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Welcome to the Arcturus Publishing adult new titles catalogue for spring 2014, which reflects our unshakeable belief in the resilience of the physical book market. Our practical art list sees the launch of Colouring Birds and Colouring Flowers, both with exquisite full colour art. A variety of beautiful puzzle books are presented for the discerning puzzler, while our commitment to reference, history and military titles can be seen in books like Propaganda and Stalingrad, and our new ‘Born in the...’ series offers a wonderfully nostalgic record of the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s.


Drawing Flowers Jill Winch 280mm x 225mm 128 pages £7.99 paperback 978-1-78212-625-6

June 2014

This stunning new addition focuses on botanical drawing for those who want to translate their love of flowers into attractive drawings. While many books deal with painting flowers, this title focuses on the key skill of drawing them. Award-winning botanical artist Jill Winch guides the reader using step-by-step exercises and inspirational examples. A wide variety of species are included, from the simple tulip to the more complex rose.

How to Draw Your Pet Aimee Willsher 280mm x 225mm 128 pages £7.99 paperback 978-1-78212-626-3

April 2014

This step-by-step guide shows aspiring artists how to capture the essence of their favourite animals using a range of drawing media. Whether you are a complete novice or whether you want to take your pet portraits to the next level, How to Draw Your Pet will show you how to get the most out of this enjoyable activity.

How to Draw Fantasy Worlds Steve Beaumont 297mm x 210mm 128 pages £7.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-637-9

May 2014

This action-packed follow-up to How to Draw Fantasy Art shows you how to draw all types of fantasy heroes and creatures. As well as a series of detailed step-by-step projects, there is advice on character development, devising suitable settings and the all-important skill of colouring-up artwork. Projects include Vampire Rock Star, Werewolf, Dragon Fight and Medusa.

How to Draw Fantasy Art Steve Beaumont 297mm x 210mm 128 pages £7.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-84858-422-8


Dot-to-Dot for Grown-Ups David Woodroffe 254mm x 210mm 128 pages £6.99 paperback 978-1-78212-940-0

March 2014 Dot-to-dots are no longer just for kids. Wide-ranging themes include landmarks of the world, iconic buildings, classic vehicles, great works of art, sport, the animal kingdom and scenes from history and literature. Follow the numbers and amazing pictures appear as if by magic. Perfect for all the family.

Fashion Doodles Robyn Neild 254mm x 210mm 128 pages £6.99 paperback 978-1-78212-963-9

March 2014 For readers who like to do their own doodling, this book is a treasure trove of inspiration. Now adults and older children can draw, colour and create their own styles, thanks to this stunning collection of more than 120 fashion statements for the reader to complete or colour in.

The Impossible Colouring Book Gianni A. Sarcone & Marie-Jo Waeber 280mm x 225mm 128 pages £6.99 paperback 978-1-78212-182-4

May 2014 Over 60 intriguing and imaginative optical illusions to complete in colours of your choosing. The colouring-in process helps reveal the conundrum of how each illusion works. Each picture enables users to improve their artistic skills while giving them a finished picture to show for their efforts.

Mandala Colouring Book

Stained Glass Colouring Book

280mm x 225mm 128 pages £6.99 paperback

280mm x 225mm 128 pages £6.99 paperback



June 2014

June 2014

Each of these delightful adult colouring books offers a stunning range of designs for artists to make their own using just a set of coloured pencils. The reward at the end will be a portfolio of beautiful finished pictures.


The Art of Napkin Folding Florence Sandeman 280mm x 216mm 96 pages £7.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-638-6

March 2014 This highly illustrated guide contains everything the user will ever need to know about creating the right look for the table.

The Beginner’s Guide to Decorative Needlecrafts Charlotte Gerlings 280mm x 225mm 144 pages £12.99 paperback Two colour 978-1-78212-967-7

June 2014 This attractive compendium shows readers how to create and apply a range of decorative effects, from embroidery, quilting and appliqué to cross stitch and bead weaving. Featuring step-by-step instructions, plus charts and templates, it is packed with techniques and projects.

New Series Colouring Birds Peter Gray 280mm x 225mm 96 pages £6.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-871-7

Colouring Flowers Peter Gray 280mm x 225mm 96 pages £6.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-870-0


Both nature and art lovers will love these books. Each one features over 40 colour reference images from classic works of natural history illustration, alongside clear line drawings ready for the addition of colour. Favourites such as the iris and dahlia are included, as are birds with stunning plumage such as the Gold-crested Wren and the Kingfisher.

April 2014

The Very Naughty Joke Book Tony Husband & Johnny Sharpe 198mm x 129mm 304 pages £6.99 paperback 978-1-78212-469-6

February 2014 A book filled to bursting point with the rudest jokes you’re ever likely to hear. Arranged thematically, the jokes revolve around the big questions in life: love, relationships, birth and death, with a little light housework thrown in along the way. Illustrated by Private Eye’s Tony Husband, one of the UK’s leading cartoonists.

New Series Born in the 40s Tim Glynne-Jones 152mm x 152mm 144 pages £6.99 hardback 978-1-78212-884-7

March 2014

Take a stroll down Memory Lane with these wonderful collections of photographs of Britain in days gone by, when the Three Rs ruled in every class room, it was safe for children to play out on the streets and boys had sensible names like James, Robert and John, while the top names for girls were Mary, Barbara and Patricia.

Born in the 50s Jane Maple 152mm x 152mm 144 pages £6.99 hardback 978-1-78212-885-4

Born in the 60s Tim Glynne-Jones 152mm x 152mm 144 pages £6.99 hardback 978-1-78212-886-1


January 2014 Atlantis

Quantum Leaps


Frank Joseph

Jon Balchin

Rupert Matthews




February 2014 Explorers Jon Balchin

The Freemasons

The World’s Most Evil Psychopaths


Michael Johnstone

John Marlowe



March 2014 Sasquatch


Rupert Matthews

Nigel Cawthorne

Forcible Confinement


John Marlowe



All Titles

198mm x 129mm 392 pages £6.99 paperback

The Great Titanic Mathematicians Rupert Matthews Raymond Flood & Robin Wilson


The Tudors


Jane Bingham

Nigel Cawthorne

Philosophy: 100 Essential Thinkers



Philip Stokes 978-1-84858-842-4


Serial Killers

Evil Women John Marlowe

World’s Worst Crimes


Charlotte Greig

Nigel Cawthorne

The Story of the SS

The Nuremberg Trials



Charlotte Greig


Nigel Cawthorne

Paul Roland





History’s Greatest Battles

The Crimes of Jack the Ripper

Nazis and the Occult


Paul Roland


Nigel Cawthorne

Paul Roland




Paul Roland

Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained Lucy Doncaster & Andrew Holland 978-1-84858-836-3

The Mafia Files Al Cimino 280mm x 225mm 128 pages £7.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-777-2

March 2014 Presents the rap sheets of key figures in the Italian-American underworld, along with the story of their lives. Author Al Cimino provides a series of concise yet detailed case studies. This is perfect bedtime reading from the dark side of life.

The Nazi Files Paul Roland 280mm x 225mm 160 pages £9.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-865-6

April 2014 The Nazis kept extensive files on practically everybody in the Third Reich. Now author Paul Roland turns the tables with this new exposé, featuring fascinating psychological profiles.

Propaganda Edited by Tony Husband 280mm x 225mm 192 pages £12.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-78212-279-1

April 2014 A full-colour collection of some of the greatest propaganda images ever, from Napoleonic war paintings via anti-Hitler posters to persuasive cutting-edge material of recent times.

Ghosts and the Spirit World Paul Roland 297mm x 210mm 208 pages £9.99 paperback 978-1-78212-278-4

April 2014

Can ghostly arms really appear out of walls? Do guardian angels exist? Packed with tales of out-ofbody experiences, ghostly visitation and bizarre sightings, Ghosts and the Spirit World shows us that poltergeists and restless souls are still very much with us in the modern world.

March 2014 Crop Circles Steve & Karen Alexander 280mm x 225mm 192 pages £9.99 paperback Full colour 978-1-84193-401-3

New edition


The Story of Mathematics

The Story of Physics

Anne Rooney 228mm x 163mm 208 pages £7.99 hardback with jacket Full colour

Anne Rooney 228mm x 163mm 208 pages £7.99 hardback with jacket Full colour



January 2014

New edition

February 2014

New edition The Prophet Kahlil Gibran 165mm x 105mm 208 pages £7.99 hardback with slipcase 978-1-78212-346-0

April 2014

Since their initial publication the incomparable works of Kahlil Gibran have been translated into more than forty languages. In this beautiful new edition, The Prophet and The Garden of the Prophet feature side by side. These classics have furnished countless individuals with words of joy or consolation on occasions of birth, marriage, death, and all of life’s other milestones.

10,000 Dreams Interpreted Pamela Ball 198mm x 129mm 576 pages £7.99 paperback 978-1-84837-621-2

February 2014


10,000 Dreams Interpreted is one of the most successful books on dreams ever published. In its pages you will find a rich and fascinating world that will clarify your true desires and fears. Packed with dream scenarios and supporting information, it will enable you to create a complete picture of what is really going on in your life. Key features include: comprehensive A–Z dictionary of dream topics and their meanings: three levels of awareness – everyday, psychological and spiritual; how to dream effectively.

The Pocket Book of Positives Anne Moorland 152mm x 152mm 384 pages £7.99 hardback 978-1-78212-867-0

April 2014

This book is designed to keep you out of the rut of negativity and focused on the innumerable pluses of life. Brimming with optimism, each and every page provides a new uplifting thought to heal, uplift and inspire.

Classic Quotations Anne Moorland 152mm x 152mm 384 pages £7.99 hardback 978-1-78212-868-7

May 2014

Packed with memorable musings, Classic Quotations offers thought-provoking comments and advice to suit every occasion and frame of mind.

New Series Words from the Heart Tim Glynne-Jones 179mm x 125mm 256 pages £6.99 paperback Two colour 978-1-78212-778-9

From messages of happiness to sincere condolences, Words from the Heart is packed with inspirational ideas to help you express yourself in a concise and heartfelt way. Learn by Heart Poetry is an anthology of poems to be read, enjoyed and learned. Includes Blake, Keats, Shakespeare, Dickinson, Whitman, Burns and many more.

April 2014

Learn by Heart Poetry George Davidson 179mm x 125mm 256 pages £6.99 paperback Two colour 978-1-78212-869-4

May 2014


Arcturus Spring 2014 Adult Catalogue