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with the experts in data management & storage. Novarad helps you with your long-term access to critical clinical information, managed services and disaster recovery services. With years of experience in data management services, Novarad can reduce your capital costs for equipment as well as your risk of lost data. On-Site We put data storage on-site for the purpose of keeping an online copy available in case of failure of the primary PACS system. The system Includes DICOM Query, off-site backup at Novarad Data Center, web based admin. console, management tools and options for web based viewers. Off-Site We put your data storage online at the Novarad Data Center in case of failure of your primary PACS. The Novarad Data Center is redundant in internet connections, power supplies and managers. It is always secure and always available. Off-Line A disaster recovery solution only. Off-site, secure and ready when you need it. This is the most affordable option in the industry to have all your PACS data available in the case of a disaster.

With NovaVAULT • Novarad integrates with any DICOM compliant PACS • We help you become HIPPA compliant • We keep your data secure • Our costs are well below our competitors • We have the largest PACS data recovery storage • We have more experience in PACS data recovery than anyone

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