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Arcus LED Lease Plan 

Immediate cost & energy savings  No investments  Zero risk

ARCUS finances the switch to LED for users such as hotels, schools, factories and office buildings. Switching to LED immediately decreases energy consumption. This save costs reduces CO2 emission and benefits our environment.

Save money and CO2 immediately No investments, pay LEDs from your cost savigs Risk –free; product quality is guaranteed by ARCUS We offer rent and hire-to-purchase LED lights for the proffesional market. We source the best quality LED lights directly from multiple suppliers. We compare LED lights and adviise our costumers on suitable lighting options for their business.

The LED Lease Plan concept Despite the obvious advantages, end users hesitate to invest in LED applications. The quality of LED products varies widely , investments are high, and long lifetimes of 50.000 hours and beyond can not always be substantiated. ARCUS addresses these concerns. We offer only the best quality LED lamps and we guarantee the long lifetime in a hire-to-purchase contract. We replace LED lamps at no cost in case of falling. After the hire period of 3 to 5 years, you own the LED lamps at no cost and you will enjoy 100% of cost savings.

The hire-to-purchase improves your cash flows

Lowest cost of lighting ARCUS offers with the LED LEASE PLAN the financial benefits of a hire-to-purchase contract: You will optimize your cash flow by paying the investment with your savings costs. This will immediately reduce the total cost of electricity by approximately 50%. We offer only high quality LED lamps. They are mostly plug-to-play lamps suitable for replacement of traditional incandescent, halogen and fluorescent lights. The LED lamps are most efficient, last much longer, generate less heat and they do not contain mercury

The LED Lease Plan approach

1.We calculate your savings

2. We choose your LED alternative

3. You receive your savings assessment.

Calculate LED savings

1 Calculate your potential savings We assess your current installed base of lamps with you and calculate your current lightings costs. ARCUS will analyze this input to make a detailed calculation of your savings from switching to LED lighting. Your cost savings are based on usage hours, electricity prices and the type of lamps you are replacing.

The LED Lease Plan approach

2 Choose your LED alternative ARCUS will suggest a variety of LED alternatives from different supliers. ARCUS can further advice on the most suitable lamps for your business.

3 Receive a quote & saving assessment ARCUS prepares a proposal for LED lighting based on the inventory of your busiess and your preferred LED alternatives. We present you with a transparent overview of your current cost of lighting versus your savings potential, including the cost of lease. From their we can decide on the lease period and instalemt options.

About ARCUS ARCUS LLC is an Aruban Renewable Energy company. Our mission is to provide a full service LED lighting solution. Our strength is that we work with several partners in business with a long history and expertise on saving electricity. For more information please call us at : 00297. 731.92.88/ 741.92.88 or mail us at


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