience is guaranteed to remember. With a diverse repertoire that includes the occasional disco set, St. George entertains, emotes, and eradicates cultural and musical boundaries. Ask anyone who has seen her perform, and they are sure to tell you that they felt the positive energy that she transmitted and the sincerity with which delivered it. She is not your average, ordinary singer—she is an extraordinary entertainer—and the buzz in Houston is that Lori St. George is a rising star.

Mailing Address: Po Box 1664 League City, TX 77574-1664



“A dynamic performer with widespread appeal, her talent as a singer is irrefutable in a powerful & unique voice that really needs no accompaniment at all.”

Phone: (832) 385-6802

“A powerful, powerful voice! Lori St.George is the voice of yesterday, today and tomorrow all wrapped up into one beautiful package!


“Lori St.George is truly the Diva of Clear Lake! Easily one of Houston’s finest female vocalists, she is amazing!”

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“Among contemporary vocalists, Lori St.George ranks in the upper echelon...the zenith! She sees her vocals in a complete context; better than most singers, both past and present.”


“Lori St. George is like second to no one. She’s the best ever.”

Lori St. George  

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