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Project Delivery Teams


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Balancing Security/Safety and Sustainability Objectives Within This Page

Every capital pro ject has a unique set o f pro gram go als and Overview technical requirements that demand assembling a specialized Major Resources mix o f co re team members and o ther stakeho lders (a stakeho lder is a party with a vested interest in a pro ject). Successful pro ject management invo lves co ntinuo us leadership o f the team thro ugh successful pro ject planning and develo pment and thro ugh pro ject delivery and co ntro l . It also invo lves establishing quality co ntro l pro cesses fo r each team member to better understand tho se go als and o bjectives determined by the o wners o f the pro ject. Early invo lvement o f all parties thro ugh an integrated delivery pro cess ensures that the expertise o f the pro fessio nals invo lved at all stages will wo rk to impro ve pro cess and delivery stages fo r the pro ject.

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This sectio n o f the WBDG has been develo ped to assist tho se invo lved in capital design and co nstructio n pro grams in understanding ho w pro ject teams are selected, pro cured, co ntracted, and co o rdinated fo r successful pro ject delivery.

Assembling a Project Delivery Team Delivery teams typically include tho se pro fessio nals invo lved in the pro gramming, planning, design, co nstructio n and sub-co ntracto r ro les fo r the pro ject. Assembling the co rrect team is critical to achieving the best o utco mes po ssible and minimizing risk and lo ss. The extent o f pro fessio nal disciplines and technical specialists (o ften called Pro gram Advo cates) represented o n the delivery team will vary depending o n the extent o f the managing agency's capital design and co nstructio n budget and their asso ciated management, pro fessio nal


and suppo rt staff reso urces. Delivery team members sho uld be identified in the Pro ject Management Plan (PMP) and typically will include a pro ject manager, co ntracting o fficer, o wner/client representative, A-E pro fessio nals, specialty co nsultants, co nstructio n co ntracto r, co nstructio n manager, and peer reviewer(s).

Cont ract ing and Acquisit ion Pro ject Managers wo rk clo sely with agency co ntracting o fficers in assembling the pro ject delivery team. They need to have familiarity with acquisitio n and co ntracting regulatio ns and pro cedures applicable to the managing agency, but o nly co ntracting o fficers (o ften referred to as the "CO") are permitted to co ntract fo r pro fessio nal and co nstructio n services o n behalf o f the go vernment. The selectio n and pro curement o f co ntracted delivery team members o n federal pro jects are regulated by the Office o f Management and Budget (OMB), and bo th pro fessio nal and co nstructio n services are advertised in FedBizOpps. There are several types o f acquisitio n regulatio ns that apply to design and co nstructio n co ntracts fo r Federal pro jects: FAR - Federal Acquisitio n Regulatio ns —applies to pro jects delivered thro ugh mo st "civilian" agencies. DFARS - Defense Acquisitio n Regulatio ns Supplement —applies to Department o f Defense (DOD) pro jects. (NAVFAC manages U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Co rps pro jects; AFCESA manages the planning and design phases o f USAF pro jects; and USACE manages U.S. Army pro jects and the co nstructio n phase o f USAF pro jects.) NMCARS - Navy Marine Co rps Acquisitio n Regulatio n Supplement VAAR - Veterans Affairs Acquisitio n Regulatio ns —applies to pro jects managed by the Veterans Affairs Administratio n. Acquisitio n Regulatio ns specify pro cedures fo r advertising wo rk, selectio n stages o f submissio ns, and co ntracto r evaluatio n and selectio n criteria. The "Brooks Bill" is a pro curement metho d that allo ws awarding pro jects to the best qualified, rather than lo west priced, o ffer. Advertisement, evaluatio n, and selectio n are fo llo wed by co ntract nego tiatio n and award o f the assignment. Many agencies have develo ped and ado pted standard fo rms fo r pro fessio nal services and co nstructio n co ntracts. Federal budget cycle co nsideratio ns will also impact the pro ject planning pro cess. Depending o n the scale o f a pro ject, funds fo r site purchase, design fees, and co nstructio n co sts may be spread o ver several budget cycles. Co ntracting fo r each phase o f wo rk may o nly o ccur after funds are requested in agency budgets and have been appro priated o r autho rized. In the private secto r references, past experience and certificatio n determine who the vario us pro fessio nal team members will be. It is impo rtant to lo o k fo r experience in similar types o f

pro jects and fo r the credentials and recent experience o f the peo ple invo lved. Early co ntracto r and designer invo lvement enhances this pro cess so that all stakeho lders are invo lved in setting the specificatio ns fo r the pro ject to mo re fo rward efficiently. It is also impo rtant to co nsider experience with sustainability issues to enhance pro ject perfo rmance and the relatio nships with the co mmunity.

Def ining Roles/Responsibilit ies and Team Management Pro ject Managers develo p and define ro les and respo nsibilities fo r each team member thro ugh the use o f Pro ject Management Plans, agency handbo o ks/guidelines, Co mmissio ning Plans, RFPs, Sco pes o f Wo rk, and Co ntracts. Because pro ject requirements and so lutio ns evo lve during the design phase (and even into the co nstructio n phase) a high degree o f o ngo ing co o rdinatio n amo ng team members is needed fo r an integrated effo rt that will result in pro jects that are o n time, in budget, functio n pro perly, and meet the pro ject o wner's expectatio ns. A go o d quality co ntro l pro cess pro vides needed do cumentatio n o f the pro ject go als and o bjectives and helps keep these go als at the fo refro nt o f the planning pro cess.

Project Management Pract ices and St andards Successful pro ject management o f a majo r, co mplex design and co nstructio n pro gram requires mastery o f a bo dy o f kno wledge (BOK) including pro ficiency in pro ject planning, develo pment, design, scheduling, co st management , co des and regulatio ns, co ntract law, and exceptio nal co mmunicatio n and interperso nal skills. These pro fessio nal skills are necessary fo r effective and successful pro ject leadership and impro ve the perfo rmance o f the team as a who le.

Careers in Government Federal agencies advertise all jo b anno uncements fo r architecture, engineering, and co nstructio n/pro ject management po sitio ns in USAJo bs. Each agency o ffers pro grams in pro fessio nal develo pment, internships and mento ring, and pro mo tes career advancement o ppo rtunities. Fo r mo re info rmatio n o n a particular agency's pro grams and o ppo rtunities, co ntact a representative directly thro ugh the Participating Agencies sectio n o f the WBDG Ho me Page. Info rmatio n o n annual salaries (by grade and step) fo r federal po sitio ns can be fo und at the Office o f Perso nnel Management . Fo r additio nal info rmatio n o n careers in Pro ject Management, visit Pro ject Management Institute —Career Headquarters.


MAJOR RESOURCES Federal Acquisitio n Regulatio n FARSite Co ntracting Labo rato ry—Info rmatio n o f DOD acquisitio n pro cedures. FedBizOpps—FedBizOpps.go v is the single go vernment po int-o f-entry (GPE) fo r Federal go vernment pro curement o ppo rtunities o ver $25,0 0 0 . Go vernment buyers are able to publicize their business o ppo rtunities by po sting info rmatio n directly to FedBizOpps via the Internet. Thro ugh o ne po rtal —FedBizOpps (FBO)—co mmercial vendo rs seeking Federal markets fo r their pro ducts and services can search, mo nito r and retrieve o ppo rtunities so licited by the entire Federal co ntracting co mmunity.

Federal Agency Links Standard Fo rm 330 , Architect-Engineer Qualificatio ns —On December 11, 20 0 3, Standard Fo rm 330 (SF330 ) was released by the federal go vernment. The new fo rm, which architects and engineers use to present their qualificatio ns and experience when seeking federal pro jects, replaces SF 254/255 and emphasizes qualificatio ns-based selectio n fo r the pro curement o f A/E services. USACE Project Managers Guide USAF Project Managers Guide for Design and Construction VA Project Managers Handbook

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Construction Management Standards of Practice (Fourth Edition) by Co nstructio n Management Asso ciatio n o f America. McLean, VA. Contract Administration Procedures by Co nstructio n Management Asso ciatio n o f America. McLean, VA. Contractor's Guide to Change Orders, Second Edition by Andrew M. Civitello Jr. Prentice Hall, 20 0 2. Guide to Federal Procurement by the American Institute o f Architects. Journal of Architecture and Engineering , ASCE, July, 20 0 9 . Outsourcing Management Functions for the Management of Federal Facilities o n Engineering and Technical Systems. 20 0 0 .

Co mmissio n

Problem Seeking: An Architectural Programming Primer, 4th Edition by William M. PeĂąa and Steven A. Parshall. New Yo rk, NY: Jo hn Wiley & So ns, Inc., 20 0 1. BACK TO TO P

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project delivery teams  
project delivery teams  

Assembling a Project Delivery Team The extent of professional disciplines and technical specialists (often called Program Advocates) represe...