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by the WBDG Project Management Committee Last updated: 07-28-2009

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Construction Phase Cost Management Within This Page

Effective pro ject management includes strategies, tactics, and Overview to o ls fo r managing the design and co nstructio n delivery Major Resources pro cesses and fo r co ntro lling key facto rs to ensure the client receives a facility that matches their expectatio ns and functio ns as it is intended to functio n. Impro vements in building quality directly co ntribute to reduced o peratio nal co sts and increased satisfactio n fo r all o f the stakeho lders. Successful pro ject delivery requires the implementatio n o f management systems that will co ntro l changes in the key facto rs o f sco pe, co sts, schedule and quality to maximize the investment.

Scope Management

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Pro ject sco pe is the wo rk that must be perfo rmed to meet a client's pro gram go als fo r space, functio n, features, impact and level o f quality. Sco pe management sets the bo undaries fo r the pro ject and is the fo undatio n o n which the o ther pro ject elements are built. Fro m the beginning it helps identify the wo rk tasks and their requirements fo r co mpletio n. Effective sco pe management requires accurate definitio n o f a client's requirements in the Planning and Develo pment stage and a systematic pro cess fo r mo nito ring and managing all the facto rs that may impact o r change the pro gram requirements thro ugho ut the pro ject design and co nstructio n phases thro ugh delivery o f the finished pro ject.

Cost Management Pro ject co sts are measured and analyzed in many ways thro ugho ut a pro ject, fro m planning, pro gramming and design to bidding, co nstructio n, turno ver, and po st o ccupancy. First


to bidding, co nstructio n, turno ver, and po st o ccupancy. First co sts, co st-benefit ratio s, and life-cycle co sting are a few examples o f ho w a pro ject's co st-effectiveness can be evaluated. The co ntro l o f co sts requires co ntinual and systematic co st management and mo nito ring to co mpare actual co sts incurred against targeted budget numbers. These co st management pro cesses start with the establishment o f budgets based o n actual estimates fo r related wo rk. They need to align with sco pe and quality requirements and be based o n realistic, current market co nditio ns. Co mparing budgets to actual co sts thro ugho ut the building pro cess is critical. The pro cess co ntinues with milesto ne estimates, value engineering, pro curement strategies, and change o rder management to ensure the pro ject is timely and co st effective.

Schedule Management A pro ject schedule defines the pro cesses and establishes a timeline fo r delivering the pro ject. Avo iding missing deadlines fo r delivery o f key pro ject co mpo nents is a key o bjective o f schedule management. Co mprehensive pro ject schedules will identify all o f the pro ject's stages, phases, and activities assigned to each team member mapping them to a timeline that measures key dates that are used to keep track o f wo rk pro gress. Schedule management interfaces directly with sco pe, co st, and quality management and team member ro les and activities must be defined, co o rdinated, and co ntinually mo nito red. It is the go al o f every pro ject manager to lo o k fo r efficiencies in all o f these areas as a pro ject pro gresses.

Qualit y Cont rol Quality co ntro l starts with matching expectatio ns abo ut quality levels with budget and sco pe during planning and design reviews and co ntinues thro ugh co nstructio n delivery with a pro gram o f inspectio ns, tests, and certificatio ns. It requires a co o rdinated perfo rmance amo ng the entire pro ject team in o rder fo r a co mpleted building pro gram to fully satisfy a client's and the building users' expectatio ns. Having a pro cess implemented at the beginning o f the pro ject will help define the go als as well as pro vide a co ntinuo us measurement system o ver time to make sure the o bjectives are being met. Fro m visio ning to po st o ccupancy, a go o d quality co ntro l system like the Design Quality Indicato r (DQI) helps eliminate erro rs, reduces co st and impro ves o verall building quality. Building co mmissio ning is ano ther quality assurance pro cess fo r achieving, verifying and do cumenting that the perfo rmance o f facility systems and assemblies meet the defined o bjectives and criteria fo r the pro ject. Co mmissio ning co o rdinates and integrates planning develo pment and design decisio ns and verifies that the delivered facility and its capabilities are efficient and wo rk co rrectly and that the appro priate training pro grams are in place to ensure

smo o th o peratio ns o ver the facilities life. Mo re o n this pro cess fo llo ws in a subsequent sectio n o f this guide. BACK TO TO P

MAJOR RESOURCES WBDG Design Objectives Co st-Effective Branch, Histo ric Preservatio n , Secure / Safe Project Management Building Co mmissio ning

Organiz at ions Asso ciatio n fo r the Advancement o f Co st Engineering (AACE) Building Co mmissio ning Asso ciatio n Co nstructio n Industry Institute (CII) Co nstructio n Management Asso ciatio n o f America DQI USA, LLC Ro yal Institutio n o f Chartered Surveyo rs (RICS) So ciety fo r the Advancement o f Value Engineering So ciety fo r Co st Estimating and Analysis

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delivery and controls  

Construction Phase Cost Management by the WBDG Project Management Committee Last updated: 07-28-2009 S E A R C H BUILDING COMMISSIONING Proj...

delivery and controls  

Construction Phase Cost Management by the WBDG Project Management Committee Last updated: 07-28-2009 S E A R C H BUILDING COMMISSIONING Proj...