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March 2014

The Volunteer Voice Bake Sale On 16 February, the American Red Cross in Vicenza held a Valentine’s Day Bake Sale outside the PX. Dozens of volunteers baked, donated and sold Valentine’s themed baked goods. The sale was a huge success, bringing in over $600, which will be used to help fund the volunteer recognition in May. February Volunteer of the Month: Maria Chandler

Sa v e t h e D a t e : 2 0 1 3 -2 0 1 4 Vo l u n t e e r R e c o g n i t i o n Ce r e m o n y 2 2 M a y a t D a i Ge l o s i 1 1 :1 5 a m t o 1 :3 0 p m Mo re d e t a ils t o f o llo w .

Get Involved! Work an event. Sign up via and selecting “Fundraisers” or “Special Events” under “My Shifts.”

Grocery Cart Coin Sale 27 March, outside PX, 11-2 28 March, 4-6 and 29 March, 9-12 @ the Commissary

Bike Rodeo 25 April 0900 to 1200 at Villagio Planning Meeting: 20 March 1000 ARC office

March 2014

A Special Letter to Volunteers Dear Red Cross Volunteers, The past year has flown by in the blink of an eye. During that time I have had the absolute pleasure working with and getting to know all of you. Your dedication to improving our community is moving and inspirational. Watching you all walk through the front door of the Red Cross office to go on to become successful and purposeful volunteers has been my daily motivation. It is you that has made working at the American Red Cross a true joy for me. I commend and admire you for your dedication to provide more and better services to our community despite sequestration, budget cuts and more. For those of you who had not heard, 28 February was my last day as the Assistant Station Manager here in Vicenza. There will be no replacement for me at the Vicenza Station, so responsibilities in office will be changing. Please be patient as everyone works through this transition, but do not be silent if you need assistance. Keep doing the wonderful things you have been doing and know that your actions do make a significant positive impact on this community. It has been an absolute delight serving all of you. I look forward to once again working with you as volunteer myself. You are and will always be my Red Cross family, so please keep in touch. With deep gratitude and thanks, Renee Scholle,

Safety Tip of the Month Poison Prevention Week: March 16-22 Here are tips for preventing poisoning in your home: 1. Inspect your home for any medicines or household products, such as detergents, cleaning products, pesticides, and fertilizers that may not be stored properly and correct the situation. 2. Always store medicines and household products up high, away and out of sight from children. 3. Install safety latches on cabinets used for medicines and household products. 4. Install carbon monoxide detectors near or in your home’s sleeping areas and on every level of the home.

Youth volunteer, Shani Cook, with the help of the Vicenza Community collected 451 books and magazines for the San Bartolo Hospital’s English Book selection. The books and magazines include Children’s, Novels, Cook books, and Vanity magazines, which will give patients a great selection to read from.

March 2014

Red Cross Club The Vicenza High School Red Cross Club has had a busy 2014 so far. Club members have elected new officers for 2014 who are successfully transferring into their new roles. Additionally, club members have continued their mentorship program at Vicenza Elementary School, teaching kids everything from tying shoes to reading and more. In February, two club members assisted with children's activities at the Mom's Club Carnivale (see photos on right). Additionally, club member Mariah Marbut was recognized as volunteer of the month and club member Austin Walker was recognized at EuroMed Youth Volunteer of the Quarter.

Don’t Forget: Submit your Volunteer Hours!

Volunteer of the Month Awards

Volunteer Connection is the place to record volunteer your hours. Instead of logging them on paper, just sign into volunteer connection, go to “My Profile,” select “Shifts/Hours” and log them there. We will review them every week and approve them so that they will show in your record. Log in at

Please help us recognize exceptional volunteer service in the community. If you volunteer or work with someone that you feel is deserving of our Volunteer of the Month award, please nominate them for consideration. The nomination form can be found on Volunteer Connection or can be provided to you by emailing

March Calendar 6 – New Volunteer Orientation 8 – Babysitter Training* 10-12 - VHC Facilitated InProcessing 12 – Blended Learning CPR/First Aid/AED Class (Evening Session)* 21 – Del Din Information Table

27 – Grocery Cart Coin Sale (PX) 28 – Grocery Cart Coin Sale (Commissary) 29 – Grocery Cart Coin Sale (Commissary) *Advance registration required at the Red Cross Office

Questions, comments, concerns? American Red Cross Building 333 Caserma Ederle Vicenza, Italy Phone: 0444-71-7089

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