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A BLANK CANVAS Whether you’re decorating a new home or looking to refresh an existing space, window décor plays a key role in setting the tone and style of any room. By simply updating your window coverings, you can completely transform your space. Choose a window covering that complements your existing décor and furnishings, or start with a blank canvas and select a covering that will inspire the look of the room. Whatever your vision, we can help you find the perfect solution for your home.

Your home is your canvas. A place where you have the freedom to express yourself. And whether you’re moving into a new home or breathing new life into a place you’ve lived in for a while, window décor is the first step in transforming any room.

When choosing your window décor, here are some important things to consider:

1. The purpose What type of window covering would look best? Consider the size of the window and what you need the covering for, whether it’s protection from sunlight, light control, or privacy.

Our extensive range of quality window décor can help you create the home you’ve always dreamed of. With a range of options at prices you’ll feel at home with, we’ve made window décor simpler – and more affordable – than ever.

2. The style What style are you trying to achieve? Do you want a classic, contemporary, minimalistic, or layered look?

3. Your budget How much do you want to spend to achieve your dream look without breaking the bank or skimping on style?

Welcome home. Where every room is a room with a view.

4. Colour and finishes What colours do you like? Choose a colour to complement your existing décor, or choose one that sets the tone for your colour scheme, where the window becomes the centrepiece of the room.

Whether you choose blinds, curtains, or a combination of both, we have an extensive range to suit all budgets and styles. From ready-made products available instantly off the shelf to customised options made specifically to your requirements, we have a solution for you.

What we offer: BLINDS


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Aluminium Venetians Fauxwood Venetians PVC Venetians Wooden Venetians Block Out Roller Blinds Sunshade Roller Blinds Contemporary Honeycomb Blinds Vertical Blinds Bamboo Blinds Double Zebra Blinds

Steel Curtain Rods and Accessories Wooden Curtain Rods and Accessories Expandable Curtain Rod Sets Curtain Track and Accessories Decorative Clip-On Wood for Curtain Tracks Holdbacks and Tiebacks

All of our products are easy to install yourself at home, making it easy and hassle free to achieve your dream look.

We also offer in-home quoting, measuring, delivery and installation services. Ask our staff in store for more details, or call our customer care line on 0800 002 635.



TRANSFORM YOUR HOME WITH BLINDS Effortlessly elegant, blinds are a simple (and affordable) way to upgrade your space. They’re contemporary, made to last and easy to maintain and install – a stylish touch to any home. We offer a wide selection of blinds to suit all needs, from off-the-shelf, instant pick-up-and-go products to fullycustomised options.

Ways to shop our range of blinds: Ready To Fit Our stocked range of Ready To Fit blinds are available off the shelf to purchase in store at affordable prices. Choose from a range of popular colours, styles and sizes, ready to take home and install straight away. It’s the perfect DIY solution and ideal for budget projects.

Express Fit

Additional Services Our Decorland consultants are experts in window decór and are available in store to provide advice and guidance in finding the perfect solution for you. We offer free, instant quoting in store and our consultants can arrange free in home measuring and quoting services. All our products are easy to install yourself, but if you would like help with installation, we have a team that will deliver your blinds and install them professionally for you. Ask in store for more details.

If you’re looking to buy a ready-made blind in store but can’t find your specific size on the shelf, we can trim your blind to the specific requirements in store, while you wait. This service is available on our stocked range of Aluminium, Fauxwood and Basswood Venetian blinds. EXPRESS FIT is an instant personalised solution and the most affordable and quickest customised option. Have your blind cut to your size in store from as little as R75.00 per blind.

Custom Fit If you’re looking for a wider range of colours and size options than those available in store, you can order from our Custom Fit range. This offers you an extended selection of colours and sizes and your blind is made to order at exceptionally reasonable prices, and delivered in 5 working days. You can choose to have your blind delivered to the store of your choice or have it delivered directly to your home, at no extra cost! CUSTOM FIT offers you a customised solution at exceptional value with more options to choose from.

Custom Made Custom Made is the ultimate, bespoke, customised solution. Achieve your dream look with a fully customised blind, uniquely made to your specific requirements. Choose from our most extensive range of colours, styles, and materials, including a wide range of options exclusive to the Custom Made range. Your fully customised blind will be expertly made and delivered to you in 7 to 10 working days. We have an extensive range of options to choose from to create your unique look.

READY TO FIT ROLLER BLINDS Refresh any room with stylish Roller Blinds. The sleek, neat design can transform the look of any space and make a room feel more spacious, light, and open. Roller Blinds also help to effectively control the amount of light entering a room and are a quick and effective way to create privacy. Our quality Roller Blinds are easy to install and long lasting, making them an affordable solution for a premium look.

NEW to our Ready To Fit range, this style is available off the shelf to install at home! Now you can achieve this trendy look instantly – and easily.

Double Zebra Roller Blinds* This contemporary Double Roller Blind with sheer and solid fabric stripes that glide past each other allows you to adjust the amount of light filtering through by letting light in during the day, and allowing privacy at night.

From R189 Available in White Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 470 x 900mm • 900 x 1600mm

• 1200 x 1600mm • 1500 x 1600mm


Block Out Roller Blinds*

Bamboo Roller Blinds

Made from fabric that blocks out light, these blinds offer full privacy and energy efficiency. Use together with curtains to create a designer look.

Made of natural bamboo fibres, these blinds offer a classic, neutral look while blocking out light when rolled down.

From R299

Available in Dark Brown

Available in 3 Colours:



Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 600 x 1000mm • 1000 x 2200mm • 1200 x 1600mm • 1200 x 2200mm • 1600 x 2200mm • 2100 x 2200mm


Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 600 x 1000mm • 1000 x 1600mm • 1200 x 2200mm

From R149

• 1600 x 2200mm • 2000 x 2200mm


Sunshade Roller Blinds* Our Sunshade Roller Blinds are made of fabric that helps to protect furnishings from harmful UV rays and allows you to see outside while creating a degree of privacy during the day.

From R599 Available in 2 Colours:



Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 1000 x 1600mm • 1200 x 2200mm

• 1600 x 2200mm • 2000 x 2200mm


White/Ivory *Available in selected stores.



50mm Fauxwood Venetian Blinds*


These trendy blinds offer the same premium look and style as wooden Venetian Blinds, but are lighter, and more durable than wood, making them more versatile, long-lasting, and ideal for rooms with lots of moisture and direct sunlight.

From R329

Lightweight, versatile and easy to maintain, Venetian Blinds are a popular décor choice. With an extensive range of colours, materials, and styles to select from, they can work in any room or space.

Available in 3 Colours


25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds



Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 470 x 900mm • 600 x 1000mm • 600 x 1600mm • 1000 x 1000mm • 1000 x 1600mm

Made from lightweight, rust-resistant aluminium with tilting slats designed to keep heat out and reflect light when closed, this modern, sleek design is ideal for any room.

• 1200 x 1600mm • 1600 x 1600mm • 1800 x 1600mm • 2000 x 1600mm

From R99.99 Available in 10 Colours: Onyx Star






Onyx Star






Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 470 x 900mm • 600 x 1000mm • 1000 x 1000mm • 1000 x 1600mm •1200 x 1000mm • 1200 x 1600mm

• 1600 x 1000mm • 1600 x 1600mm • 1800 x 1600mm • 2000 x 1600mm • 2200 x 1600mm

Metallic Brown Red



25mm PVC Venetian Blinds Our PVC Venetian Blinds are ideal for rooms with high moisture and direct sunlight, like bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Lightweight, durable, and easy to install and maintain, they’re simple, stylish and offer great value.

From R69.99 Available in 3 Colours:


Venetian Blind Cleaner

Keep your blinds beautiful. Espresso

Just R29.99

NEW Dove Grey

EXPRESS FIT Don’t forget that we offer blind trimming in store. We’ll trim your chosen Venetian Blind to your measurements, in store, while you wait. Its an instant, custom solution for the perfect fit. Simply bring in your measurements, choose your blind from our range in store, and have one of our experts trim it for you while you wait.**

• 1200 x 2200mm • 1600 x 1000mm • 1600 x 1600mm • 1800 x 1600mm • 2000 x 1600mm

50mm Basswood Venetian Blinds If you’re looking for a genuine wood finish, our Basswood Venetian Blinds are the perfect solution for a luxury look. They are made from premium, solid wood and are easy to maintain and ideal for living rooms, studies, and bedrooms.

From R599


Available in Mahogany

Sizes Available (Width x Height): • 470 x 900mm • 600 x 1000mm • 600 x 1600mm • 1000 x 1000mm • 1000 x 1600mm • 1200 x 1600mm


Sizes Available (Width x Height):


• 600 x 1000mm • 600 x 1600mm • 1000 x 1000mm • 1000 x 1600mm

• 1200 x 1600mm • 1600 x 1600mm • 1800 x 1600mm • 2000 x 1600mm

*Available in selected stores | **Terms and Conditions apply. Express Fit is available on selected Aluminium, Fauxwood, and Basswood Venetian blinds. Ask in store for more details.





Our Custom Made blinds are made to your measurements and with hundreds of colours, materials, and styles to choose from, you can achieve your unique vision for your home with a customised blind, ordered and made specifically to your requirements. All of our Custom Made blinds can be self installed but we also offer in home quoting, measuring, and installation services to give you peace of mind and ensure the perfect fit.

More choices customised to your measurements and delivered to you If you are looking for a more specific colour or style, browse our wider selection of colours and sizes in our Custom Fit range. The blinds in this range are made to order but at extremely affordable prices. You can choose from a wide selection of colours and sizes in Aluminium, Fauxwood, and Basswood. Your blind will be made to your requirements, and delivered to you within 5 working days. Choose our express custom service, for the perfect fit!

CUSTOM FIT RANGE 25mm Aluminium Venetian Blinds

50mm Fauxwood Venetian Blinds

From R225*


50mm Basswood Venetian Blinds

From R630*

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

From R840*














Fauxwood Venetian Blinds From


Vertical Blinds From


Basswood Venetian Blinds From



Additional Colours Available: White, Silver, Mahogany, Satin Black, and NEW Onyxstar, Sparkle Grey, Cream, and Metallic Brown

Also available in: White



Blind Size (Width x Height)

Blind Size (Width x Height)



Honeycomb Blinds


Fabric Roller Blinds


Blind Size (Width x Height)


• 600mm x 600mm


• 600mm x 600mm

• 1000mm x 1200mm


• 1000mm x 1200mm


• 1000mm x 1200mm


• 1200mm x 1600mm


• 1200mm x 1600mm


• 1200mm x 1600mm



• 600mm x 600mm


*Our Custom Fit range is ordered and cut to your specific size requirements. Sizes range from 400mm - 2200mm in width and 400mm- 2200mm in height. As indicated above, prices vary according to the range and size of your chosen blind.

We have professionally trained Decorland consultants available in all Game stores to advise and guide you in selecting the best Custom Made blind for you. Get an instant quote in store and have your bespoke blind delivered in 7-10 working days.



EXPANDING POLE SETS UNCOVER YOUR STYLE WITH CURTAINS Create a luxurious feel at home with curtains. Choose from our range of curtain rods and track and finish off the look with our range of stylish accessories.

Our Expanding Pole Sets are easy to install and can be adjusted to fit most windows. They are the perfect solution if you are unsure of the exact size you need, and, with the brackets and finials included in the set, they are great value, and the perfect all-in-one solution.

16-19mm Expanding Pole Sets Only R199 Colours Available: Black, Silver, White and Bronze Expands from 1.2-2.1m Pole Diameter: 16-19mm Choose from Ball or Twist Finial options.

Finials and Brackets included.

22-25mm Expanding Pole Sets Only R399 Colours Available: Black, Silver and Matt Brass Expands from 1.5-2.8m Pole Diameter: 22-25mm Choose from Ball or Globe Finial options.

Finials and Brackets included.

NEW 22-25mm Double Expanding Pole Sets* Use this look to create layers to filter or block out light.

Only R599 Colours Available: Silver and Black Expands from 1.6-3m Pole Diameter: 22-25mm

Finials and Brackets included.

Available with Ball Finials.

*Available in selected stores




Contemporary look ideal for eyelet curtains

NEW 32mm Contemporary Steel Rods* Create a premium, contemporary look with the new, thicker 32mm steel rod.

Our stylish curtain rods lend a contemporary feel to rooms. Versatile and elegant, they complement any colour or pattern and frame windows beautifully.

25mm Classic Black Steel Rods

From R239 Colours Available: Brushed Bronze and Brushed Silver Sizes Available: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m Matching brackets, curtain rings, and finials available in store.

Sizes Available in Store: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m

NEW 19mm Steel Rods**

25mm Contemporary Steel Rods

Our new, slimmer 19mm steel rod creates a sleek look. Subtle and unobtrusive, it will complement any décor and style.

From R89.99

Ideal for smaller windows and spaces

From R129

From R140 Colours Available: Brushed Bronze, Onyx, and Brushed Silver

Available in Brushed Silver Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m & 2.5m Matching brackets, curtain rings and finials available in store.

Sizes Available in Store : 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m

ACCESSORIES Complete the look with matching accessories. Choose from a range of finials, brackets, and curtain holdbacks.



Bamboo Beaded Curtains Available in Mahogany Available in one size: 900 x 1800mm

Only R299

However you choose to style your window, finish off the look by choosing from our wide range of window décor accessories. Visit us in store for our full range.

From R47.00

Curtain Rings From R22.99

For 10 rings

Look in store for the full range of finials and accessories available.

Steel U-Arm Holdbacks

Decorative Tiebacks

Available in Black, Brushed Silver, Brushed Bronze and Onyx

Available in a range of colours and designs

From R99.99 each

From R99.99 each

Custom Fit Poles If you are looking for a specific size pole, we can trim any off the shelf steel rods in store while you wait. Ask in store for more details about this service.

*Available in selected stores. | **Limited edition; available in selected stores.





Aluminium Curtain Track Double from R289.00 Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m Glides and Brackets included.

Create a premium, luxurious look at the snap of your fingers with our Clip On Wood Rods, which come with a Double Curtain Track and are easy to install.

Steel Curtain Track

Our Curtain Tracks are affordable, easy to install, and offer a quick, simple solution for covering your windows. We have a range of options available to suit your needs and budget. All of our curtain tracks include glides and brackets.

Single from R29.99 Double from R45.00

Sizes Available in Store: 1m, 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m

Custom Fit Track

Glides and Brackets included.

NEW Steel Curtain Track in Metallic Grey

If you’re looking for a specific size, we can trim your curtain track in store while you wait. You can also join tracks together for windows larger than 3m with our joiners, available to buy in store.

NEW 50mm Half-Round Clip On Wood with Double Curtain Track*

Double From R75.99

From R269

Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, 3m

Colours Available: Anthracyte, Champagne, and Bronze

Glides and Brackets included.

Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m



Get the natural look with our Wooden Rods, perfectly paired with matching accessories.

40mm Clip On Wood with Double Curtain Track From R179 Colours Available: Metallic Brown, Grey Oak, German Silver, Mahogany and Nordic Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m

NEW 34mm Wooden Rods


28mm Wooden Rods

From R110

From R110

Finials from R59.99

Finials from R55.99

Available in Mid-Brown and Natural

Available in Mahogany

Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m

Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m

Looking for larger sizes? Our wooden rod joiners seamlessly join two rods together for bigger windows. Ask in store for guidance.

85mm Clip On Wood with Double Curtain Track From

Colours Available: Mahogany and Gold Stripe, Mahogany, German Silver, and Nordic.

Wooden Holdbacks

Sizes Available in Store: 1.5m, 2m, 2.5m & 3m

Holdbacks from R120 each Complete the look with matching accessories. Choose from a range of finials, brackets, curtain rings and curtain holdbacks. See in store for our full range.


*Available in selected stores

THE PERFECT FIT Giving your home a stylish make over begins with window decór. Before you visit us in store to choose your perfect window covering, you will need to measure your windows to ensure a perfect fit.

Some tips for measuring your windows: Depending on your window type, you can install your window covering in one of two mounting positions: 1

Face Fixed Mount.


Graphic Graphic 1: Outside 1: Outside MountMount

Fitted outside the window frame above the window

Window Recess Mount.

Graphic Graphic 2: Inside 2: Inside MountMount

Fitted inside the window frame.

HOW TO MEASURE: 1. For Face Fixed mount: • • •

Get in touch: 0800 002 635 Facebook: DecorlandSA YouTube: decorlandsa Decorland is exclusively available in over 120 Game stores nationwide.

Did you know we offer 10% pensioner discounts on Wednesdays?

Measure the area around the window that you want your window covering to cover. Measure width in mm, allowing at least an additional 5mm on either side of the window frame. Measure height in mm from the top, where you want to fix your window covering, to the bottom of the window frame.

2. For Window Recess mount: • •

Measure the total width and height of the inside of the window in several places to allow for irregularity in your windows. Use the narrowest of these measurements, to the nearest mm. This will give you the most accurate fit for your window covering.

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