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Our Management Approach As described in the environment section of this report we have developed a comprehensive HSE management system. Our HSE management system includes, among other elements: a strong health and safety policy; annual goals and objectives; training; audits and performance reviews; and quarterly reporting to the HSE Committee of the Board of Directors. Our health and safety management system includes policies and procedures that address activities undertaken throughout the full life-cycle of our facilities: exploration, drilling and completions, operations, and decommissioning and reclamation. Any person entering an ARC site must have received a safety orientation first. The best time to address safety is before a job begins. Accordingly, ARC has implemented Job Hazard Assessment (JHA) as a standard operating practice. We recognize that all individuals are at risk and should be involved in job safety. Through a JHA, hazards are identified and either eliminated or controlled prior to commencing work. When a safety incident does occur, no matter how minor, ARC management is actively involved in the review, recommendations and follow-up. ARC promotes more comprehensive reporting by identifying potential trends and focusing on causation. Since the introduction of our “minor/near miss” form in 2005 our reporting has increased 112 per cent. In 2007, ARC launched the “Stop, Think, Report” campaign to reinforce the importance of Near Miss and Hazard Identification reporting. We believe that this program has contributed significantly to completing the 2007 calendar year with zero Lost Time Injuries (LTIs) for employees. ARC maintains detailed emergency response plans (ERPs) that allow us to manage emergencies of any type wherever we work or have facilities. Community members and government agencies are included in the development and testing of ERPs. Frequent training of our employees and contractors ensures the highest level of public safety.

Health and Safety 2005



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Fatalities Lost Time Injuries (total) Medical Aid/Restricted Work Property damage; accidents Incidents with no visible injury or damage (including near miss/hazard indentification reporting)

note: data includes employees and contractors

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Corporate Responsibility Report