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environment, health and safety

ARC’s commitment to leadership extends to all of its business

program and are also required to comply with standards set

activities including safety management and operating with

out in the ARC Contractor’s Health and Safety Handbook.

respect for the environment. ARC operates in a socially

The third-party contractors’ employees are further provided with

responsible manner and supports the communities that our

an orientation of ARC’s Health and Safety program at the job site

employees and contractors work and live in. ARC believes in

prior to commencing work.

building relationships with industry partners, government and its communities based on mutual trust, transparency and respect.

In 2003, ARC continued its implementation of SAFETY 2000 as its standard for safety training for our entire field staff.

With the continued strong growth of the Trust, a separate Asset

The course enables field employees to obtain 16 different

Integrity group was established in 2003 within Operations to

certifications over a five-day training period. This exceeds

manage ARC’s safety, environmental and technical integrity

industry recommendations. ARC conducts emergency response

programs. This group ensures that our operations meet or

exercises to ensure a high level of response capability from staff

exceed regulatory requirements and comprises experts in safety

under challenging situations.

and environmental management, as well as technical engineering expertise with respect to maintenance management and facility integrity.


Legal proceedings relating to a contractor’s fatality that occurred on an ARC lease site in Drayton Valley in November 2001 were completed in January 2004. The fatality was associated with a third-party contractor retained by ARC to perform a well servicing operation. In its judgment, the court recognized that ARC’s

Protecting the health and safety of ARC’s employees, contractors

actions were not a contributing factor to the fatality; however,

and the public is of primary importance. We develop and

ARC was fined for failing to ensure, on the day of the incident,

implement training programs to enhance health and safety

that a complete technical review of the contents of ARC’s MSDS

awareness for both employees and contractors. All of our

(Material Safety Data Sheet) for sweet crude oil occurred.

employees clearly understand our goal to have the highest standards in our health and safety practices. We will not

ARC maintains its standards through an internal auditing system.

compromise these standards to achieve other corporate goals.

Self-audits are conducted on a regular basis and ARC also performs annual audits on a chosen group of vendors from each

ARC maintained its safety record of zero lost time accidents

business unit to ensure they have proper health and safety

for employees and contract operators directly employed by

programs in place. ARC is continuously improving its safety

ARC for the eighth year in a row. ARC also expects a high

management systems to reflect ongoing changes to regulations.

standard of safety performance from third-party contractors. Contractors are required to have their own approved safety



Annual Report


Annual Report