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The Egg™ Lounge Chair in sealskin



The Egg™ Lounge Chair in Sealskin With this Lounge Chair, Arctic Import wants to promote genuine Greenlandic natural materials and challenge the traditional ways of designing with industrialised materials. “This edition of the Egg™ is unique; each chair has a unique sealskin cover – no two chairs are alike, which brings us back to the uniqueness and natural character of sealskin”. The customer can either request for Classic Leather or Elegance Leather on the interior seating surfaces.

The greenlandic Hunters deliver the Skins The sealskins are provided by Great Greenland, which is the only company allowed to sell Greenlandic sealskin within the EU.

“We have received outstanding help with the beautiful sealskins and the design process from Great Greenland.” Great Greenland buys the skins directly from the Greenlandic hunters. Sealskin is already applied in Greenlandic accessories and unique fashion products such as bags, jackets and boots – designed by international designers. Great Greenland purchases sealskins which the hunters have to spare in their daily household.

Sustainable Sealing The selling of sealskins entails the opportunity for Greenlandic hunters to maintain their original way of life. Greenlanders uphold the natural resources, and the hunting takes place in a sustainable way as it always has been taking place in Greenland – as recognised by among others Greenpeace and the World Wildlife Fund for Nature.

Elegance leather

Classic leather

is exclusive leather of the finest quality. The leather has a natural surface, which mirrors the active life of the animal. Insect bites and scars were a natural part of the daily life of the animal and the natural markings are part of the leather’s expression and will be visible together with other natural markings such as neck wrinkles, beauty marks etc. Elegance/Natural/ Rustic leather tells the story about the unique life of the animal and provides every piece of furniture with its own distinctive stamp.

is a durable leather and only manufactured out of exquisite rawhides. The leather type is pigmented and lightly buffed. Classic has a strong surface finish which makes the leather very practical and protected against dirt and light. The result is a very uniformed expression almost without natural markings. Only wrinkles might be visible on Classic leather. It is the type of leather that can realize the customer’s dream of a perfect and uniformed piece of furniture.

Elegance leather adds an extra dimension to the Fritz Hansen furniture. It is classic furniture; yet upholstered with this very natural leather the furniture also becomes a unique specimen. In this way, we can offer the very selective and quality conscious customers a piece of furniture that is both classic and unique. Elegance/ Natural/Rustic leather is a type of leather that requires a customer who appreciates the markings of nature and the natural look of the leather. The customers should value that the furniture will gain patina over the years and becomes even more unique. However, if one prefers a more practical and uniformed leather with a more homogenous expression, one of our other types of leather might be a better choice.

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