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To formalize our belief in strong social governance, we publish a corporate responsibility report every two years that outlines our activities in the areas of governance, environment, health and safety, community involvement and our contributions to our economy. Our first report was published in 2008 and highlighted our accomplishments, our policies and our practices in the core social responsibility areas since our inception in July 1996. That first report also underlined our desire and drive for continuous improvement. The objective of this report is to discuss the current initiatives underway at ARC, to report our results and to demonstrate our continued challenge to ourselves to do more in each area of corporate responsibility. In this year’s report we have expanded reporting in some areas as our internal systems become more established and provide additional information. We operate in all four of the western Canadian provinces: Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia. Although we predominately focus on Canadian jurisdictional performance measures in our daily operations, we recognize the importance of corporate responsibility on a more global basis. To make our reporting meaningful to a wide variety of stakeholders, we report our information using the Global Reporting Initiative (“GRI”) guidelines. We also report at the Platinum level to the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (“CAPP”) Stewardship program. ARC is an intermediate-sized energy producer but we benchmark ourselves against our larger peers in the quality and transparency of our reporting and disclosure practices. We are passionate about ethical business conduct and strive for the highest standards in health, safety and environment with respect to our dealings with our many stakeholders and the communities where we operate. We are keenly aware that our performance is dependent on our people and their ability to be effective in their roles. I believe that one of the key roles of the president’s office here at ARC is to establish and sustain a culture where our 500 employees can thrive and succeed both personally and in their careers. By supporting our employees and providing them with a safe workplace they will put ARC’s vision and values into practice through their interactions with our stakeholders and the communities where we operate and live. It is our employees who execute our health and safety policies, strive to find better solutions for achieving environmental stewardship and reach out to our

communities through volunteerism. Our role as a leadership team is to demonstrate our values in our actions and to provide the necessary framework for these actions to take place. As you read this report, you will see our culture emerge. You will see a culture that gives back to our communities in the form of volunteer time and monetary support. You will see a culture that measures its performance and believes in doing more than is required for the simple reason that it is the right thing to do. In this report we will provide examples of projects we are undertaking that clearly quantify our accountability in the management of air, land and water – resources that we depend on for the successful operation of our business. The science of climate change is becoming the basis for new governmental policies and regulations. Any new regulations present a potential business risk to a company and ARC’s basic business philosophy has always been ‘risk-managed value creation’. Value creation is usually reflected through profit-making projects, but when it comes to corporate responsibility, value can be obtained through a positive impact on our environment, our communities and by mitigating our footprint on land, water and air. Several of the programs discussed are ARC initiated and are not mandated by any regulatory body. Protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and the public is of most importance to us. As we become larger in size, our challenge will be to ensure that we maintain an exceptional safety record. This can be achieved through continued education, a regular review of our policies and programs and by consistently adhering to the health and safety procedures we have in place. ARC has various projects to manage its responsibilities in respect to its impact on air, land and usage of water. Our programs are discussed in more detail in the environment section of this report. Briefly, some of these initiatives are as follows: To manage its impact on air, ARC has implemented an Ecoefficiency program. The Eco-efficiency program motivates our field employees to submit projects that may reduce ARC’s greenhouse gas (“GHG”) emissions during the course of daily operations. This is an ARC-funded project, with a stand-alone budget and a separate review committee to evaluate the projects submitted. Projects meet criteria that are meaningful and of benefit to the environment. To date 56 projects have been submitted, of which 36 have been approved. ARC’s eco-efficiency program created

Our Corporate Responsibility



Corporate Responsibility 2010  

ARC Resources Ltd. Corporate Responsibility Report 2010

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