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Features & Benefits

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high KLAS ratings

user friendly customizable reports

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Features & Benefits


• 7 years on site storage with redundant server and offsite disaster recovery • Up time guarantee of 99% • 365 days a year / 24 hours a day domestic call center for applications support • Continuous, year after year, high KLAS ratings • Software upgrades and new releases always included. • Both NovaPACS and NovaRIS designed by the same development team • Easy to use and maintain • Customizability (our PACS tailors to their needs; not the other way around) • Web based • Complete flow from scheduling to report distribution with one system, one company no integraton needed • Installation time in 4 weeks or less for PACS • Soft block in scheduler • Easy to use fully optioned permissions • Can set admin priveleges • Allows for multiple rolls - clerk, tech, rad, admin, cardio, etc • Customizable routing - easy to set • Patient CD - can be printed from multiple bins • Intuitive, easy to use scheduler • Auto send of reports to referring physicians • Management reports • Easy routing to nighthawk services • Transcription module • Contrainidications • Workflow tracking and reporting • Diagnostic report manager • Batch sending of billing in HL7 • Standard compression algorithm • Customer selectable compression • Export of required information to billing company • Drag and drop scheduling • Billing and insurance pre-auths • Easy order entry • Web based scheduling • Patient reminder letters • Auto refresh of technologist viewer screen • Hardware maintenance and refresh included in cost • IT friendly platform • High security features • HIPAA tracking logs and reports • Easy auto update of RIS/PACS and Window’s updates • Redundant on-site archives always • All images for 7 years or longer always on-line, on-site


• Cross localize • Point cross localize • Step by Step workflow for Mammo • Step be Step workflow for patient progress from waiting room to report sent • Unified worklist • Move image from one series to another series to correct mistakes • Color for anotations customizable • Can adjust location, order, and color of DICOM Tags • Adaptable hanging protocols • Can be mouse driven, keyboard driven or tool bar driven • Set menus to match your own workflow • Advanced filtering on worklist - customized. Filter by modality, names, timeframes, sites, etc • Set up image files exactly how you want • Drag images into any series or quadrant • MIP / MPR • Ejection Fraction • Calcium Scoring • Point ROI • Check out and e-sign • Robust Key Image functions • Auto retreive of prior studies

• Fast image retrieval • Access to Globalrad case studies • Mammography tools and workflow • Ability to work with CAD markers • Auto distribution of prelims for STAT • Ability to read PET CT fusion • Cobb Angle • NovaPro for mulitple site radiology groups • DICOM Capture of video images • Customizable mammography hanging protocol sequencing • Reporting system for MQSA compliance • Tabar systematic viewing masks • All pixels viewing for mammography • Automation of common features I.e hangping protocols, cross localize, etc • Limiting number of clicks to perform common tasks • Easily customizable • User friendly • Preliminary reports distribution and tracking • Viewing of RIS documents on the PACS automatically • Patient worklist assigned to them automatically by the system • Advanced Hanging Protocols with more features I.e. auto duplication of series, auto application of different window and levels, the mixing of series from various studies on the same monitor, etc etc • Applying of hanging protocols based on expanded naming I.e. CT brain to be applied to all CT heads as well • Routine mapping of features • Radiologist specific forums, trainings, information passed to end users via product(s) • Initial training with 1 on 1 customizability and training with Radiologist • Spine Labeling

ADMINISTRATORS & RADIOLOGISTS • Radiologist domestic support hotline • Quick turnaround on feature development • 15 years of experience • Over 500 installations • NovaRad apps trainers are RT’s • User’s forum On-line • Phones answered by a person • Easy access to company executives • Customer centric company attitude • FDA approved for diagnostic reads of mammography • Follow up training always provided • Always available web based training • Migration of data and reports • Completely scalable - can work in large hospitals and small hospitals • Medical group management tools • Read for any facility from any facility • Easy to get information I.e manuals, hot to’s etc from the product • Easy to submit case for support, applications and monitor and get responses back • Total price given up front - no nickel and diming • Cardiology structured reports • Orthopedic pre-op planning tools • Orthopedic digital templates • DICOM EKG • Unlimited modality connections • RIS and PACS built in-house on the same platform • Fastest installation times in the industry • Built on a platform that is easy to support and maintain • No need for a full time PACS admin • Great referring physician tools • Affordable HL7 interfaces to almost anything • Customizable reports for referring physicians • Easy to get information I.e manuals, hot to’s etc from the product • Easy to submit case for support, applications and monitor and get responses back

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Features & Benefits