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December, 2010

Volume 01 ` 30

Introspection: La Liga & BPL

East Europe A Critical View

UEFA Champions League

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December 2010 l Volume No. 01

Editorial One report says - 38% of doctors in USA are Indians. 12% Scientists in USA are Indians. 36% of NASA scientists are Indians. 34% of Microsoft employees are Indians. 17% of Intel employees are Indians. 28% of IBM employees are Indians. Indeed Indians are great! But one and only Sunil Chetri plays in USA major football league. Are we ashamed or simply don't bother? If India can produce world class Scientists, doctors, engineers, economists, musicians, film directors; why can't we produce world class footballers? We have IITs, IIMs, AIIMS & other centres for higher studies to produce world class professionals but failed to build a single world class football academy in last six decades. Who is culpable Federations, Clubs, the Government or the Corporates? Simple blame game will not ameliorate football anyway. The world is changing. The techniques & strategies of world football are changing in every decade but Indian football remains unbothered. Philosopher Karl Marx said - Every philosopher described the misery of the people, but no one says how to change this. Federations, Government, Clubs, Corporates all are throwing mud at each other but none is engaged to intervene and change. Footballworld wishes to popularise football among 1.2 billion Indian mass. Footballworld is the first baby in India to shout only for football. Footballworld is the only magazine to bring the inside stories of world football from all corners of this planet. Footballworld is a movement to sensitise the Federations, Government, Clubs, Corporates and the mass.

ADVISOR EDITOR Samik Lahiri EDITORIAL BOARD Biswanath Bhattacharya Bhaswar Goswami Tapas Kr. Biswas D. D. Pandey ONLINE EDITOR & MANAGER Amrita Guha Roy SUB EDITOR Mayukh R. Ghosh CONTRIBUTORS Inside Futbol, UK Keir Radnedge, UK Debayan Mukherjee IMAGE RESOURCES All Image Courtesy Agence France Presse (AFP) except where indicated. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Dipankar Das Asst. GRAPHIC DESIGNER Moumita Naskar CIRCULATION MANAGER Gairik Dasgupta Mob-98365 53888 PUBLISHER Biswanath Bhattacharya *SUBSCRIPTION OFFER Single Volume: ` 30/Enquiry: Parijat Chowdhury Mob - 96744 59003 Office - 91 033 2498 8742 WEB PAGE COURTESY Jon Karllson, Inside Futbol. *Offer Valid Till March 31, 2011 DECLARATION i. A l l m a t e r i a l s p u b l i s h e d i n FOOTBALLWORLD are protected by Copyright Act and unauthorised reproduction in part or full is forbidden. ii. The publisher makes every effort to ensure that the content of the magazine is correct. iii. FOOTBALLWORLD magazine is published by Biswanath Bhattacharya on behalf of Swarnabhumi Entertainment Ltd. 8 B, Ballygunge Terrace, Kolkata 700 029. iv. Printed at GS Metadeck, Pin - 700 036

Contents Lead Story Who Gained To what extent has BPL and La Liga aided England and Spain. Phillip Buckley PAGE 4 Cover Story New Horizon The setback of East European Football including Russia - A critical view. Artem Chobanian PAGE 8 KEIR’s Column UEFA - Football, Money and Future. PAGE 13 Road to Glory UEFA Champions League- Structure and Standings. PAGE 16 Straight Talk Exclusive Interview of Belgian born Manchester City D e f e n s i v e Midfielder, Vincent Kompany. PAGE 18 Academy Manchester United Academy. Allen Hamilton PAGE 21 African Safari Brief Summary of The African Cup of Nations. PAGE 23 2

December ’10 Football Factory - Brazil A Light on the Clubs and the National League Structure. PAGE 30 In Focus : J-League On National League and National Cup Tournaments . PAGE 32 From Diego’s Land Story about Argentine Clubs and Important tournaments. PAGE 35 Review: Durand Cup 123rd Durand Cup . PAGE 38 Great Arabian Soccer Tale The Football Structure of Desert Land. PAGE 40 Footballworld Quiz PAGE 47 Poster Lionel Messi Grand Picture Didier Drogba, Samuel Eto’o, Cristiano Ronaldo & Bhaichung Bhutia. Pix Gallery Bayern Munich vs. East Bengal AllStars in Kolkata Mohammedan Sporting Platinum Jubilee Cup.


Artem Chobanian is a renowned Journalist of Eastern Europe. He is specialis ed i n Russian, Ukrainian and East Europian football. Artem has also played for Metalist Kharkiv football team.

Phillip Buckley is a reputed writer of Europe. He is specialised on German, UK and Scottish football. UK based Phillip is a staff Editor of Inside Futbol. He has contributed in this volume.

who has the experience of c o v e r i n g Wo r l d C u p football since 1966. He is a regular commentator on Sky TV, The BBC and CNN. Mr. Radnedge has authored several books on international football, i n c l u d i n g T h e Encyclopaedia of World Football which has been published six times with a number of editions on each occasions and translated into eight different languages. He was named the British Sports Magazine Writer of the year 1990. His knowledge and reputation are unmatched. He will be writing exclusive columns for Footballworld in all the volumes.


Keir Radnedge The executive editor of Goal Media Group, needs no introduction to the Football addicts around the globe. He was the deputy chief sub editor of The Daily Mail & executive editor of World Soccer, the leading English monthly football magazine. He is perhaps the only international journalist

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Allen Hamilton, a UK and USA based Journalist has contributed on Manchester United Academy in this volume.


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